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Chest Staples Blues: Thursday, September 4th!

In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy. -Ivan Illich, philosopher and priest (1926-2002)

Four Hearts on the CCU! An appropriate bid under the circumstances!!!
Hi Pat, Thank you.  I am really looking forward to the ride, always wanted to do it.  Pass on my thanks to George and the rest of Team Jackal.  Onward! Peter

Hi Pat, Let the day begin. Wondering about the registration procedure.  Do I have to register online first or do I just take the code you gave me below to the package pick-up place? Peter

Hi Night Hawk/Early Bird! I'll be sure to pass along your thanks to Carlos, (Charlie), The Jackal, Team Leader, as it was his office which won five tickets to GF. Glad you will have the opportunity to ride to Whistler. I assumed you had done it before, given Cypress, etc. Anyway, looks like a grand day.

With respect to registration, you will need to register online. The entire code string, as it appears, needs to be entered, not just the last four numbers. At least that was my experience. You collect your package on Friday from the Convention Centre, 11:00 am-8:00 pm. The VeloSpoke Bike Expo is fun to walk through. We did that two years ago, although we didn't ride in event. Giorgio is playing squash at 12:30 pm so I'll probably arrange to meet him somewhere afterwards and we'll go down to CC to pick up our registration packages together. Perhaps we'll bump into you. If not, all the best on Saturday. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to call. Cheers, Patrizzio!

PS: I was up reasonably early, (not as early as you, however!), around 6:45 am as I had to take my car in to have an oil change.  When I rode back, from near Science World, it was coolish so I plan to wear a vest as we muster around 6:35 am, on Saturday, as you may know. As well, friend Sara, (You really need to thank her as I offered ticket to her first but she couldn't do it this year!), who is three Whistler GF vet, (as well as twice to Seattle for Ride for Cancer), said that much of first leg to Squamish is in shadow so you might keep that in mind as well. When I rode that leg last week I didn't leave until 1:30 pm so cooler temperature really wasn't an issue.

 However, by the time we get past Squamish it will probably be heating up so another change to adapt to. Personally, I'm not overly worried about heat as having done the Penticton GF this past July I know my body processed even higher temperatures, over the course of a 40 km longer ride, quite well. Furthermore, it is later in the season and on the coast, of course. Anyway, just thought I'd pass along what few tips I have. I'm not an expert by any means but every little bit of information might help, especially if you are going for a specific time. Again, my goal is to enjoy the ride and finish! Onward and Upward!!! 

P, Pleased and impressed to learn that Sarge is fighting back as one would expect from him. His biggest test may be staying still -- doing the requisite resting/healing. 
I will be on the mainland in the morning tomorrow and will play a match at 12:30 with Carlos and Co. Will then find my way down to the registration desk at Canada Place -- is it? Let me know what your plans are for the day.

Thanks for arranging to include me as another freeloader in the Squamish overnight. I hope that is really okay with the hosts. If you know, let me know your schedule for the return from Squamish. I am playing a 4PM match Sunday afternoon so will want to return well before that time. Not sure how enthusiastic I will be to ride back. Found a wireless tether system that seamlessly attaches to the Trek . Now looking forward to an effortless ride Sea to Sky...G

Hi Giggster! This in from Peter: Hi Pat, Thank you.  I am really looking forward to the ride, always wanted to do it.  Pass on my thanks to George and the rest of Team Jackal. Onward! Peter 

Just back from seeing Sarge and he is doing very well although he was complaining about not being able to get any rest in hospital. (I passed along your thoughts and best wishes and he said he hopes to see you, at home, this weekend! Might happen.) He had an EEG, blood and blood pressure taken shortly after 6:30 am, (last twice as shift changed at 7:00 am and policy is to do this at each change of the guard!). Then breakfast, sometime between 7:30 am-8:00 am and then he was so tired he feel asleep. He was still sleeping when we arrived at about 9:15am but woke up shortly thereafter. We played a few hands of bridge and then he had to go for an X-ray. Kid Chelene, Prince Valiant and I played three three-handed rounds before he was wheeled back to room.

Prince Valiant had classes starting at noon so we left about 10:30 am, taking the Sky Train just a block or so away, to VCC and then bus. Sarge was to go to physio, (He did 92 step-ups yesterday!), part of his rehab process, at 11:00 am anyway. All going well, he could be discharged on Saturday or Sunday. This being the case you might see him, as I mentioned above. I had "toyed" with riding back to Vancouver from Squamish, and might still do so, but will wait and see how much malt we consume! In any event, Cora Lee needs to be back so don't worry about your squash match. You are more than welcome to stay over on Sunday, unless you plan to return to Galiano that evening. 

