Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Giuseppe Marinoni Road Bike Blues: Tuesday, March 31st!

The meaning of a poem is the outcome of a dialogue between the words on the page and the particular person who happens to be reading it. The interpretation can only be false if the reader does not know the contemporary meaning of the words. -W.H. Auden, poet (1907-1973) 

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad. -Theodore Roosevelt, Twenty-sixth US president (1858-1919) 

The charismatic Giuseppe Marinoni has been making some of the most desirable bicycle frames in Canada for decades. Although his enterprise has grown over the years, he still seems happiest when welding a handmade frame. (The enduring joy this brings him is particularly impressive when you consider that he’s made 20 or 30 thousand of them in his lifetime.) Since leaving his native Italy, he’s made a home in Montréal and established a fairly routine life centred on his wife, his bicycles and the tomatoes in his garden.


A competitive cyclist in his youth, he decides, at age 75, to attempt a World Record for distance cycled in one hour for his age group. Giuseppe’s determination and perseverance lead him back to Italy for his training and, ultimately, his attempt at the record. His perfectionism, combined with a curmudgeonly nature, makes him impatient with first-time director Tony Girardin, adding much humour to this inspiring film. One of the most moving scenes involves Marinoni catching up with his dear friend Jocelyn Lovell, one of Canada’s greatest cyclists during the 60s and 70s, whose storied career was sadly ended by a famous and fateful accident that left him a quadriplegic. This is a film not only for the spandex-and-helmet crowd but for anyone who believes that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.

Greetings from Nanoose,Thank you all for your support and prayers! All is well, and we look forward to celebrating the new digs for Pat & Corinne at the French Table. Really looking forward to getting back there with you all to see Herve & his gang. (6:30PM next Tuesday, but can amend if needed). Will dig a few vinos out of the cellar.

My only request with my challenge is to let only your close family members know for now. And also, if you have a strong opinion as to how I should deal with it, please know that it is a choice that I have to make myself, after weighing all of my options after mega research, and meetings with specialists in various fields. (so TRY not to tell me what I have to do, even after our usual consumption of wine & Single Malt-Ha Ha!) (I know that you would mean well, but it could do more harm than good at this point) We are getting a huge amount of support here, and no matter what course is taken, the absolute best will be made of it.

Again, I am doing absolutely fantastic, and even quite surprised that is hasn’t affected me as I might have imagined before this actually happened! It’s probably tougher on Francesca for now. Will see you next Sunday after our dinner with Tom & Tuulikki. Cheers, Gregg
  Well said !! Michele 

Hi Grog! Good to chat this morning. Look forward to seeing you both on the weekend. Don't worry, I learned not to bother trying to tell you what to do, years ago, on the doubles court! Cheers, Il Conduttore!

UB40 any interest is seeing them at the Commadore??? When? Oct 1st, it's a Thursday. Dad, Mackenzie Retirememt savings plan & Edward Jones I can bring all the hard copies to you.
Hi Chloë! I hope to begin working on taxes this weekend so be great if you can bring everything you have over. With respect to UB40, at this point, I'm not sure what our plans will be for October. I think we will be staying in town for VWF, (October 19th to 25th), which we plan to volunteer at again this year. Two days after it is over we fly to India so reasonable to assume we'll simply stay in Vancouver until we leave for overseas. Will probably be in town, with Penny and Mike, around the 21st to 24th of September, so unless we have medical/dental appointments I doubt that we would be back for October 1st. However, concert might be fun. I know that Ruth/Rick might be interested, as well as Matt/Catherine. I'll send along a message to both couples and see what they think. How much are tickets? Cheers, Dad! [Tix are $75 so not cheap but a great small venue. Well, will see after I chat with Sleeping Nana! Cheers, Dad!]

PS: I forgot to mention that I saw Gale Stewart yesterday. She was walking along Seawall, just past Plaza of Nations, heading in the direction of Science World. I didn't realize it was her until I was past her so I didn't say hello. She was staggering, zig-zagging from one side of the pedestrian walkway to another, an empty bottle of Long Table Cucumber Gin in her hand so I didn't have any reason to hope for a drink myself! Tell her I appreciate her choice in hootch, however! 

After a filling brunch of overlefts, (scalloped potatoes and fried zucchini), suited and lubed up to leave at just after 11:00 am and do what has become a fairly regular set of dipsy-doodles around Olympic Village and Seawall to Granville Bridge. Then to Kits Point to have logged 43 km there by the time I made for UBC. Similar set of established dipsy-doodles on campus, to 16th/Imperial and then down Camosun to Marine to hit campus on way back home, via Chancellor.

What a fab day for a ride! Hadn't really expected to go for a 100+ km jaunt but once out I decided it was a shame to waste such an opportunity. Must say that the unrelenting head wind out of the west was pretty fierce at times, 15 kph or thereabouts but I soldiered on and was able to log a reasonably decent AVG under circumstances.  Stats for ride:


Home to shower and change and shortly after Cora Lee returned from her walk we drove down to Legacy at Olympic Village as I wanted to pick up a couple of bottles of hootch, using my Award points, ($25 credit for every 500 points accumulated.), as I was a tad worried that the scheme might change given the new provincial regs which come into force on April 1st . At any rate I picked up two Knob Creek products, a Straight Rye and a Straight Bourbon, both 50%. 

As we were leaving Harbour Terrace we bumped into neighbour, Kurt, and told him where we were headed so he gave me $60 to pick up a bottle of Ron Antiguo Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva for him. We are both quite fond of the this rum, from Venezuela, 40%. However, price at Legacy was $68 and change so I refused to buy it there. Had seen it at Cambie and 8th so we stopped by that store on way home. Ironically, it was on sale, for $50.85, down from $54. 85 so I saved a little more than $18! Bought a bottle for myself as well. Don't mind paying Legacy prices for any hootch one can't buy at BC Liquor stores but not prepared to pay such outrageous mark-up on product which is readily available!

