Friday, 31 July 2015

Rare Blue Moon Blues: Friday, July 31!

Trust is the first step to love. -Munshi Premchand, novelist and poet (31 Jul 1880-1936) 

Hello Lads and Wonderful Elaine! Had a message from Bill Dempster, (former bar-keep at VRC), earlier this week, and thought that you might be curious to hear what he has been up to, of late. He lives in Moncton.
On the home front, Wednesday evening we had been invited, by Lynne and Peter, friends from Naramata, for an early dinner. Peter was off on a business trip next day, (Next trip, after this one, is to Chile and he hopes to see Joyce and Tony Maycock!), and didn't want a particularly late night. Other guests, Gail and Alan Nixon, fellow Naramatians, arrived. Peter plays duplicate bridge with Gail and since he had cancelled the evening game to have us for dinner he felt they should at least include the Nixons! 

Gail and Alan have been living here for past three years but until that time were in Vancouver. Since they are both from Ireland, (Cork, for Gail, nursing, Belfast, medical school, for Alan), originally, I thought it highly likely that they would know Lorna and Dave Robinson. Turns out that they are extremely good friends and the Robinsons have visited a number of times, last trip but a few months ago! Alan also knows you, Glasgow, professionally more so than socially, I believe!

As we continued to chat, Lynne served jumbo prawns, (grilled to poifection by Jugos), so we managed to soak up much of the Township 7 and Pentage Rosé, along with Peter's own splendid self-grown, home-vinted artisnal Riesling, we were plied with. Also discovered that the Nixons had lived in Virden for three years, (Alan was in Family Practice at that time.), before moving to Vancouver and Alan had had Jocelyn Godolphin's brother as a patient. Jocelyn's father was the manager of the flour mill there and she was a classmate of Lynne's and Corinne's at Library School. Lynne didn't know about this Virden connection so she now appreciates my inquisition approach!

Over dinner, Gail mentioned a place called Lost Moose Lodge, way up, high in the hills east of Penticton. Yesterday, while en route to doing a number of errands, we took Carmi, near Penticton Regional Hospital, all the way to the lodge. Climb reminded me quite a bit of so-called Palms to Pines highway in Palm Desert. It is about 10 km from our place to lodge so that is my punishing adventure for today. Wish me Buona Fortuna! If I don't make it, Elinor Culos, (She is in Naramata, over long- weekend, with a group of girlfriends, cycling from winery to winery! She will stay overnight, on Monday, along with Jane and Kjell! Almost like having The Sutherland Freeloaders, and their entourage, back in town!), and Cora Lee will have even more wine to consume on Monday evening!
Best wishes from Cora Lee to one and all. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Peter and Gail; Cora Lee and Alan; Cora Lee, melting from the heat, relaxing with her prized spray mister! Next stop, The Rumpus Room and swooning over Victor in The Young and The Useless!

Didn't leave until after 5:30 pm as day was bakingly hot! Knew I had a very, very good climb ahead, (9 km), and once I started up Carmi I felt I was in Le Tour with my own personal L'Alpe d'Huez waiting to grind me up. No leveling off until I'd ridden 2 km, past a sub-station and the end of the residential part of the city there. Caught my breath and girded my loins for the next 4 km until I reached Sendero Canyon, a new housing development, where road levels off, slightly. Then back to more pretty steep grades. I was reminded of Box Canyon Road, in Simi Valley, off Santa Susannah Pass, a punishing route I discovered over the times we house sat for Ayn's cousin there. Bit of respite when I reached the Penticton Speedway.

[Wayne Sutherland Amazing full moon. Beautiful wife.]

Grade flattened out, somewhat, but still a good huff and a puff. One last, short, fair steep climb, on the side road that leads to Lost Moose Lodge itself and then a much welcomed breather as I turned around in the small parking lot there. Although it was downhill all the way, and needed not a shred of pedaling, certainly not, at least for me, particularly easy psychological descent as some of the stretches are so steep that I had to be careful at how quickly I traversed them, not wanting to launch myself into mid-air. Didn't actually smell my brakes burning but I'm sure I need to have them checked next time I have my bike in for a regular service.

Fortunately, most of the road surface is pretty smooth so I didn't have to worry about broken pavement or potholes. Unfortunately, there was really only one long stretch on which I felt I could throw caution to the wind so my overall AVG didn't really shoot up as I had hoped it might. Nevertheless, I made it down without incident and then made for Lakeshore Drive as I wanted to "stretch" my legs after not having had to use them on descent. Temperature along the lake and beside Pentincton Creek was deliciously cool so I quite enjoyed the last part of the ride. Overall, quite pleased with how my body responded to the longest, steepest climb I've ever attempted. Imagine a steeper UBC Foreshore Hill X 4! Stats for ride:

[Patrick James Dunn Blue Moon here in Penticton! My lovely wife was fast asleep when I took picture.]
Back home to have a quick shower and then I mixed a couple of G'nT's to go with the wonderful salad Mme Coriandre had already put together, adding some crumbled Feta on top, to go with the sausages she had done on the bbq while i was bathing. When everything was ready we repaired to The Rumpus Room to watch more episodes of Homeland. Three episodes was all Cora Lee could take it was her bedtime. Had started to cool off by 11:30 pm so we opened all the windows, (not only in our bedroom but also throughout the house), as is now our practice, and with the ceiling fan, it was just right for sleeping.

