Thursday, 15 October 2015

Naramata, Above and Beyond Divide Lake Blues: Thursday, October 15th!

The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, philosopher (15 Oct 1844-1900) 

Election Day we will be going back to Summerland, with Mike our fearless leader. Here is what he has to say about it: "My idea is to follow the bike trail of the Conckle mountain. We can start at the KVR station at the Rodeo Grounds, follow the trail clockwise on north side, then east side, maybe do some short cuts through a bush, and come to a ridge where there is the memory site for Denis, or whatever is left of those flags out there, and following north we can descent on the west side toward the parking lot. This rout is mostly on a single track of the bike trail, so it is quite easy, but might take 3 hours for sure."

So we will be leaving Summerfair IGA parking lot in Summerland at 9 am. Pentictonites can carpool at Home Hardware north-eastern parking lot at 8:40. Afterwards we will be going to Good Omens for coffee or whatever....

Hello Fellow Hikers! Just a very quick note to thank Ricardo for taking us on such a grand hike and Guillermo for being such a patient, easy-going chauffeur! What a glorious day to be in such stunning surroundings with such wonderful folk. Thanks everyone for such warm friendship.

Many of you might know that Mme Coriandre and I are off to Vancouver tomorrow, for ten days or so, before flying to India for six weeks. Will be back in Penticton on December 11th so do hope to connect with those of you who will be here over Christmas and holiday season. For those of you making for sunnier climes, Bon Voyage and travel safely. All the best, to one and all. Take care of each other. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Stats for hike:
Sara Jane McGillivray

Sara Jane McGillivray
Hi you two!! We're really looking forward to seeing you and playing the Triva game. Is it going to work for you to come over to our place for a little dinner before going to the event? It'll be a bit odd to have an early dinner but we need to eat anyway so let'd do it together! You are staying somewhere in Kits, right? We could take a cab after dinner if we'd all like to have a drink and not drive safely. So, if this still works for you, come at about 5:15. Thank you. Sara

Hi Wonder Woman! I was going to send you an email earlier but time is evaporating and we are still packing! Not as bad as it seems as we both have most of what we plan to take ready to go. We are staying on 7th and Bayswater so pretty close. Will give you a call on Friday after we hit town. I'm hoping to go for a ride on Saturday. Interested? Anyway, we can chat about that and cab, etc. Thanks for all the contact details. Must away as scads still to do around house, getting it ready for our sitters. Mme Coriandre sends along her best wishes to you and Dermot, and Jake the Shadow, of course! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Dear Patrick & Corinne Lovely pictures, love the beets Corinne, my Mom would always say eat your beets and you will have a long life. I got back from Wpg. last week visiting my dear Mom and she just has this amazing resilience. No broken bones, therapy and a month later she is out of the hospital with a wheel chair and a leg brace. Back cooking meals for her sons who live down the street from her seniors home. She still has no cognitive decline & still so in charge of her life. I find myself now phoning her every day enjoying the pure pleasure of listening to her as her time is so limited

To welcome me back home, John took me out to enjoy fine dining at “ Ca Va” Bistro Moderne French Cuisine Duck Confit, Yam pave, braised cabbage, apple confit, with mustard & cream and red wine gastrique And then across to the Belfry Theatre to see ”Speed the Plow” a play that hit Broadway in 1988 Madonna as the star.

Thanksgiving was quiet, we hiked up through Mt. Doug with the hounds which we do three or four times a week It is pure pleasure seeing the kids frolic relentlessly as they run & frolic, a chase, a rhythm that only they have choreographed to a dance all their own John barbecued Leg of Lamb with roasted vegetables and I made a almond crusted cheesecake, all so yummy. Spent yesterday a whole day in fact making Moussaka with left over lamb with béchamel sauce, yummy!

The elections are ever so near it will be quite exciting to watch. Reading John Ibbetson’s book on Stephen Harper, interesting. Our only Green Party member for BC is Andrew Weaver a scientist and Prof. at UVic. He is also the son of my good friend

Ludmilla who is Ukrainian. I was to have Ludmilla & family all over for dinner in two weeks but cancelled as I am flying out east to see my sister.

Sister Patricia is still in the hospital can only walk a little and her husband’s cancer has now spread to his brain. Not good. Spend time on the phone every day with her & with her daughters trying to decide my sister’s future She is totally dependent on her husband.

John is well, decided to do a little research and working on a contract. I am pleased. Back into my garden with fall cleanup busily trimming my many Sempervirens sufficuticsa & Microphylla Boxwoods, In my senility I can see having a topiary garden shaped like Dalmatians. Tomorrow we are dining out with old friends Carolynn & Victor. They travel two or three times a year to Australia To visit their daughter with her three children, their grandchildren. That must be difficult. Lots of catching up.

Well dear friends, do have a wonderful time in India. It is a land of Spirituality. Will you find your self following the many hundreds of Gurus The country is constantly urbanizing and bristling with ambition but it is also frustrated and confused so the people follow Gurus like a Placebo. You will come home I am sure with your own mantra. Enjoy!

Picture of our going away party in Australia surrounded by two friends, the fellow on the left was with the college John was teaching at And the fellow on the right owned and ran the most delicious Fish & Chips outlet in Cooee Bay where we lived. Looks like we were all having A good time. Love, Jean & John, Benson & Tess

Hi Jean and John! Thanks for the lovely Thanksgiving card! Delighted to learn that your Mother has rebounded so wonderfully! Must be all those beets. Good Ukrainian stock!!! Balanced by your sister's inordinately difficult situation,, of course.Thank you for the newsy message. Enjoyed hearing about Gentleman John spoiling his wonderful wife, as he should, according to Cora Lee! Mme Coriandre sends along her best wishes to you and John. Take care of each other. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

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