Thursday, 15 October 2015

Naramata, Above and Beyond Divide Lake Blues: Thursday, October 15th!

The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, philosopher (15 Oct 1844-1900) 

Election Day we will be going back to Summerland, with Mike our fearless leader. Here is what he has to say about it: "My idea is to follow the bike trail of the Conckle mountain. We can start at the KVR station at the Rodeo Grounds, follow the trail clockwise on north side, then east side, maybe do some short cuts through a bush, and come to a ridge where there is the memory site for Denis, or whatever is left of those flags out there, and following north we can descent on the west side toward the parking lot. This rout is mostly on a single track of the bike trail, so it is quite easy, but might take 3 hours for sure."

So we will be leaving Summerfair IGA parking lot in Summerland at 9 am. Pentictonites can carpool at Home Hardware north-eastern parking lot at 8:40. Afterwards we will be going to Good Omens for coffee or whatever....

Hello Fellow Hikers! Just a very quick note to thank Ricardo for taking us on such a grand hike and Guillermo for being such a patient, easy-going chauffeur! What a glorious day to be in such stunning surroundings with such wonderful folk. Thanks everyone for such warm friendship.

Many of you might know that Mme Coriandre and I are off to Vancouver tomorrow, for ten days or so, before flying to India for six weeks. Will be back in Penticton on December 11th so do hope to connect with those of you who will be here over Christmas and holiday season. For those of you making for sunnier climes, Bon Voyage and travel safely. All the best, to one and all. Take care of each other. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Stats for hike:
Sara Jane McGillivray

Sara Jane McGillivray
Hi you two!! We're really looking forward to seeing you and playing the Triva game. Is it going to work for you to come over to our place for a little dinner before going to the event? It'll be a bit odd to have an early dinner but we need to eat anyway so let'd do it together! You are staying somewhere in Kits, right? We could take a cab after dinner if we'd all like to have a drink and not drive safely. So, if this still works for you, come at about 5:15. Thank you. Sara

Hi Wonder Woman! I was going to send you an email earlier but time is evaporating and we are still packing! Not as bad as it seems as we both have most of what we plan to take ready to go. We are staying on 7th and Bayswater so pretty close. Will give you a call on Friday after we hit town. I'm hoping to go for a ride on Saturday. Interested? Anyway, we can chat about that and cab, etc. Thanks for all the contact details. Must away as scads still to do around house, getting it ready for our sitters. Mme Coriandre sends along her best wishes to you and Dermot, and Jake the Shadow, of course! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Dear Patrick & Corinne Lovely pictures, love the beets Corinne, my Mom would always say eat your beets and you will have a long life. I got back from Wpg. last week visiting my dear Mom and she just has this amazing resilience. No broken bones, therapy and a month later she is out of the hospital with a wheel chair and a leg brace. Back cooking meals for her sons who live down the street from her seniors home. She still has no cognitive decline & still so in charge of her life. I find myself now phoning her every day enjoying the pure pleasure of listening to her as her time is so limited

To welcome me back home, John took me out to enjoy fine dining at “ Ca Va” Bistro Moderne French Cuisine Duck Confit, Yam pave, braised cabbage, apple confit, with mustard & cream and red wine gastrique And then across to the Belfry Theatre to see ”Speed the Plow” a play that hit Broadway in 1988 Madonna as the star.

Thanksgiving was quiet, we hiked up through Mt. Doug with the hounds which we do three or four times a week It is pure pleasure seeing the kids frolic relentlessly as they run & frolic, a chase, a rhythm that only they have choreographed to a dance all their own John barbecued Leg of Lamb with roasted vegetables and I made a almond crusted cheesecake, all so yummy. Spent yesterday a whole day in fact making Moussaka with left over lamb with béchamel sauce, yummy!

The elections are ever so near it will be quite exciting to watch. Reading John Ibbetson’s book on Stephen Harper, interesting. Our only Green Party member for BC is Andrew Weaver a scientist and Prof. at UVic. He is also the son of my good friend

Ludmilla who is Ukrainian. I was to have Ludmilla & family all over for dinner in two weeks but cancelled as I am flying out east to see my sister.

Sister Patricia is still in the hospital can only walk a little and her husband’s cancer has now spread to his brain. Not good. Spend time on the phone every day with her & with her daughters trying to decide my sister’s future She is totally dependent on her husband.

John is well, decided to do a little research and working on a contract. I am pleased. Back into my garden with fall cleanup busily trimming my many Sempervirens sufficuticsa & Microphylla Boxwoods, In my senility I can see having a topiary garden shaped like Dalmatians. Tomorrow we are dining out with old friends Carolynn & Victor. They travel two or three times a year to Australia To visit their daughter with her three children, their grandchildren. That must be difficult. Lots of catching up.

Well dear friends, do have a wonderful time in India. It is a land of Spirituality. Will you find your self following the many hundreds of Gurus The country is constantly urbanizing and bristling with ambition but it is also frustrated and confused so the people follow Gurus like a Placebo. You will come home I am sure with your own mantra. Enjoy!

Picture of our going away party in Australia surrounded by two friends, the fellow on the left was with the college John was teaching at And the fellow on the right owned and ran the most delicious Fish & Chips outlet in Cooee Bay where we lived. Looks like we were all having A good time. Love, Jean & John, Benson & Tess

Hi Jean and John! Thanks for the lovely Thanksgiving card! Delighted to learn that your Mother has rebounded so wonderfully! Must be all those beets. Good Ukrainian stock!!! Balanced by your sister's inordinately difficult situation,, of course.Thank you for the newsy message. Enjoyed hearing about Gentleman John spoiling his wonderful wife, as he should, according to Cora Lee! Mme Coriandre sends along her best wishes to you and John. Take care of each other. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Last Long Fall Ride Blues: Wednesday, October 14th!

I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him he will stick. If I scare him, he will stay just as long as he is scared, and then he is gone. -Dwight D. Eisenhower, US general and 34th president (14 Aug 1890-1969)

Hello Nuun Juiced/Lumens Enhanced Werewolf! Trust you are well and not suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, awash as you are in blinding lumens and electrolyte replacements! You'll be ready for some rides when I breeze into town! Can hardly wait!!!

I'm hoping to hike on Thursday but will depend on how much I am able to accomplish beforehand. Have my bag in our bedroom but not yet started to select clothes I'll take overseas. Also have to pack for the week or so we'll be in Vancouver. We are off to Calamity Jane's for dinner with the Pistol-Packin' Mama and Whirlygig, Friday evening. We are staying with Elaine and Ted until Monday morning. Will give you a shout or send a message once we are settled but still plan to collect you on Saturday en route to Trivia Night. Enjoy Yakima! Fondestos and Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Pics: Jugos Dom Pedro with turkey! Henryk and Louise, (house-sitters), with Jura he brought me! Firewood delivered and stacked on Sunday. I've since moved much around side of house.

