Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Two Suitcases and a Missing Passport Blues: Tuesday, October 13th!

Life is just a short walk from the cradle to the grave and it sure behooves us to be kind to one another along the way. -Alice Childress, playwright, author, and actor (12 Oct 1916-1994) 

Hi Patrice, I know Colleen has been in touch re a visit hopefully before you head out of town. Just wanted to pass along this blurb from my quarterly West world magazine cycling around B.C. in case you don’t get it. Cheers, Al


Hi Marilyn and Big Al! Sorry I've not replied to you sooner, Marilyn. [Thanks for biking article Big Al. Kettle Valley is on my list once back from India. Have made a number of friends in hiking group who know various parts of it quite well. Plan to put larger, mountain "knobblies" on one of my Brodies to handle some of the rougher terrain.] We enjoyed a truly wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with Chloë and her friend, Krissy, market going, wine-tasting, wood-stacking and fabulous meals every night from a new, wonderful cabbage hash, by Mme Coriandre, on Thursday, (when goils arrived), to designer pizza on Friday, ribs on Saturday, then a full blown turkey spread on Sunday, along with Lynne and Peter, in Summerland, as Lee, another friend of C's/K's was staying at her parent's incredible home. Even more delicious overlefts since! 
Louise and Henryk, couple who will house-sit for us while we are away, have been staying near Vernon for past week or so and we had invited them to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. They arrived around 4:30 pm and we started to go over house details and work which we had agreed that they would do: more shelving in garage, installation of in-house vacuum system, etc., all the tasks Big Al and Ragin' didn't accomplish! They stayed overnight and left around noon, after we finalized more renno details. Chloë left a few hours later, (Krissy stayed with Lee, in Summerland, and was to drive back with her and her two children today, I believe.),  and after we waved goodbye, I re-stacked some of the firewood that had been delivered around noon on Sunday. Set for the winter now so will be able to sit in front of the fire reading and sipping malt! Henryk brought me a fantastic bottle, (1L!), of Jura, Turas Mara, 42%, one I'd never tasted before, from duty -free. He was just in Scotland.

As I mentioned, I have Shanghaied Henryk into installing the in-house system we bought this past summer. Yesterday, finally got around to trying the hose to see how far it would reach, based on where we'd like to have outlet and it is everyone's opinion that the 50' length would be the one we'd like. The 40' length just barely reaches into the far corners of our master bedroom so Corinne's shoes will be covered in dust if we don't have the extra 10 '!

Must away as after dropping off 40' hose, [I will return it, via Greyhound, (I have some of the mailing labels from earlier shipments.), and have already heard from dealer that he will ship us the 50' hose. Not even charging us the difference so that is rather nice!], I have to run scads of errands, (last minute house details), and then start packing for India when back home.

Looking at our schedule, once in Vancouver, Monday, October 19th looks like the only time we have free, given everyone's busy lives. Also the one evening we were hoping to visit with Chloë so I assume you wouldn't mind if she joined us, wherever we plan to get together, as I trust we will be able to do. Let us know what you think and we'll plan accordingly. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Pizza; wine-tasting; Gilliana, (great biker!), and Philipo; Thanksgiving dinner; Henryk delivering malt; firewood!

Hi Patrick, A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and Corinne as well. We will be happy to exchange the 40’ HH hose for a 50’ and there will be no additional charge to do so other than the associated shipping costs. You can send the 40’ hose back via bus and we will do the same with a 50’. Val will ensure that Henryk’s cell number is on the package as well and please give him my cell number if he has questions on how to install it. He can call me at anytime. Have a great trip to India and be safe in the process. Regards, Alan

Hi again, Al and Val! Thanks so much for the speedy reply! Appreciate everything. I'll be taking the 40' HH to the Greyhound depot shortly. I will make sure that Henryk has your cell number, (He has been copied on all these messages so I assume he will note it down.), for "technical support" should he require it. Thanks for that, as well, of course. Furthermore, his last name is Marchinkowski so I think Val should address the package to him at our address as he will be picking it up.

Must away as after dropping off hose I have to run scads of errands, (last minute house details), and then start packing for India when back home. Thanks again for the considerate help and the good wishes on our coming trip. All the best to you and Val. Cheers, Patrizzio!

thx Patrick for cc'ing me on these emails, Henryk A note to say thanks for your hospitality. It was a pleasure spending Thanksgiving with you all! Hopefully you received your passports today and are able to peacefully prepare for your trip.

Henryk said that he rec'd an email from Patrick this AM concerning the Vacuum cleaner hose with the contact email. Please let us know about the kitchen island chair, and if you decide to get that fridge for the garage, we will need the name and number of the delivery guy you know Patrick....thanks again, Louise and Henryk

Spent much of the morning, early afternoon, running around like the numerous Quail one sees almost everywhere, hereabouts, (I just took out the compost as Cora Lee was pickling beets today, and counted at least 16 or 17, fat, juicy ones, in the back lane, not overly bothered by me, although obviously ready to explode away if necessary!), running errandos of one sort or another. Mission successful, I was back home by 1;30 pm. Had a bite to eat, (a bowl of super-delish turkey bits with gravy), then suited/lubed up to head out for first ride since this past Friday.

