Monday, 1 June 2015

Canada Tire Patio Furniture Blues: Monday June 1st!

War is merely the continuation of policy by other means. -Carl von Clausewitz, general and military theorist (1 Jun 1780-1831) 

P & C, welcome home. Thanks for the play by play of the move. Good to know it all went more or less as planned. Wish I could have been there to assist but from pics it looks as though you had enough crims on the job site to make up for my absence. Your security at the BBQ is impressive but no match for the wiry Cudgel.

Construction is going well although I have to admit it is exhausting and brings chaos to this forest sanctuary. Hope you have fun settling in at Tummler's Reach.
Fond regards to you both, W & J

in case you haven't seen this...8^) cheers, Mark 

Ever hear that phrase “ it’s just like riding a bike?”

It turns out riding a bike isn't actually all that easy.

Take this bike, for example.

It looks like an ordinary bicycle but with one tiny difference.

You may think you can ride it, but I guarantee you’re wrong.

Hi Marcus and Shut-in Susan!

Great biking video, indeed! Thanks very much as quite a neuro-physio-psycho-chronological complex of issues. On a more important matter, however, how is Susan? Trust return flight, surgery and hospitalization all went as well as could be expected. Let us know how she is doing when you have a minute.

Next I unhooked two small speakers in family room, left by previous owners, and
attached them to a small radio/cassette tape deck I filched from Sarge a few months ago so now I have surround-sound in my ufficio! Worked away at the computer until I heard the car doors slamming outside, announcing the return of the Shopping Fiends and knew I would be severely castigated for not having done more unpacking. Nevertheless, they were in such great moods from having found a number of patio items and a bed frame that they barely uttered any scalding imprecations!

After a bite to eat, Chloë packe dup her few belongings and we thanked her for all her help. She left close to 2:00 pm, planning to take the Coquihalla back to Vancouver as she has a busy week ahead and was still pretty tired from helping us with move, as well. After we waved goodbye we returned to Rooms to Go where The Goils had found a lovely Craftsman style bed frame. I thought I'd like it, from snaps they took, earlier, but wanted to see it, sit on it, etc., before buying it. Very pleased with choice so we ordered it. Will take about six weeks for delivery but we have plenty of other beds to sleep on in the meantime. As well, bought two very attractive bar stools that work exceedingly well at the large irregular, black granite nonagon island counter top in the kitchen. (Cora Lee ordered two more today as we wanted to make sure that four wouldn't be too, too many for the space. Would have taken three, for sure, but two we bought were last ones left.)

Then on to the Bay to look at already scoped patio furniture. Ended up buying a fairly large metal cabana, 114" by 124" with moveable shade coverings, (Our intention is to plant grape vines at each corner and with time, the plants will supply the much needed shade.), as well as a four piece, (two-seat sofa, two chairs and a small coffee table), seating arrangement for under the cabana, to be placed, eventually, towards the back of the back patio. Delivery on June 12th, just in time to have Mick Carter, (He and Polly are spending a week in Naramata, with their kids and grandchildren, but will stay with us overnight before taking possession of their cabin.), help me Meccano the cabana together. Should have locked Big Al in the garage but took pity on him as he and Colleen are off to Peru on Saturday!

Back home to continue unpacking and re-arranging furniture. Managed to drag the large TV cabinet from the guset bedroom into the living room. ALthough quite heavy, with a blanket under the leading edge and me tipping back edge just off the floor, we didn't really have any difficulty putting it in place. Piece is so large
that it really shows off much better in lving room with high ceiling, etc. Then moved the two large bookcases from master bedroom into guest bedroom. They are much lighter pieces so quite easy to handle, using same technique. This arrangement gives us much more space in master bedroom as we have the aforementioned king mattress.

Fianl move was to bring the round dining room table up from the family room to put in the kitchen/living room, much like at The Islay Inn. This necessitated unloading top three shelves of malt cabinet, (Chloë spent about an hour or more, on Saturday evening, unpacking all the malt, so please don't tell her that her diligent efforts were wasted!), so that we could slide it against another wall, the better to accommodate the dining table. This arrangement is very much more to my/our liking, inasmuch as having to carry food from the kitchen to the family room would surely become a drag, over time, not to mention the fact we enjoy having the ability to visit with people during food preparation. As well, with little effort, moving an easy chair and/or a foot stool, space can be made for the table to open up for larger gatherings.

By this time we were tired and hungry so I made a mixed salad and cut up the remaining chicken from Friday's picnic adn we sat down at the dining room table in its new spot and watched a recored episode of Call the Midwife. After the needed respite, we unpacked a few more boxes and then it was time for quick showers before heading to bed, in guest bedroom, to read, tired but very pleased with progress to date.

I wasn't up until 9:00 am this morning, Cora Lee rising around 7:30 am, I think. Had a mug of java and then started more unpacking. Have just about finished unwrapping all of the kitchen items but still have to figure out where to place them! There isn't as much storage in the kitchen proper so we have to decide which items should go on other shelves in the pantry and in large storage cabinets in the family room. For now we are simply putting things where we think they should go but know a certain amount o re-arrangement will follow, as we live here and come to use things.

Around 11:00 am we took off to Canadian Tire, (En route we popped in to Skaha Ford to make an appointment for an oil change next day.), to look at another table and chairs for patio, as well as a gas fire-pit. Bought the latter but couldn't agree on deck furniture so headed back to the Bay. This time we found middle ground and ordered six chairs and a table, along with a large, black patio umbrella. Table at CT was fine but chairs had cushions that were affixed to frames with screws. This being the case, if cushions went, at some certain point in the future, I knew it would be next to impossible to replace them easily. The set at the Bay simply have two cushions, one for seat and one for back and can easily be replaced or added to, at any point in time. Chairs also stack so much better for winter storage.

On way home we stopped at Wholesale Club to pick up some groceries and another propane tank for fire pit. Back at Burns Street we unloaded everything and soon had the umbrella in its stand and up, shading the fire-pit! That done it was time for lunch. Both replenished, Cora Lee went online to book a 10' U-Haul, for Thursday, while I did a bit of banking. after I send this message, I'll head out to the garage to start re-arranging and sorting. Need to decide where to pile all the boxes of books we don't have shelves for yet, as well as hauling out all the tubs of Christmas decorations which we plan to put in the large storage cabinets in the family room. If I can do all this by 6:00 pm I think I'll try to go for a short ride! Wish me luck with both! Fondestos to you and Susan. Again, hope she is as well as can be expected, at this time. Cheers, Patrizzio!

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