Don't fret about imposing on the Squamoids. Not an imposition at all, as you will discover. Wonderful couple, wonderful people. However, might have to ask Ricardo to put a restraining order on the wireless tether or else have Cudgel Man make you an offer that you can't refuse! (They are back from a most successful/pleasant 10 days or so in Oregon/Washington, although I haven't chatted yet. Talked to Mick and he mentioned Sylvia had talked to Polly a day or so ago.) I plan to draft behind you and Carlos, as eldest in Peloton, from the get-go!

With respect to registration pick-up, unless you have other plans, decide where you'd like to meet and we can go to CC together. You might wish to bring your stuff here after game but you decide. I probably won't be riding until going to CC, whenever that might be, so will be around The Islay Inn for most of day anyway. If timing works out, hoping to have Sylvia and Robert, Sarge's sister-in-law/brother for a drink on Friday evening as they catch red-eye back to Nova Scotia at around midnight. Other than that, an aweful lot of malt to down before start of trek on Trek!

Give me a call or send a message to let me know what you think. Off to collect my car, after its oil change, shortly, so might head out to UBC first for a bit of a stretch ride after yesterday's 100 km. Coincidentally, I bumped into Richard Argue, (friend of both Lee, Peter and Doug, reporter Lee knows), yesterday on Point Grey Rd and we had a good 40 km together before he had to go. I told him that I didn't know, at the time, who was taking extra ticket. He'll be pleased to learn that Peter and Doug will be riding together. 

(Backstory: Hi Pat, Thanks for the entry. Doug picked up a media pass and so doesn't need it. He is encouraging me to use your entry...wants me to join him at race speed and thinks we can do it in 5 hours...would surprise me as I haven't trained for that distance.  This means, I think, that we would not be riding with your group.  Is that okay?  It's probably not what you or George intended when you offered Lee the ticket.  If you have someone else that wants to ride with Team Jackal let me know and I will stand down.  Otherwise I will ride.  And it is only fair that I reimburse George for the ticket...let me know his address and I will mail him a cheque. Peter) Stats for ride:

I told Peter not to worry about fee but if it is an issue, I'm sure he would be happy to pay. Cheers, Il Conduttore! Pics: Contract was, rather appropriately, under circumstances, Four Hearts! 

Hi Giggage! Just a short note. Fine for Carlos to freeload muleage of clothes and ride back to Squamish. Is roof rack okay for latter? Great to see JTT at Squamish Waldorf as well. I will be around tomorrow morning and I could meet you at Olympic to mule your stuff back to The Heartbreak Terrace if you need to hoof it VRC. Will you have two panniers? I probably won't have my car as Cora Lee is undergoing more shopping therapy! Anyway, not a big deal, I'm sure. Just let me know. You can always phone just before you dip underground after crossing CSTB, or earlier, so I'll know when to leave our place to effect rendezvous! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pat, it matters not if Peter rides with us. We will be too slow for him anyway -- I will be anyway. Chasy may send some clothes up with us and will likely catch a ride back to Squamish. Let me know if that is still okay. Cobby is going to drive up and grab him in Squamish -- so we may both meet Rick and Ruth yet. I will see how my timing is in the morning tomorrow. If you will be around in the morning I may come straight there from the Canada LIne and drop stuff off before my squash match. I will see when Chasy plans to register and then maybe the three of us can head down together sometime after squash. Thanks for offering Murphy's bed for Sunday as well. Not sure what my plan is yet. Great that Sarge might get home by the weekend. Nothing short of miraculous. W

Hi Pat, Thanks for the tips, I'll take a vest or jacket. Regarding registration, do you know the online site address? I checked the Gran Fondo site but nothing is obvious. Peter
Wonderful, thanks again for the update, I finally connected with Michele last night.  I'm so grateful for everyone that his surgery went well and it should keep him in better health than before.  Obviously he was a walking time bomb.  

Grateful that he came out of the coma o.k. That was a worry. All is well here and sizzling in the hot sun. Must buy more gin and tonic. Big hugs to all. Joanne

Patrick James Dunn Seahulk had to use his cleats on Sarge to keep him from going to the game!
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Patrick James Dunn Is this your theme song, Chloë?
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  • Patrick James Dunn Buona Fortuna!!!
    Hi Pat, got your phone message, will register in person, thank you. I checked out your Garmin ride are fit and fast.  Wouldn't be surprised if Team Jackal passed Doug and I en route.  

Chloe Alexis Dunn Happy Birthday to my sister!!!! I love you Sissy!!! — with Alex Prince, Ayn P and Pierre Prince

  • Chloe Alexis Dunn Look at her handsome boys!!!

  • Cody Ziemanski Happy Birthday! Ayn P
  • Ayn P Thanks cuz xo...your cousins have me out at a whiskey bar!
    Sail on down to our sale. This Saturday come down and fill a medium sized bag with clothes for only $10 or a large sized bag for $20. We provide the bag and you can bag some new outfits. It's from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Urban Thrift (177 East Broadway).

