Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bighorn Mountain Intersection Blues: Wednesday, June 10th!

The ideal scientist thinks like a poet and only later works like a bookkeeper. -E.O. Wilson, biologist (b. 10 Jun 1929) 

Bob Altwein Dave attends to some of the appliance breakdowns, in the rural neighbourhood. Ellie's washing machine broke down last week but help came quickly. For a 77 year old, Dave was amazingly agile, getting at the back of the stricken appliance, in a dark and narrow passageway. This is the broken part that got recycled (into a drawing). Ellie also got the grave news – it's just about time to buy a new washer.
Patrick James Dunn Another simply wonderful sketch Bob! Reminds me of some of the signage for the Curric Lab! For the present, move to Penticton went exceedingly well but now we are faced with the rather daunting task of wresting order out of unpacking chaos! As well, scads of relatively small tasks, (small wall cabinet/shelf mounting, etc.), to perform. Just taking a break from setting up my computer desk, (printer, back-up hard drive, etc.), and next significant task is to hook the two 300 litre rain barrels we bought yesterday, into the eaves-trough downspout system. Where is Dusty when you really need him. Wish me Buona Fortuna with my tin snips and my two left thumbs! Hope we will have a visit from you in the not too, too distant future. Cheers!

Bob Altwein Thanks Pat. Oh yes, that famous signage. Only yoga on the Burrard Street Bridge, could be more crazy. wink emoticon But, you are asking me to wish you luck with all this handyman stuff? I need therapy, every time i try to fix something. But a wish you Buona Fortuna, in spite of that. For some reason, this reminds me that i need to call Ian T. Franks.

Bob Altwein By the way Pat and Corinne, glad your move went well. Of course you will have lots of accommodation to choose from, here on the coast, New West included. If you need a change of pace from the OK Valley, come down this way, later the Fall. You will get the Snobby Bobby suite too and i will retire to Anna's empty bedroom. Boy is that bedroom every getting cleaned up now too. I have house guests from California coming on Saturday, for four nights. Best Wishes! Bob Altwein The living space is looking very cheery with the fireplace and fresh paint. Is the red, grey and white chair a new item?  
Patrick James Dunn Please say hello to Ian and send along best wishes when you call, Bob. Thanks. As well, thanks for offer of accommodation. Much appreciated and we may very well take you up later this Fall as we will be in town, volunteering for VWF, week before we leave for India. Snap of living room was taken last Saturday so it looks much more organized now. Will send some pictures once we have done final arrangement. Chair you mention belonged to Corinne's parents. Dusty recovered it and it was at The Annexe until we inherited it. Cora Lee isn't quite sure where it will go yet. Haven't done any painting, (Too, too soon with rest of unpacking to be finished to see what we have!), as Colour Dominatrix feels she can "live" with existing schemes until we have settled in and see what other colours might go best with what where! As I've mentioned, loads to do before then! On a brighter note, roses from Naramata, brought by friends, Lynne and Peter, who live there. Peter has rose bushes at the end of most of his vine rows. Laughing Stock Portfolio, bottle on left, is one of top reds from Naramata. L/P belong to their wine club. They were over a week ago. Our first "official" dinner party! 

Patrick James Dunn Hi Kids! Delighted that your magical trip is unfolding so wonderfully. Fab snaps. Almost as good as being there ourselves! Terribly sorry that we didn't manage to get around to wishing you Bon Voyage before you left Vancouver, as well as thanking Big Al, again, for his unbelievable, never-ending herculean effort with the move. Literally, couldn't have done it without you, without even adding in all the handy-man chores you unstintingly performed on Saturday! As well, feel terrible about the loss of your sneakers and sandals. What a drag! However, I must say that I see from some of the pictures that you are in even deeper trouble: two Pisco Sours later and you are already behind bars! Don't worry, we'll send bail money!!! Hope we will have a visit from you jet-setters in the not too, too distant future. Travel safely. Fondestos and Cheers! 
Good afternoon, Corinne and Patrick--It's just "Staple-in-the-Head" checking in to let you know that I am still in the land of the living and breathing. I'm still trying to take it a bit easy as I am not as back to 100% as I'd like. I went to my spin class yesterday and, although I enjoyed it and got the workout I needed, I think it was a bit too much activity. I barely made it out of the shower at home before I felt the need for a nap, which lasted about an hour. Thank goodness, for today, I don't have on anything more strenuous than going down Naramata Road to Laughing Stock to pick up our wine club shipment. I have a couple of appointments tomorrow, but think I'll skip the spin class--maybe have a walk between appointments instead. I have an appointment with Dr. Louw to get my staple out on Friday. I also managed to get an appointment for a massage on Friday afternoon. I think I'll pass on your kind invitation to include me at dinner chez vous on Friday. After my massage (which always makes me dozie) I think I'll just come home, finish packing for my trip, and be an early-to-bedder. I want to be well-rested for my drive to Vancouver on Sunday. Cheers for now,
Lynnie XOXO

Hello Famiglia Carter, et al! Hard to believe that I am answering your message of June 2nd, Mick! As you can well imagine it has been rather hectic since we left on May 29th but, all things considered, we are certainly making progress on the un-packing front but doubt that our abode will be in "pristine" condition, as you mention in your email, when you arrive! Nonetheless we are certainly enjoying being here. Much, much to tell but will wait until we are together, holding glasses of wine and malt!

