Friday, 26 June 2015

Rae & Jerry's DMCI Blues: Friday, June 26th!

He who sings scares away his woes. -Miguel de Cervantes, novelist (1547-1616)

I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen, heard, understood, and touched by them. The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear, understand, and touch another person. -Virginia Satir, psychotherapist and author (26 Jun 1916-1988)  

Hello Patparazzi! I’m torn between laughing and groaning re you last set of pics!. Glad to hear that everyone is O.K. other than a scare and some bloody hair!!

[Pics, reaching Machu Pichu at the end of our four day hike] Sounds like you’ve barely had a chance to unpack at all given your full schedule. I am pleased to see that you are making the most of your time as always and having fun biking and travelling in your new climes. We had an absolutely amazing time in Peru and are very thankful for the wonderful weather, fantastic sights, very well organized tour and great company as in our hiking companions. 

[At the fiesta with our homestay hostess] We were with a young couple from Denmark who were both 22 as well as a couple from limerick, Ireland who were both Colleen pointed out their ages added together still added up to less than our age haha The tour was very well arranged and our guide for the four days hike on the inca trail was fantastic cant even begin to describe here but will tell you and show you the pics and share the fantastic memories as soon as possible. Just about to play scrabble with Colleen...will catch up soon!  
[Resting on top deck on our Lake Titicaca cruiser] Cheers, Al and Col. xoxo 
Wonderful ride this morning. Left St Michael Road just after 8:00 am and it was lovely and cool. After making my way around Victoria Crescent I headed over the Red River to cycle to U of M and past campus onto King's Drive and then Cloutier Drive as far as it went before hitting the Perimeter Highway. Retraced my spokes but instead of returning to St Vital I stayed on Pembina Highway to ride along the south side of the Red, past Wildwood Park where my cousin, Sally, and family live. Then on to Jubilee and a block or so later, at the Bridge Drive-in, (An iconic Winnipeg ice-cream spot), I took the pedestrian/bike bridge to Kingston Row. 

[Home stay pet Donkey] 
Yesterday, around 9:00 pm, when we drove by,  the line-up there was unbelievable, more like a soccer crowd than orderly lines of people waiting for cones and milk shakes! Soon on to Dunkirk Drive and then took St Vital Road past St Vital Park to take St Michael Road back home. Pleased with ride although I would have liked to have repeated route in order to log 100 km + but not enough time. Have to get ready to attend my 50th high-school , Daniel McInyyre Collegiate Institute, Grade XII home-room class reunion, at Rae & Jerry's Steak House, another Winnipeg food landmark, at 1:00 pm. Stats for ride:

Wayne Sutherland I have some mail here for you. Megan Sutherland We could use Clara and dustys mailing address in Falcon Lake.

Hello to Clan Sutherland from all the Falcon Lake Crew! Trust all goes well with everyone. We are getting ready to leave, early Monday morning. Had a wonderful high-school, home room class reunion, in Winnipeg, today. Turned out that there will be an opportunity to take a tour of school, Daniel McIntyre, at 9:00 am, so we'll have to leave Falcon around 7:00 am to be there on time. Needed to be on the road anyway, although we are spending first night in Kenton, near Manitoba/Saskatchewan border, in the right house this time! Next night in Calgary and then home on July 1st.

Sarge, you could give any mail to Chloë as she is coming up for the weekend, leaving Friday after work, I think. She is going to help with the Garage Sale, getting rid of all the stuff we should never have moved!

Invited to Maya's uncle's place at West Hawk Saturday afternoon. Turns out that he and Greg curl together. Discovered this this morning, before reunion, as we stayed with them on Thursday night. As well, hope to ride to Brereton Lake, about 50 km from Falcon, beforehand. One of my classmates has a cabin on the lake. I'll arrange to meet Cora Lee at the small store there and I'll put my bike on the car rack at the end of the ride. The cabin is on an unpaved road and I'm not sure it would be easily negotiable on my road tires.

Guess we'll see some of you on the GranFondo weekend. Look forward to visit. Cheers, Patrizzio!

A few pics from reunion and 70th wedding anniversary bbq: Sally Watson with Cora Lee. Sally and her husband, Bob Lawler, are very close friends of Ted and Elaine Keating. Greg Wilson, (L), Andrew Ostrander, Erika Kinn and her daughter Amy. Erika owns a B & B in Summerland not far from Dirty Laundry and they will drive out on July 6th so we plan to visit them shortly thereafter! Spumoni's/Giorgio's families. 

Patriçio, mi amigo querido, Allow me to relate a fable … Once upon a time, a famous cyclist decided to hang up his helmet and long underwear and embark on a life of leisure. Thus, he decided to buy 400 cases of single malt whiskey. When he showed up at the warehouse in his spouse’s smart car, he was appalled that the load would not fit!

Who’s fault is this? Hmmm … a multiple choice quiz …
1) The wife for owning a smart car
2) The vendor for failing to load all the cases into the smart car
3) Alexander the Great … for no particular reason
4) Magellan, for the same reason as Alexander
5) The guy who brought a smart car when he needed a semi-trainler

Patriçio!!!!! This is not a “mail client” problem. You are sending “full size” pics - which is completely unnecessary - unless you think that everyone will want to print 11 x 17 portraits of your pics and frame them. Unlikely!!! You are filling up peoples mailboxes, which will affect their other mail (until they delete your’s, and who would dream of doing that?

We discussed this, and to the best of my recollection, I showed you how to export photos out of iPhoto to a reasonable size for email attachments. CASE IN POINT

The first photo is your “original". Over 3 megabytes. The second photo has been reduced to 138K. That is less than 5% of the original size!!!!! …. and it still looks fine on the screen, no?

So … when you export photos (for email) out of iPhoto, select Max dimension of 900pixels and Jpeg quality “medium” More important, are you Mayor of Pentiction yet?

Hello Ragin', Mi Querido Crítico Más Duro! I am writing this from the travelling Mayormobile communication pod here in Falcon! Am able to keep in touch with City Council this way! While I thank you for your astute comments, file size is a direct result of editing I've been playing with of late. Please allow me some creative leeway, meager though my efforts be! Trust you are well in spite of legal wranglings and jpg fussing. Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Hi Pat - quick directions to our cottage before we head out the door. North from the second set of railroad tracks on 307, past the drinking water sign after your first glimpse of the lake, turn left on ER 77 - a gravel loop road to access cottages in parts of Block 3 & 4. We are almost a kilometre down that road - lot 14A block 4. Sign out front, blue Tacoma truck and grey Mazda 6 in the drive. You are welcome anytime - we should be around until about 4pm Saturday and all day Sunday. If you phone ahead we are sure to be there. Hope you can make it. Greg

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