    Hi Patrice, What fantastic news about Sarge!!. Simply amazing that he has come through so well considering all the possible outcomes. Our other patient, Colleen is doing well although still very sore towards the end of the day as is understandable given the type of surgery she had,

    I have another friend, a soccer dad from Jake’s team who will be participating in the Gran Fondo as well named Tim Jowett. Perhaps you could tell me what you plan on wearing and I can tell him to look out for you. Do wish I had my act together to participate but just so busy at this time with multiple tasks projects etc. that it was too much to take on as well. I will definitely make it my goal to be trained and ready for next years event. 

    I have perused craigslist of late looking at bikes in general as well as thinking I might see one of our stolen ones for sale  and as it turns out I think I may have found my lotus but impossible to really tell as I never did get serial numbers from it to check against. the bike is advertised as having new tires which I had just put on as well as new handlebar tape which was coming off and needed to be replaced and this bike has just been painted as well !. I have replied to the ad inquiring as to what make it is and am waiting to hear back. ultimately I did only pay $1.00 for it at a yard sale so not really worth pursuing but there’s the principle factor.

    I went down to Science world yesterday morning to collect the damaged Vancouver Flyer exhibit pieces which were damaged by some drunkards attending a wedding reception there about three weeks ago. 

    I guess they rent out the facility to private functions although they may have to rethink that given this event.  i am still working on the stairs and hope to finish today at some point, I have laid most of the fiberglass matting down  and will next apply the resin to form a solid weatherproof coating hopefully never having to deal with it again!!! 

    We will attend the car show out in Langley for a while Saturday morning as it is the biggest of the year and the guy who has been working on My Saratoga has finally finished and we can take it out there to show it off. later in the day we will go to the track to meet some friends I low from Film, and have been trying to do something social with for years now! . Or should I say they are finally making an effort to reciprocate or at least take some steps toward it. We stopped inviting them over as we had had them over several times and really enjoyed their company but they just could seem to get it together to have us over. 

    Petty maybe but I'm sure you can understand that it gets a little irritating when it becomes a one sided affair. they are great fun, have a beautiful place on the sunshine coast and her parents have a place in Osoyoos as well which we stayed at some 15 years ago on our trip back from Calgary in ‘99 so hopefully they have gotten it together a bit more now and we can move forward. On Sunday we plan on heading down to the States for an overnight with some shopping etc..  I look forward to hearing about the big ride, give my best to Whirligig and I wish you a safe and fun time. Take care and talk soon. Cheers, Al

    Titanium Green Errando ride stats: 

    Loaded my Trek onto the rack at just after 7:00 am to take it into Coastal for an oil change. Put keys through drop-off slot and then rode home. Quite coolish at that time of the morning so I knew it would probably be quite similar on Saturday if not even cooler as it would be even earlier. We are to be in our "corral", muster point, by 6:35 am so will be leaving the Islay Inn just after 6:00 am. Decided, on the ride home that I would wear a light vest as well. Sara had mentioned that most of ride, to Squamish, at least, would be in the shade. That alone would mean that it could be chilly, especially if we faced a head wind.

    Spent most of the rest of the day trying to update The Diaries and then when Slammin' Steve phoned to let me know that the car was ready, I headed back to Coastal to collect TG. Coriandre was at a meeting that evening so we were planning to eat a late dinner. 

    Once home, however, I bumped into relatively new neighbour, Patrizzia, and her youngest daughter, Vittoria. Patrizzia had left two bottles of very respectable Chilean wine on our patio a week or so ago and I hadn't thanked her in person since finding the lovely gift. (I had left a message on voice mail.) Wanted to invite her in for a drink, especially after I learned that she, Vittoria and her husband were off to Kelowna that weekend. 

    Gregg, I learned, was interested in looking at a number of properties in the Okanagan and I suggested that they not overlook Naramata. When Gregg joined us a few minutes later we soon discovered that he, being a mining engineer, knew Peter. They had worked together at a mine in Chile in the 90's, I believe. Quite a coincidence! Furthermore, Lynne and Peter will be staying at The Islay Inn over the 13th/14th/15th of this month so Gregg hoped they'd be able to have a reunion. 

    Hi, Patrick! Thank you very much! I can hardly wait to visit you next week. Your stories always sound really fun! Yesterday when we are watching TV, the topic was about CANADA. I was very excited and my mom was envied that I would be there soon. I told her to come with me, but she said she couldn't this time. However, she promised me to visit Canada next year!!

    I keep you updated with my plans. Thank you for the details instructions at the airport. If there are anything, I will call you. Looking very very much forward to seeing you. Next week, I will be in Vancouver!! Love, Toshiko

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