Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rona Rain Barrel Blues: Tuesday, June 9th!

Hi Corinne and Patrick.

Thanks to you both, especially Corinne, for taking care of Lynnie after her heat-induced fall. I talked to her today and she is in good spirits so it seems like no permanent damage. Hope the event didn't dampen your fun too much.

I think photos of a private incident such as this should be limited in distribution, Patrick. No need to send to the whole world.

Byron, Anne and I have had two pleasant days in Paris. Today's outing was the Musee d'Orsay which is always stunning. Byron has come around to the conclusion that it isn't easy to find reliably good wines in France. He is now a bigger fan of New World wine after 3 months of thorough research.

A demain,


Hi Lynne and Peter:

I apologize, and sincerely so, for the upset with posted pictures. No excuses on my part. Trust you will accept my contriteness. Hope you are now fully recovered, Lynne. Fondestos, Patrizzio!

Hi Patrick,
All can be healed through your malt cabinet. Looking forward to this on your return from mosquito land.
Today is Wednesday - it must be Turkey.
Cheers Peter

Hi Pat:

I recall our class President, Pat Dunn, was @ UBC.

If you are indeed our Pat:

We are planning a class reunion luncheon:

at Rae & Gerrys (in WPG) June 26 @ 1 PM



Hi Ron!

What a delight to hear from you and learn of the reunion luncheon on June 26th at Rae and Gerry's! As it turns out my wife, Corinne, and I will be in Winnipeg to celebrate her parent's 70th wedding anniversary a week earlier, on the 19th, so timing is perfect, as we'll be in town, probably leaving for BC later that weekend.

Main reason I didn't reply sooner is due to the fact that after being in Vancouver for 40 years we just moved to Penticton. Actual move date was May 29th so things have been pretty hectic since then, as I'm sure you can well imagine. At any rate, move went very well and we are now trying to make order out of the unpacking chaos we find ourselves facing in our new abode, a small bungalow but a 10 minute walk from downtown Penticton and the lakefront.

At any rate, please count us both in for the luncheon and let me know if you'd like a credit card number. As I mentioned, we will be in Winnipeg, probably by the 17th of June, so, alternatively, I could handle any payment details that week, if necessary. We plan to drive and will be leaving Penticton on Sunday, June 14th.

Once again, thank you for making the effort to contact me. Truly looking forward to catching up with those classmates who will be attending reunion. As I recall, last one was held at The Forks. Can't even remember how many years ago! Fond regards to you and any other classmates involved in organizing event. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Leaving our place, (Corinne with youngest daughter, Chloƫ. She will continue to live in Vancouver.), near Granville Island; chaos at 611 Burns Street, Penticton!

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