Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Band of Low Cloud Blues: Wednesday, September, 9th!

A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction. -Leo Tolstoy, novelist and philosopher (9 Sep 1828-1910) 

Hi, Patrick. Healing but still very tender (the finger). I'm not sure about that
mother of mine! Another time she fell and hit her head while visiting Sandy -- ambulance, hours in emergency -- the whole nine yards. And last year, she broke her knee (on a church pew; the knee was already compromised by an earlier fall) just before going to Ontario and didn't tell anyone in case she wouldn't be able to go. It swelled up like a balloon while she was there.

Anyhow, I will be happy to join you for the event on October 17th. Do you know the time and venue? I am working that day and am usually scheduled until closing on Saturdays. Depending on when it starts, I might switch closing duties with someone so I can leave a bit earlier.

Not that I'm counting down the days or anything, but it is now less than two years and 11 months until I get to retire with unreduced pension. And if I bank my vacation etc., my actual last day of work will be even sooner. Still, in relative terms, I'm exactly where I would choose to be at VPL. Dunbar's 65th anniversary is coming up -- November 28th -- so we're thinking about that now.

My lovely bike is out on the balcony. Haven't ridden it yet this year. I love the idea of riding, but as I've mentioned, I am very nervous riding in the city. If only I were near a network of quiet country lanes. Look forward to seeing you pre-India. Janet

P.S. India health tip: on my last two trips, I took Pearl probiotics, which allegedly maintain healthy gut ecology and certainly don't hurt. They don't require refrigeration. Available over-the-counter at London Drugs. Also, make sure you have a good supply of hand-sanitizer and travel wipes. Always use latter before eating!

P.P.S. India money tip: whenever possible, try to pick up small denominations of rupees (10, 20, 50). You will need them constantly for tips but it's not always easy to get your hands on the small denominations. There is constantly someone trying to grab your bag or perform some other small service (whether wanted or not) and they really depend on tips. 10 rupees is only about 20 cents. For suitcases, 20-50 rupees is standard. On my last trip, I asked the person who met me in Delhi to bring 500 rupees worth of small change, which I then traded
(using a large note left over from a previous trip).

Hi Janet! Pleased to hear that all is going well with respect to your Mom's finger but almost gasped upon hearing the litany of mishaps! Trivia Night is to be held at St Marys Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 3150 Ash Street, off 16th, near Cambie. Doors open at 7:00pm but usually things don't start happening for half an hour or so while people visit, find their tables, buy drinks, look at Silent Auction items, etc. Don't worry about time you arrive as we'll soldier on until you rescue us!

Thanks very much, as well, for all the tips/suggestions for India. Much, much appreciated. We were at the Travel Clinic, but five minutes from us, yesterday afternoon. We only needed a shot for Typhoid. Will be taking Malaria medication as well as a course of Dukoral, (Cora Lee only needs a booster while I've never had any before.), and some antibiotics for self-medication, if required. Everything, other than Dukoral, will be ready at Costco, in Kelowna, so Lady Mary will pick up prescriptions when she is there to collect other medication she requires. She is already taking a probiotic but thanks for suggestion of Pearl. Have yet to decide what we will take so will look at it before we decide. All the best. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Favourite Naramatians! Just off the phone to the Heartline Medical Clinic here in town. Steve Cobbin, the Service Manager at Coastal Ford, in Vancouver, mentioned that this cousin, Paul Cobbin, was a doctor in Penticton when I informed him we were moving there. When No Go Louw rejected our offer to become his patients I phoned Steve yesterday and he said he would be happy to ask Paul. Steve did just that and called, earlier this morning, to say Paul would take us on. (Hospital listing said his practice was closed, as you might know about all the Family Practioners here!) I already have an appointment, on September 29th, for an annual check-up so pleased about that, for obvious reasons, plus the fact that the medical will be  before I need to apply for my extended travel insurance. Now, all we need is a dentist but I gather that will not be as difficult as pulling teeth from a chicken, so to speak! You will see that I have also included latest tips from Janet. Talk soon. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hola Patricio--Thanks for Indja tips. Turns out I am already taking a very effective probiotic for my "tricky tummy," which I will still be on when we go to India. I also know about hand sanitizer/travel wipes especially from our trip to Cambodia and VietNam. Maybe I can convince Dom Pedro (since he will be there a day ahead) to try to get some small denomination rupees! Cheers, Lynnie

P.S. Glad to learn that you've now found a family doctor. It's important! I'm sorry Dr. Louw was a no-go. I had no idea his practice had grown so much. I'm sure it only happened after he moved into town. As for a dentist, we can highly recommend Dr. Jung, whom I know is thing new patients … at least according to the sign on his property.

