Friday, 5 September 2014

VeloSpoke Bike Expo Blues: Friday, September 5th!

Plenty of kind, decent, caring people have no religious beliefs, and they act out of the goodness of their hearts. Conversely, plenty of people who profess to be religious, even those who worship regularly, show no particular interest in the world beyond themselves. -John Danforth, priest, ambassador, senator (b. 1936) 

P, gotta love this word. Will call when I get close to Olympic station. Only have the Jamis and a back pack so no need for transport but thanks for the offer. Dreamt I got busted by train police -- for not paying. Guess I better pay this morning. W

Hi Whirlissimo! I think Murphy will adore Jamis, if you ever manage to evade the Transit Polizei! If not , you'll be living on a lot of loblolly in stir, the exercise yard there nothing but a tiny courtyard, a festering loblolly. You'll certainly need a loblolly to stitch you up after the Aryan Brotherhood get through with you! At least you'll be able to sustain yourself, dreaming of Team Jackal whizzing through the loblolly forests, en route to Whistler!

If you make it as far as Olympic Station, better stop at Legacy and pound a bottle of cheap porch cleaner to calm your shattered nerves! I'll let The Breakfast Club, en route to Go Green, via 1st/Ontario, that they should expect you this morning! Believe a bottle of Night Train Express is the preferred, pre-luncheon aperitif! One of Gallo's less anaemic offerings, 17.5%, "Night Train is all business when it pulls into the station.  All aboard to nowhere - woo wooo!  The night train runs only one route: sober to stupid with no roundtrip tickets available, and a strong liklihood of a train wreck along the way.  This train-yard favorite is vinted and bottled by E&J Gallo Winery, in Modesto, CA.  Don't bother looking on their web page, because they dare not mention it there.  As a clever disguise, the label says that it is made by 'Night Train Limited.'  

Some suspect that Night Train is really just Thunderbird with some Kool-Aid-like substance added to try to mask the Clorox flavor.  Some of our researchers indicated that it gave them a NyQuil-like drowsiness, and perhaps this is why they put "night" in the name.  Guaranteed to tickle your innards" or turn them into loblolly! Cheers, Il Conduttore!  Pics: Candy is dandy but Likker is quicker and Murphy can use the loblolly needles to tickle Jamis in her sensitive parts!



noun: 1. A thick gruel. 2. Mire; mudhole. 3. An assistant to a ship's surgeon.
4. A pine tree with long needles and strong wood (Pinus taeda). 5. An evergreen, loblolly-bay (Gordonia lasianthus).


Apparently from lob (an onomatopoeic word representing the sound of bubbling while boiling) + lolly (an English dialectal word for broth, soup, etc.). The use of the word for mire or a mudhole is from the porridge-like consistency of the contents of mire or mudhole. The word came to be used for a medical assistant because he fed the patients. The trees received this name from their prevalence in swamp lands. Earliest documented use: 1597.

Hi Peter! You are too kind! By my estimation you will need to clock an AVG of 24.4 km/hr to do the distance in 5 hrs. My stats for Penticton Granfondo:

I think I could have "pushed" my AVG to 24 km/hr or slightly over but started to feel a bit of cramping 10 km from finish so preferred to "limp" in and not have to pull up lame so close to the end of course. At any rate, only managed to achieve that AVG as a result of long, flat distances south of Summerland, all the way to turnaround point, with fairly strong wind at my back. Had 26 km/hr on the clock when I started back towards Oliver. Knew my AVG would drop from there until I finished 40 km climb over Fairview Mountain. Given Whistler course I honestly feel I won't be able to achieve/maintain much above 20 km/hr. Will be delighted, of course, with anything over that. Will be disappointed with logging under that but, realistically, need to be prepared for that eventuality too. Perhaps, with possible drafting, and fellow Team Jackal support, 22km/hr might be a reasonable goal on Vancouver to Squamish leg, with roller coaster from sea level to sea level.

[Michele Darrow-Sutherland:Wayne is home!! He is weak but happy to be in his own space . His brother Bob was a great support to him and us!]

However, from my pre-event run, climbs out of Squamish to Whistler don't really allow the same sort of extended, "level" stretches to pick up losses, at least at my level. Who knows, of course. Overall, in my experience/opinion, climbs are not as steep as in Penticton but go on forever and a day, so that is the challenge. Putting together two day run it took me six hours to complete course. Whether I can better that time on Saturday remains to be seen. Lots of factors, of course. Nevertheless, aside from planning to enjoy the ride I know we will urge one another on. Will certainly wave at you and Doug if Team Jackal do happen to go whizzing by!!!

Just waiting to hear from Giorgio. He is planning to drop some of his gear off at our place before heading to VRC. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi there, I am glad it's turned out well..what a relief for you and those who care about him..I will give you my phone number when I see you. Good luck and ride safe this weekend..This sounds like the wrong kind of thing to say "break a leg" for! Be well..Say hello to Corrine. Hi Barb! Thanks for the good wishes! Will pass along your regards to Corinne. Cheers, Patrizzio!