Hi Cactus and Donna Florida! Certainly relished “Still-Life with Turkey.” Trust you are both well. Best wishes from Cora Lee to you. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Sorry Pat, I’ll get back to you soon -I’m still working on my OKV photos. I’ll give you my wine winners also. cheers, Bill.

Hello to our Favourite Naramatians! Thank you both for such a delightful evening with such plentiful, fabulous, fabulous food, [Your jumbo prawns were simply divine, Lynne, not to even mention the 17 Star Michelin meal!], and wonderful, wonderful local drink. Terrific, of course, to meet Gail and Alan.Fondestos from Lady Mary, off to find paint. As if we need another set of chores! Cheers, Patrizzio!

[Blue Moon through bathroom screen!]

PS: I keep meaning to thank you, Dom Patrón, for your support of my GranFondo endeavour. Much, much appreciated. At any rate, thank you so much for your interest in and generosity towards Aunt Leah's. (Chloë also mentioned, when we chatted last night, that tax receipts were going out in next little while.)

Hi, Ok, to confirm….. 5 guest in total, all taking the shuttle from Penticton. Can you please give me the name of the 5th guest? Am I right in remembering that one of you is gluten free? I have one credit card on file, shall I just process all 5 tickets on that card and you can sort things out on your end? Looking forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, VIRGINIA

Hi again, Virginia! Yes, five of us taking the shuttle from Penticton. Peter Lighthall, Lynne's husband, is the fifth in the party. My wife, Corinne Durston, is the gluten-intolerant one. Yes, process all five tickets on the credit card on file, (I believe it is mine.), and I'll fight tooth and nail with others! Sorry for all the bother with sorting things out but trust all is under control now. Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you next week. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thanks so much-wow, Flash and Super K's girls are growing up. What redheads too, wonder where that came from???  So many adventures. I really read huge amounts of this, especially the parts with Alistair, but please, if you announced a visit to Villa Vicente in the last half of the message, buried in the bike stats, do call it to my attention.
Senora Elise and her beau are taking us out (belated Birthday dinner) to a prestigious Oakland bistro this evening; we are recuperating from our long morning doing nothing in preparation. Well, I'm not really good at doing nothing. Happy revolutions (wheels, not regimes, although if you can swing that....) Cactus


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lost Moose Lodge Blues: Thursday, July 30th!

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. -Henry Ford, industrialist (30 Jul 1863-1947) 

Young Patrick, I am hoping you and Corrine are all unpacked , and are spending your days posing for tourists as the American Gothic couple in a field... you with your pitchfork and Corrine in a lovely cotton bonnet. I can picture it now. I sent a small donation to support Aunt Leah's in the bike race.. I hope you did well. 

Although we have not had a great summer , so far, It is a beautiful day today. I am taking the roadster out for a spin. I put very few miles on it as I worry about getting it scratched, and never in the rain. I have owned it for 9 or 10 years, and have probably only put less than 10,000 miles on it. My sister keeps telling me to get rid of it.. but it really is a beautiful car and will be with me for some time yet.

My eye sight has improved according to the optamoligist... but I can`t honestly see any difference... as long as it stays here, I will be satisfied. I am still getting the injections once a month in the eye itself. This month she said I was only one line below 20/20. I wanted to ask her.."if I have almost 20/20, why can't I see?" but I keep my mouth shut as I don't want to risk my drivers license.  Aren't you glad you live 4000 miles away?? 

My older sister turns 75 in a few weeks so we are planning a bash. I am only doing some phoning and tracking down a few relatives. These big numbers start to make you question how much longer we have!!! Scary.

Well Kid, that sun isn't going to bask in itself.. so I am off to Tim's for a cuppa and then maybe down to a local beach, and a spin around town... my best to Corinne and Chloe and of course to you.. Cheers (am I still allowed to say that as a teetotaller???) Bill

Hi Roadster Man! I just have to think about you and Wham!, a message arrives in my in-box! Very pleased to hear that your eyesight has improved even if you don't notice any difference. Onward!!! Fight!!! With respect to the GranFondo, [Matt Garrey and his wife, Catherine, spent that weekend with us!], event itself went extremely well and Chloë just sent me a list of donors a few days ago. I was delighted to see "William Dempster" on the list!  

[Wayne Sutherland
The doctor told Gregg today one bottle of wine a day. He did not realize that he had four liter bottles.
  • Patrick James Dunn "I'll send, I'll send somebody around here later. You know we got Gregg comin' around here later
    With a bottle of wine for you, baby, but I gotta go, I gotta go."
  • Joe Meikle Again it only reinforces einstiens law of PSYCHICS - for every obstacle there is a bigger and better solution! (Actually that's Joes law)
  • Patrick James Dunn T=wb2, where T is Thirst, w is Wine and b is number of bottles! Patrizzio's Law!]
Sorry I've not been in touch sooner as I certainly wanted to thank you for your support. Much, much appreciated and with contributions from friends like you and and other relatives the total, to date, is $880. Might go a bit higher as a number of other people have indicated they wish to contribute as well. Quite pleased with result as this is a the first time I have done any fund-raising of this kind. At any rate, thank you for your generosity. Rest assured, all the money goes to a good cause. If interested, you can take a look at Aunt Leah's website: 

Does it get any better ?Patrick James Dunn Fireworks with the fireworks? Nicole Marie Ya it does, your daughter could be there too?? Joanne Trueman Great to share this with good friends. I'm still smiling]
Take care of yourself, Teetotaler Bill. Yes, as a much confirmed non-Teetotaler I give you permission to say "Cheers"! Corinne sends along best wishes and warm regards. Will pass along your greetings to Chloë as I need to chat with her about a number of other things. Top of the list is that we have overseas visitors arriving in Vancouver next week and need to coordinate their  stay in the city before they head to Penticton.  Hope to hear from you when the sun stops shining and you've polished your roadster! Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Cora Lee, Catherine and Glasgow, (aka Matt Garrey!), outside of Liquidity, winery near OK Falls; on our patio later that same day; Bill and Denise at their Deep Roots cabin; Bill and I; at our place; Cora Lee, melting from the heat, relaxing with a spray mister!