P & C, looking forward to seeing you two Friday evening at 204 Balsam. Does 6:30 work for you both? We will start with a three hour meditation just to get you prepped for the ashram. Also, do you have any seafood allergies or preferences? We were thinking of oysters and mussels and such. All gluten free - no prairie oysters. Don't know about your weather on the big lake but we are getting some nice sunshine here the next couple days. Fond regards, W & J

Hello Salish Seafood People! Trust you are both well! Looking forward, muchly, to seeing everyone and catching up on Friday. We hope to be in Vancouver, mid-afternoon, so 6:30 pm should be just fine. Cora Lee will be bringing her yoga mat so meditation session will be poifect. I've been sleeping on spikes for last few weeks in preparation for ashram in Varanasi. Speaking for myself, breaded prairie oysters, with hot sauce, is one of my favourite dishes but I'll let Her Ladyship apprise you of her culinary likes/dislikes herself as ever since she suffered agonies from eating a mussel in Japan she approaches these critters with trepidation.

Thanks for weather report. I'm bringing my Trek so I hope we might even have a ride, perhaps on Saturday, with Robo Man and/or assorted ex-Pelotonii! Can hardly wait!!! We are staying with the Keatings until Monday morning so we might even walk to the OK Corral. Does Calamity have a hitchin' post outside her saloon? Will give you a shout or send a message once we are settled. Fondestos and Cheers, Il Conduttore, levitating as I scribe!

Hello Networked Falcon Fontainebleau! Trust everyone is well! Glad you had such gorgeous weather for your Thanksgiving. Over the VWF we will be back at Harbour Terrace to stay with Jo-Anne. Cora Lee talked to her yesterday and she will only be there for one night before she heads to Arizona so we plan to have wild parties every night before we fly off! Fondestos, Cheers and Love, Patrizzio!

Hello Favourite Naramatians! Trust you are both well and that visa fiasco is/has been resolved! I'll take care of The Babes, Dom Jugos, in the event you can't make trip! Thanks for latest details on arrival in Chennai, Lynne. Before I forget, we had talked about you leaving your car in our garage. Unfortunately, that will not be possible as there is simply too, too much stuff, yet to be stacked on yet to be built shelving, to allow your car to be parked inside. I do apologize and hope you understand. However, you are welcome to leave your car on our back driveway but I gather you would rather it is under cover. At any rate, let us know and we'll plan accordingly. Hope we can chat, if only briefly, before we leave on Friday. Cheers Patrizzio!

Hi Jean and John! Trust you are both well! Know you are experiencing a very difficult time, Jean. Know that we are thinking about you and send our love. Fondestos, Love and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Lurch and Grog! Trust you are both well! Just a quick note to say hello and wish you all the best with coming surgery. Obviously, you are experiencing a very difficult time, Greg. Know that we are thinking about you and send our love. Fondestos and Love to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Summerlanders! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you both! Trust your visit with family went exceedingly well. Haven't heard from "Ansel Adams" yet! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Bayswater People! Trust you are both well, warm and clean! Looking forward, muchly, to seeing everyone and catching up on Friday. We hope to be in Vancouver, mid-afternoon, so see you then. Thank you for the last trip installment. We don't need to go to India now! In case we do, Cora Lee will be bringing her yoga mat so she'd like you both to chant while she does the Downward Facing Dog. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Yanti! Lovely to see you this past Saturday at Lang. Great gig! Sax Among Friends!!! Scads more to do before we hit the road on Friday but I wanted to send along some of the snaps I mentioned.  Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Richard Canning's Kick-off; Lang 

Wow! Thank you, thank you for the lovely pictures…Have a great trip to India! Safe travels… I’ll be knee deep into Christmas music when you get back! Cheers, Yanti Hi Yanti! Glad you enjoyed snaps. Thanks for best wishes on our trip to India. Looking forward to it. Talked to Peter this afternoon and he was able to obtain their visas today! Whew!!! Hope we bump into you, at some point, over the Christmas season. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Eunice and Granville! Lovely to meet you this past Saturday at Lang. Cheers, Patrizzio

Thanks Patrick, I didn't realize that you have such a busy schedule coming up!  I will not be hiking tomorrow, but would like to wish you bon voyage, and look forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back. Keep taking lots of pictures.  Best wishes, Hanneke 

Hi Pat, Lovely newsy i was worried that you wouldnt have enough to keep you busy in Penticton but that is far from the truth. Sounds like life is are making retirement look more and more appealing every day.
I realize that we have been invited to a Comedy Show put on by Investors Group each is Monday at 7:30 p.m. If we were able to wangle you some tickets would you be interested in joining us? It is at The Hard Rock Theatre in Coquitlam...we have been many times and it is always a night filled with laughs.

Please talk it over with the girls see if its something you might be interested in....I can check into the extra tickets. Or if you prefer we could just get together for dinner or a drink somewhere instead...we would really like to see you two ( three ) before you head away and have seen the show before so either way would be fine. Let me know...I must get ready and head to work teaching a Stability Ball Class this morning and then spending the rest of my day studying for my Sports Physchology MidTerm tomorrow :0...wish me luck!
Talk to you soon! Love Marilyn 

Hi Marilyn! Just a quick note to thank you for offer of trying to obtain tickets but under circumstances, we will have to bow out. We are already so busy with social engagements that a relatively quiet night is what we'd like. Busy every night on the weekend and will be volunteering every night following week, other than Monday in question. Otherwise, we'd certainly have enjoyed the Comedy Show. Of course, we still hope we can connect, so let's see what other alternatives we can come up. Buona Fortuna with your Sports Psychology mid-term. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Louise and Henryk! I just sealed deal with Karl, (Here is his number in case you don't hear from him after a few weeks!), over fridge. He will call our home number when they have received their new appliances. They will put fridge on their covered deck until you are able to collect it. He said he would help load it into pick-up. I will leave a dolly in garage to help with moving.

Just talked to Ray, (Here is his number as well.), and all is arranged with respect to him bringing his truck when it is needed. He is often away from his phone so he wants you to leave a message if he doesn't answer. I presume that sometime in the evening might work for him as he seems to be very busy with delivering firewood right now and for next few months, I presume. Anyway, I'm sure you can arrange a mutually agreeable time.

Have attached a snap of the fridge. Since it is quite tall, I suggest it go where freezer is at the moment. The door can be changed so that it opens from the right and this would work well, from the point of view of access, since it will be close to garage door. I measured the space and there is room for the air-conditioner to go between two appliances. Since it is on rollers, shelving would start above it, etc. All for now as I must "attack" the long list of chores left by Mme Coriandre. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi again! Forgot to include Karl's address in Figueiras Mobile Home Park, 321 Yorktown Ave, off Skaha Lake Road. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Duhlink! Here is the email I sent along in September. Let me know if you receive this one. Fondestos and Cheers to you and Madcap, Patrizzio!