Speaking of the former, we'd be delighted to do some wine-tasting with you on Friday. Do you have any idea about ETA? Trip usually takes about 4.5 hours, depending on traffic, of course, and route. I like the Hope-Princeton, myself, as I find the landscape much more attractive, overall. If you do come the southern route then you will drive from Keremeos up to Penticton so you can avail yourselves of local fruit there. We were at Orofino on Sunday and did just that before going to winery.

At any rate, let me know what time you think you might arrive and we'll plan accordingly. We are having patio furniture delivered sometime between 8 am-1:00 pm so one of us needs to be here. However, unless you plan to leave before (;00 am, I assume you won't be knocking on our doorstep much before 2:00 pm anyway. Not really a concern as some great wineries just a few minutes away. However, the sooner you are here, the sooner the wine tour begins!

In that same vein, I have been out riding last three evenings, after the heat of the day begins to wane, and have simply headed for OK Falls as it is a relatively easy 50 km return ride, (with a few dipsy-doodles thrown in to make that distance), given that Mme Coriandre becomes quite fussy if I'm back after 9:00 pm and dinner is jeopardized! Around 8:00 pm, I was on the return leg, climbing McLean Creek Road, just past Meyer Family Vineyards, when a couple passed me. We exchanged pleasantries and I thought that that was the last I'd see of them. However, I started to gain on the female rider near the top of the hill, (Bighorn Mountain, I think, but a stunning rock face whatever its name happens to be!), and decided I'd see if I could catch up. Once I'd crested the hill it didn't take me long and I was soon cycling beside them. I asked if they were training for the GranFondo but the young woman said that they were too busy with work. Of course I asked what they did and she said they were both wine-makers for Intersection Winery, south of Oliver. Couldn't believe my ears as we know the owners. Long story which must wait, for now, but I soon learned that
Pénélope and Dylan Roche were married with two sons, 3 and 6. She is originally from Bordeaux, he from North Van and they met in NZ, both working at wineries near Napier! Believe they spent 7 years in France after that and then Dylan worked at Stag's Hollow for 7 or 8 months before going to Intersection. They also make their own label there, Roche: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Rosé.

Needless to say, it was quite a wonderful ride home, particularly since I drafted all the way along Skaha were the headwind is always ferocious! Invited them in for a drink as they live but a few minutes away, up towards Naramata, on Cambie. Not sure exactly where. They were pleased to pop by but only to say hello and have a glass of water as they had to be home as their baby-sitter had school next day. Anyway, a lovely, lovely couple and I hope we will see more of them in the future. Both are very, very decent cyclists but I think they don't have as much time to devote to the activity with work and family. I certainly had my work cut out for me just to keep up and I certainly don't normally average the pace they set, 30 kph +/-, on the flat, heading into the wind! Stats for ride:

Really looking forward to your visit. Let us know what you think about arrival time. We will have dinner after returning from wine-tasting. You'll be first guests, we hope, to enjoy new patio furniture! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: New compost bin, Robo Man! Babes come in every week or so to turn over the contents and give massages after rides! Lynnette was our first "official" non-family overnight guest, this past Monday. Famiglia Roche. Note my ultra-clever Vivian Maier "selfie" in first shot, relection in malt cabinet. How appropriate!

Please let me know if you don't get the above text that I sent earlier. I copied Maya's misspelled email address for Corinne and should have realized  it was incorrect. I spoke to my brother Darryl and sister-in-law Shirley after leaving your place. They have the cottage at West Hawk Lake and Darryl is the father of Tavis. They told me that you should drop by when at Falcon Lake for a visit. So, if you need a little break from family and Falcon; please do. Shirley works 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ) and is at the lake the rest of the time. My brother who is fully retired is usually always there. Weekends are busier with sons and friends. If you wish to visit they will provide you with directions.

And speaking of visits....... do you think you can provide me with your friend's contact information in Courteney?  As well, could you remind me of the dates that you are away this fall/winter. I may be able to do the earlier part of that trip. Perhaps 2 sessions of 2-3 weeks. I would love the opportunity to stay in your home and explore that part of BC. Thanks again for the hospitality. It was fun! Enjoy your trip to Winnipeg. Talk later.

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