Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Calgary Betty Hughes Blues: June 30th!

Life is a jest, and all things show it, / I thought so once, and now I know it. -John Gay, poet and dramatist (30 Jun 1685-1732)

That's it... the house where we camped outside and my allergies were so bad that my eyes were sealed shut so Uncle Emil got hot wash cloths and unglued my eyes...good times! Grandma Daniels had a great garden and I loved her little fridge.

Say hello to the Kentonites! Saw both boys this weekend and they send their love. Alex and Sam were up in Los Olivos wine tasting for a couple days with the rest of the pending wedding party.

Hi D, Glad you two are all right and on your way home. Do you want me to go to MEC for you? If so please remind me what you were wanting. Night from my 30+ hot humid home of firery heat!!
Hello Patricio, hello Corinne, You are still travelling, and have time to check email and reply! Awesome. You are most generous in offering a roof over our heads Sunday night. But what I did not mention is that we are back to having a 4 legged hairy and shedding mongrel in our lives J, so we booked a hotel room in Osoyoos which is pet friendly (obviously) and Bogart can shed to his heart’s content J

You always have interesting experiences such as the nursing textbook for instance, pretty neat. Enjoy the rest of your journey back, and see you in only a few days, yoohoo!! Ciao you two Yda

Hi Little Yda and the Imperiales! If you wish to stay in the pet-friendly place, in Osoyoos, that is fine, of course. However, your "hairy and shedding mongrel" is welcome at the Burns Street Stopping Place, (latest contender in place name contest!), so let us know what you want to do. No matter your decision, we will see you on Sunday afternoon, whether you stay overnight or not. Furthermore, we expect you for dinner so that is that!

Long drive from Kenton to Calgary. We left at just before 8:00 am and endured smoke, a pall over the sky for the entire day, from the terrible forest fires in northern Saskatchewan, from Virden to an hour or so before Calgary. Cora Lee was starting to feel a tightening in her chest by the day's end, such was the persistence of the smoke and haze. Nonetheless, we persevered and arrived at Betty's home, (close friend of the Durston's), shortly after 6:00 pm. Soon as we unloaded Mme Coriandre set about preparing a wonderful dinner of pickerel filets, fresh asparagus and rice, along with a tomatoe/boccanccini/fresh basil salad. I opened a white and a red and we sat outside on the back patio deck to enjoy the delicious meal.

After the terrific dinner, I cleared the table, did the dishes and am now trying to keep in touch with the rest of the civilized world. This being my stated aim, let me know if you and your pooch and Arne are staying on Sunday! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Kenton with Caitlyn, Judy and Addie; sun clouded by smoke Monday evening; Kimbo and Judy welcoming the Penticton Freeloaders! Alexander, (eldest child), with Katarina, his girlfriend, an engineer with Ducks Unlimited! Kimbo, youngest, (also studying to be an engineer), pretending to be a rabbit! Betty and Lady Mary in Calgary! 

HI Corrine and Patrick I hope your travels are going well. As you can see by the email that I sent to Pam – we are VERY interested in renting your home the entire time you are in India… We would go directly to Phoenix in December. This would give us ample opportunity to get to know the areas and make a decision as to where we want to live in the Okanagan. Please let us know what we can do to make this work. One thing we didn’t discuss was my cat… she is part of the family and travels with us everywhere... I hope that doesn’t discourage you from letting us rent. She is tidy and doesn’t scratch furniture… she doesn’t care where she is – as long as it’s with us…. She’s a tortie – I think you know their personalities :)

I have cc’d my home (gmail) address; as I am sending this from my work address – I will always answer my home email first as I am not always online with work…I’m excited about this – as if we can get this organized with you; we will feel so much more grounded…Look forward to hearing from you..Thanks Louise

Hi Louise and Henryk! If you wish to stay, with your Tabbie cat, that is absolutely fine! However, we don't want any rent. Instead, work from Henryk and cat as Louise will be wine-tasting!! If that is acceptable, we can discuss what we'd like done. I suggest, if it works, as far as your schedule is concerned, that you come to Penticton early in October and we either do the work together then or show handy man, Henryk, what we 'd like done: basically shelves/insulated wine storage unit in garage and in-house vacuum installed in crawl space. Other than that, place is yours. So let me know and we'll plan accordingly.

Happy Canada Day to all my bridge buddies! I’m in bridge withdrawal and wondering of we can get a summer session started next week – Monday?
I had one short game on the cruise (which was fabulous! – not the game, the cruise) and am now back adorned in my red and white for the country’s birthday.
I think Byron returns soon, but not sure when – rumour has it that he was venturing to Greece – at least that was what I was told. Not the place to be in these uncertain times! We might be able to raise Robert, David Mc, David T, John and/or Les, as well as yours truly. Any takers or hosts???? Clive

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