Saturday, 28 February 2015

Down Under Cabriolet Blues: Saturday, February 28th!

I feel we are all islands -- in a common sea. -Anne Morrow Lindbergh, writer (1906-2001)

Hi Patrick, We have not been up to much other than enjoying retirement by working a lot. Claire went off to a bicycle repair course just to see how to do it, whilst I was working in Melbourne for the week. In between Tony and Elly became grandparents yesterday all very exciting for them I am sure. We are now in training for our trip in April just light 20 km rides at a leisurely pace so we can manage to ride about 50 to 60k a day. I did get a little frivolous the other week and bought a Citroen DS3 D sport cabriolet to have a bit of fun. Great little car good economy from a Turbo 1600 cc engine. 

The trip in 2017 is starting to look like an option at this stage we think we have 6 people that are interested beyond the Canadian contingent so I might have to start planning when we get back. Hope all is well at your end now that you are about to move into spring Cheers Greg and Claire

Hello Jet Setters, Bicycle Repair Woman and Cabriolet People! Trust all goes well with you and your busy lives. Seemingly so. Thanks for letting us know about new grandparents on the block. Now it will be a case of one-upmanshiip between them and Flamin' and Sarge, currently in Maui with The Millionaires! Timing for 2017 looks more and more promising so do keep us in mind, if it works.

I took my Trek in to West Point shortly after we were back as I wanted it checked out before I rode it for any distance. Had I known, earlier, I'd have shipped it off to Claire! Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both! Cheers, Patrizzio!
Congratulations to you both, Elly and Tony! Just heard from Cabriolet Man about you becoming grandparents! Hip Hip Hooray! Fondestos and Cheers, Cora Lee and Patrizzio! 

Hi Pecos Pesos Pete and Fiel Compañera! Great to have a visit, lasterday, if only a brief one. Trust Cupsucker went well. Just back from a service at 1st Memorial on Kingsway, former UBC colleague, Dan Heino. [Interestingly enough, last time I was there was for the memorial service for Fernando/Alfreddo, Sharktooth Annie's boyfriend. She was still alive at the time although not able to go herself.] Sadly, he was smitten with early onset Alzheimer's and died after a difficult ten year struggle with disease. At any rate, a very fitting, moving celebration of his life. Saw many other former colleagues so had a chance to catch up with good friends, even if it was a sad occasion.

Had taken Mme Coriandre to Shaughnessy Heights United, on 33rd/Granville, at about 8:30 am this morn, as she is in an all-day workshop there. She is supposed to wrap up around 5:00 pm but may have to do a bit of clean-up afterwards. This being the case, you can decide if you wish to make your way to the Islay Inn, under your own steam, or have us pop by to collect you once I've snared the Bible Thumper. Whatever option suits your busy lives. If you decide to walk over I've alerted Rosita that you might well knock on their outside door to gain ingress to All Star Liquors.

I'm about to head out for a jaunt so send along a message or leave a note on voice mail, preferably on the back of a 10,000 MXN Peso note! Cheers, Il Conduttore! Pic: Reason for moving up-country!

P, as you might glean from the voice mail, we would grab a ride if that is convenient. Just let us know the time -- when you know. If we could we would ask you to do a slight dipsy-doodle down 4th so we would like to pick up a special dessert -- just across from McBride Park. If this does not work, all is good. We will see you at the Islay Inn. W & J

Hi Diana! Trust you are well. I'm writing to you to inform you that my wife and I jut sold our condo, here in Vancouver, this past week. We are now planning to relocate to the Okanagan, BC's wine producing region! This being the case, we will not be visiting California with such frequency as in previous years so we have decided not to continue belonging to the Soda Rock Vineyard Club.

[Freeloaders and Feastology, Saturday evening! Great salad by Jane and Whirlygig, fab shrimp/scallop lasagna by Cora Lee.]

Nevertheless, Soda Rock remains one of our favourite wineries in the Sonoma and we certainly plan to visit whenever in the region. In fact, we will be having a bottle of  the 2011 Five Star General with dinner this evening. Thank you for the all wonderful wines we have enjoyed in the past. All the best. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Dipsy-doodleage around Olympic Village and then same around Kits Point as it was so busy that I didn't want to risk either Seawall or Spanish Banks! Stats for ride:

[For Winston!] P, as you might glean from the voice mail, we would grab a ride if that is convenient. Just let us know the time -- when you know. If we could we would ask you to do a slight dipsy-doodle down 4th so we would like to pick up a special dessert -- just across from McBride Park. If this does not work, all is good. We will see you at the Islay Inn. W & J

Did you come to a final conclusion about the offer on the Island Inn? Wayne 

Hello Hawaii! Trust all goes well with you four!  Fondestos from Cora Lee to everyone! Cheers, Patrizzio/Il Conduttore!