Thanks patrick - great photos and lovely memories. Have a wonderful trip to India and don't miss fatepur sikri near Agra. We are having kitchen repainted - will send pics when finished. I can hardly breathe with the fumes! Love to all
P + Mxxx

Hello Paint Fumes People! Sounds like you need a couple of stiff G/T's! Glad you received he snaps. Thanks for the good wishes for India and tip on Fatepur Siri. I assume it will be included in our tour of Agra but in case not, I'll show my "superior" local knowledge to my travelling companions! (I just spoke to Lady Mary, reading in bed, and she sends her regards.) Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen. Will be in touch while "on the road". Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Cornwall and Goils! Trust you are both well, Gayle and Derek! Just a quick note to say hello before we take off on Friday. Fondestos and Best Wishes to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio, levitating as I scribe! Pics: Krissy with wine, needed for pain relief; one of her designer pizzas; castless at dinner table; wheelchair at Farmer's Market; in line-up for therapy! after therapy! Their Sugar Daddy, Granville. He saw my GI T-shirt and started talking to us. More pain medication!
Hi again! Here are the rest of the snaps! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Start of Chloë's wonderful cornmeal stuffing! Krissy's wounds! 

Another sunny day here so I was in luck for the last ride before we leave for Vancouver. Spent a goodly part of the morning answering/sending messages, trying to have all the important communications sent in advance of departing Penticton as there are all sorts of details that need to be clarified for our house sitters and social arrangements to be made/confirmed when in Vancouver. Once most of these had been dispatched I enjoyed another heaping portion of overleft turkey and gravy, (fuel extraordinaire for coming ride), and once I'd eaten, I suited/lubed up and set off at just before high noon. While the sun was beaming, Aeolus was blasting a very strong north wind, whipping up small whitecaps on Okanagan Lake. This being the case I decided I'd fight the head wind at the beginning of the ride so after warming up with route regulare, (PTC/Lakeshore/Riverside/Vancovuer Ave/Upper Bench), I retraced some of my steps and made for Summerland, zipping into Red Wing for a quick dipsy-doodle before hitting 97. All of the small parks, other than Sun-Oka, between Penticton and Summerland were closed for the winter, bars across the entrance-ways, so I wasn't able to add any additional mileage here.

Still, I was making pretty good progress against the steady head wind so I wasn't overly upset. Soon found myself at Crescent Beach and did three loops of the residential area there and then made for Peach Orchard. Hadn't been up this reasonably challenging climb for some time so rather enjoyed the ascent, if only because I was sheltered from the wind! Had decided that I'd make for the Summerland Golf & Country Club as it is a pretty ride once one leaves the area surrounding the James Lake industrial park. Thought that I'd have the wind at my back by the time I was out of "downtown" Summerland but this was not to be the case. More of a cross-wind but still pretty heavy going as some good, roller-coaster hills until one reaches the flats close to the Canyon View Cemetery. Not long after I was watching people playing golf, some in shirtsleeves as it was so warm when not exposed to the wind.

Circled the parking lot near the clubhouse and then enjoyed the wonderful descent back into Summerland itself. Decided I'd take Peach Orchard back to Lakeshore and then on to Trout Creek. Knew I was in good shape, distance-wise, when I was back on 97 as I had 65 km on the clock. While wind wasn't always pushing me along the highway I certainly wasn't riding into it so that was a relief. Added a few more km by dipsy-doodling around Red Wing North before riding back onto Riverside. I had an appointment to have my ears lowered at 4:40 pm and I was on Lakeshore by just before 4:00 pm with 80 km on my trusty odometre so I knew that I had the time and the energy to make 90+km. Another few dipsy doodles to PTC and then a quick run up Ellis to just past our place where I turned around and made one last run to PTC before heading back on Ellis to pull up in front of Okanoggin Barbers Mens Grooming Room, no less! Peter was just finishing "grooming" a customer so by the time I had brought my Trek inside, (I didn't bring a lock as I didn't want to lock it outside.), and James, the other barber, was very helpful in terms of putting it out of the way. Pleased that I had timed my ride to end, almost to the minute, to make my appointment as well as being extremely chuffed at the glorious ride, certainly a fitting way to say Arrivederci to my new cycling home for almost two months! Stats for ride:

Hi Patricio & Mme Coriandre! Quick response .... we had a great time with Bodil & Barend (Bodil left yesterday late, Barend to day at 6:00PM). Very busy weekend. Glad to read that you had a good time with Cloe.

Hope you are hiking tomorrow and that we will still see you before you leave (India is so .... who knows when you will return). When will you leave for Vancouver/India? See you tomorrow? Aart(uro) Sreknord

Hello Reversal Man! Delighted that you had a wonderful, if extremely busy, time with Bodil and Barend. Yes, I am planning to hike tomorrow. We leave for Vancouver on Friday morning, India on October 27th.

Hope I have enough energy for tomorrow's creative blundering as enjoyed a great ride today. Look forward to hearing all about your Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Chloë and Krissy at Lang, this past Saturday; Yanti, local singer, (Do you know her?), with Sax Among Friends, also at Lang. Granville, older chap on left, saw my Granville Island T-shirt and came up to chat so we enjoyed getting to know them. Tony/Meryl, younger couple, are friends of Eunice, Granville's amore! Meryl has an ice-cream business and has a booth at the Penticton Farmer's Market, and others, hereabouts, festivals, etc.

Hi George and Jane. Sea food sounds great. Looking forward to the visit and dinner with you two. Have our first real fire tonight. Days are sunny, but the evenings are cool. See you Friday at 6:30, HUGS Corinne

Hi Patrick Look forward to seeing you both on Friday. We have to go up to Kamloops tomorrow, but will be back sometime on Friday. Not sure if we will be home to greet you & Corinne, but please let yourselves in. Laura & James should be upstairs so you can meet the new baby. The bed downstairs is made up and towels on the bed for your use. Towels in the bathroom downstairs are also clean. If you prefer to sleep in the library on the main floor, sheets are on the sofabed but it is not made up. See you soon. Elaine

Hello Bayswater Hilton! Thanks so much for arranging everything so wonderfully, Elaine. I just spoke to Lady Mary, reading in bed, and she sends her regards. I think Mme Coriandre would like to sleep downstairs so we'll let ourselves in and put our things there. Thanks again.

Look forward to meeting Riley and seeing Laura and James. We shouldn't be too, too late on Friday. We are having dinner with Whirlygig and Calamity Jane. They were to come for Thanksgiving weekend but had to stay on Galiano for a memorial service for a friend who died suddenly. Don't know much more than that. Looking forward to hearing all about your "Survivor" trekking! Travel safely and we'll see you, at some point, on Friday. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!





Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Two Suitcases and a Missing Passport Blues: Tuesday, October 13th!