Home to have a tasty dinner of overlefts and then we watched two episodes of The Knick, squirming in our seats as Clive Owen, Dr Thackeray, struggles with his cocaine addiction! Plot and various sub-plots are all becoming gut-wrenching as passions flare and circumstances spiral out of control for many, if not all, the key individuals at the hospital. Hard to stop watching!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Byron's Bridge Blues: Monday, March 30th!

Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. -Leo Buscaglia, author, speaker and professor (31 Mar 1924-1998) 

No method really, usually pretty stressed every time cos own way too much stuff. You would think by now, have gotten rid of all essentials. Should have sold all our furniture but wanted too much $$ I think. I am traveling with 2 small bags, one smaller for warm in California. The other is for cooler temps and some nicer c,others for parties in AB. Gotta run. Good luck with move. M

Hi Ginette! Yes, I do! Sorry but I didn't read my email until just now. We had a busy day yesterday as we hosted two tables of bridge and I never got around to doing my usual messaging. I did call Andrew myself, to wish him all the best on his birthday. He seemed fine. Hope to pop by Intersection once we have settled into our new place in Penticton. Moving on May 29th. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thanks Patrick I will call him today...You will enjoy living in the Okanagan, with your appreciation of wines and your cycling habits you will have a great life! See you at the winery! G Hi again, Ginette! Trust you were able to contact Andrew. Look forward to seeing you both at your winery. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Had a busy morning digitating and setting up for bridge in the evening so didn't leave for my ride until about 1:30 pm. Knew I would only have time for a 50 + km ride so made for Olympic Village where idipsy-doodled until I was ready to head along Seawall to Stanley Park. Enough Lost Lagoon loops to clock 40+ km before heading home. Had to dodge, on each round, innumerable tourists taking photos of cherry blossoms just before viaduct, under Georgia, close to Seawall to either SP of Coal Harbour. Stats for ride:


Back home to find Rosemary and Andre had popped by to say hello. Visited with them until about 5:20 pm when I literally had to boot them out as I had to shower and change and finish preparing meal I was planning to serve to Bridge Lads that evening. Rosita had done her famous scalloped potatoes for me and 

I'd baked a ham, basted in Coke, (Nigella'a recipe!), and was going to do zucchini in the frying pan, closer to meal time, along with a mixed green salad. Robert, David and Winston, (I'd never met him before), arrived first, followed by Clive and then Byron. Mr T and I were paired and I quite enjoyed playing with him. We seemed to "click" for most of the evening and for most hands. First round we went down a number of times and I was feeling a bit disconcerted until same happened to all of the other pairs, and more so, over the course of the evening. 

Really found Winston to be most supportive and very, very knowledgeable and helpful. He is only here, (from Scotland), for a few months but I trust we will see each other over the next bridge gatherings we are able to make. Sarge came up towards the end of the evening. He was painting at Nicole's/Marvin's place so he couldn't come earlier. Mr T and I played Byron and Winston one hand, (my 3 No, bid and made!), just before Robert drove Winston and David home. Lovely evening and I will miss the group. Be great if we can arrange an event in the Okanagan, at least for some of them, at some point. I think I remember Peter did this a year or so ago. 

Cora Lee came home form her Book Club shortly after 10:00 pm and once I'd cleaned up we chatted about our respective evenings. Both too bushed to watch Netflix so we repaired to bed to read instead. Just as happy to do so as I'm quite enjoying the The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (Swedish: Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann), especially having seen movie a month or so ago. Rather interesting to see how book and film differ/diverge. So far, I think cinematic treatment was pretty faithful to written word.

Hi Corinne--I imagine you are up to the proverbial eyebrows getting ready for your big move. I still sort of don't believe that you are coming to the Okanagan and will be nearly neighbours. It'll be great to have you close by. We're looking forward to lots of good times together here … and on our trip to India. You are most likely not worrying too much about it at the moment (and I don't blame you). 

I'm not sure if I passed this info on to you previously but I thought you should have it so that (if not done already) you can pass it on to the Luxe India people. I now have finalized my flight to Chennai. I managed to get bookings all the way from Penticton. It's five legs over almost three days so I'll be in some sort of limbo when I finally arrive in Chennai around 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 28. (Peter's plan is to meet me at the airport as he most likely will have gotten in to Chennai before me.) 

 I recall correctly, you and Patrick arrive that same evening but a little bit later on, yes? We still have the tentative booking at the Radisson Blu Hotel, which is relatively close to the airport, and has a free shuttle service from the airport. I'm thinking it is probably best if we all make use of this service and spend that first night in India at the Radisson. This means that we can hook up with the Luxe India people on October 29 and this will be Day 1 of our trip. At least that is what I have on my calendar now. Cheers and love for now. Keep on packing' …Lynnie XOXO

It’s been a complicated process, hope you are all able to read the profile, there has been problems with it coming through as gibberish.

Hi Pat, I'm hoping to get to see this film.  Particularly interesting for me because I rode a Marinoni in my first Whistler Gran Fondo!!  I had a really nice gal in a training session and it pained her to see my training on my Brodie commuter bike, so she loaned me her 'rain' bike for a year.  Will send a pic later but alas, work (schmerk) beckons.


Hi Sara! I had seen the notice for Marinoni at the last screening I attended at VanCity. If it works, it might be fun to see film together. Let me know which date is best for you and we can try to plan accordingly. I often take Aquabus to Hornby and then walk to theatre so we could do that if you wanted. Let me know about you plans for Bicycle Frame Man! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: I don't think I sent these two of you earlier! Kurt and Mavis, most adorable pooch!

Hi! Another great day for a ride (or packing if you could squeeze some of that into your busy day). You are killing me with all the fun things you do during my work week: riding, brunching, hooch-buying, pet visiting.....Yes, let's go to the movie. I'll get back to you soon about a time. Thanks. Hi to Corinne.
Thanks from Mekong Mick and Penang Polly thanks for a lovely evening last night. It was great to see everybody again in such good spirits and we hope we can have you all round here before you leave for good!