Hi In-Out-Burger Girl! I talked to Steve Cobbin at Coastal Ford yesterday. he has a cousin here who is a Family Practioner and he is going to try to have him accept us as new patients! Anyway, here is his email address, so send him a message and he'll set up an oil change, etc. He is a great chap so I know you'll enjoy meeting him. Give him a hard time, I always did! Must away as we are making breakfast with Henning. Have had a very pleasant visit with him so pleased he took the time to stop by. He is off to McBride once he leaves here. Presented us with two large Ziploc bags of moose meat, so always very generous with his hunting spoils. Love, Dad!

Hi Pat - Iz and Dwain are heading your way this weekend as his son is at the NHL tryout camp.  Are you around?  What is your home # and do you have new cell #’s ?  We are heading to the city for Gregg’s pre-op apts tomorrow.  All is going as expected.  LOL F

Hi Lurch and Grog! Pleased to hear that all is going well with respect to Grog's pre-op, etc. We did leave a message a few days ago. Had heard from Sarge about pre-op and surgery dates. Trust everything continues to go without any hitches. Is all this taking place in Victoria? At any rate, we will be here this weekend.

Ragin' Bull is driving up on Saturday, for a four or five nights, to help me put up shelving in the garage. Iz and Dwain are welcome to stay as we have plenty of room. Let us know or have her contact us so that we can plan accordingly. On Saturday evening we are off to the
Naramata Bench Wineries Association Tailgate Party, hosted this year at Red Rooster Winery, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, so we won't be home until around 9:30 pm. Other than that, just everyday life here in Penticton.

Have had a fair bit of company this past weekend. Doug and David were here on Saturday night, followed by Sukey Tawdry and Herardo, Coleen's parents, on Sunday night and Henning, en route to McBride to hunt moose, last night. He just left. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre, busy painting a set of shelving we bought for our bathroom. She is volunteering at our NDP candidate's, Richard Canning's, campaign office later today and I plan to go for a longish ride, a loop from here towards Apex then south towards Olalla, (north of Keremeos), back up 3A to Twin Lakes Road. Then south to Willowbrook on White Lake Road, looping north to pass See Ya Later Ranch to come out near OK Falls and then home via Eastside Road, along Skaha Lake. Did most of the route on Sunday, other than part to Willowbrook, etc. Hope full outing will be around 100 km.

All the best to both of you. Chat soon, one way or another. Cheers, Patrizzi Pics: Burns Street Stopping Place, aka Freeloader Destination!
Thanks Pat - I’ve sent your email onto Iz.  Surgery is in Vancouver, VGH.  Gregg is seeing squash gang while we are in the city.  LOL F  Hi again, Lurch! Great, we'll wait to hear from Isabella! Ask Grog to say hello to all the squash gang. Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Hi again, Sara Jane! Earlyish on Saturday works well. Trivia Night doors open at 7:00pm. Since Chloë is one of the organizers we'd like to be there close to opening, as I'm sure you can appreciate. We plan to leave Penticton so that we will be in Vancouver in the reasonably early afternoon. We hope to stay with good friends on 7th and Bayswater for a few nights, before we move to Harbour Terrace, our digs for VWF, as so close to venues, etc. Will go to the Keatings to drop off our luggage and have a bit of a visit and then we could come to your place. Please remind me of your actual address, (I know building!), and what time might work, given starting time for Trivia Night, etc.
Henning, The Great White Hunter, (friend who has a house in Abbotsford, but lives, for five or six months on his boat in the Philippines, recently relocated/sailed to Thailand), en route to McBride to hunt moose, stayed last night. He had an electric assist bike, on a rack behind his pick-up, which allows him to creep up on unsuspecting wildlife as it is virtually noiseless, as opposed to the motorbike he used, previously, on various logging roads, trails, etc! Had a very good visit so delighted he stopped by. He is very generous with his wild game and we now have two very large Ziploc bags of frozen moose meat, (steaks, hamburger, sausages, etc.), from last year's outing. I like elk the best but moose is terrific as well. He left shortly after 9:00 am this morning.
All the best to the three of you. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello Bayswater Bee People! Trust everyone is well and that New York trip was enjoyable. Sorry I've not been in touch sooner BUT, on the home front, talk about above-mentioned Freeloader Destination!