Life is just a short walk from the cradle to the grave and it sure behooves us to be kind to one another along the way. -Alice Childress, playwright, author, and actor (12 Oct 1916-1994) 

Hi Patrice, I know Colleen has been in touch re a visit hopefully before you head out of town. Just wanted to pass along this blurb from my quarterly West world magazine cycling around B.C. in case you don’t get it. Cheers, Al

Hi Marilyn and Big Al! Sorry I've not replied to you sooner, Marilyn. [Thanks for biking article Big Al. Kettle Valley is on my list once back from India. Have made a number of friends in hiking group who know various parts of it quite well. Plan to put larger, mountain "knobblies" on one of my Brodies to handle some of the rougher terrain.] We enjoyed a truly wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with Chloë and her friend, Krissy, market going, wine-tasting, wood-stacking and fabulous meals every night from a new, wonderful cabbage hash, by Mme Coriandre, on Thursday, (when goils arrived), to designer pizza on Friday, ribs on Saturday, then a full blown turkey spread on Sunday, along with Lynne and Peter, in Summerland, as Lee, another friend of C's/K's was staying at her parent's incredible home. Even more delicious overlefts since! 
Louise and Henryk, couple who will house-sit for us while we are away, have been staying near Vernon for past week or so and we had invited them to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. They arrived around 4:30 pm and we started to go over house details and work which we had agreed that they would do: more shelving in garage, installation of in-house vacuum system, etc., all the tasks Big Al and Ragin' didn't accomplish! They stayed overnight and left around noon, after we finalized more renno details. Chloë left a few hours later, (Krissy stayed with Lee, in Summerland, and was to drive back with her and her two children today, I believe.),  and after we waved goodbye, I re-stacked some of the firewood that had been delivered around noon on Sunday. Set for the winter now so will be able to sit in front of the fire reading and sipping malt! Henryk brought me a fantastic bottle, (1L!), of Jura, Turas Mara, 42%, one I'd never tasted before, from duty -free. He was just in Scotland.

As I mentioned, I have Shanghaied Henryk into installing the in-house system we bought this past summer. Yesterday, finally got around to trying the hose to see how far it would reach, based on where we'd like to have outlet and it is everyone's opinion that the 50' length would be the one we'd like. The 40' length just barely reaches into the far corners of our master bedroom so Corinne's shoes will be covered in dust if we don't have the extra 10 '!

Must away as after dropping off 40' hose, [I will return it, via Greyhound, (I have some of the mailing labels from earlier shipments.), and have already heard from dealer that he will ship us the 50' hose. Not even charging us the difference so that is rather nice!], I have to run scads of errands, (last minute house details), and then start packing for India when back home.

Looking at our schedule, once in Vancouver, Monday, October 19th looks like the only time we have free, given everyone's busy lives. Also the one evening we were hoping to visit with Chloë so I assume you wouldn't mind if she joined us, wherever we plan to get together, as I trust we will be able to do. Let us know what you think and we'll plan accordingly. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Pizza; wine-tasting; Gilliana, (great biker!), and Philipo; Thanksgiving dinner; Henryk delivering malt; firewood!

Hi Patrick, A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and Corinne as well. We will be happy to exchange the 40’ HH hose for a 50’ and there will be no additional charge to do so other than the associated shipping costs. You can send the 40’ hose back via bus and we will do the same with a 50’. Val will ensure that Henryk’s cell number is on the package as well and please give him my cell number if he has questions on how to install it. He can call me at anytime. Have a great trip to India and be safe in the process. Regards, Alan

Hi again, Al and Val! Thanks so much for the speedy reply! Appreciate everything. I'll be taking the 40' HH to the Greyhound depot shortly. I will make sure that Henryk has your cell number, (He has been copied on all these messages so I assume he will note it down.), for "technical support" should he require it. Thanks for that, as well, of course. Furthermore, his last name is Marchinkowski so I think Val should address the package to him at our address as he will be picking it up.

Must away as after dropping off hose I have to run scads of errands, (last minute house details), and then start packing for India when back home. Thanks again for the considerate help and the good wishes on our coming trip. All the best to you and Val. Cheers, Patrizzio!

thx Patrick for cc'ing me on these emails, Henryk A note to say thanks for your hospitality. It was a pleasure spending Thanksgiving with you all! Hopefully you received your passports today and are able to peacefully prepare for your trip.

Henryk said that he rec'd an email from Patrick this AM concerning the Vacuum cleaner hose with the contact email. Please let us know about the kitchen island chair, and if you decide to get that fridge for the garage, we will need the name and number of the delivery guy you know Patrick....thanks again, Louise and Henryk

Spent much of the morning, early afternoon, running around like the numerous Quail one sees almost everywhere, hereabouts, (I just took out the compost as Cora Lee was pickling beets today, and counted at least 16 or 17, fat, juicy ones, in the back lane, not overly bothered by me, although obviously ready to explode away if necessary!), running errandos of one sort or another. Mission successful, I was back home by 1;30 pm. Had a bite to eat, (a bowl of super-delish turkey bits with gravy), then suited/lubed up to head out for first ride since this past Friday.

Day was unbelievably glorious, bright and sunny, although the wind, out of the north, was brisk and cool. Since I didn't want to fight it on the leg home I decided I'd head to The Naramata. Started off with my route regulare, (PTC/Lakeshore/Riverside), and then up Van Ave to Upper Bench. Soon on Naramata Rd and whistling along even though I was bucking the decent head wind. On a day like today, Okanagan Lake is simply spectacular. It's surface looked like a giant, burnished, warrior's shield, mottled, hammered metal, glinting and sparkling in the late afternoon sun. The surrounding hills were breathtaking in their dark green and tan beauty. Looking north the lake disappeared into the distance, the hills on each side disappearing beneath the quasi-horizon, shrouded in an almost indescribable blue haze that literally stunned me as I've not seen this particular expression of the light before.

Went as far as the first cattle guard, (I had decided I'd only do my basic 51 km outing), as I knew I'd have the distance I wanted by turning around here. Vistas on way home were even better as one is able to see more of the vineyard carpeted benches which cloak the landscape west of Naramata Rd. Wind wasn't entirely behind me as I headed south but the cross-wind did help on some of the modest inclines so I had not a jot nor tittle to complain about. Needed a few km worth of dipsy-doodling by the time I was back on Government but it was all downhill here and on Ellis as well. Slight climb back from Lakeside but now the wind was helping me so I "raced" home, thanking my ever so lucky stars to be blessed with such scenery and sunshine, and the scrumptious turkey which fueled this more than memorable ride. Stats for ride: 

I have been reluctantly dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century. I have a cell phone. Face Time and Skype on the iPad. Smoke signals must be visible from my balcony. And I still maintain there is too damned much communication in this world! Best, Doug

Hello Kicking Screaming Luddite! Trust you and David are otherwise well! Not sure if I sent along the snaps below. If so, please forgive! After beet production line, Madame Coriandre went to volunteer at Richard Cannings' campaign office so not quite sure when she will be home. I've made a salad and we'll heave more overlefts while we watch Indian Summers, part of our homework for Inja! Scads more to do before we hit the road for Vancouver on Friday. Take care of each other. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Freeloaders' Visit! Lady Mary's home pickling results!

Hello Almost Vernonites/Not Kelownates! Trust you are both well! We enjoyed a truly wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, thanks in great part to you and Henryk. Hope we didn't scare you off but looking forward to returning to a mansion! Have been enjoying all the delicious overlefts ever since we waved goodbye! Thanks again, Henryk, for the more than fantastic bottle of Jura, Turas Mara, 42%, one I'd never tasted before, as I think I mentioned. Unfortunately, I think it will be gone when you arrive!