Hi Patrick, Sorry for the lack of communication on our part. We were away and I am just dealing with messages now. I understand, according to your last message, that you do not need an extra ticket. Is that correct? I make place seatings for everyone, so could you please give me all of the names of the people in your party? Thank you. Please call during the day if you have any questions. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely, VIRGINIA

Hi Virginia! Welcome back, wherever you happened to be. Business/pleasure? Sorry for all the confusion but, as you note, we no longer need an extra ticket. On Wednesday we learned that our close friend, Peter Lighthall, will be out of town on a business trip when your 1.6 mile dinner takes place. That being the case, we will purchase his ticket from his wife, Lynne Lighthall, for our very good friend , Margareta Maunsback, visiting from Denmark. Corinne Durston and I, Patrick Dunn, will complete the foursome. Trust this will help with the place seatings you mentioned.

A couple of final questions: Where do we meet, in Penticton, to take shuttle? Time? I assume we will buy transportation tickets, ($25, round-trip), on the bus. Is this correct? Thanks again for all your help. Certainly looking forward to the dinner. Plan on opening a bottle of your 2013 Blind Creek Chardonnay for dinner tonight. Just doing our homework! All the best. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Congrats on your GranFondo conquer! I did cyber stalk you to see your results and was impressed indeed! I can't wait to get the chance to talk about details! Would you mind if I stayed one night with you? That would be monday. I plan on heading home on Tuesday. I love your emails, I need a keyboard to respond properly! My thumbs just don't keep up with my brain when I use my phone to respond to emails. :(  I hope it works out to see you both! Love E

Hi Cyber Stalker! I just have to think about you and Wham!, a message arrives in my in-box! Very pleased that you are watching every move I make. Will make sure that I remember this when taking a shower! Of course you are welcome to stay, for as long as you want! Someone will be home on Monday. I assume you might arrive mid-to-late morning but we can leave a key somewhere if you have other things to do beforehand. Also, consider popping by over the course of the long-weekend if you might be in town. Farmer's Market, (ten minutes, by foot, from our place), on Saturday, is a blast, and we usually go, buying fresh fruit, vegetables, etc., and simply people-watching! Anyway, I'm sure you will have a full dance card but don't hesitate to stop by if circumstances allow.

With respect to the GranFondo, it'll be fun to chat about ride with a fellow cyclist even if you only use your bike to toddle from winery to winery!
Over dinner, with another couple, this past Wednesday, Gail and Alan were also guests of friends, Lynne and Peter, at their gorgeous home in Narmata, they mentioned a place called Lost Moose Lodge, way up, high in the hills east of Penticton. Yesterday, while en route to doing a number of errands, we took Carmi, near Penticton Regional Hospital, all the way to the lodge. Climb reminded me quite a bit of so-called Palms to Pines highway in Palm Desert. Do you know it? It is about 10 km from our place to lodge so that is my cycling adventure for today. Wish me Buona Fortuna! If I don't make it, you and Cora Lee will have even more wine to consume on Monday evening! Best wishes from Cora Lee to you, Julia and your parents. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pic: Cora Lee, melting from the heat, relaxing with her prized spray mister!

Patrick, Then you for your lengthy description of your existence in your new domicile. Could you please send your new mailing address in Penticton and your new phone number? We may want to contact you other than by e-mail. You really appear to have settled into your new home. Also, when are you coming back through here on your way to California?

We are leaving next Friday for the Galapagos Islands on a 9 day boat tour run by Lindblad Travel and National Geographic. It appears like it will be a great time. Your trip to Winnipeg for your in-laws anniversary must have been quite enjoyable. That also was one big trip that Corinne and her friend took to New York. There probably was more excitement there than in Penticton. Best wishes,

Hi Galapagos Islands Folk! Wow! What a more than wonderful adventure. I'm greener, with envy, than a radio-monitored Spanish turtle, recently re-introduced to Sante Fe Island! Will have to spend a week with you, (probably towards Christmas when we head south to spend hols with Tinsel Towners!), just to see all the wonderful pictues I know you both will take! Yes, we are settling in, gradually, but still enjoying the adventure. Can hardly wait to host you two for a change! Best wishes from Cora Lee to you both. Travel safely. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Patrick, The e-mail you just sent was too big. It was 23+ Megabytes. Could you please divide it up and resend it. Thanks, Mike Hi Digitle! Trust latest messages went through. Cheers, Il Conduttore!


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Naramata Storage Blues: Wednesday, July 29th!

A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. -Robert Quillen, journalist and cartoonist (1887-1948) 

The cafe on the left is a Starbucks. It is the largest coffeehouse company in the world and is based in Seattle, USA. There exists in the world an additional 21,365 Starbucks stores to this one. Not only is the money made from this cafe not kept in the local economy but Starbucks has repeatedly received negative press about its unfair labour policies, bullying fair-trade tactics with farmers in developing countries, tax avoidance, GMO lobbying and many other questionable practises. It serves very little organic coffee, uses non organic milk, a large number of the drinks have very high calorie and sugar levels and for a company that sells over 4 billion disposable cups a year it has a very poor recycling record.