Wow. That is to bad. Should have held out for 50k more. Wayne Sutherland Hi Sarge! Gather from your most recent post that you are winging your way home tonight! Trust your dinner with Flamin' was lovely. Travel safely. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thanks Patrick, When you guys decide to do something you really get on with it. We are pleased you got a good price for the “Inn” and now the challenge of finding new digs that meet both your needs. Over here we sell when we get an offer clearly we try to talk it up but at the end of the day every week that goes by you are paying interest rates etc. which just erodes the final price. 

It sounds you got what every vendor wants, a buyer that just wants the house they don’t come along too often. My daughter Lynda had the same experience she held an auction and had the one person that really wanted the house (it was a wreck of a house probably needed a $100,000 to fix it) and they just wanted it. They paid a little under expectations but Lynda got out of the property in pretty good shape I think a $150000 above their original purchase price. A classic case of a bird in the cage is worth several hands up your jumper. 

Though not familiar with the possible locations you mentioned we guess still in Vancouver somewhere, the idea of a house boat is interesting and with global warming you may be able to travel inland to find new locations. We are spending Sunday working, Claire is writing a Journal Article she has been asked to do (very exciting from an academic perspective) and in line with her presentation to be delivered at the Chinese University in Hong Kong in two weeks. I am just re writing training programs and redesigning delivery systems to improve the training delivery options for my erstwhile employer on contract. At least I can do it from home so this is a bonus. The joys of the interweb.

We have just finalised all our travel arrangements for our next little trip in April so all getting close now. It show us the options for 2017 as it winds its way to Paris from Bruges over 14 days so should be a good indicator of the possibilities. Cheers Greg and Claire 

Hi Citroen Cabriolet People! Looks like a sporty, snappy car! What colour, Cora Lee wishes to know! Work hard, the both of you, and travel safely, Claire. Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Hi Patrice, 1:45 am and heading to bed. Thinking we could meet at Kent and Boundary at 11:00 If that works for you. Let me know as I'll be up by 9. Cheers. 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Wile E Coyote Sunny Skies Blues: Friday, February 27th!

He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet (27 Feb 1807-1882)

Conversation with Corinne Durston, Margareta Maunsbach, Ayn P, Chloe Alexis Dunn and Patrick James Dunn

Margareta Maunsbach
Margareta Maunsbach
Hi Folks .
Our plans for a North Amercin visit this summer is now getting crystallizing.

Margareta Maunsbach
Margareta Maunsbach
I just returned from the travel agency with this in suggestion, which was the preferred dates. Arr. New York july21st 13.25 p.m. Flying out from Washington DC July 29th arr. Las Vegas. (want to show boys Grand Canyon) Flying out from L.A:aug.6th: ARRIVING VANCOUVER AUGUST 6TH. LEAVING VANCOUVER AUG.12TH going back to Denmark. I hope it will be pissoble to meet up with all of you sucesively and hopefully for more than a few hours!! To Corinne: I think we will find a hotel on Manthattan - we might meet twice this summer??!! All for now . Commenss welcome. Happy weekend from Margareta

Margareta Maunsbach
Margareta Maunsbach

(So sorry for funny misspellings! pissoble - omg!)
Margareta Maunsbach
Ayn P
Lol...LA looks forward to the Danish invasion!!
Hello Steel Magnolia! Trust all goes well with you three. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

P, thanks for the invite for Java. Let me know when you will be home. I am just trying to plan my day. Awaiting word from Cobby about an early lunch. I play the Cupsucker match at 1:00. Off to buy pesos with ms Jane after school/work..

Thanks for saving the bottles. I will take them tomorrow evening. We will try to be there by 6:PM. Fond regards to all the laid-off staff at the II, W 

Dear All As some of you know, Mike and I are coming over to Canada in September for 3 weeks and do hope we will get to see everyone. I am trying to sort out an itinerary which will be more or less as below.

September, 12th 12.00 Air Transat TS705 Fly from GTW to Calgary

12th to 16th Baker Creek Mountain Resort Banff visiting spiral tunnels, Yoho valley, Jasper ice-fields, Emerald lake etc.

