Monday, 8 September 2014

Whirlygig Bye Bye Blues: Monday, September 8th!

If more politicians in this country were thinking about the next generation instead of the next election, it might be better for the United States and the world. -Claude Pepper, senator and representative (1900-1989) 

Thanks for the game of bridge the other night. Hope the ride went well.  Wondered if you could tell us the name of the town that your friend stays in.  Have not visited Mexico and thought it might be good for next feb but never know where nice places are to go.  Thanks pauline and mick

Hi Pauline, the name of the resort area is Guayabitos and the Mexican town beside it is La Penita. There are lots of places to rent there. There are places being listed online. I think you would really like the area. Lots of great small towns on the ocean to visit and Monday and Thursday markets. Cheers, Corinne

We just heard your message about Sarge. We are devastated....Sarge was
so much fun when we were up there and I was thinking about him all
during the Seattle game the other night. Please send me back an email
and we will make sure we do not lose any of yours again. I want to come
and visit all of you every year.............Dave

Hi David and Pat! Here is the last message I sent. Sarge came upstairs earlier this evening. He had been out with Flamin' for a short shopping trip, so this is a very good sign. He says he feels a bit stronger every day. Hard to believe that he suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, miraculously survived, and then a five hour plus quadruple by-pass surgery a week ago!

I'm driving him to the airport tomorrow to pick up his mother, Vivienne. She will be staying for three weeks, or so, to be with him for the first little while as Flamin' will be back to work. He is not to lift any more than five pounds and needs someone to help him shower/shampoo as he is not to lift his arms above his head. Other than that he is obviously in a weakened state but otherwise in pretty damn good shape. One step at a time. Will probably start having a few lads over, during the day, to play bridge, whenever Sarge feels up to it.

Kid Chelene, Corey, and Prince Valiant, Ryan, along with Marvin, son-in-law, sold their six tickets to the game on Thursday even though Sarge insisted he should be able to go! At least he came home the next day.

I'll be certain to pass along the fact that you want to come and visit every year! He'll be delighted as are Cora and I, of course! Fondestos from Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi, i'm now back in Arizona, experienced a monsoon that broke all record over 100 years. They are not equipped for the water to drain so it crippled a lot of highways, closed down schools and flooded the back yard. I miss everyone and hope you're all well. I'm loving the time with my babies. Hi to everyone! Big hugs, Joanne. 

Didn't leave for my ride until close to 4:00 pm. Felt great to be back in the saddle again after the ride of a lifetime to Whistler! Headed out to UBC for a "stretch" jaunt, just happy to coast along, not really pushing myself, simply enjoying gorgeous late afternoon sun and sights along the way. Back home just after 6:15 pm. Stats for ride:

Coriandre was a meeting so I recorded my stats and then showered and changed. Made a large salad to share when she returned and spent next hour or so trying to catch up on unanswered messages, backed up as a result of GF weekend. When Cora Lee was home we watched two episodes of Happy Valley while enjoying the salad. To bed to read afterwards and we both slept soundly. I hadn't slept very well on Saturday night, tossing and turning while reliving the climbs to Whistler! Sunday night's sleep was blissful!

Hello! I'm hoping you can take a few minutes from your busy schedule to quickly sign an online petition via the White House website.

Nationstar Mortgage continues to wreak havoc on a lot of ordinary people. This company has been charged with elder abuse (in Oregon) and has sold, at auction, properties it doesn't even own. (Imagine waking up one day and finding your house is gone!) Even when the home is fully paid for, that doesn't stop Nationstar.

I continue to fight them over my own mortgage. (They keep sending back
my checks as "unacceptable" and then telling me I am late.)

The petition is at:

Although you have to use your full name to sign, all that posts to the petition are your initials, so it is relatively anonymous. They ask for your email as they send a link and then you click to confirm, at which point your initials are added to the list. Adding your zipcode or location details seems to be optional...I'm hoping you'll agree that rogue institutions need to be stopped and will sign today! Deborah 

Patrick James Dunn One of the benefits of living in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave! Truly unconscionable!

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