As you know, the 50' hose will be shipped at some point, with your name, Henryk, on the package when delivered to Penticton. Greyhound will call to let you know when it has arrived. I have yet to call Ray Janko, the chap who delivered the wood. I will call him tomorrow to make sure he will be able to help out with his pick-up for fridge.

I went over to Karl Lane's place today to see the fridge and I think it will work well. It is 65" high, 30" wide but I neglected to measure depth. Have to make him an offer tomorrow and if he accepts I'll ask him for that measurement. I have a few ideas about placement in garage, relative to freezer, but will wait until deal goes through before I outline my thoughts. Here is Karl's number and he felt the new fridge would arrive in two weeks or so.

With respect to bar stool, Rooms-to-Go phoned and we can pick it up tomorrow so one less errand for you! Perhaps more importantly, our visas arrived this afternoon! Hip Hip Hooray! Cora Lee called Lynne to let her know and she told her that Peter had driven into Vancouver this morning to see about their visas in person. He was staying overnight and Lynne had not heard from him when Mme Coriandre called. Hope he can obtain them as the clock is really ticking for him!
Will leave a list about where to find various things around the house, (garbage bags, recycling tips, etc.), as well as any other things that come to mind that we might not have already discussed. Take care of each other. Will be in touch tomorrow, regarding fridge. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Lady Mary's home pickling results! Thanksgiving in Summerland!

Hello Wood-Providers! Trust you are both well! We certainly enjoyed Saturday evening so glad you did also. Chloë was delighted to meet you both and said how much fun she had with all of us. Thanks, again, for wood. Much appreciated. Did you go on Monday's hike?  I went over to Karl Lane's place today to see the fridge he wants to sell and he mentioned the hike was terrific, about 20 people or more, I think he said.

I'm hoping to hike on Thursday. And you? If we don't see you then, thanks for the offer of more wood. Probably have to wait until we are back from India and you are back from your world travels. Take care of each other in Sedona and enjoy New Zealand. Will probably be in touch, via email, over the course of everyone's trips. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Saturday evening


Monday, 12 October 2015

Vacuflo Hide-a-Hose Blues: Monday, October 12th!

Life is a four-letter word. -Lenny Bruce, comedian and social critic (13 Oct 1925-1966)

Hi Val and Al! Trust you both enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend. We certainly did. We are now scrambling to ready ourselves for our coming trip to India. We fly out of Vancouver on October 27th, (back on December 11th), but will drive into city this coming Friday as we will be volunteering at the Vancouver Writers Festival, the week before we take off.

This being the case, very close friends of Pam and Greg, Louise and Henryk, have very kindly agreed to house-sit while we are away and I have Shanghaied Henryk into installing the in-house system we bought from you this past summer. Finally got around to trying the hose to see how far it would reach, based on where we'd like to have outlet and it is everyone's opinion that the 50' length would be the one we'd like. The 40' length just barely reaches into the far corners of our master bedroom so Corinne's shoes will be covered in dust if we don't have the extra 10'!

I'm hoping that I can return, via Greyhound, the 40' hose which has not been used, other than on the layout tryout today, and have you send us the 50' hose. Of course, we will pay the additional cost of the longer hose and any applicable re-stocking fee. I have some of the mailing labels from earlier shipments and assume this is the mailing address to use with Greyhound. I hope this arrangement is fine with you. Let me know, at your earliest convenience, and we'll plan accordingly. The carton is ready to be taken to the bus depot so we'll ship it as soon as we've heard how to proceed. Thanks, in advance. Cheers, Patrizzio!

PS: While Henryk and Louise will be checking our home voice mail, you should also give Greyhound Henryk's cell number.

Thanksgiving Turkey Blues: Sunday, October 11th!

Language is more fashion than science, and matters of usage, spelling, and pronunciation tend to wander around like hemlines. -Bill Bryson, author (b. 1951) 

I did get the email in junk mail. A big thank you to you both for a super evening. Certainly better than my cooking and great as I ate quite a bit!! We'll definitely have to do more bike rides next year as it was good for me with the break and didn't even realize I was doing any drafting. I was working harder than I would if went out on my own.

You are more than welcome to come get some more wood - just call us before you come. bye for now and have a great time in India cheers Gill 

Patriçio, I picked up up some of that nuun stuff at mec, and, since Juan & I are cycling to Whitecap's games in the dark, I also bit the bullet and got an awesome light for my bike. The cheapos like the one was using ($20-$30) are all of maybe a max of 15 lumens. The one I got (same size - mounts on handlebars) is 550 lumens. Ok, $80, but … it works.

Might be an idea for you in case you get caught in the Penticton night. Like, it’s bright enough to blind a werewolf! seeyasoon//bjp

Barrel Tasting Blues: Saturday, October 10th!

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. -William Shakespeare, poet and dramatist (1564-1616) 

hi Patrick, thank you for the lovely pictures of last Thursdays hike, great shots and a awesome day on the mountain. it's always nice to see new faces and meet new folks who share a passion for hiking and photography. 

i mention to you that we ordered new appliances from sears and it will be approx. 2 weeks before we receive them. after putting some thought into the fridge we decided to let it go instead of keeping it for a beer fridge and a few times a year around holiday times when a extra fridge can come in handy. if you are interested come by some time, check it out, make us a offer and haul it away as i only have a small car. this fridge has a ice maker approx 20 qu. ft. white - Kenmore. excellent condition. hope to see you Monday morning. karl

Hi All--FYI details re pick-up at airport in Chennai. Cheers, Lynnie
On 2015-10-05, Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, Chennai wrote:Additional Arrival Details:We have updated the arrival flight details accordingly we confirm the complimentary airport pickup.  Our hotel chauffeur will hold the name placard at the arrival terminal exit area of the airport.

Hi Pat, thanks for your email, just learning how to send an email. All family at lake for Thanksgiving dinner.  Had the doors and windows open at 9:00 pm, was a beautiful day.  Great food and wine. Have a great Thanksgiving, love to all. Clara  
Reminder of your upcoming shifts that occur between Sunday, October 11, 2015 and Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Thursday, October 22, 2015 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Thursday, October 22, 2015 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Friday, October 23, 2015 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Friday, October 23, 2015 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Saturday, October 24, 2015 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Saturday, October 24, 2015 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Food & Beverage - Studio 1398
Vancouver Writers Fest

Sunday, October 25, 2015 7:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Crew Captain - PW Events
Vancouver Writers Fest

Sunday, October 25, 2015 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Crew Captain - PW Events
Vancouver Writers Fest

Sunday, October 25, 2015 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Food & Beverage - 2015 Crew Captain - PW Events
Vancouver Writers Fest


Friday, 9 October 2015

Gilliana Naramata Road Blues: Friday, October 9th!

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We need two more people to fill a Production shift to help set-up for Festival Week. 9 am to 2 pm Monday Oct 19 Can you help? If so, let me know ASAP, many thanks! Kathryn Filled the shift! Thanks for your phone call. Kathryn! Hi Chain of Fools Mama! Groovy! Now I can enjoy life in Vancouver before start of VWF!