We had a rainy walk home but I achieved my daily goal on fit bit, which I needed to do after my second helpings of the delicious food.Thanks Mick and Polly PS Daughter Nikki snaffled the wine decanter already! 

Hi all Looking at Wednesday, April 8th or Thursday April 9th to get together in the early evening for dinner and bridge. Hope one of the nights works for everyone as this could be our last get together with all the Durston/Dunns for some time.

To Corinne, Pat, Dusty & Clara - thanks again for the wonderful dinner, bridge evening, prizes & paintings! And an extra bonus to come home today and find little elves had delivered another painting & gifts for Violet. We're going to miss you all. Cheers Elaine

Hello Bayswater Art Gallery! Thanks for wonderful dessert, Elaine! Just finished off last teeny-tiny piece this evening!!! I gather we will start all over again next Wednesday. Looking forward to it already. Don't worry about bridge prizes as we can bring loads! At this rate we won't have to pack at all! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Great. Wednesday, April 8 works for all. Is 5:30 okay to start? Patrick, please don't trouble yourself with bringing bridge prizes - it makes us a bit nervous.
Cheers Elaine
 Hi Elaine! No trouble at all to bring scads of bridge prizes. Please reconsider, you might regret not receiving a couple of wonderful "white elephants"! Cheers, "We Have Junk" Patrizzio! 

Thanks for the invite.  Wednesday works for us.  Thursday Nikki's 3 girls are coming to stay for 5 days!  Happy to bring something if dinner is on.  Pauline

Great. Wednesday, April 8 works for all. Is 5:30 okay to start? Patrick, please don't trouble yourself with bringing bridge prizes - it makes us a bit nervous.
Cheers Elaine
 Hi Elaine! No trouble at all to bring scads of bridge prizes. Please reconsider, you might regret not receiving a couple of wonderful "white elephants"! Cheers, "We Have Junk" Patrizzio! 

Thanks for the invite.  Wednesday works for us.  Thursday Nikki's 3 girls are coming to stay for 5 days!  Happy to bring something if dinner is on.  Pauline

Hello Vietnamese Bridge People! Grand evening indeed. Thanks for wonderful dip and crackers, Polly, as well as splendid Van Westen red! Terrific that Nikki purloined wine decanter. At this rate we won't have to do any packing! Look forward to seeing everyone at Keatings next week. Cheers, Il Conduttore!  
Hello Lads: Bit of a mix-up with number of hands played but scores for the evening, as follows: Byron/Robert, 2,510; David/Patrick, 4,810; Clive/Winston 5,240. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Patrizio Thank you for a great evening. See you anon Cheers Byron

Hi Byron! Grand evening all around. Sorry we won't see you for a bit but know you have a most exciting three months ahead. Once gain, Happy Trails to you and Ann. Travel safely and let us know how things go in Paris and environs, from time to time. Cheers, Patrizzio!                                   Greetings from Warrawandaballygong in the Granville Island outback, (particularly Mr T!): A few snaps from last evening. I sent Byron an earlier message suggesting he might wish to print out some of these pics and throw darts at the players who obviously cheated him, and Sir Robert, out of First Place! Cheers, Soon-to-Be Penticton Patrizzio!

Quite a night last night! Thanks for a splendid meal and hosting, Patrick! Welcome back after many years, Winston! Welcome back after a few weeks, Dave T! Farewell for a few months, Byron!

End of the third month of the year brings rankings, which are now expressed as average points won per hand. There must be some questionable statistics for those with only one or two appearances!! And it is noteworthy that our winner from 2014 falls from grace to the lowest ranks, but eager, I’m sure, to rejoin us and redeem himself. Average points won per hand (detailed spreadsheet attached)...

Winston 218.3, 1 appearance! Les 175.4, 2 appearances! Clive 171.8, 12 appearances; John 156.0, 2 appearances! Wayne 154.4, 2 appearances!
Robert 147.6, 11 appearances; David T 147.6, 7 appearances; David Mc 135.1, 12 appearances; Patrick 134.6, 8 appearances; Byron 134.3, 15 appearances; Roger 132.5, 6 appearances. Hi Clive et al! Thanks for the bridge scores, Clive: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics! Cheers, Patrizzio! 
You’re doing well Patricio!

Hi Lynne The Unbeliever and JDP, TDP, (Jugos Dom Pedro, Threatened Duplicate Player)!I will leave the Chennai/Radisson Blu Hotel arrangements/questions to Travel Agent Cora Lee but I think all has been handled to everyone's satisfaction.

With respect to popping your bubble of unbelief, Soon-to-be-Nearly Neighbour Lynne, I am wondering if we might impose on you towards the end of next week, Friday, April 10th, in fact. You might recall that we, (Durstons and Chloë), are off to Ryan's wedding in Kamloops on April 11th. Since it would be a bit of a tight squeeze for all five of us in one car, we plan to take two. This being the case, I was hoping to cram my car with as much as it will hold, along with two bikes we won't be using before we move, on the bike rack, and leave everything in your garage, Dom Jugos!

If this is too much of an imposition, don't worry. However, it is an opportunity to begin decanting process and will give us a tad more room here. Perhaps more importantly, we hope to pick up some wine for the wedding weekend, before we make for Kamloops. At any rate, let me know what you think and we'll plan accordingly. Fondestos from Lady Mary to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi lynnie, Peter sent me your flight info last week and I forwarded it on to Luxe. I've told them that we will stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel when we arrive and they can pick us up on the morning of the 29th to start our vacation. We arrive around around 11 pm. Packing is happening a little bit each day. Doing books and getting ready clothes to take to thrift store. I've already made several trips. More later! Happy Easter! Love Corinne

Hi Janet! Trust your steroid injections are helping your foot! Sorry to suggest a change to our at long-last planned get-together BUT it turns out that bridge group has decided to meet on Easter Monday now! Am wondering if it would be possible to do a tea and crumpets, (gluten-free, of course), earlier that afternoon, instead of dinner. Not that we don't wish to dine with you, obviously, but bridge game involves dinner as well. If it is too, too much trouble for you, I'll simply not go to bridge. That being said, I do enjoy the group and play is certainly helping my bidding, etc. Given that we are moving, I am also aware that I only have a few months participation left.