Behemoth and Leviathan
Art: William Blake (1757-1827)
The cafe on the right is the Heartwood Community Cafe. As the name suggests there is more than just coffee brewing going on inside. Their values for a start include phrases such as building solidarity, holding space for marginalised voices to be heard, using arts as a vehicle for change, and creating a queer inclusive space (although to be fair to Starbucks this is one thing they seem quite supportive of). On top of this they serve organic, local, vegan and ethically sourced produce. The money is kept in the local economy and they run lots of events in the evenings for the local community. Just when you think it can’t get better, everyday they offer their ‘Soup for the People’ program which allows people to pay what they can for delicious and healthy soup, with an emphasis on no donation being too small!
Why am I telling you this? Because everyday I walk past these two cafes and everyday I am so saddened to see that the Starbucks is always busier. I do not understand why we continue to support large corporations that abuse their power over small local businesses that genuinely care about the local community they live in. I really struggle to comprehend it. 

I thought perhaps it was the price, but no, while the prices vary depending on what you drink a 12oz latte in Starbucks will costs you $4.15 while the same at Heartwood will cost you $3.75 (plus it’s organic!). So it must come down to comfort in knowing what you are getting and fear of the unknown. I do understand this to an extent but it comes back to what I have written about before, Convenience v Conservation. If we are to see any changes in this world we have to stop choosing the convenient option all the time. Live a little, take a chance, sure you might get a crap coffee from time to time (the Heartwood coffee is actually considerably better than the black water two doors down) but what you are supporting is much bigger than always getting a good coffee.

[Gayle's cousins Pat, Brenda, Pat's husband and Pete and Marlene]
The Heartwood Community Cafe might not be in your area, but I bet there will be something very similar and I bet there will also be a Starbucks. The thing is this doesn’t just relate to coffee shops it relates to all types of businesses from bars and restaurants to mechanics, gyms and clothes stores.  We need to vote with our money and think about what we want to see more of. Do we want to see more local, independent organisations that could be run by you or I or do we want our communities to be clones of each other, selling imported products, run by faceless multinational organisations that leave little money in our local economies? If we all choose to vote with our money we can make a real difference to the world we live in.
Disclaimer: I currently have no affiliation with Heartwood Community Cafe other than occasionally buying my lunch or a coffee there. They had no influence over this blog post other than inspiring me to write about them because of the good work they are doing. Chloe Alexis Dunn Great read, it's a very relevant issue for us in Vancouver, support local, fuck the big chain stores!!!

Thanks for your newsy email. Yes I thought something went wrong with the email I originally sent. We recently returned from Alberta and have been busy with appointments and catching up. We had a terrific time in Alberta particularly for Gayle visiting her cousins and home town and generally reminiscing. We arrived late evening in Calgary and was picked up at the airport by Gayle's brother Pete and his wife. They had flown in from Ottawa earlier in the day and had been spending the day with Gayle and Pete's Aunt, Uncle and cousins, Pat, Brenda and Barb. We went straight to the hotel and started on our short road trip the following day. 

[With Gayle's cousin Joey and husband Kim on their ranch in Red Deer] 

Our first stop was Lethbridge, Gayle's hometown. I was quite impressed with Lethbridge. For some reason I had conjured up a bit of a hick town and was pleasantly surprised to find an attractive town with pretty streets, a fine lake and a lovely Japanese garden. We visited the house that Gayle spent her early years and after a very pleasant day headed to Waterton. Pete could not get any accommodation in Waterton so got a motel in a place called Carsdon a few miles outside of Waterton. Not the most salubrious place and our motel was even less impressive. I should have realized when Pete said the name of the motel was the Pink Flamingo! Fortunately we only stayed there the one night. We spent the day at Waterton park and had a great time. Pete and his wife Marlene are not great walkers, unlike Gayle and I, so Gayle and I managed a nice walk enjoying the magnificent scenery and arranged to meet them for a boat trip on the lake later. The weather was perfect and the lake like glass. 
[Gayle and her brother outside house Their old house in Lethbridge]
The following day we headed for Banff for a couple of days. On the way we stopped at Malign lake for a walk. We also had planned on doing some canoeing on the lake but the rental place closed just as we were about to hire the canoes. While in Banff Gayle and I enjoyed some terrific walks amongst the stunning scenery. Gayle particularly enjoyed seeking out her Mum's old boarding school and Art College. Gayle's mum spent a few happy years boarding in Banff in the 30's when her parents lived in Columbia and it was interesting to read her diary of the time she spent there. It must have been a completely different place in those days. We then spent a day in Lake Loiuse where we did our canoeing after which we headed up the very scenic highway for Jasper, stopping off at the Columbia Ice Fields and skywalk. Very impressive indeed. We spent a day and night in Jasper and then headed to Edmonton for two days to visit with Gayle and Pete's cousins. We had a great visit with them all. One evening the cousins had arranged to hire a old working tram to take us on a trip to the old tram bridge over the Saskatchewan river where we enjoyed cocktails and snacks on board while enjoying the fine views over the river to downtown Edmonton after which we went to a great restaurant for a terrific dinner and more reminiscing. 