Had arranged to go for a ride with Gilliana, one of the hikers in the group I've joined. She does a lot of mountain biking but also some road work so I was delighted when she suggested we should plan an outing. Since she lives up above Naramata Road we decided to meet in the parking lot of Township 7 at 1:30 pm. The Sisterhood, (Cora Lee, Chloë and Krissy, both up for Thanksgiving weekend), left around 12:30 pm to buy needed groceries for some of the dishes planned for turkey dinner on Sunday and then to a late afternoon film. I suited  up around 1:00 pm and then set off for Penticton Tennis Club before heading up Vancouver Ave to rendezvous with Dynamo Woman.

I could see that she was circling in the lot at the winery as soon as I came around the corner of Upper Bench Road where it intersects with McMillan Avenue. I waved her on to the road so that she would be ahead of me. In earlier discussions, she maintained that she was a much slower rider than she imagined I was. I told her that I really didn't think this was the case but thought I should ride behind, the better to gauge her pace. (As it turned out, she is a very, very strong rider and I certainly rode more quickly, with her, than I perhaps would otherwise have done if I'd been by myself.) At any rate, we had a wonderful ride along Naramata Road, chatting when we could. I knew, from hiking experience, that she often stopped, for one reason or another, and we agreed that when this happened I would simply ride ahead, usually a tad slower than comfortable pace we had quickly fallen into, and she would catch up. This only happened once, en route to Indian Rock.

I knew that Gilliana had no intention of riding right to Indian Rock, (She has had each knee replaced and doesn't like to put too, too much stress on these joints on long, steep climbs.), so we agreed that she would stop near the intersection where one can either go to Chute Lake or IR. There is a fairly flat stretch of road here and Gilliana planned to dipsy-doodle away some of her time here, (Approximately 30 minutes, overall, time it would take me to descend to IR and then climb back up.), until I rejoined her. Love the dizzying descent, around a number of hairpin turns, into the small lakeside community, enjoying the spectacular vistas on both descent and ascent. We were back at the intersection at the appointed time, 2:45 pm, and then set off on the return leg. Faced a fairly nasty head wind so Gilliana decided not to take off her riding jacket. Normally, she gets a bit too, too warm on this roller-coaster stretch of Naramata Road, but stiff breeze was cool enough to make her want to keep it on.

Fair bit of holiday traffic so not really able to chat much once we were past Naramata Village. When I did have the chance I invited her and Phillipo, her husband, also a very strong hiker, to join us for dinner that night, or on Saturday. Jill wasn't sure what their plans were for those two evenings so she said she would call once back home. Just past Lock & Worth, she wanted to stop to use a roadside toilet so I thanked her for great ride and waved goodbye, confirming she would call later. Struggled against the fierce wind all the way along Naramata Road as well as on Upper Bench Road. Didn't let up until I was back on Government and heading towards Lakeshore. Needed another 10 km to give me the distance I wanted so knew I would need to dipsy-doodle my way around the route I traditionally take at the start of most rides, PTC/Lakeshore/Riverside and then back home, threading my way through the small streets east of Penticton Creek before hitting Government for the last time. Down a few blocks, past White, before turning up Papineau and then but a block to go before pulling into our back lane and I was  home. Terrific to ride with such a congenial, fit, energetic companion! Stats for ride:

Hello Gilliana and Fast Phil! Just a quick note to thank you for the more than delightful ride. I enjoyed your company immensely, as always, since you are a tremendous delight to be with, (in spite of Philipo's snide carping!), and I must say that I was rather glad that you were "hurtin'", [Not that I was pleased to learn that you were suffering but under the circumstances...!], as I suspect you'd have left me in the dust of Naramata Road had you been in full cycling mode! At any rate, I trust we have many, many more cycling outings ahead of us in 2016 and beyond.

After we parted company, near Lock & Worth, I believe, I struggled against the fierce wind, [Where were you when I needed to draft! Thanks, by the way, for doing just that for all of the ride together. I felt guilty but not guilty enough to take the lead!], all the way home. Terrific to ride with such a congenial, fit, energetic, "non-talkative" companion! See you both at around 6:00ish tomorrow. Cheers, Patrizzio!

PS: Philipo, please don't bring any beer as I'd like you to try some Cannery Brewing product. If you feel guilty, bring more seasoned firewood! Hic, Patrizzio!

PPS: Gilliana, we have a 10 year membership in the Breatharian Society for you. In case you are not familiar with this cult,
Breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism.
Pics: Krissy, [aka Joe Btfsplk, a character in the satirical comic strip Li'l Abner by cartoonist Al Capp (1909–1979). He is well-meaning, but is the world's worst jinx, bringing disastrous misfortune to everyone around him. A small, dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over his head to symbolize his bad luck. Hapless Btfsplk and his ever-present cloud became one of the most iconic images in Li'l Abner.], and the home-made pizzas you missed this evening!

Dearest St Hildegard! How delighted to know you, Von B, enjoy the snapolas. Great good fun BUT sometimes, some folk take exception to what is only meant to be great good fun. Happy Thanksgiving! Onward!! Fight!!! Cheers, Patrizzio!PS: If interested, read on. If not, delete! On way or another, Fondestos, Patrizzio!

thanks Patrick, always entertaining! Happy Thanksgiving! Hanneke 
Hi Hanneke!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Doug! Delighted to know you enjoyed the snapolas. Great good fun BUT sometimes, some folk take exception to what is only meant to be pranks and games. Cheers, Patrizzio!

What a creative mind and photographic talent you have. Thanks for sharing your albums with us, and bringing lots of smiles on our faces. Happy Thanksgiving, we'll see you soon. Jos Fantasticum! Ave Arturum

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Skaha Bluff Blues: Thursday, October 8th!

It is chiefly through books that we enjoy intercourse with superior minds. -William Ellery Channing, clergyman and writer (1780-1842)

Hello Extreme Trekkers! Trust you are both well and completely over The Monsoon Mud Altitude Blues! Congratulations on the birth of Riley! What simply wonderful news. Please pass along our best wishes to Laura and James as well. Delighted that all went so well with birth, etc.

[Aunt Leah's Trees
November 27- December 22, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! It may only be October, but Aunt Leah's Trees is right around the corner. We would love to have you join us again this season. Last year, thanks to volunteers like yourself, we raised over $100,000 for youth in foster care and young mothers.  In a few weeks we will be sending a link to register online, in the meantime learn about the roles that you can play at one of our 4 Tree Lots.]

[Pic from lunch with the birthday boy xoxo Love to all xoxo]

Thank you again for allowing us to stay. We will be delighted to see everyone and Nana Corinne has offered to take care of Riley for the entire time of our stay so Famiglia Keating/Anderson need not worry about child care!!!