17th/18th Meet Pat and Corinne for Oakenagen tour

20th to 24th Stay in Vancouver if P&C haven't moved!

24th Air Canada AC1176 to Toronto

25th to 30th If Heather has space, stay in To with her and visit
Cousins Chris & Ron, Wine country, Toronto Island, Niagara

October 1st to 3rd Stay in Jim's stately home for visitors in grounds of his estate!

3rd 21.00 Air Transat TS622 to Gatwick

So.......hopefully we can raise a glass or two at Allen's while we're there. Would Friday 25th September suit everyone who can get there? Really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Love Penny xx

Hello Jet Setters! Trust all goes well in Mill Hill and environs. Your itinerary sounds more than wonderful. No matter where we happen to be living when you visit we will make arrangements for a place for you to stay while in Vancouver, probably with Chloë or Flamin' and Sarge. We will cross that bridge closer to time but don't want you to be worried about sleeping under the Granville Bridge with the rest of the homeless!

Will be in touch, of course, once we know more about where we decide to relocate and what implications this will have for your trip. Fondestos from Cora Lee, (on a conference call, church related), to you both and the rest of Lavender/Mill Hill Mob! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Jo-Anne! Trust all goes well with you two. It has been extremely busy ever since we returned from California last Saturday.   Thank you for letting me know about the tribute website for Pamela. Feel badly that I wasn't able to contribute but timing was such, particularly with respect to sale of our place, that opportunity slipped away. On another sad note, will you be attending memorial for Dan Heino tomorrow? If so, I'd be happy to collect you and take you there and back if that would be convenient.  
Let me know about tomorrow and we'll plan accordingly. Regards from Cora Lee to you both! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Had a great visit with Whirlygig who came into town last night. He was on his way to play squash with Carlos The Jackal and so he had a few minutes. Over java he told me quite a bit about recent developments for the planned extension he is planning for Ukiyo. He has the necessary permits now and is in the process of obtaining a contractor. If all goes well he thinks he might be breaking ground in April, perhaps sooner.

After Carlos collected him I suited/lubed up, (It was gloriously sunny!), and hit the road at around 1:30 pm. Made for Olympic Village where I dipsy-doodled my way to almost 10 km before making for Stanley Park. Wind was quite cool and reasonably blustery as I made my way along Seawall. I had decided I'd do three Prospect Hill Loops, adding as many Lost Lagoon circuits as were required so that I could log 70+ km by ride's end. Did just that and it really was great to be riding on one of my favourite routes. Even saw a coyote crossing the road just before Brockton Point. Poor chap looked a little worse for wear but didn't seem overly fussed by all the people around. Simply sauntered across the road and was looking back, from the sparse underbrush there, at all the pedestrians on the nearbye sidewalk.

Fair number of recreational cyclists so I had to be on the lookout once back on the Seawall. Fortunately, made it back home without any incidents or near collisions although there were plenty of opportunities, let me tell you! Back home just after 5:00 pm and, once again, pleased with how my ribs felt. Have added 10 km on each subsequent ride since Tuesday so hope to top 100 km on the weekend. Stats for ride:

Hi Patrick, and Corinne , Ayn and Chloe haTnk you for your email, Patrick, and again congratulations for the house sale, even though you might think you should have asked for more!!

Thank you also for taking worries off my mind regarding whereabout to stay in Vancouver - I will leave that to you!!

And Ayn: don't worry about putting us in. But promise we can spend an evening together, talking ! And let's plan for some trips, beach and other things. I will rent a car in LA, and would love you to come along for at trip if it is possible for you . By the way - where does Pierre and Alexander live?

I am looking very much forward to seeing you all again, and to see Vancouver, which, I have been told, as changed immensely during the last decades. And to see more of California, where I haven't spent much time at all.

We are getting settled in our new home, and even though several renewal projects are postponed because of our coming trip (economy that is) we are all very happy about the change, I am especially looking forward to many ,many long, light summer nights on the back, with barbecue in the sunset, which was not a luxoury we had at the former place.

Peter and Johan will be celebrating thair (church) confirmation this spring , which is a big party thing (not very sacred at all, rather the opposite). Unfortunately, their dad and I can not make this together, I hold a big party the week before the ceremony at church, and the boys have, after some time of frustration and grief, accepted this division, which was totally necessary for me. The man is still stalking me and sending perfid mails and messages. Now there will be to different celebrations, the only possible solution. Well talk to you soon again. Margareta

Hi Maggster! Thanks for last message. Been reasonably busy here as I had hoped to reply sooner. Nevertheless, am pleased to hear that you are settling in to your new place. I imagine we will be doing the same, (We hope!), in the next three months or so. Sorry to learn about the on-going battle with the boy's dad but I am not surprised, given what you have already told us about his seriously unbalanced behaviour.