Before I continue, just heard from Penny and she and Mike have booked a hotel in Vancouver for their coming visit. We won't even be driving them into city as they will keep their rental car for duration of trip. They are to arrive in Penticton on Thursday, September 17th and will leave for Vancouver on Sunday, September 20th. Thanks for offering us/them a place to stay but I really think that Mike feels much more comfortable in a hotel. They stayed in one when they visited us in Cornwall in 2013. Nevertheless, too bad you won't have a chance to see Penny.

However, we would like to stay, only if you have room and are amenable, for a number of nights, beginning on October 16th or 17th, (Haven't decided exact date yet as we have to dovetail our departure with house sitters.), until the morning of the 20th when we will de-camp to Harbour Terrace
, our digs for VWF, as so close to venues, for volunteering, etc. Thanks, in advance. Cheers, Patrizzio!

After waving goodbye to Henning we both repaired to our computers to answer messages and take reservations for the coming weekend. By the time we had finished with the unending stream of Freeloaders it was after 12:00 pm. I had a quick sandwich and a banana, suited up, slathered on sunscreen and said goodbye to Lady Mary at around 12:30 pm. I had decided, after last Sunday's outing, that after a loop from here towards Apex then south towards Olalla, (north of Keremeos), back up 3A to Twin Lakes Road, I would ride south, past the  Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, continuing on White Lake Road instead of heading north here, to Willowbrook.   At Willowbrook I took Green Lake Road, turning north again, past numerous well kept farms and ranches. Only a few slight grades as I made my way so I was delighted with the choice I'd made, cycling through gorgeous pines and around a number of small, lovely lakes. The last one, Greenlake, is near a winery I's never heard of before: Nighthawk Vineyards! Must do some tasting there when next we are in OK Falls. A few minutes later I was whizzing by See Ya Later Ranch to come out at the bridge into  OK Falls and then home via Eastside Road, along Skaha Lake. The wind was absolutely ferocious on this last leg and I truly despaired of managing a 20 kpr AVG. Neverthelss, I put my head down and since my legs still felt pretty strong, did the best I could, often standing up to fight the seeming gale force gusts! Needed a dipsy-doodle to the Penticton Tennis Club and then along Lakeshore before making for Burns Street. Really pleased with result so think this route will become one of my standard outings. Stats for ride:

What a turnout for Cartwright Mountain! This coming Monday we will go to Skaha Provincial Park. So meet at the eastern parking lot in Home Hardware in Penticton at 9am and Summerlanders can carpool at the IGA at 8:40. See you there! Pam  

Commendatore, we daily hear of the fires raging south of you in Okanagan County, Washington.  Please do let us know if you and Mme. Coriandre (not to mention the vignoble, a distinctly lesser concern) are in danger.  I hope we don't have any ironic transpositions of place from us to you.  We will never forget your generosity to us after we found ourselves homeless.

Hi Donna Florida and Cactus! Thanks for your concern regarding the wildfires, not only in Washington, but in the Southern Okanagan as well. Closest to us, have been ones near Oliver, worst near Rock Creek. A few weeks ago, smoke was terrible, the sun but an orange globe all day. This past Sunday, on my ride towards Apex, I could smell and see smoke from last few burn areas near Oliver. Cooler, rainy weather, of late, seems to have helped enormously, here, if not in Washington. A few of the hiking group I have been on jaunts with took an overnight trip, last week, to an area near Border Lake, straddling the Washington/BC border and reported that there was still much wildfire smoke there. 

Latest on Grog is that he is having his pre-op consultation today, in Vancouver, and surgery next Tuesday. According to Lurch, all is going as well as can be expected, under circumstances! Once again, thanks for thinking about us. Fondestos to you both from a still slumbering Lady Mary. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi again, Sarge! Great that you can join our table for Trivia Night! Event will be held at St Mary's Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 3150 Ash Street, off 16th, near Cambie. Doors open at 7:00pm but usually things don't start happening, as you might remember, for half an hour or so while people visit, find their tables, buy drinks, look at Silent Auction items, etc. However, since Chloë is one of the organizers we'd like to be there close to opening, as I'm sure you can appreciate.

We plan to leave Penticton so that we will be in Vancouver in the reasonably early that afternoon. We hope to stay with Keatings, on 7th and Bayswater, for a few nights, before we move to JT's at Harbour Terrace, our digs for VWF, as so close to venues, etc. Will go to the Keatings to drop off our luggage and have a bit of a visit and then we have been invited to have dinner with Sara and Dermot. They will be at our table as well.
Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Burns Street Stopping Place, aka Freeloader Destination!

Sounds interesting and we are fine with the time. Wayne

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