Just to remind you, we leave for Inja on October 27th but
we will drive to Vancouver on Friday, October 16th. Chloë has a fund raiser for Aunt Leah's on the 17th and we will volunteer for VWF  from the 20th-25th. Busy time as you well know, especially coming shortly for being away for six weeks. If we won't overstay our welcome we'd like to stay at The Bayswater Bee Hive until either Monday or Tuesday morning. After that we will be we will be trekking to Jo-Anne's, (former neighbour at Harbour Terrace, until we fly to Chennai), as it is most convenient for us to attend sessions and get to our shifts at Festival, etc. Hope this is fine but let us know if you'd like us to de-camp earlier. Let us know what you think about our "pushy reservations" and we'll plan accordingly! Again, congratulations of Riley's arrival!!! Fondestos and Cheers, Nail-Driving Patrizzio! Pics: new wine storage shelves!

Hadn't seen a message about today's hike so I had sent Aarturo a message last night to inquire. He phoned this morning to say we were Skaha Bluffs bound so Cora lee dropped me off at Home Hardware as she needed the Equinox. Shopping for the busy Thanksgiving weekend. Car pooled with Phillipo and Gilliana, along with Aarturo. Had been to Skaha Bluffs once before so was somewhat familiar with the start of the hike. Rick McKelvey was today's leader and so we all followed him like the good sheep we are, Bad Boy not being along today!

Followed an old, sandy logging road for a bit and then creative blundering, cross-country after that. Some fairly steep slopes to be negotiated and many extremely slippery, rocky sections to negotiate, needing to be ultra  careful of one's footing at all times. More than once we came across some wonderful, majestic cliff faces and often found ourselves skirting the base of these monolithic outcroppings. Hiked for almost two hours and a bit before stopping for a bite of lunch. After the break we did another hour or so to reach the highest point of the day's trek. Not much of a view as the mist shrouded the surrounding hills and a chilly wind blew quite strongly.

Way down was pretty easy going most of the time but shortly after descent began we had a number of very steep rock faces to clamber down, some of us preferring to slide over one drop, on our bottoms, as footing below was just enough out of reach to make landing dicey indeed. Nevertheless, no mishaps and we were soon back on a series of mountain bike trails, interspersed with having to dipsy-doodle through reasonably thick dead-fall. Last hour or so was really very easy going as underbrush, whenever we needed to take a short-cut, was quite open with fairly sure footing. Closer to parking lot where we'd left our vehicles path itself was sandy and well worn so no need for hiking poles at all. Hike itself was closer to 5 hours and 45 minutes as I didn't have satellite reception for first half hour of outing. Day was wonderfully comfortable, most of the time, for hiking but so overcast that I never wore my sun-glasses. Another wonderful outing with a grand collection of individuals. Stats for hike:
Good Morning Patrizzio, Thanks for the newsy exciting that you will be off to India soon. We are available either Monday or Wed.that week if either of those evenings work for you. I am at school Tues and Thurs until 9:30 so not able to make any plans on those nights.  Please check your schedules and see if we can make either of those nights work...Al is working 7am-6:30  right now so days wont really work for us at all...hate to miss seeing you
though so if those dates do not work please send some others ie. Possibly Saturday or Sunday during the day.

I am saving all my news for when I see you...I am doing plenty enough writing for school and need to reserve my strength for my academics lol. We will be spending Thanksgiving at the Valley...Als aunt Bernice will drive in from Mission on Saturday to share turkey with us...the weather looks like it is going to be horrendous so I anticipate lots of indoor activities over the weekend. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving...give our love to Peter and Linny as well as Chloe and the gang. Cheers! Love Marilyn

Sitting in the Hong Kong airport on our way home with time to share the rest of our trip. After our trek from Paro to Thimpu, we began the cultural tour of Bhutan. There is only 1 highway through Bhutan which they call the #l1 hwy going one direction and the #2 hwy heading back. With all the rain, several sections of the hwy were washed out so the going was pretty slow. Warning signs along the highway included: "deep, deep, real steep", "if you are married divorce speed", "be gentle on my curves", "driving and drinking is a fatal cock tale.

We crossed the spectacular Dochula Pass at 3100 meters. So much easier travelling by bus rather than on foot. In clear weather we could have seen the eastern Himalayan ranges but no such luck. We then drove down to the lower and much warmer valleys of Lobesa and on to Punakha and Wangduephodrang. We have visited some amazing Dzongs and monasteries, many that could only be reached by foot. Beautiful country and their claim to have the highest "gross national happiness" seems pretty accurate. On our drive back to the Paro airport we could see the area we trekked, and we are all still amazed we did it. Finally, on the plane to India, our first glimpse of the Himalayan peaks including Mount Everest. How different the trek would have been if the weather had been clear.

We arrived in Delhi airport and drove straight to Agra. Visited the awe inspiring Taj Mahal at dusk and again in the early morning. It really is so much more spectacular to stand in front of the Taj than to see it in pictures. A definite high point of our trip. After the tranquility of Bhutan, India has taken some getting used to. The colours, the sounds, the smells, the pollution, the crowds, the rubbish, the cows, goats and pigs crowding you off the streets, the vendors all offering the cheapest price and the oppressive heat - all add to the shock and yet ambience of India.

We have visited the Agra Red Fort which is surrounded by a 70 feet high wall, Bharatpur, a fortress city founded in the 18th century, and Deeg Palace, an opulent palace built in the mid-18th century. In Bharatpur we stayed at Laxmi Vilas Palace (Heritage) where we met the royal family who still resides in the palace. Took a rickshaw through the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Ranthambhore National Park we took a jeep looking for the elusive Bengal tiger but no sightings that day. Rode an elephant up to Amber Fort in Jaipur and later visited the city palace Hawa Mahal or "Palace of Winds," one of the major landmarks of Jaipur where the royal family still lives. Adjacent to the City Palace is Jantar Mantar, the ancient astronomical observatory. After a long, hot day of touring we had dinner at a restaurant called Barbeque Nation Restaurant where we were served copious amounts of various meats before the massive buffet was open. And just before dessert, all the servers got together and performed a couple of Bollywood dances for us.

Next day we drove to Pushkar and visited more temples and were blessed at a sacred lake that is second to the Ganges. The lake is said to be fed from underground springs, but is actually rain water from the monsoons and is controlled by the state. We were blessed by a Brahmin at the lake, but later found out he was a fraud that we each paid $100 rupees to, and the water was so putrid that we couldn't bear the smell on our hands. Not sure if it was that water or the restaurant we chose that night, but Ted got violently ill and was up all night. Luckily we had brought prescription medication for travellers illnesses and Ted was only laid up for the whole of the next day - unfortunately we were on the bus for most of the day to Ranakpur. Visited Ranakpur Jain Temples complex, one of the biggest and the most important clusters of Jain temples in India. Truly impressive.

Last day was spent in Udaipur, the lovely lakeside capital of Mewar - The City of Dreams which is perhaps the most romantic city in Rajasthan. Visited City Palace - the largest palace complex in Rajasthan towering over Lake Pichola. To see such wealth and opulence in a country where there is still so much poverty, one can only wonder how this could be. We had a serene boat ride on Lake Pichola at sunset and ate our last dinner at the hotel rooftop overlooking the lake.