Glad that your itinerary has come together to your satisfaction. Looking ahead to your arrival in Vancouver, I suspect that if we do find a place in the Okanagan we will drive to city to collect you. Depending on timing, we can either arrange to spend a night or so in town and/or then drive to our new abode, up-country, wherever that might happen to be. About a four-to-five hour drive so you might want to take that into consideration, given amount of travelling you will already have done by this time. Of course, we'd love to show you BC's wine country but will let you decide how you would like to spend your time in Vancouver and environs. (Have you been in touch with Megan?) Anyway, something to think about so that you will have a better idea of what might be possible.
Fondestos from Mme Coriandre. Cheers, Patrizzio!

  • Ayn P
    Ayn P

    We should plan a day at the beach
    They even have surfing classes if the boys are interested
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    HI Ayn, hope we can meet up in LA area. Surfing sounds great!! ( they don't know how to..)My idea is stay only two nights in las vegas, take the greyhound bus to LA. In L.A: we can stay a few days with and old acquaintance of my dad /our family. Now I have the fligth schedule I start planning more in detail about where to be and go in between. I'll keep you updated.
  • Ayn P
    Ayn P

    Sounds good! Do you know what part of LA you will be staying in?
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    I' m quite sure but ny sister said it is about 30 min uptown from Santa Monica Beach, if it makes sense. Not too far from UCLA as the lady works there... I write more when I have the info!
    Should be I 'm not quilte sure!
  • Ayn P
    Ayn P

    Oh that's only 20 mins from me. Great!
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    Do you live in Van neyks or. ?..
    Write your address
  • Ayn P
    Ayn P

    I live in Valley Glen but my address is in the Van Nuys postal zone
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    Okay, I 'll check it out .should you have boom for ud staying over 2-3 nights? We can sleep on mattresses om floor.. ?
    Room I ment
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    ...or is all your spare square yards in function as wine depot as in 'olden days'
  • Margareta Maunsbach

    Margareta Maunsbach

    Other address in LA : casiano rd, up sunset blv. Near San Diego freeway.
  • Ayn P

    Ayn P

    Lol...I can make room but I can assure you that your dad's friends address is much fancier Lol! I live in a small open loft with my dog
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    Looks like it is only 10 min apart?!
    I know casiano rd is rather exclusive. But not sure how long er can stay anyhow now er know er will be within reach of each other!!
    Er = we
    The lady is a former swede who came to LA with her newly deceased husmand 55 yrs ago. She lives in that same house through sol those years and in their garden pool I was introduced to swimmingpool 11 months Old
  • Patrick James Dunn
    Patrick James Dunn

    Dear Dottore!
    I think you need to take spelling lessons while in Vancouver! We can enroll you in the ESL program at UBC while we take Peter and Johan on the Grouse Grind!
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    Its because I am lazy not putting on English spelling control on mobile and rushing too much
    Seriously now - do your real estate man think you will be out of Vancouver in August?
    What 's the time om West coast now? Here 19.47 pm
  • Patrick James Dunn
    Patrick James Dunn

    Hi again, Steel Magnolia! We will be out of the Islay Inn at noon on May 29th but whether we will be living elsewhere in Vancouver or somewhere in the Okanagan is yet to be determined. It's close to 11:00 am here.
  • Margareta Maunsbach
    Margareta Maunsbach

    Congrats on the house sale! Okay will not be able to make it to Vancouver before that, anyway. Good luck in finding a new home. Am curious to learn about it eventually!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Public Storage Blues: Thursday, February 26th!

Mirrors, those revealers of the truth, are hated; that does not prevent them from being of use. -Victor Hugo, novelist and dramatist (26 Feb 1802-1885) 
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries revolves around the personal and professional life of Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis), a glamorous private detective in 1920s Melbourne.
Netflix may be one of the many blessings of the digital 21st century, but with so much to watch it can often seem like there's nothing to see. To help remedy that, HuffPost Entertainment crowdsourced suggestions from around the office to uncover hidden gems -- those movies and television series you might not find on your own, but will be so glad someone else did.

Patrick James Dunn Thanks for the tips! On the long winter nights in Penticton we'll be snuggled up by the fireplace, sipping rum toddies and watching some of these!