Day was unbelievably glorious, bright and sunny, although the wind, out of the north, was brisk and cool. Since I didn't want to fight it on the leg home I decided I'd head to The Naramata. Started off with my route regulare, (PTC/Lakeshore/Riverside), and then up Van Ave to Upper Bench. Soon on Naramata Rd and whistling along even though I was bucking the decent head wind. On a day like today, Okanagan Lake is simply spectacular. It's surface looked like a giant, burnished, warrior's shield, mottled, hammered metal, glinting and sparkling in the late afternoon sun. The surrounding hills were breathtaking in their dark green and tan beauty. Looking north the lake disappeared into the distance, the hills on each side disappearing beneath the quasi-horizon, shrouded in an almost indescribable blue haze that literally stunned me as I've not seen this particular expression of the light before.

Went as far as the first cattle guard, (I had decided I'd only do my basic 51 km outing), as I knew I'd have the distance I wanted by turning around here. Vistas on way home were even better as one is able to see more of the vineyard carpeted benches which cloak the landscape west of Naramata Rd. Wind wasn't entirely behind me as I headed south but the cross-wind did help on some of the modest inclines so I had not a jot nor tittle to complain about. Needed a few km worth of dipsy-doodling by the time I was back on Government but it was all downhill here and on Ellis as well. Slight climb back from Lakeside but now the wind was helping me so I "raced" home, thanking my ever so lucky stars to be blessed with such scenery and sunshine, and the scrumptious turkey which fueled this more than memorable ride. Stats for ride:


I have been reluctantly dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century. I have a cell phone. Face Time and Skype on the iPad. Smoke signals must be visible from my balcony. And I still maintain there is too damned much communication in this world! Best, Doug

Hello Kicking Screaming Luddite! Trust you and David are otherwise well! Not sure if I sent along the snaps below. If so, please forgive! After beet production line, Madame Coriandre went to volunteer at Richard Cannings' campaign office so not quite sure when she will be home. I've made a salad and we'll heave more overlefts while we watch Indian Summers, part of our homework for Inja! Scads more to do before we hit the road for Vancouver on Friday. Take care of each other. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Freeloaders' Visit! Lady Mary's home pickling results!

Hello Almost Vernonites/Not Kelownates! Trust you are both well! We enjoyed a truly wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, thanks in great part to you and Henryk. Hope we didn't scare you off but looking forward to returning to a mansion! Have been enjoying all the delicious overlefts ever since we waved goodbye! Thanks again, Henryk, for the more than fantastic bottle of Jura, Turas Mara, 42%, one I'd never tasted before, as I think I mentioned. Unfortunately, I think it will be gone when you arrive!

As you know, the 50' hose will be shipped at some point, with your name, Henryk, on the package when delivered to Penticton. Greyhound will call to let you know when it has arrived. I have yet to call Ray Janko, the chap who delivered the wood. I will call him tomorrow to make sure he will be able to help out with his pick-up for fridge.

I went over to Karl Lane's place today to see the fridge and I think it will work well. It is 65" high, 30" wide but I neglected to measure depth. Have to make him an offer tomorrow and if he accepts I'll ask him for that measurement. I have a few ideas about placement in garage, relative to freezer, but will wait until deal goes through before I outline my thoughts. Here is Karl's number and he felt the new fridge would arrive in two weeks or so.

With respect to bar stool, Rooms-to-Go phoned and we can pick it up tomorrow so one less errand for you! Perhaps more importantly, our visas arrived this afternoon! Hip Hip Hooray! Cora Lee called Lynne to let her know and she told her that Peter had driven into Vancouver this morning to see about their visas in person. He was staying overnight and Lynne had not heard from him when Mme Coriandre called. Hope he can obtain them as the clock is really ticking for him!
Will leave a list about where to find various things around the house, (garbage bags, recycling tips, etc.), as well as any other things that come to mind that we might not have already discussed. Take care of each other. Will be in touch tomorrow, regarding fridge. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Lady Mary's home pickling results! Thanksgiving in Summerland!

Hello Wood-Providers! Trust you are both well! We certainly enjoyed Saturday evening so glad you did also. Chloë was delighted to meet you both and said how much fun she had with all of us. Thanks, again, for wood. Much appreciated. Did you go on Monday's hike?  I went over to Karl Lane's place today to see the fridge he wants to sell and he mentioned the hike was terrific, about 20 people or more, I think he said.

I'm hoping to hike on Thursday. And you? If we don't see you then, thanks for the offer of more wood. Probably have to wait until we are back from India and you are back from your world travels. Take care of each other in Sedona and enjoy New Zealand. Will probably be in touch, via email, over the course of everyone's trips. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Saturday evening


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