Saturday, 13 June 2015

Last Minute House Unpacking/Road Trip Packing Blues: Sunday, June 14th!

Syllables govern the world. -John Selden, historian and politician (1584-1654)

Cora Lee cannot believe Cactus is only 39! Say it ain't so, Vincenzo!!! David Kessler Thanks to everyone for the hearty birthday wishes! One is blessed in one's friends and I am grateful and appreciative.Patrick James Dunn Hip Hip Hooray/For Methuselah Man is a Jolly Good Fellow! Or is it Nebuchadnezzar? When are you and Donna Florida coming to do some tasting at Liquidity? Taken this past Friday with Polly and MIck Carter, up for a week at Naramata with their five granddaughters, arriving over coming week.

Hi Chicken Woman! How are your back, toes and bottom? Sorry to learn of the torture at the end of ride but Bravo, indeed, for raising almost a grand! Well done! Onward! Fight! Great to hear, as well, about new women's riding group. Perhaps you all can come up to Burns Street Social House to train for Granfondo! Any thoughts about doing so, as we spoke about it at our Farewell Bash? You seem to be dodging the issue so I assume it may not well work this year. Anyway, let me know your thoughts and we'll plan accordingly. 

In this vein, I have to post a message to Facebook about my participation in this year's July event. I'm going to ride to raise money and awareness for Aunt Leah's, Chloƫ's non-profit, as you might know, so want to start process as soon as possible. I'm sure you know all about such fund-raising endeavours! Passed along your greetings to Mme Coriandre and she sends best wishes to you and Dermot. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Glasgow! How did your trip to The Big Apple go? Sorry to hear about Catherine's injury. What a drag. Hope things are better by now but imagine it could take a bit of time. Come to Penticton to have her convalesce! Looking forward to your visit here. Cora Lee sent an earlier message to Catherine about a tasting at Black Widow while you are here. Have asked for reservations for the Hourglass tasting on Saturday, July 11th but not a big deal if you are not interested. Day before bike event so I'll probably be designated driver! Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Black Widow! Would like to make reservations for the Hourglass tasting on Saturday, July 11th. Four people, (two Wine Club Members), if possible. As well, would like to make reservations for the 10th Vintage Party, Sunday, August 16th, four people, (two Wine Club Members), if possible. Finally, reservations for Vintage One, Saturday, September 12th, two Wine Club Members, if possible. Thanks, in advance. Cheers, Patrick Dunn/Corinne Durston.
Hi Patrick – thanks very much – we have you registered as requested. All the best! Dick Lancaster Celebrating our 10th Vintage!

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