At any rate, it has been so difficult to arrange a date that I will let you decide what is best for you and that will be fine. Bridge starts at 6:00 pm and this time it is on the North Shore so I would need to think about leaving around 5:00 pm or so. Thanks and Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hi, Patrick!!!!  Quick note ... I'll try to change my gym time to earlier so that we can do tea ("chai") starting maybe 2 pm.? Let you know this eve. I'm expecting it will work out. J.

 I shall return post haste to defend my title. Any more takers for Condor Place on Easter Monday? I down, Roger

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Towards the Last Few Two Tables of Bridge Blues: Sunday, March 29th!

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. -Carl Jung, psychiatrist (1875-1961) 

Hi Chloë! I transferred money into your account. Will have to do rest tomorrow as system limit won't allow more. Must away as need to get ready for bridge.  Love, Dad!  

Hi D, Thank you for monies, just got back from the comedy show. Was a fun time and they raised over $1200 for Pat!! Hope the bridge night was a success. Love u

My top pick! Hi Chloë! When is he coming over for dinner? I have a few questions! Love. Dad! :)

Hi Horseshoe Casino People! Given the fact that you have unpacked and packed-up 8 times since staying in Yuma, you simply must stop in Vancouver to offer your expert advice to us, honed by such a telling number of annual experiences!

Must away as have a few errands to run and then organize our place. We are hosting two tables of bridge, starting late this afternoon. Two other couples will join us. Over the years we have all played at each others' homes. With our coming move this will obviously be one of the last times at The Islay Inn. Elaine and Ted are originally from Winnipeg and I met him playing handball at United! He moved to Vancouver to teach and Elaine eventually ended up here. They knew each other in Winnipeg but not exactly sure of how they reconnected on the coast. She had a degree in Interior Design from U of M and worked in Toronto after graduation. Fondestos from Cora Lee. She wishes you a pleasant journey. Cheers, Patrizzio!

No method really, usually pretty stressed every time cos own way too much stuff. You would think by now, have gotten rid of all essentials. Should have sold all our furniture but wanted too much $ I think. I am traveling with 2 small bags, one smaller for warm in California. The other is for cooler temps and some nicer c, others for parties in AB. Gotta run. Good luck with move. M 

FCCC Elliptizwe stats: 1,104 calorifiics over 70 Minuten for 3.45 milos and 15,073' of verticale climbage!

Hi Chloë! Very pleased to hear that the fund-raiser went so well. Bridge night was loads of fun. I thought I was doing extremely well with about 3,500 points to come in second as your Grandmother took top score with over 5,000! Wonderful seafood lasagna by Lady Mary, and a delish Caesar, again, by your mom. Polly brought a very tasty humus dip with crushed almonds on top and some lovely crunchy, hard, pita-like bread . Elaine did one of her wonderful gluten-free cakes with ice-cream and fresh berries for dessert so everyone was very content, as you can imagine.

All the recycled/re-gifted bridge prizes were much appreciated as well. Ted and Elaine took three pictures from The Annexe so your grandparents were more than delighted. They are happy, of course, that the paintings are going to someone they know.  Mike received a wine decanter Clarisse didn't want and he told me that Nikki, their daughter, snaffled it as soon as they were home! At this rate we won't even have to pack! Love and Cheers, Dad!        

do you have a phone # for Andrew? it is his bday today (March 29th) and the phone number I have for him is no longer in operation? Ginette

Patrick, I was just reviewing my emails and saw the photos from your visit - I dare say the wicker bench is really quite neat and the pillows set it off nicely.
Good buy by Corinne - please pass this message on to her. Dawn

Hi Patrick Thanks so much for your email. You and Cora Lee are always a going concern. Hope you enjoyed your dinner party. I am just catching up on a few things. Let's plan to get together soooon. Take care Jo-Anne  

How Things Work Thought you’d enjoy some of these. Cheers, Al Recycling at its Best Wait! don’t throw that out!! 

Hi Big Al! Really enjoyed the various clips on How Things Work! Fascinating indeed. Dog's tongue, in slow motion, made me think of an elephant's trunk. Amazing when one see's how the mechanics of both animate and inanimate things perform a given or very specific task.

The recycled bird's nest was a delight. Funnily enough, I have a story of my own about just that. When we lived in Cyprus, back in the '50's I had a dog, my first, a mutt, but a lovely pooch named Jimmy. At any rate, I had an old tennis shoe, (Brits called "sneakers" that!), with which I used to play tug of war, one end in his mouth, me pulling on the other. One day, I hung it up on a tree trunk, on a nail I think was originally there to hang coloured lights upon, outside our dining room window, to keep him for carrying it off somewhere. I forgot all about it and a few weeks later, (It was early spring.), my Mom noticed that there was a bird's nest being fashioned in it! I was more than delighted but there was a bit of concern on the part of the adults as it was only held by a frayed lace and everyone was worried that it might snap and eggs and all would tumble to the ground.

Many of our neighbours were keen birders so they were doubly concerned that if the parents, (Can't remember the species now but was certainly of some interest as eventually we had many other very excited birders from elsewhere on Cyprus visit us to take pictures of the nest and hatch-lings through the dining room windows!), detected human interference they might abandon the nest, chicks and all. After much debate it was decided to prepare a stronger cord that could be quickly looped through a hole in the shoe and secured safely to the nail in tree trunk. When both parents were away, (I guess this happened after birds hatched and bird watchers had, through observation, determined a window of opportunity.), the person who had volunteered for task performed the "rescue" mission and all went well. I know we had many pictures of the event but, terribly sadly, they, and many other family photos, were lost years later in a flooded basement in Winnipeg. Nevertheless, fond memories indeed!

