Friday, 9 October 2015

Gilliana Naramata Road Blues: Friday, October 9th!

My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects. -Robert Maynard Hutchins

We need two more people to fill a Production shift to help set-up for Festival Week. 9 am to 2 pm Monday Oct 19 Can you help? If so, let me know ASAP, many thanks! Kathryn Filled the shift! Thanks for your phone call. Kathryn! Hi Chain of Fools Mama! Groovy! Now I can enjoy life in Vancouver before start of VWF!

Had arranged to go for a ride with Gilliana, one of the hikers in the group I've joined. She does a lot of mountain biking but also some road work so I was delighted when she suggested we should plan an outing. Since she lives up above Naramata Road we decided to meet in the parking lot of Township 7 at 1:30 pm. The Sisterhood, (Cora Lee, ChloĆ« and Krissy, both up for Thanksgiving weekend), left around 12:30 pm to buy needed groceries for some of the dishes planned for turkey dinner on Sunday and then to a late afternoon film. I suited  up around 1:00 pm and then set off for Penticton Tennis Club before heading up Vancouver Ave to rendezvous with Dynamo Woman.

I could see that she was circling in the lot at the winery as soon as I came around the corner of Upper Bench Road where it intersects with McMillan Avenue. I waved her on to the road so that she would be ahead of me. In earlier discussions, she maintained that she was a much slower rider than she imagined I was. I told her that I really didn't think this was the case but thought I should ride behind, the better to gauge her pace. (As it turned out, she is a very, very strong rider and I certainly rode more quickly, with her, than I perhaps would otherwise have done if I'd been by myself.) At any rate, we had a wonderful ride along Naramata Road, chatting when we could. I knew, from hiking experience, that she often stopped, for one reason or another, and we agreed that when this happened I would simply ride ahead, usually a tad slower than comfortable pace we had quickly fallen into, and she would catch up. This only happened once, en route to Indian Rock.

I knew that Gilliana had no intention of riding right to Indian Rock, (She has had each knee replaced and doesn't like to put too, too much stress on these joints on long, steep climbs.), so we agreed that she would stop near the intersection where one can either go to Chute Lake or IR. There is a fairly flat stretch of road here and Gilliana planned to dipsy-doodle away some of her time here, (Approximately 30 minutes, overall, time it would take me to descend to IR and then climb back up.), until I rejoined her. Love the dizzying descent, around a number of hairpin turns, into the small lakeside community, enjoying the spectacular vistas on both descent and ascent. We were back at the intersection at the appointed time, 2:45 pm, and then set off on the return leg. Faced a fairly nasty head wind so Gilliana decided not to take off her riding jacket. Normally, she gets a bit too, too warm on this roller-coaster stretch of Naramata Road, but stiff breeze was cool enough to make her want to keep it on.

Fair bit of holiday traffic so not really able to chat much once we were past Naramata Village. When I did have the chance I invited her and Phillipo, her husband, also a very strong hiker, to join us for dinner that night, or on Saturday. Jill wasn't sure what their plans were for those two evenings so she said she would call once back home. Just past Lock & Worth, she wanted to stop to use a roadside toilet so I thanked her for great ride and waved goodbye, confirming she would call later. Struggled against the fierce wind all the way along Naramata Road as well as on Upper Bench Road. Didn't let up until I was back on Government and heading towards Lakeshore. Needed another 10 km to give me the distance I wanted so knew I would need to dipsy-doodle my way around the route I traditionally take at the start of most rides, PTC/Lakeshore/Riverside and then back home, threading my way through the small streets east of Penticton Creek before hitting Government for the last time. Down a few blocks, past White, before turning up Papineau and then but a block to go before pulling into our back lane and I was  home. Terrific to ride with such a congenial, fit, energetic companion! Stats for ride:

Hello Gilliana and Fast Phil! Just a quick note to thank you for the more than delightful ride. I enjoyed your company immensely, as always, since you are a tremendous delight to be with, (in spite of Philipo's snide carping!), and I must say that I was rather glad that you were "hurtin'", [Not that I was pleased to learn that you were suffering but under the circumstances...!], as I suspect you'd have left me in the dust of Naramata Road had you been in full cycling mode! At any rate, I trust we have many, many more cycling outings ahead of us in 2016 and beyond.

After we parted company, near Lock & Worth, I believe, I struggled against the fierce wind, [Where were you when I needed to draft! Thanks, by the way, for doing just that for all of the ride together. I felt guilty but not guilty enough to take the lead!], all the way home. Terrific to ride with such a congenial, fit, energetic, "non-talkative" companion! See you both at around 6:00ish tomorrow. Cheers, Patrizzio!

PS: Philipo, please don't bring any beer as I'd like you to try some Cannery Brewing product. If you feel guilty, bring more seasoned firewood! Hic, Patrizzio!

PPS: Gilliana, we have a 10 year membership in the Breatharian Society for you. In case you are not familiar with this cult,
Breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism.
Pics: Krissy, [aka Joe Btfsplk, a character in the satirical comic strip Li'l Abner by cartoonist Al Capp (1909–1979). He is well-meaning, but is the world's worst jinx, bringing disastrous misfortune to everyone around him. A small, dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over his head to symbolize his bad luck. Hapless Btfsplk and his ever-present cloud became one of the most iconic images in Li'l Abner.], and the home-made pizzas you missed this evening!

Dearest St Hildegard! How delighted to know you, Von B, enjoy the snapolas. Great good fun BUT sometimes, some folk take exception to what is only meant to be great good fun. Happy Thanksgiving! Onward!! Fight!!! Cheers, Patrizzio!PS: If interested, read on. If not, delete! On way or another, Fondestos, Patrizzio!

thanks Patrick, always entertaining! Happy Thanksgiving! Hanneke 
Hi Hanneke!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Doug! Delighted to know you enjoyed the snapolas. Great good fun BUT sometimes, some folk take exception to what is only meant to be pranks and games. Cheers, Patrizzio!

What a creative mind and photographic talent you have. Thanks for sharing your albums with us, and bringing lots of smiles on our faces. Happy Thanksgiving, we'll see you soon. Jos Fantasticum! Ave Arturum

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