[Gayle flirting with a Mountie at Lake Louise!]
The following day we headed off to see another cousin of Gayle's, Joey who lives with her family near Red Deer. Another trip down memory lane for Gayle and Pete including visiting their deceased Aunt and Uncle's (Joey's parents) cabin on Sylvan Lake which Gayle haven't been to since she was a young teen. We also spent a night at Joey's Acreage (ranch to me!) getting to meet her husband Kim and daughter Erin and husband Jacob and their baby girl Malia. Erin was born the same year as Krissy and their birthdays are only 2 days apart! We then travelled down to Calgary for the Stampede and to meet up with my aunt and uncle again and also Brenda (they all live in Calgary). We made arrangements to have lunch in Okotoks with another cousin Linda (Joey's sister) and Linda's daughter Vicky which was great. They have a 600 acre ranch west of Calgary at Black Diamond, although they lost 100 acres during the devastating floods in 2013 when the river changed course. The power of nature eh? 

Calgary was a bit manic due to the Stampede but the weather was great and we did lots of sightseeing as well as spending a day actually at the Stampede. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening grandstand show but left part way through the afternoon rodeo show and wandered around the show ground. The rodeo was not my cup of tea since I do have an issue with animal welfare. After our few days in Calgary, Pete and Marlene headed for the airport to fly to Winnipeg to visit Marlene's sister for a few days before heading back to Ottawa and we departed to a somewhat cooler England. After arriving back in the UK we drove down to Southampton to spend the night with Marnie and headed home the next day.

So glad that you have settled well in Penticton. Quite different from the bustling city of Vancouver I should imagine. Yes if you are planning a trip to France next year let us have the details. If you are going to be around Paris we may be in a position to take the Eurostar over for a few days. We have booked a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth to the Blatics in August and we may be going somewhere with Gudrun and Steve but this has yet to be formed up. They are in Spain for a couple of weeks although I think they are due back today or tomorrow. Gudrun's sister is arriving from the US for a few weeks next week.

Krissy and Mark arrive in Scotland towards the end of August for 'the wedding'. We are meeting them in London on September 2nd and will drive them down to Cornwall. They fly back to Vancouver the same day we fly out to Italy so we will be able to spend the final evening with them in London which will be nice. Glad Corrine arrived home safely from her trip. Have attached a few photos of Gayle's relatives Best regards Derek 

Hi Gayle and Derek! Very pleased to hear that your trip to Calgary and environs went so well. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time visiting with family as well as enjoying some of Canada's most spectacular scenery. Sorry you were not able to swing by and stay with us for a few days/weeks but certainly understand how busy you obviously were! Next year in Paris. Not a bad compromise!!!

The OK Corral is a reference to Okanagan Falls, a small, unincorporated community just south of us by twenty minutes or so, with some fabulous wineries! Friend, Bob, back in Vancouver, suggested the western name for our place! Did you both wear cowboy hats at the Stampede? I understand your feelings about many of the events. I tend to agree with you. Enjoyed all your lovely snaps and seeing some of Gayle's family. Sarge will be jealous of Gayle's new boyfriend!

Up at 5:30 am as the night was deliciously cool so I slept well. Wanted to stitch on at least another 40 km to the ride I did yesterday so after a hearty breakfast of overleft chicken and spuds, I headed out at 9:30 am to get Peach Orchard Road out of the way before day started to heat up. Took a wrong turn going into Summerland so decided to dipsy-doodle my way around some of the residential streets on the flats in that part of the community. Some very attractive homes here so enjoyed sightseeing. Once back in Penticton I took Government and made for OK Falls. Did more dipsy-doodling on the streets near Skaha Lake Park as I needed a few extra km's to give me the distance I'd set for the day's outing. 

However, by the time I was at Mclean Creek Road I decided I might as well go all the way to OK Falls. I had intended to turn around at the base of the hill there but my legs were still feeling strong so I decided I'd do a loop and return via Eastside Road. Since I had been riding into the wind when heading south I assumed I'd have it at my back for final run home. This was not the case and only proves the adage that one will always be cycling into the wind, on any given ride, no matter which direction you cycle, going out or returning! Still, it was grand day, some cloud so not overly warm, and my water bottle and camel pack keep me well hydrated. Stats for ride: 

Back to find Lady Mary luxuriating in the back patio, reading, propped up by one of the new, colourful cushions she bought while I was cycling. Must away as we have been invited, by Lynne and Peter, for an early dinner. Peter is off on a business trip tomorrow and doesn't want a particularly late night. As well, need to load last bike box, filled with pictures, still stored in their garage. Take care of each other. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Moose just before Princeton when I drove back from Vancouver after taking Cora Lee to YVR! Creature from The Black Lagoon and Broom-Hilda; New cushions

Home in plenty of time to enjoy a bit of a snack and a mug of java while continuing to digitate for an hour or so before readying myself for dinner in The Naramata. Simply gorgeous evening, very, very warm, back to the baking temperatures of a few weeks ago. Dom Jugos had the gates of their property open so we drove right to their garage and while Lady Mary and Lurkin' caught up in welcome air-conditioned bliss, Petros and I loaded the last bike-box, stuffed with more pictures we don't have any wall space for, into Titanuim Green, followed by a clutch of clothes I had asked to leave, on hangers, in the guest bedroom, not wanting to deal with these non-essentials while we were first moving in. Items stowed, we repaired to their patio to enjoy the late afternoon sun, along with wine and appetizers, catching up on everyone's busy lives. 