On the moving front, talked to UHaul and place is open until 7:00 pm on week nights so if it works we could collect truck on Wednesday evening and park it in one of spaces outside our building. We'd load all day on Thursday and then be ready to leave as early as suited you on Friday. Trucks, (whether 20' or 26'), don't have air brakes so an ordinary driver's license is all that is required. So let me know if this still works for you and we'll plan accordingly. Fondestos to you and Marilyn from Lady Mary. Talk soon. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Farmer and The Chef Blues: Saturday, March 28th!

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power. -Lao-Tzu, philosopher (6th century B.C.) 

Annika & Crystal of #dinnerpartyYVR
After a not so chance meeting at a Social Bites dinner in 2009, Annika Reinhardt (Social Bites founder) and Crystal Henrickson (Community Builder Invoke Labs, Chimp and Yelp) teamed up as business buddies to bring the biggest, boldest dinner party to Vancouver, and #dinnerpartyYVR was born.

Hi again, Glasgow: Thanks for the encouragement re: packing. While I'm supposed to keep packing, here, Cora Lee is actually going over to North Vancouver this morning to help Flamin' and Nicole pack! She and Marvin are expecting and his parents, Bella and Bert, (Currently on holiday in the Philippines), are moving out of their three-bedroom townhouse into N's/M's one bedroom condo so that the young couple will have more room once baby arrives! For Lady Mary, the standard case of "Do as I say, not as I do!"

Off to #dinnerpartyYVR this evening. This event "connects Vancouverites at a simultaneous dinner party, hosted in homes across the city, all to benefit local charities. Diners select one meal to attend, dinner parties range from 4-8 guests. After the meal has completed, diners, hobby chefs and the charities involved gather for an after party. 100% of the guest's dinner donation is gifted back to represented charities.

The event has taken place twice now with close to 500 hobby chefs, diners, charities and partners participating and collectively raising more than $15,000 for 48 charities in less than 1 year."

Our particular dinner is hosted by Ana-Luz Cobon, the General Manager at Heartwood, at a home on W. 15th, near the VLTBC, so I plan on stopping in there first to collect a few towels. My supply is running low! Only about a 25 minute stroll so we plan to walk and then not have to worry about driving after drinks with dinner. I'll say hello to 'Oribble 'Ungie and The Wizard for you. 

Just took a gander at the forecast and it looks like rain might well hold off until around 4:00 pm so I think I'll head out shortly, for a "stretch" ride after yesterday's outing. Had planned to use elliptizer at FCCC but would rather be outside, if possible. 

Was able to hit the road just after 11:00 am and made for Olympic Village to start ride. Dipsy-doodled thereabouts until I had about 9 km on the clock as I wanted to make my way out to UBC and have enough distance about by the time I'd looped Kits Point a few times and then made for Spanish Banks. Quite a few serious bikers out, on Point Grey Road, a number of smallish pelotons and loads of families, Mom/Dad and two or three children. All worked out as I had logged 25 km by the time I was to climb the Foreshore Hill. 

From then on it was almost all auto-pilot as I dipsy-doodled through a few of my regular routs on campus, making for 16th and then Imperial. Back on SW Marine I climbed up into Wesbrook Village and back down to Marine so by the time I was on campus again I was set to have needed 57 km on odometer at intersection of Stadium Road/Marine to count 71 km, via Chancellor, when back at the Heartbreak Terrace.

Pleased as punch to beat the rain as it started to spit while I was leaving campus. Clouds to the east looked pretty dark and foreboding but nothing came of their angry disposition so I was lucky this time. Stats for ride:


Found Mme Coriandre back from North Van. Packing went well but she needed a short nap before readying herself for our dinner this evening. Will set out shortly. Need to take our brollies as rain is forecast for most of the evening. Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Ten people in all, as it turned out, many of whom Mme Coriandre knew through United Church circles. The theme chosen by Ana-Luz and her close friend, Jillian, (She works at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, just near the entrance to Granville Island), was The Farmer and The Chef, so there were all sorts of delicious organic ingredients, (from vegetable to meat and fish products), as you might suspect. 

One of the dishes was Ana-Luz's home-made pasta and I complimented her as the noodles tasted very much like the ones my dear, dear Grandmother used to make. I remember well when she was busy in the kitchen of the family home, in Rivers, Manitoba, near Brandon, preparing them. Loads of interesting people so it was a great delight to hear some of their stories and relish the simply wonderful dishes.

As it turned out, one of the couples, Simone and John, were from North Van so they very kindly dropped us off a block from home as they were driving back over Burrard Bridge. Although we were prepared, having brought umbrellas, it was raining pretty heavily by the time dinner party was over so pleased to been offered the lift.

Pics: Table; charity; Ana-Luz and Marilyn, family friend who offered her place for dinner; Happy diners: L-R, Simone, Cora Lee, John, Tatanya, Kat, Patrizzio, Ana-Luz, Todd, (her boyfriend), Jillian. Ashley, other guest, took snap.