Hello Polaroid Monster Man! Trust all continues to goes well with you four and your busy lives. Not quite sure how much I mentioned about our coming trip to California, in last message, but we had a wonderful time all the way down I-5, with stops in Portland, Williams, a ride on West Dry Creek while Imelda shopped for shoes in Healdsburg, and then into Berkeley, with a ride over the Golden Gate, and then Tinsel Town. After celebrating Pierre's 26th birthday there we drove to Palm Desert to spend a week with Lynne/Peter Lighthall, friends from Naramata, with whom we will travel to Inja this coming Octobre, for six weeks. Joshua Tree National Park was spectacular indeed!

Much, much to tell, (Ride stats available by request, per esempio!), so just a bit of a recap.
I guess we'd better try to arrange a get-together soon, otherwise it might have to take place in Okanagan wine country! Fondestos from Cora Lee! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

That was a delightful read. It takes me back to many fond California trips I’ve taken (both with you and on my own) Your Redding reminiscences bring back memories for me, too. I never stayed with you at the Americana Lodge - we stayed across the street, I recall (or down the block, or nearby, somewhere…). You pointed the Americana out when we drove by. Attached, a photo I took inside Jack’s several years ago. As I recall a MASSIVE rainstorm hit the West Coast of the USA when we were driving down I-5. As it was my turn to drive, I was feeling rather groggy at the wheel right up until the heavens opened. Then I was as awake as anyone can be, hammering down the Interstate with semi-trailers and others thawing up a mass of water. When we made Redding the news said they were looking at 4-inches of rain, which I didn’t doubt. As I recall the rains stopped after we made Redding and the rest of the trip was rather temperate, and quite nice.

The lack of water in Southern California is amazing. LA has had some rain this winter - more than before but by no means enough to make much of a difference. Both the Imperial Valley and the Central Valley are dry, dry, dry. It’ll be interesting to see how long before they start talking about ripping out all those golf courses and lawns.  And to think that when I go to Rossland and drive down to Trail, the Columbia River passes under one of the bridges at a rate of 2.8 million litres of water a second. Amazing.

I have driven the Palms to Pines Highway - it’s quite a hill coming up from the desert. It’s nice to go by Bighorn golf course and see what a quirky place that is. Lovely ride, I’m sure. And I’m delighted you weren’t too badly hurt in your crash. These things do happen at the most inopportune times. I had a fender jam in my bike just a few weeks ago after I rode over a piece of wood - thankfully my dismount wasn’t nearly as dramatic as yours.

I’m parenting from home today - Elise is sick with the flu and Kirsten has callously abandoned her family and is in Berlin for a few days. Her sister has a conference there and asked her to join. We had a few thousand Aeroplan points and getting flights to Europe in the dead of winter is a cinch. She left yesterday; back on Monday. It’s actually a great way to make Kirsten leave the office and have some fun - the hotel is paid for, the flight is on points and all she needs is a few hundred Euros and she’s good to go. The only guilt she has to feel is how she is giving the rest of the people who rely on her an opportunity to figure this stuff out for themselves.

As for your place, I’m glad you have it sold. It may be that you under-priced it somewhat; it may be that you could have asked for $10,000 more, but I think it’s a great price and it’s fantastic that you have it sold. What is more, you can now buy into what can only be described as a depressed market. The drop in oil is going to hit vacation property in BC between the eyes and puts you in a perfect position to take advantage. Nicely done. Once the international traveller is back where she belongs we will discuss having you guys over for dinner. I’m assuming Dusty and Clara are still in residence? I was talking to my brother in Winnipeg last week and although it wasn’t too cold (-15), the wind was blowing. Although the ice on his backyard rink was excellent, I understand.

Let us know if we can help in the dismantling of the Island Inn. We can offer strong backs fuelled only by the smallest amount of whisky. Talk soon, welcome back from the USA. And how is Pierre 26 years old? My goodness. -A

Hi Single Parent Flash! Trust life continues to go swimmingly in spite of Elise's flu and Ich bin eine gefühllose Berliner Kirsten! What a fab city. We certainly enjoyed our stay there in 2010 and hope to return in the not too, too distant future. I too, enjoyed your trip down memory lane. [Snap from Jack's still didn't come through! Is it one of table lamp?] I guess you were probably younger then than Pierre is now! Bar T Bar in Plymouth is now a Mexican restaurant! Was there in early November with two friends, Glasgow and Whirlygig. Two fab rides, one there, towards Placerville, and, following day, around south shore of Lake Tahoe. Saw two bears, right in a development called Tahoe Keys. Glad to hear that your bike accident didn't result in anything serious.