Around 6:00 pm, good friends, Gail and Alan Nixon, fellow Naramatians, arrived. Peter plays duplicate bridge with Gail and since he had cancelled the evening game to have us for dinner he felt they should at least include the Nixons! Gail and Alan have been living here for past three years but until that time were in Vancouver. Since they are both from Ireland, (Cork, for Gail, Belfast for Alan), originally, I thought it highly likely that they would know Lorna and Dave Robinson. Turns out that they are extremely good friends and the Robinsons have visited a number of times, last trip but a few months ago! Alan also knows Matt Garrey, professionally more so than socially, although not quite so well. 

As we continued to chat, Lynne served jumbo prawns, (grilled to poifection by Jugos), so we managed to soak up much of the Township 7 and Pentage Rosé, along with Peter's own splendid self-grown, home-vinted artisnal Riesling, we were plied with. Discovered that the Nixons had lived in Virden for three years, (Alan was in Family Practice at that time.), before moving to Vancouver and Alan had had Jocelyn Godolphin's brother as a patient. Jocelyn's father was the manager of the flour mill there and she was a classmate of Lynne's/Corinne's at Library School. Lynne didn't know about this Virden connection so she now appreciates my inquisition approach!

When dinner was ready, (fabulous bbq'd steaks, corn-on-the-cob and delicious potatoes with Peter's wonderful garlic), we repaired to the dining room and enjoyed the more than delicious meal. Salad, served after the above course was finished, consisted of Peter's own extremely flavourful cherry tomatoes and diced celery with a tangy vinaigrette. The Lighthall's 2008 Laughing Stock Portfolio, their flagship Bordeaux-style blend, and the Nixon's 2012 Perrin Côtes du Rhône helped us relish the food even more. Dessert was a very tasty, gluten-free, apple crumble topped with whipped cream, accompanied by a 2013 Clos du Soleil Saturn, their Late Harvest wine made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Haven't had such a wonderful dessert wine since a similar product we discovered in Los Olivos, in the mid-'90's, at Austin Cellars, a winery whose name I could not, for the life of me, recall, initially. Hints of wild asparagus, (latter only), and honey, not cloyingly sweet, with a finishing touch of bitterness. What a divine drop!

Around 10:00 pm we thanked our more than hospitable hosts for the sumptuous fare and congenial company, bade goodnight to one and all and drove home, enjoying the dazzling moon in the inky black cloudless sky. Both of us too, too sleepy to watch even one episode of Homeland so we opted to read, propped up in bed, for half an hour or so, before turning out our respective bed-side lamps.

Hi Patrizio, Particularly enjoyed Cora Lee’s new digs. Look forward to seeing you some time this Fall. Just have the cards ready! The Chuckster

Hi again, One good turn deserves another. A photo of me, Marnie and you know who at Disneyland last month on a travel agent fam trip. My favourite character (besides you). Finally made it to one of the Disney products after 70 years - visiting the happiest place on earth. Now my life is more complete, if that’s possible. Like Paul Lynde says in Bye, Bye, Birdie –“ I’ve a got a wife, 2 swell kids and now this!” (Just in case you don’t know the musical/movie the reference is to Ed Sullivan Show.) Chaz

Hello Chaz The Chuckster! Great snapola from Disneyland! I recognize Marnie but can you please enlighten me as to which of the other two is Goofy! Best wishes from Cora Lee to you both. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio

Fellow bridgers! We’re at the end of another month, so here are the average scores (points per hand) over the seven months in 2015:

                                         END OF MAY                              END OF JULY

Clive                                 163.2  (15 appearances)            150.7 (19)

Winston                           148.8 (7)                                     142.3 (8)

David T                            138.0 (13)                                   136.1 (17)

Robert                             132.9 (17)                                    132.0 (21)

Byron                               134.3 (15)                                   131.0 (17)

David Mc                         130.9 (13)                                   129.4 (14)

Roger                              132.6 (7)                                      124.3 (9)

Patrick                              120.0 (14)                                   120.0 (14)

Scores have been low for the past two months as everyone’s results have decreased – some more than others!

Les, John and Wayne all have 2-3 appearances so statistically too low to count – but all at the top of the rankings! Les 157.5 John 156.0 Wayne 154.4
Detailed spreadsheet attached! 

Hello Lads! Has been pretty hectic over last few months and although I have been monitoring the bridge messages, [Thanks for latest scores, Clive!], I don't seem to have had much time to send along greetings. That being said, I certainly do miss the bridge and the wonderful companionship and trust everyone is well. Please consider a road-trip here!

On the home front, his evening we had been invited, by Lynne and Peter,  for dinner. Wonderful, wonderful gathering and I thought I'd send along a few snaps of The Deserters! All the best to one and all. Bid erratically!! Cheers, Patrizzio!!! 
Pics: Week or so ago, with good friend, Bill Gross, up from Vancouver. He and his wife, Denise, had rented a cabin at Deep Roots Winery, Naramata. Snap was taken on the patio there. Peter and Gail; Corinne and Alan; Cora Lee, melting from the heat, relaxing with her prized spray mister, and a book, in our back yard! 

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Cheers, R.

Crawl Space Blues: Tuesday, July 28th!

I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste. -Marcel Duchamp, artist (28 Jul 1887-1968) 

Patrick James Dunn Hi Lynn! Trust you are well. When can we expect a visit? Lynn Copeland Love to sometime -- at the moment booked up w. a trip to my cabin near Campbelll River, hoping to see Kjell and Jane on the way home. Then a trip to 'ghost towns of northwest bc' via van and jet boat. see you down here sometime soon?