He arrived at 6:30 am! 7 pounds 3 oz. Not sure how to spell name yet but sounds like Keean. Everyone healthy and happy 

Now I think I have the spelling confirmation! It is Kian Benjamin shoesmith. He is in an incubator but they are gradually trying to ween him off the IV so things are promising and his blood sugar levels are holding steady. 

Hi Brenda Louise! Wonderful news indeed! Terrific, it goes without saying, that Dana and her son are both doing well, even if the Grandmother can't spell! Congratulations to you and Wally from both Cora Lee and I. Cheers, Patrizzio! Thanks for the Lawson card too..  really sweet! Hi again, Brenda Louise! Just think of card when you are up all night and/or changing diapers! You be fine, of course! Cheers, Patrizzio!
Nostalgia: Hi Wally! What a trip down Memory Lane, Gramps! For real now! Congratulations and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Patient and Care Giver! Great news all around, on recuperation front, from Marilyn and Sarge both! Onward! Fight! You people sound even busier than your normal whirlwindish life! Know just what you mean about "one-sided affairs"! Hope things do work out, however.

Thanks for the good wishes! (Whirlygig arrived a couple of hours ago, now. Left to play squash and we will meet after match to ride to Convention Center to pick up our registration packages. He asked me to say hello and send along his thanks as well.) I will be wearing a yellow vest and we are smustering in the 6-7 hour slot. any idea where Tim might be or what he will be wearing? Only need Stanchion Man!!! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Contract was, rather appropriately, under circumstances, Four Hearts! Bid and made by Sarge!!!! Prince Valiant and Kid Chelene, with Avery. Sarge "working" from his hospital room!

Hi Naramtian Freeloaders! (All major credit cards accepted!)

Great news all around, on recuperation front, from Sarge! Trust your "problem", Lynne, will turn out to minor and easily resolved/treated, if needs be. Onward! Fight! Have been enjoying peaches ever since you dropped them off, Jugos! So thanks again. On Thursday morning, had a good visit with Sarge. Took him three peaches and passed along best wishes from you two. He asked me to thank you and hopes to see you when you are in town as he should be home well before then.

On Islay Inn front, JDP hasn't made any arrangements about keys, etc. We will either call you this evening or once back from Squamish on Sunday. We are staying overnight, after ride, with Ruthless and Ricardo. Much bridge and malt! Polly and Mick Carter are coming for a couple of hours of bridge, at 6:00 pm this evening. Will kick them out, no later then 9:00p pm as Team Jackal must needs get their Granfondo rest! Need to be at our muster station, totem poles at Brockton Point, by 6:35 am. Since we plan to ride there probably need to be up by 5:30 am, at latest, to fill our camel packs with malt!

Whirlygig arrived a couple of hours ago, now. He asked me to say hello and send along his thanks as well for peach he grabbed as soon as he checked out new Murphy bed! Truly sorry we won't connect this time around. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thanks for the update on Sarge, Patrick … although I think I could have done without the pictures of the sutures. I'm glad I looked at them before dinner! I would never have made a good nurse as looking at the aftereffects of surgery, and wounds, etc. make me feel much more queasy than actually doing the surgery. I learned this about myself when I took an anatomy class with the pre-med students at Queen's as part of my biology major. Anyhoo, it is good to see him up and at it. The fact he is occasionally wingeing is good news, eh? I hope we'll have a chance for a quick visit when we are at the Island Inn. I have a get-well card I want to deliver.

Talking on the weekend about plans for arrival, etc. chez nous is a good idea. Peter will be home by Sunday. Good luck on your ride in Whistler. I'm sure you'll do just as great a job as you did in the Okanagan. Ride on, Patrizio!!
Cheers, Lynnie

Hi Lynne and Absentee JDP! More great news about Sarge! He was discharged this afternoon and is now back at home! Will be in touch either Sunday or Monday. Must away as I'm getting quite sleepy now. Fondestos to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Gayle and Derek! Great news all around, on recuperation front, from Sarge! He was discharged this afternoon and is now back at home! Popped downstairs earlier to welcome Sarge home and say goodbye to Sylvia and Bob, sister-in-law/brother, as they are back to Nova Scotia at midnight! From the picture Flamin' just posted you can see how tired Sarge looks! At least he is here to look tired!!! Must away as I'm getting quite sleepy now. Fondestos to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pic: Sarge, at home, with brother Bob!

Have a great ride tomorrow Poppa xoxo!!!! Good to see Wayne home and I hope he gets some much needed rest in his own bed.

Hi Ayn!Thanks for good wishes. Really getting quite sleepy now so I'm headed for much needed rest in my own bed as well! Fondestos, Love and Cheers, Poppa!

Hi Matt and Christine! Have been meaning to send these along for days, Matt. However, when i picked up my registration package for Granfondo this afternoon, I met Christine. Discovered you had been on a ride to Solvang together. Great countryside for wine and riding!

Trust you enjoy your time with your parents, Matt. Christine, hope our paths will cross again, in the not too, too distant future. Cheers, Patrizzio! Hi Matt: Incorrect address for you first time around!

Stats for GranFondo registration package pick-up:  

Photos of visit with you :))) (6x) Attached. I thought I lost them along with a lot of others, and was so depressed for two days, but Apple store got them back for me today. Xoxo Laura

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