Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wine Shelf Blues: Wednesday, October 7th!

Writing is thinking on paper. -William Zinsser, writer and editor (7 Oct 1922-2015) 

Hi Corinne and Pat, We are going to miss toasting the bounty of the season, the people we love and the bird and/or squash or whatever it was going to be with you!

Dodo (center) among Indian birds
Art: Ustad Mansur, c. 1625
I read a little story called 'Waking Up' with a boy named Alfie in grade one yesterday, and he made me laugh. Each page introduces a new farm animal and what they say. We got to the turkey page and he said " The roaster wakes up and says Gobble, Gobble!!" I cracked up! He's obviously been listening to chat about what's going on with the strange looking bird this weekend.

It sounds like you are going to have a very eventful and riotous Thanksgiving weekend! I look forward to hearing all the details. Keep the dog away from the dessert. We once lost all the pies to a big lab who busted into the cold room.

George and I really look forward to sharing dinner with you here! So glad you can come. Take good care and have a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers, Jane

Hi Calamity and Whirling Dervish! Thanks for warning about the pie-loving lab! Since Cora Lee thinks the entire Burns Street Watering Hole is a "cold room", we'll have to be on high alert all weekend! Had been meaning to forward the snippet below. You might well already know about this latest jazz development, from Cory Weeds, but in case not:

Jazz Fans! Well, I'm excited to announce that Vancouver has a new hub of live music starting October 8!  Frankie's Italian Kitchen will be hosting live music 4 days a week to start (Thursday - Sunday) under the Coastal Jazz banner. This has been in the works for many months and I'm so excited to finally see it come to fruition.

Once we get all hopped up on porch cleaner, on the 16th, we can weave our way to Frankie's and groove! Fondestos to one and all. Trust your Thanksgiving, although what will obviously be a somewhat sombe weekend, will be a time to celebrate your family's love, care and concern for one another. Cheers, Chain Cleaner Quaffer Conduttore!

Hello Duhlink! I assume you are back home, safely and soundly! Trust all went well in Toronto. Did you receive snaps of your visit. I sent them along a week or so ago? Sorry I haven't asked sooner. Fondestos, and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Patricio No we didn't receive any pics but saw some on Facebook.could you resend please. Thanks again for a wonderful stay - Toronto and Creemore were great but exhausting. We lost our passports and had to arrange to meet British consul butcher's God they were found in safe at Hilton Fallsview! Heather kindly drove us there in evening after feeding students and luckily won $800! We didn't feel so bad after that. We were therefore delayed getting to Creemore but had wonderful time for last two days. Jim took us up in his microfiber which Mike found exciting but I found scary! Will send as Many pics as poss. Just realised most pics on iPhone so will send from there. Love from us both xx

His name us Riley. We're home tomorrow. yay! Hope you are planning on staying with us when you are in Van. Love Elaine  Welcome to the world Riley Edward Anderson. Born October 6th and 7.2lbs. 10/10 on the cuteness scale. Mom (Laura insists it's spelt this way!) and Riley both doing really well and we should be taking him home tomorrow. He's a good sleeper and not much of a crier so hoping that continues. Laura and I are absolutely smitten! Can't wait for you all to meet him. Lots of love, L&J&R xox

Hello Beleaguered Volunteer Manager! Trust you were able to fill the necessary shifts. Sorry I didn't respond sooner but we've been choc-a-block with visitors and more to come this weekend. Will pop by on Friday, October 16th, when we arrive in Vancouver, to see if there are other shifts we might help with, should you still require volunteers. Trust you will be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, being "under the gun", so to speak. Fondestos, Patrizzio!  

Hi Lynne, et al! Thanks for confirming hotel arrangements in Chennai. Much appreciated. Sorry I haven't respond sooner but we've been choc-a-block with visitors, (as your towel-wrapped body knows!), and more to come this weekend. (Orchardist/ Gardener Pete, we've been enjoying your apples and garlic so thanks so much!) Look forward to catching up with you both over the weekend. Must away as I'm starting on more shelving. relocating wine storage to give us much needed space for towels, sheets and the like. Fondestos and Cheers, Nail-Driving Patrizzio!

Patri Pooh! YOU ARE A  HULKORAMBO!! When I read your great emails I get depressed. I am attaching a great photo I took from you and Chuck and plastered a Patriciozo style remark on it, but I do not want to make it public (like you do all the time :)) just send it to you and Mdm Coriandre personally. I really thought when I made it, it is right on!

Anyways, we spoke to the kids and they would prefer to spend the first evening together as a family. Barend has a very early flight, Bodil comes a lot later, so both will be tired and a lot of positive stuff has happened, so there is a lot to talk about. Hope you understand. If we would have been alone, we would have come of course. And, now that we love each other sooooo much, no doubt we will get to know each others kids sooner or later. We would really like Bodil and Barend to meet you. Talk soon! Aarturo Bartolomeo Dronokerso  

Hi Aarturo! Thanks for letting us know about not being able to get together this weekend, at least on the evening when Bodil and Barendt arrive. Understand completely. If it might work out, later on, over the course of their stay, let us know.

On another matter, is there a hike tomorrow? Unless I missed an email I haven't heard anything. If you read this by 8:00 am Thursday morning, please give me a shout: 250-493-0092. Plenty to do here so not a big deal if nothing is planned as far as hiking goes. I'll just become even angrier at not being able to talk while hiking. Great cartoon bubble! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Jake and Virginia! Wonderful to have enjoyed your company on Sunday. Thank you, both, so much, for lovely gifts, the plants and delish apple juice! Very generous and much appreciated. Nancy and David certainly enjoyed meeting you two and it was great to hear more of everyone's stories. Cora Lee is busy editing some hack's local history book and I must away as I'm about to start shelf building shortly. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Sunshine Valley People! Trust you are both well and over The Goat Curry Blues! We leave for Inja on October 27th but we will drive to Vancouver on Friday, October 16th. Chloë has a fund raiser for Aunt Leah's on the 17th and we will volunteer for VWF  from the 20th-25th. Busy time but perhaps we might be able to arrange a time to see you, depending on your busy schedules. We will be staying at Jo-Anne's, (former neighbour at Harbour Terrace, until we fly to Chennai), as it is most convenient for us to attend sessions and get to our shifts at Festival, etc. Let us know what you think about seeing each other over the time we are in Vancouver. Fondestos and Cheers, Nail-Driving Patrizzio!

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