Patrick James Dunn Will be in and out over August and September but not for any significant amount of time until VWF in October, week or so before we head to India with Lynne and Peter Lighthall. We imagine we'll see Jane and Kjell here, perhaps this week as they were rearranging their Okanagan schedule so that they would be in Penticton when Cora Lee was back from NY.

Hi Jane, I'm now back home from great time in NY. Was wondering if we will be seeing you and Kjell soon? Look forward to your visit, let us know when you are planning on coming, Hugs Corinne
Hi Kids!

Trust you are both well. Know Mme Coriandre has just sent along a message. Great to have Lady Mary back! Hope to see you both soon. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Kaitlyn who is responsible to pay for the inspection. We had one done in April before we purchased the house. Could it be used? Thanks Corinne Hi Kaitlyn, don't know if you received my email sent late yesterday. We had a house inspection done when we purchased this place 2 months ago. Could that not be used? Also who is paying for this inspection? thanks Corinne

Good Morning Corinne, I have received your previous emails. The insurance company is responsible for any costs associated with the inspection and they will need to use their own inspection services as there are different requirements. Sorry for any inconvenience, please let me know if there are any other questions. Thank you, Kaitlyn 

Hi Kaitlyn: Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated. Had a call, yesterday, from chap who will do inspection and he will be at our place this afternoon. Thanks again. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Christina Tassell You must write more about living in Penticton instead of all this bikestuff. ChristinaTassell🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼
Hi Teens! You need to coordinate your travels with Cora Lee's so that you can be here when she is away so that there will always be someone from The Sisterhood, by my side, barking out orders, telling me what to do and how to live my life! Must away as I am about to don my miner's light to head down into the subterranean depths of our crawl space to investigate installation of in-house vacuum system we picked up in Winnipeg in June. Snap is of our former neighbour from Harbour Terrace at Farmer's Market, this past Saturday, in Penticton. Is this tid-bit of local life a start?  

Elly Cornelius  Us Aussies too would like see more writing and photos of Penticton Patrick. xx Patrick James Dunn Hard to believe that The Sisterhood is even pushier in The Antipodes than here! Picture of the The Downstairs Maid cleaning the crawl space at The Burns Street Watering Hole. Happier now, ladies? Ginette Bertrand She does not look that happy now does she? lol Patrick James Dunn Of course not! Lady Mary is used to having the servants do all the work while she drinks tea and eats gluten-free crumpets! Ginette Bertrand I concur with her way of dealing with the stresses of life including those generated by hubby! Patrick James Dunn I do not, and I state this categorically, cause any stress for Cora Lee. On the contrary, I run interference, for the slings and arrows of everyday life, all day and well into the night, an omnipresent balm to her troubled soul!

Hi TNT! Trust you are both well. Know Trev might have been following some of this but thought I'd send message along anyway to fill Teens in on a bit of life in Penticton! Hello to one and all. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Chloë! Thanks for list of donors and total! Quite pleased with amount!! Fondestos, Love Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio! Pics: Mallard, a miniature Novia Scotia Duck Toller, I met at Farmer's Market on Saturday. He can hardly wait for Winston to visit! Saturday's feast with Famiglia Flash to give you an idea of last night's repast. 

Hi Lady Patrizzia and Sir James! Trust you are both well. Sorry I've not been in touch sooner but has been a very busy last few months. Much, much to tell. Shortly after we moved we hit the road for Winnipeg to celebrate Cora Lee's parent's 70th wedding anniversary. Wonderful, wonderful time, as you might imagine. Saw Jim Sutherland for lunch while there as well as attended the 50th anniversary reunion of my high school, (Daniel McIntyre), home room class at Rae & Gerry's, which was a blast. No Bartley Bruce, however!

Shortly after we returned to Penticton, Mme Coriandre was off to The Big Apple, with close friend Robyn, for ten days, while I was left to languish and continue unpacking! Take care of each other. Hope to hear from you soon. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Debbie at great Farmer's Market on Main Street. Like one in Pezenas! Jake Snyder;
Jimbo, at lunch, in Winnipeg, at The Peasant Cookery, where Cora Lee's niece, Carly, is the Assistant Manager; Clarisse and Dusty at Falcon Lake.

Hello again, Cornwall! Trust you are both well. I did receive a message that had to do with cartoons about the End of Civilization! No pics or other text. Greetings and best wishes to others we know. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello O Susannah and Champagne Charlie! Trust you are both well. How is your bridge game now that all the competition has moved to The Okanagan!
When can we expect a visit? Fondestos, Patrizzio!

Hello Famiglia Super K/Flash! Trust everyone is well. How was the drive to Rossland? Any hummus left? Thanks again for the terrific visit and all your help. Great to see your wonderful daughters!
Up this morning to try to make inroads into my backlog of messages and once I'd made but a small dint I headed down into the crawl space to pull the wire of the disconnected baseboard heater Alastair had exposed, on Saturday, back through the floor. Cora Lee had to take off the two caps as hole wasn't large enough to accept them. Was figuring out how I'd spend the insurance money after I heard a loud bang and then a blood-curdling scream. I put the breaker back on and had forgotten to tell Mme Coriandre wires were hot! Now I have her ashes to put on my book shelves, along with Mocha Java, Maggie and Sharktooth Annie. I'm sure she'll be fussing, wherever she is, as she never liked the idea that I had kept them in the first instance!
At any rate, didn't take long and then I went outside to give my Trek a good cleaning. After that, I asked Broom-Hilda to pose with the plant I had given to her on her arrival home, along with the more than handsome Shaker Flat Floor Broom Super K and Flash had so generously presented to us for a most thoughtful house-warming present. [Our old broom is ready for the bonfire!] I still think this gorgeous broom is far too, too good to use!