Thanks Patrick, but I’ll host. We now have 6 – Robert, Winston, Byron, David T, Patrick, Clive...haven’t heard from John. See you Monday. Clive With 5 from S shore I guess we need 2 cars. Patrick shall I pick you up? Regards Byron Note on transportation. Going to the North Shore will be Robert, Winston, Byron, David T and Patrick, so it's going to be a tight fit in the Civic. Wear slick clothing. Sounds good. I'll pick up Winston and Mr. T. I could do Monday. R

Hi Patrick! I just had a chat with Robert...if you’re still willing to host we think it might be better that way because 5 are coming in two cars from the south – easier for me to come to you alone. Also Byron is flying off to Paris the next day and may prefer not to have to travel here. Are you still willing? I can do next week, although it’s Easter Monday so we may switch to Tuesday. I’ll fight that one out with Roger. Clive So where are we playing  Clive?? Byron Chez Patrizzio, Byron! At Patrick's. I'm in whistler painting ceilings. I'll be home in time to join you. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the next three Mondays. John We’re back in Lotus Land. I can’t however make it tonight. Les
Dear Bridge Players! It seems as if it is more convenient for me to host, as opposed to Clive, this coming Monday. That being the case, The Islay Inn will be ready to receive guests at 6:00 pm on March 30th. How many bridgers can I expect, the better to prepare gruel and dry bread? Cheers, Patrizzio! Winston and Robert Many thanks. I'll be there courtesy and appreciations to Robert for driving. First time Chez Patrick on a fine grand month of craic for Champions again Ireland. David Is that near Warrawandaballygong in NSW's outback?


Friday, 27 March 2015

Gerbil Cage Blues: Friday, March 27th!

History is a novel whose author is the people. -Alfred de Vigny, poet, playwright, and novelist (27 Mar 1797-1863)

Up to message much of the early morning away and then readied myself around 11:30 am as I want to go for a longer ride while weather held. Gerbil Cage loops from Olympic Village to Stanley Park then out to UBC, via Spanish Banks. 

Quite a cloudy day so the heavy overcast kept bike and pedestrian traffic on Seawall to a minimum. Blizzard of cherry blossoms every time I cycled past these beautiful trees. Could even smell them, first times in many years, on campus, just off Main Mall. Perfect temperature for riding. What a life! Pushed the distance to 105 km as I want to start increasing the distance in preparation for Penticton Gran Fondo, 160 km, this July. Looking forward to training there now that we will soon be living in the Okanagan! Stats for ride:


Back home to shower and change and then help Mme Coriandre with preparations for dinner. We had invited Falmin' and Sarge to join Clarisse and Dusty, as we'd not seen much of Clan Sutherlands over the last little while. Flamin' was just back from Mexico where she'd spent a week in Cancun with the Bel Ayr Brats, a very tight group of elementary school girlfriends, originally from Dartmouth. Rosie and I took on Coat Hanger and Sarge at bridge before dinner and they managed to have all the cards. The Sisterhood visited on the patio and readied grill for the steaks that Sarge would eventually cook to perfection.

After a tasty meal of twice-baked cauliflower, baked spuds and a mixed saladin, (Patrizzio), we played a few more hands of bridge. Prince Valiant popped upstairs and he took over for Rosita. We still didn't have many cards but he played the last hand very well so we went out on a winning note before everyone was ready to leave. After I 'd loaded the dishwasher Cora Lee put on last recorded episode of Blacklist and we watched Red deal with the latest array of villians. To bed afterwards adn I finished The Burning Room, Connelly's latest Harry Bosch. 

Hi Derek! Just a short note. I forgot to mention that snaps you attached did not display. Not sure what the problem seems to be as this has happened before. Cheers, Patrizzio!

That's odd! They weren't too impressive but will try again. May thanks for your email and photos. Just arrived home so haven't had a chance to read it in full yet. Will wait till I have a glass of red in my hand! Cheers 

Hi again, Derek: Don't know whether to be pleased or disturbed to learn that you need a large glass of red before you tackle one of my missives! Thanks for the wonderful snaps. All came through this time. Terrific shot of Gayle and Tris at zoo. Very, very impressive gate. Are you keeping gold in the house? Many blossoms here as well. (See below) Fantastic shot of St Petroc's Cross! Looks similar to some of the pictures I've seen of Stonehenge with rising sun behind monoliths. Fondestos to one and all. Cheers, Patrizzio!

winston in town. Anyone up for hosting? I am getting ready to vacation in Palm Desert; I will pass on bridge this Monday Regards: David Robert I am leaving for Paris,[Gents Our contact details in Paris, If anyone is in the neighborhood it would be great to see them Rue des Pyrenees, Paris, 75020–the 20th Arrondissement Ist floor on left-no apartment numbers. Bon chance Byron], on Tuesday so cannot host but will play if we find a host Cheers Byron So you, me and Winston so far. MrT can you host?  I can help you cook if you like. Byron I have to go to Whistler, but can be back in time to host. Whom do we have? Robert, Winston, Byron, Clive and......Clive Sorry, not back until the 2nd. 1 down, Roger Unjetlagged from Spain and now available - if I can get a lift from Robert please. Need sailboat crew if anyone interested! David Sure, I can pick you up no prob. Cheers, R.

Hi Clive et al: I thought that my wife's Book Club was meeting at our place on Monday but venue has now changed so I am able to host if that works for everyone. I just talked to Sarge, (He is in Whistler and said skiing was excellent.), and he is unable to play this week. In terms of numbers, is Winston aka Mr T? Let me know what you think about who will host. Thanks and Cheers, Patrizzio!

If there are no religious objections, I will be back in Vancouver and can host Monday 6th; failing that Tuesday. Cheers, Roger Clive has already offered to host.Hi Robert et al: I just wanted to make sure that it was convenient for him, given his Whistler trip. If bridge will be at Clive's place, I'd appreciate a lift as well. Thanks and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Patrick Thanks for this email. So interesting to hear about your Retired Librarians luncheon at UBC. How is Linda Joe--remember her very fondly. Anyways do take care--had physio this morning--went for walk along Spanish Banks -- headed to the pool this afternoon. Things are improving and I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Talk to you soon. Cheers Jo-Anne 

Hi Physio/Pool Person! Can certainly appreciate your rehab situation, Jo-Anne! Have been in it a number of times, for different reasons, but know about that light at the end of the tunnel. Bravo! Onward!! Fight!!! Linda Joe seems very well. She doesn't own a car and takes public transport everywhere. Lovely lady. I've always been fond of her. Keep in touch and we'll connect somewhere along the way. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

sounds like a most enjoyable and interesting luncheon. are you sure Krissy was not the one who sped away with the description of your outer ware? keep packing. matt

Well friends, I was hoping for yet one more get together before we leave. Alas, that is not going to happen. For those who are yet to leave after us on Sunday or those who left early, we wish you safe travels wherever you may go & a beautiful, healthy spring/summer! This sorting, packing & cleaning has taken over my life!! We plan to be on the island by May 11 & ready to see friends by the 13/14th. I would love to say we might stop in to see Vanc area friends but we are on a mission. Our family will certainly want us to be staying in the Sherwood Park/Edmonton area as long as possible. 