Rosita and Dusty are here until April 15th and then Winnipeg,
probably still ice-bound bound, bound! (Malcolm?) Think they will miss the coast but we trust they will still visit the OK Corral! Quite a difference between rain and -15ºC, as I need not tell you. Fondestos from Cora Lee to you and your charges, both well and ailing! Cheers, Patrizzio, With a Straw in one Hand and a Gallon of Gallo in the Other!

  Chloë with Dana and Ian, both on Board of Reel Causes. Ian also started the Vancouver Foreign Film Society and we've seen a number of the wonderful films he's brought to town. Bruins in Tahoe!

Hello Fingare and Digitale! Trust all continues to goes well with you and your busy lives. How did your grand-parenting go? Cora Lee mentioned Mason Bees outing. Sounded fascinating. I do apologize for not dashing off a note sooner but I kept thinking I'd have time and then even that evaporated! Thanks again, as always, for such on-going, bounteous hospitality. Fondestos from Cora Lee! Cheers, Patrizzio, Still Sore But Improving Daily!

Hi again, Darling! In message just sent, I forgot to mention that I've had no luck in finding the name of the hotel we stayed in when visiting Dublin. I believe all my relative entries were on the iPad I was using at the time. Subsequently I passed it on to Cora Lee. Unfortunately, she dropped it this past August, when in Manitoba. Although it seemed to work, sort of, thereafter, it has since given up the ghost. Not sure if we'll ever be able to recover any of the files.

At any rate, we were pleased with the Lower Baggott Street location but I'm sure you won't have any difficulty finding a place most anywhere in Dublin. Buona Fortuna! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Desert Storm Tour Guides! Trust all goes well at Shadow Lake Hacienda. Thank you for the last installment. I wasn't worried about it and you certainly didn't have to transfer it right away but do appreciate your thoughtful effort.

Was certainly thinking about you two yesterday, for reasons of weather rather than monetary ones, however.
Must away as I need to rinse my Trek of all the grit I acquired, fender-less but safe, for today's outing. Am hoping I can get it in before showers begin, later this aft, if forecast is to be believed! Fondestos from Meeting Woman. Cheers, Drowned Rat Patrizzio!

Pics: Chloë with Dana and Ian, both on Board of Reel Causes. Ian also runs Vancouver Foreign Film Society and we've seen a number of the wonderful films he's brought to town.

Hello Festschrift Man and Across the Salish Sea Woman! Trust all continues to go well with you two. First, let me extend sincere condolences to you both on the sudden death of your friend. What a terrible shock as I could discern from your voice on the phone message, Jane. Just listened to it a few days ago as what with one thing and another, it has been pretty busy ever since we returned from California last Saturday. I gather you must have left it shortly after we left on February 2nd. On a brighter note, congratulations on the publication of the festschrift in your honour, Kjell. I trust the celebration went exceedingly well.Not quite sure how much we might have mentioned about our trip to California, when last we met. All in all, we had a wonderful time on the way down I-5 and back.

Flash forward to the present, weather was much better today so after I washed all of the accumulated sand/grit off my bike, from yesterday's ride, I set off around 12:30 pm, hoping I could log a decent distance before showers were to begin, later this aft, if forecast was to be believed! Dipsy-doodled around Olympic Village until I had over 10 km on the odometer and then took Seawall to branch off to take Burrard Bridge back into Kits. (Wanted to vary my route a tad.) From there I headed out to UBC and followed another fairly regular route, 16th/Imperial/Marine and home via Chancellor), that I have always quite enjoyed. Home, dry as a bone, with exception of some well-earned perspiration, by around 3:30 pm, so delighted to have missed and rain! Stats for ride:

Be great if we might have a chance to see you, Jane, before you head overseas. Congratulations on selling your place, as well. Let us know, ahead of time, if possible, when you will be over, and we'll plan accordingly.
I guess we'd better try to arrange a get-together soon, otherwise it might have to take place in the heart of Okanagan wine country!

Chloë is still proceeding with plans for having a child. So far, all the required physical and psychological hurdles have been passed. Next session or two involve counseling in terms of selection of sperm! Quite a procedure in itself. Nevertheless, while we are looking at other places here, our leanings are still towards the Okanagan. Fondestos from Cora Lee, (on a conference call, church related), to you both! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Fionda and Across the Salish Sea Novinophobe! Trust life continues to go swimmingly. Thanks for the generous to offer of welcome at your pad, Calamity. How about we move in at 12:01 pm on Friday, May 29th, day we move out of the Islay Inn, and stay until October 27th, day we leave for Inja? When back on December 10th, we'll give you a break and go to Galiano until January 1st, 2016! That should make everyone happy, at first, and then you both will be rather glad that we have decided upon the Okanagan! 