An incredible trip we've had with both old and new-found lasting friends. We have shared so many hours of discovering ourselves and others, of seeing world wonders, temples, Dzongs, palaces, forests, etc. We've learned to appreciate how lucky we are to have the family and friends we have. To know that there is constant support and love when we are in need. And the laughter, warmth and kindness. Can't wait to see you all. Lots of love Elaine & Ted 

Hello Skaha Bluffs People! Thanks to Rick for leading such a terrific outing. Wonderful time with simpatico companions. Cheers, Patrizzio! PS: Thanks, Hildegard von Bingen, for being such a gracious chauffeur!

Patrick: What great photos.........AND I LOVE THE CAPTIONS. Keep it up. Cheers from Hildegard von Bingen Thanks Patrick, always entertaining! Happy Thanksgiving! Hanneke

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wine Shelf Blues: Wednesday, October 7th!

Writing is thinking on paper. -William Zinsser, writer and editor (7 Oct 1922-2015) 

Hi Corinne and Pat, We are going to miss toasting the bounty of the season, the people we love and the bird and/or squash or whatever it was going to be with you!

Dodo (center) among Indian birds
Art: Ustad Mansur, c. 1625
I read a little story called 'Waking Up' with a boy named Alfie in grade one yesterday, and he made me laugh. Each page introduces a new farm animal and what they say. We got to the turkey page and he said " The roaster wakes up and says Gobble, Gobble!!" I cracked up! He's obviously been listening to chat about what's going on with the strange looking bird this weekend.

It sounds like you are going to have a very eventful and riotous Thanksgiving weekend! I look forward to hearing all the details. Keep the dog away from the dessert. We once lost all the pies to a big lab who busted into the cold room.

George and I really look forward to sharing dinner with you here! So glad you can come. Take good care and have a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers, Jane

Hi Calamity and Whirling Dervish! Thanks for warning about the pie-loving lab! Since Cora Lee thinks the entire Burns Street Watering Hole is a "cold room", we'll have to be on high alert all weekend! Had been meaning to forward the snippet below. You might well already know about this latest jazz development, from Cory Weeds, but in case not:

Jazz Fans! Well, I'm excited to announce that Vancouver has a new hub of live music starting October 8!  Frankie's Italian Kitchen will be hosting live music 4 days a week to start (Thursday - Sunday) under the Coastal Jazz banner. This has been in the works for many months and I'm so excited to finally see it come to fruition.

Once we get all hopped up on porch cleaner, on the 16th, we can weave our way to Frankie's and groove! Fondestos to one and all. Trust your Thanksgiving, although what will obviously be a somewhat sombe weekend, will be a time to celebrate your family's love, care and concern for one another. Cheers, Chain Cleaner Quaffer Conduttore!

Hello Duhlink! I assume you are back home, safely and soundly! Trust all went well in Toronto. Did you receive snaps of your visit. I sent them along a week or so ago? Sorry I haven't asked sooner. Fondestos, and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Patricio No we didn't receive any pics but saw some on Facebook.could you resend please. Thanks again for a wonderful stay - Toronto and Creemore were great but exhausting. We lost our passports and had to arrange to meet British consul butcher's God they were found in safe at Hilton Fallsview! Heather kindly drove us there in evening after feeding students and luckily won $800! We didn't feel so bad after that. We were therefore delayed getting to Creemore but had wonderful time for last two days. Jim took us up in his microfiber which Mike found exciting but I found scary! Will send as Many pics as poss. Just realised most pics on iPhone so will send from there. Love from us both xx

His name us Riley. We're home tomorrow. yay! Hope you are planning on staying with us when you are in Van. Love Elaine  Welcome to the world Riley Edward Anderson. Born October 6th and 7.2lbs. 10/10 on the cuteness scale. Mom (Laura insists it's spelt this way!) and Riley both doing really well and we should be taking him home tomorrow. He's a good sleeper and not much of a crier so hoping that continues. Laura and I are absolutely smitten! Can't wait for you all to meet him. Lots of love, L&J&R xox

Hello Beleaguered Volunteer Manager! Trust you were able to fill the necessary shifts. Sorry I didn't respond sooner but we've been choc-a-block with visitors and more to come this weekend. Will pop by on Friday, October 16th, when we arrive in Vancouver, to see if there are other shifts we might help with, should you still require volunteers. Trust you will be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, being "under the gun", so to speak. Fondestos, Patrizzio!  

Hi Lynne, et al! Thanks for confirming hotel arrangements in Chennai. Much appreciated. Sorry I haven't respond sooner but we've been choc-a-block with visitors, (as your towel-wrapped body knows!), and more to come this weekend. (Orchardist/ Gardener Pete, we've been enjoying your apples and garlic so thanks so much!) Look forward to catching up with you both over the weekend. Must away as I'm starting on more shelving. relocating wine storage to give us much needed space for towels, sheets and the like. Fondestos and Cheers, Nail-Driving Patrizzio!

Patri Pooh! YOU ARE A  HULKORAMBO!! When I read your great emails I get depressed. I am attaching a great photo I took from you and Chuck and plastered a Patriciozo style remark on it, but I do not want to make it public (like you do all the time :)) just send it to you and Mdm Coriandre personally. I really thought when I made it, it is right on!

Anyways, we spoke to the kids and they would prefer to spend the first evening together as a family. Barend has a very early flight, Bodil comes a lot later, so both will be tired and a lot of positive stuff has happened, so there is a lot to talk about. Hope you understand. If we would have been alone, we would have come of course. And, now that we love each other sooooo much, no doubt we will get to know each others kids sooner or later. We would really like Bodil and Barend to meet you. Talk soon! Aarturo Bartolomeo Dronokerso  

Hi Aarturo! Thanks for letting us know about not being able to get together this weekend, at least on the evening when Bodil and Barendt arrive. Understand completely. If it might work out, later on, over the course of their stay, let us know.

On another matter, is there a hike tomorrow? Unless I missed an email I haven't heard anything. If you read this by 8:00 am Thursday morning, please give me a shout: 250-493-0092. Plenty to do here so not a big deal if nothing is planned as far as hiking goes. I'll just become even angrier at not being able to talk while hiking. Great cartoon bubble! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Jake and Virginia! Wonderful to have enjoyed your company on Sunday. Thank you, both, so much, for lovely gifts, the plants and delish apple juice! Very generous and much appreciated. Nancy and David certainly enjoyed meeting you two and it was great to hear more of everyone's stories. Cora Lee is busy editing some hack's local history book and I must away as I'm about to start shelf building shortly. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Sunshine Valley People! Trust you are both well and over The Goat Curry Blues! We leave for Inja on October 27th but we will drive to Vancouver on Friday, October 16th. Chloë has a fund raiser for Aunt Leah's on the 17th and we will volunteer for VWF  from the 20th-25th. Busy time but perhaps we might be able to arrange a time to see you, depending on your busy schedules. We will be staying at Jo-Anne's, (former neighbour at Harbour Terrace, until we fly to Chennai), as it is most convenient for us to attend sessions and get to our shifts at Festival, etc. Let us know what you think about seeing each other over the time we are in Vancouver. Fondestos and Cheers, Nail-Driving Patrizzio!