We will be house sitting for friends until the end of May in the area of French Creek on Morningstar Golf course in Parksville. My cell phone is 780-915-3776 but our Skype will be the best way to contact us, 928-257-1515 or by email of course. We hope to see many of you at the Yuman Reunion in July. As for the Penticton crowd, we may be back there en route to AB to arrange a move, whenever that may be. If there is a gap of time in between buying/renting? & a possession date, Penticton may be where we hang our hat, 1195 Killwinning St. We'll let you know. Stay in touch!! Cheers! Maggie & Frank

Hello from One Set of Packers to Another! Can certainly appreciate your situation, Maggie! Keep in touch and hope we can connect somewhere along the way. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thx for update. Off tomorrow to CA and then home via Jackpot, Nevada. ciao, m Hi Maggie! Travel safely. Trust you hit the jackpot in Jackpot! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Don't gamble but will be staying at the Horseshoe Casino there. Still seems to be lots to do. Part of the problem is that we don't own so bring a lot of stuff down that we take back with us. Since we are here for 5 mos, we really spread out like we live here full time. Even though we have been in the same Park Model fo 8 winters, we never leave anything we care about. It is the same stress every end of March. How can you pack up early, seems to be impossible. Will be happy to be on the road!!!!!!! Maggie
Hi there, Interesting about the Papal Bull. Ingrid either forgot to mention, or thought that Retired Librarians are too sensitive to hear about Racey Subject Matter, the Oscar Wilde gay/porn acquisition!! Great day for a ride. Sraa


Hi again, Racey Subject Matter Woman! In fact, Ingrid did mention "Wilde times: rare book coup for UBC" but I simply didn't think it proper to mention this acquisition in same missive as Papal bull! Don't ever want to upset the Big Enchilada! Thanks for link, nonetheless. Fondestos to one and all. Hope we do manage to ride together in the not too, too distant future, Sraa! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Papal Bull Blues: Thursday, March 26th!

When two opposite points of view are expressed with equal intensity, the truth does not necessarily lie exactly halfway between them. It is possible for one side to be simply wrong. -Richard Dawkins, biologist and author (b. 26 Mar 1941)
Detail of the leaden seal, referred to as the “bull”; it features images of St. Paul and St. Peter. Credit: Don Erhardt
Where does the time go?? With the days getting longer and sunnier it seems are days are getting shorter in terms of trying to accomplish everything one sets out to do! I hope you are both keeping well. I suspect you are up to your ears getting organised for the move in May. It was great that you managed to find a place to your liking in Penticton so quickly. I am sure you will find the move from the busyness of a large city a refreshing change.

[Granny and Tris at Marwell Zoo Southampton]
 I have been tackling a large list of things that need to be done before summer arrives. The garden needed a lot of attention after the winter since weeds and brambles never stopped growing because of the mild weather we had. It is now looking pretty good so hopefully we can now keep on top of it. I finally installed the wrought iron gate to the garden and have been busy sanding down and repainting the sun loungers (hoping for a sunny and warm summer!). I need to install some new fencing over the next couple of weeks and re paint the porch so lots to be getting on with! Gayle spent a week in Southampton looking after Tris since he came down with chicken pox but he had a very mild case so it meant he and granny could still get out and about and it didn't seem to quell his energy!

[My new gate] Marnie, Tris and the dog will be here for a week after Easter so that she can continue writing her Thesis. It seems to work quite well for here since she doesn't have to worry about being interrupted and can put her head down for several hours a day while we entertain the little one. I have to say though that by the time they leave we are pretty exhausted! I don't know how some gran parents can babysit their grandchildren on a daily basis. Apart from chores, the odd restaurant visit and catching up with people life is pretty much the same here. We have been dragged in to help at the National Trust Trellisick Estate over Easter with the children's Easter egg hunt!

[Spring has arrived in Cornwall] It's a beautiful day today so we plan on doing a walk at Mylor to the Pandora Inn. We should reach Pandora around lunch time so will probably stop for a pint and nibble! Meeting the gang at the Duchy Hotel in Falmouth on Sunday for lunch. Brian has not been too well of late because of persistent chest infections which aggregates his emphysema. However, the doctors changed his medication so he seems to be doing much better and can now take short walks.
Gayle has just finished the ironing so I think we will be away on our walk! Cant make the bed since Spuddy, as usual, managed to commandeer it! We think he has some arthritis since he has been doing a lot of limping. Certainly nothing in his paw to explain the limp so will need a trip to the vet. Probably the sign of old age.

[St Petroc's Cross. Took this when we walked over the dunes to the lost church, Perranporth. (6th century church ruin that was buried by the sand and presently being uncovered and protected. One of the oldest Christian churches in the Country)] Take care and I trust all your preparations will go smoothly. I guess Chloe must have mixed feelings about your move although it really is only a five hour drive from Vancouver I should think. Gayle sends her regards to all Derek

Hello Easter Egg Hunt Volunteer People! Lovely to hear from you. You sound even busier than we are and we are the ones supposed to be getting ready to move! Sorry to hear about Brian's chest infections/emphysema. Can barely imagine having to struggle for each breath. After my tumble in Palm Desert I experienced temporary shortness of breath, at times, for a number of weeks, given my bruised ribs. As well, hope vet can help Spudnik's limp. Today I had a luncheon date, the Annual UBC Retired Librarians Lunch, so it was lovely to visit with former colleagues, (One couple, Jocelyn, [Library School classmate of Corinne's], and Jim, will be holidaying in Naramata in July. This makes the second set of friends who will be there that month, not counting two groups of overseas visitors, so list is growing rather quickly!), and listen to an update, by present University Librarian, Ingrid Parent, on current happenings in the organization.