Thanks, as well, for your kind thoughts about cycling, Fionda. Thanks, also, for the suggestion regarding move but our leanings are still towards the Okanagan, suffering, acutely, as you suggest, Whirlissimo, from Novinophobia, [Probably contracted it when house-sitting for The Millionaires!], both. With this move, (We have narrowed our search criteria to only include dwellings within 50 m of a winery!), we feel we will finally be able to bury this devastating phobia, along with countless empty bottles of porch climber, under the new front porch! Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both! Let us know when we might expect you to come 'acallin' on Saturday. Cheers, Patrizzio, With a Siphon in one Hand and a Gallon of Chain Cleaner in the Other!

P, Would 6:30 work for you guys? It could be earlier or later. W

Hi Canada Line Freeloader! Give me a shout domain and come by for a java and a visit if it works. Depending on how late you think you might wish to stay on Saturday, probably any time after 5:30 pm works for us. However, you decide what is best for your schedules and we'll be here. As well, I have about four or five bottles with ceramic caps, if you want them. Must away as we are about to watch Elementary and The Blacklist. Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Hello Rioja Drinkers All! Trust you are both enjoying Spain! Where are you? Thank you for the kind words about my fall. Sorry to hear about your pucnture and sprained ankle. I guess we are both of an age when we feel pretty lucky when any mishap isn't worse that it might well have been, under just slightly different circumstances.

Congratulations to Laura and Ed on the coming birth of their second child. Wonderful news indeed! As well, grand to hear that The Moms are doing so well.
Fondestos from Cora Lee. Enjoy what remains of your time in Spain. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Yuma! Sounds as if you had your work cut out for you in Scottsdale. Trust Francesco's back is better. Sounded pretty painful from what you mentioned. Thank you for the kind words about my fall.  Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Beach Cleaners and Ghost Busters! Great shot of the Bag Lady! I'm sure Gayle had her work cut out for her. Thank you for sympathy on my fall. I either didn't know about your fall, 18 months ago, or simply forgot. I guess we are all of an age when we feel pretty lucky when any mishap isn't worse that it might well have been, under just slightly different circumstances. Glad to hear that Gudrun seems to be coping as well as can be expected. Tenerife sounds terrif! Congrats to Maur and Bill on sale of apartment. I expect you will be at the tea shop everyday once it is open, knowing your predilection for stopping on jaunts, whether on foot or bike!

Although I knew about change of employment from your message, I hadn't actually heard from Chloë about Mark's new job until this evening when she popped by. Sounds like a pretty good fit if all goes well. I gather that "Twisty Bread" sales are going extremely well so trust that continues.
Fondestos from Cora Lee. Hello to Spudnik! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Sunshine Valley Folk! Thank you for the kind words about my fall.  Cora Lee sends along best wishes. Are you here this weekend? If so, perhaps a ride. Let me know and we'll plan accordingly. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Terrace Folk! Thank you for the kind words about my ribs! Don't feel sad about us moving to the Okanagan. We'll actually be closer to you! Nevertheless, nice to know that we will be missed! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Patrick, Such detail! I have just finished reading your novel and congratulations on your sale and your asking price despite advice. Again, I can’t imagine coming to Vancouver and you and Corinne not being there. We are coming to Vancouver for a couple of hockey games,March 16 to 26 I believe, so hopefully you are in town then. Now the fun begins with getting ready to move all your possessions. We just redid our storage room (was called a bedroom but we made it into a storage room) putting up steel shelving and divesting ourselves of more goods - off to the Hospital Thrift Store, the Men’s Shelter, Museum and recycling depot. It feels so good to get rid of things. We still have a pile to dispense with but I may try to sell a couple of the items. Everything is now well organized and despite being sore and tired from all the physical labour we are glad we did the work.

Took us awhile to get back in gear once we got home from Hawaii and sunny Vancouver. I think we had the holiday ending blues for a few days but we are back in gear again. Weather here has been pretty good and everyone thinks winter is over but you never know……..

Jeff had the lead float in the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver and tomorrow he is releasing a line of clothing recognizing the Chinese culture etc. in Vancouver. I think it is pretty neat and he sure is excited about it.