Then it was time to ride to Summerland, [With apologies to Teens, I had a grand ride!], and attack Peach Orchard Road. Left about 2:30 pm and since there was a fair bit of cloud cover it wasn't too, too hot. Did the Van Ave/Upper Bench loop before making for 97. Was quite surprised at the light head wind so I was able to AVG 21 kph until I started to climb Peach Orchard Road. In fact, due to all the shade and cloud cover the 1.75 km ascent, [I cannot even begin to imagine attempting any of the climbs, particularly in the Alps, that the riders in the Le Tour de France had to deal with, often between 12 km-25 km, never mind some of the 10%-17% grades!], was quite enjoyable. After that, mostly a piece of cake although I thought I might need to stop at both Dirty Laundry and Silk Scarf, on descent, to quench my thirst. Don't have much malt, for my camel pack, left since Flash's late Saturday night depredations!
Nonetheless, pleased with how ride went and it occurred to me that I should combine this segment with a ride to The Naramata or OK Falls to make a ride of 100+ km. Stats for ride:
Had a quiet evening as Lady Mary was still recovering from her very busy time in New York. We had a simple salad, bbq'd sausages and Quinoa. I doctored up the latter with hot sauce and quite enjoyed the ancient grain! We watched two more episodes of Homecoming before Cora Lee's eyelids became too, too for her to watch any more. I was just as happy to go to bed and read as I need to finish my current book and get on with two I have out from PPL before they are due back.

Take care of each other. Enjoy your holiday. Travel safely. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you four. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Dinner and Farewell! Creature from The Black Lagoon!

Hey Patrizio! Amazing how I feel much more comfortable now not having to worry about all your errant bidding. I can concentrate now on becoming an even better bridge player, if you can believe that is possible.

Yes, still hoping to get to you folk this Fall, especially now that I just read 5 more wineries have opened in the Osoyoos area. However, we may now have to stay a week with you 2. (hah) Thanks for the 14MB of photos of people I don’t know. Next time would love to see more of you and the little lady. BTW, please say hi to her for us. All the best and see you soon? Charlie

Hi Curmudgeon Charlie! No, I don't believe it is possible for you to become a better bridge player. Deterioration isn't possible either as you are probably as low as one can go on the inexpert bidding scale! Glad you liked seeing many people you don't know. Obviously, you don't get around much anymore now that we've deserted you. Even Cora Lee had dinner and stayed overnight with Nancy!

Mme Coriandre is talking to Clarisse, at the moment, [They both say hello to you and O Susannah!], and when she finishes I'll prepare a mixed salad to go with the sausages Mrs Patmore will do on the bbq. Might even need a Gin and Tonic to help settle our nerves before we watch a few more episodes of Homeland on Netflix. Take care of our Curmudgeonly self, Carlos, and each other. Enjoy playing computer bridge since nobody wants to be your partner! Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you two. Cheers, Patrizzio!
Pics: Mme Coriandre with Hazel, Stephanie and Laura Keating. I stayed with Ted and Elaine over the Folk Fest weekend. With Whirlygig, Sunday night, again, of the Folk Fest weekend; Creature from The Black Lagoon! Broom-Hilda!
Hello Ruthless and Gander! Trust you are both well. Are you jet-setting all over the world or just staying at home, eating Texas bbq? When can we expect a visit? Take care of each other. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you two. Cheers, Patrizzio!

what a wonderful email --- it was like reading a story - you should have a 'blog' - I would be a follower! :)... So.... I'm assuming that you will leave for your trip to India after you have volunteered at the writer's festival making it that we need to be in the Okanagan before October 19th? We will try and make our timeshare reservations for the week before you leave so that we can get together and make our plans. Thanks for the offer - we may have to take you up on staying with you; if we can't get our timeshare... we will let you know.
No doubt; misery loves company -- as you know... moving is a lot of work!!!! 
We are almost settled... it was a week yesterday evening that we arrived. The nice thing is it's familiar surroundings. When we arrived our friends were here waiting to help unpack the truck and do whatever they could to help.
We are almost unpacked -it's difficult moving into an already furnished home that is co-owned by others - but we are doing ok...:). thanks again for this opportunity - will be in touch soon. PS - my pics are on my phone - I will send some pics of the beautiful lakefront that we are enjoying take care, L and H

Hello Lakefront Dwellers! Trust you are both well. Thank you for the kind compliment on my message. Spumoni finds them too, too long!

Yes, arriving on or before October 19th would be wonderful. Please don't hesitate to stay. Would be delighted to have you here. We can share horror stories about moving! You sound further advanced than us, however. We were fortunate to have friends, Lynne and Peter, (couple we will travel with in India), who not only helped us unload but also brought along a wonderful dinner so that we could eat supper after the van was empty! Look forward to seeing to seeing the lake when you have a moment.
Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Digitale and Fingare! Trust you are both well. Are you jet-setting all over the world or just staying at home, grand-parenting? Any malt regulare left?  When can we expect a visit? Take care of each other. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!