An added treat was a talk by Dr Richard Pollard, of the History Department, a specialist in early medieval European history, in particular intellectual and literary history. He talked about a Papal bull recently acquired by the Library. "The medieval document, written in 1245, is likely the oldest of its kind in Canada. This extraordinary Papal document, nearly 800 years old, is a legal decree issued in Latin by Pope Innocent IV to the Italian convent of San Michele in Trento. It features the signatures of the Pope and 13 cardinals (including future pope Nicholas III). While there are other Papal bulls elsewhere in Canada, most are from the 15th century or later."

Simply fascinating to hear about the social and political events of the time and the reasons, (As ever, power struggles between church and state!), surrounding the issuance of the bull, acquired for approximately $15,000, (A "steal" according to Dr Pollard and seller later realized it had been undervalued!), last May from Bernard Quaritch Ltd., an antiquarian book and manuscript seller in London, England. Bull had been brought from the vault in Special Collections and was on display, in  locked, glass case, so everyone had an opportunity to take a close look at it. Photographs were allowed so I took a number.

After event was over, dropped off a fellow attendee, (Linda Joe, former Head of the Asian Library), near Cambie and Broadway, and then returned home. Suited up, almost immediately as I wanted to take advantage of the sunny afternoon. Really only had time for a relatively short ride so dipsy-doodled and gerbalized my way around Olympic Village and Science World, three loops, as far as Granville Bridge, until I had the distance necessary to log 51 km by the time I was back. On one of my last loops who should I see, walking along the Seawall, with Matt and dog, but Krissy! She recognized me in my helmet tattered gear and we waved hello before I sped off! I gather, from Chloë, that Mark is quit enjoying life on the road. Hope it works out for them. Stats for ride:


Mme was buying supplies at Costco when I returned and once she was back I helped stow groceries. She took off, shortly thereafter, to attend a Les Miz Sing-a-Long at Heartwood. I've been to others and while a certain amount of fun I just felt like a quiet evening at home. [Mme Coriandre just walked in the door and apparently the evening was a wonderful success. The keyboardist, Karen Lee Morlang, had invited a number of her friends who sing professionally and they did five or six numbers on their own, much to the delight of the audience.] Must away as we are in for another session of The Killing. Have to finish last season as we have scads of other Netflix series and movies we want to watch! Putting off the inevitable as we really should be doing more packing!

Fondestos from Mme Coriandre  to you both.  Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Papal bull; Anne Pitternick, retired Library School Professor, with Jim, Jocelyn's husband.Hi Derek! Just a short note. I forgot to mention that snaps you attached did not display. Not sure what the problem seems to be as this has happened before. Cheers, Patrizzio! (Gayle and Tris at the zoo; The new gate; Spring has arrived in Cornwall; Ganny's birthday cake!)

sounds like an interesting movie. are you sure that is mac & cheese .looked like a hearty quiche. take care matt Hi Mac & Cheese Doubter! Snap was of Monday's Frittata, not Rosie-the-Riveter's Mac & Cheese. Envy will not fill your tummy! Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello you feuding movers, Beautiful wicker bench – it looks very Penticton summertime. Cheers, Peter

Hi Favourite Naramatians!Just to set the record straight, JDP, we are not, and categorically so, "feuding movers" but rather "dueling domestic blissoids", a markedly different category of Pre-Move Traumatic Stress Syndrome sufferers!  That being said, I removed myself from the "fire-fight zone" yesterday to avoid any potential IED happenings! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Anne, Jim and I, taken by Linda.

Hi Patrick Thanks heaps for your email. And yes I would be happy to take your contribution to Pat's fundraiser. Will call later today so we can tee up something. Take care Jo-Anne

Hi Jo-Anne! Thanks for agreeing to take our contribution to Pat's fundraiser. Much appreciated. Will work out details over next little while. Wouldn't you know it, Chloë posted another fundraiser, this coming Sunday, but we are unable to attend as we had already organized a bridge evening with other friends who have played numerous times with Clara and Dusty. One of last such gatherings before we scatter, if not to the four corners of the world, at least to Penticton and Winnipeg! At least we will be able to send along a contribution with her as she plans to go. Will chat, anon, about where and when to get contribution into your hands. Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both.  Cheers, Patrizzio!
Hi, Patrick: It looks as though Easter Monday is established as The Day, which is progress! Training session is 1 p.m., so I think later on will be the best plan.  As there is no bridge, would you like to come over early (3:30?), do the India-seminar thing, then stay for dinner?   I'm thinking that we would wind things up on the early side, in view of my work obligations the next day, and your undoubtedly almost endless "to-do" list in anticipation of the big move.

 I am off shortly to get a steroid shot in my compromised foot as part of my preparations for the Camino next month.   When I've had these shots before, they were extremely painful!  There is something in the injectable that reacts with blood chemistry in an uncomfortable way.  Fortunately, it only lasts a few minutes, and I'm hoping that it will be a real case of "gain for pain." Bye for now hope your day is goes well J 

Hi Steroid Woman! Trust your compromised foot is feeling better. Perhaps you will experience a miraculous, full recovery, after completing the Camino, on your knees! Timing for India seminar seems just fine. Thanks. Will be in touch, beforehand, of course, but for now, assume date is set. Will chat, anon, about Inja. Fondestos from Cora Lee.  Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Bicycle Accessory Woman! Lovely to see you and chat, if only briefly. Simply loved the seat flask! What a great "back-up chute" if my camel pack springs a leak! Must away as I want to go for a longer ride while weather holds. Again, I live in hope that we will ride together at some point. Will chat, anon, I trust. Cheers, Patrizzio!