Well I have finished my little glass of wine and think I will go to bed. Thanks for catching us up on your news and it sounds like you are in good health again. Cheers, Dawn

Hello Little Glass of Wine before Bed Woman! Pleased to hear that you are settling in after your lollygagging in Hawaii. Perhaps we could hire you to help us with coming move! By the sound of it, you are experts, even if sore and tired!!! I get sore and tired just thinking about what needs to be done over the next three months or so. Great news about Jeff. Bravo! Please send along our congratulations to him.

Ribs improving steadily and not really any discomfort now when I sneeze or roll over in bed. Still a bit of tenderness on my right side but pleased, nonetheless.
Cheers, Patrizzio!

We too are homeless as of end of May & had settled briefly on Okanagan but prefer the island for winters. Our dtrs assured us they would not visit us any more pften if we were in Penticton so back to either Parksville or N Nanaimo. AB winters far too cold. Trying to find a place for the day when we either can no longer afford the travel insurance or our health prevents us from going south. Are you adverse to the island? We have so many friends there, most form AZ. M

Hello Fellow Soon-to-Be Homeless People! Am pleased to hear that you looking for your new home, as are we! I like VI muchly but prefer not to have to deal with the ferry system on a regular basis. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Ocotillo. You are probably quite familiar with this plant, I'm sure!

Thanks for the updates! I'm glad you are apparently unscathed from your
recent fall and all seems well. I'll bet you're having to take bookings on a first-come basis until May 29th at the Islay Inn! Are you selling Clara and Dusty's place too? I guess we'll just have to stay at L'Hermitage next time we visit Vancouver!! Love the photos of Mt Shasta....we know that view well, but it was quite spectacular that day! Pat

Hello L'Hermitage People! Thanks for last message. Am pleased to hear that you enjoyed snaps of Shasta. You were right, it was "spectacular" that day!

The Annexe, where Clara/Dusty live, is a rental unit, from Strata Council, so lease will expire, for them, at the end of April. They return to Winnipeg mid-April.
Wherever we end up, I get sore and tired just thinking about all the sorting and packing which needs to be done over the next three months or so.

Fondestos from Mme Coriandre, poring over on-line real estate, to you both. We are off to the Okanagan on Thursday to see more properties. Cheers, Patrizzio!
Another month is over – after two months, see attachment for where we stand, or sit, or lie on the road to the 2015 BASTARD Awards. For those not in the 2014 melee....Bridge Achievements Shown To-date And Rightful Distinction Awards. My turn to host on Monday March 2nd.Who’s available? Clive We are back and I am now retired. I can make it if there is room. Clive I will be there
John Welcome back and welcome to the ranks of the retired and (almost) retired. There is always room at the bridge inn. Cheeers 2 over 1 Byron 

Hi Clive et al: I'd like to play. Byron, would you like me to pick you up? Anyone else from this side of the city? Let me know and we'll plan accordingly. Cheers, Patrizzio! We have 5 so far...Byron, Dave Mc, Patrick, John and me. See you Monday! Clive i'll make it six. Byron, whose turn to drive? Hi Robert et al! I said I'd chauffeur. Let me know if this works and time to collect people. Cheers, Patrizzio! SorrY to be missing all this fun! David 

Hi Patrick, If you could pick me up at about 5:30 from the Library downtown that would be great. NE corner of Rodon and Homer. Cheers, Robert. Hello  Rodon Man et al! I'm happy to collect you on the corner of Rodon and Homer. Which galaxy is that? I assume you will take your time-machine to return to Robson and Homer at 5:30 pm on Monday! 5:20 pm at your place, Byron? Cheers, Captain Kirk! Damn autocorrect. Patrick Sounds good 5:30pm? We live on Millbank off Ferry Row. Give me a call when you leave and I can meet you in the circle. Cheers Byron Nanoo Nanoo Byron 

Hi, again, Byron: How about 5:20 pm as we need to gather-up Robertitio, at VPL, at 5:30 pm. I'll phone just before leaving The Islay Inn. Cheers, Scottie! Better Captain Kirk than Dr Spock. okey dokey

[Tribute to Leonard Nimoy] RIP spocky He didn't live that long but he sure did prosper.Dear David The Celtic horde laid waste to the English invaders. Praise the Lord I have found where it is shown on the magic square box. Channel 983 on Telus - BEN sports. Consequently we can now watch the matches. Roll on a victory over the cousins from Wales and a Grand Slam Championship. Cheeers Byron