Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bohemian St Laurent Blues: Wednesday, September 2nd!

Progressive societies outgrow institutions as children outgrow clothes. -Henry George, economist, journalist, philosopher (2 Sep 1839-1897)

In the vineyard!
Christina Tassell So glad to read that you are hiking as well as biking. Patrick James Dunn And drinking wine and malt as I bumber and cycle! Multi-tasking as only we true Pentictonites can!!!

Hello "King of Shelving"! Must apologize, once again, for not replying sooner. No excuses but plenty of reasons! While I certainly appreciate the snaps of wonderful fabrications by Peric Shelving Inc., I would like even simpler shelving: 2×4's and plywood. 16" shelving is fine although, in some places, even larger, depending on storage purposes. Basically, I envisage running strapping along the walls,at various heights, and building the shelving to fit, both efficiently and aesthetically within space available.

Photo: Randy Robertson
I assume you would only be staying for a few days, (Of course, you are more than welcome to stay as long as is convenient, relative to your Dad, other commitments, etc.), so certainly did not expect everything that I had "mapped" out, for eventual completion, to be accomplished. Priority would be a work-bench and then the first set of shelving against the house wall, one with window into guest bedroom. This is important as I want to mount the power unit for the in-house vacuum system which we have but has not yet been installed in the crawl space.

We spent a couple of hours picking St Laurent grapes on Jugos Dom Pedro's Narmata Estate, this morning. After all the grapes were in the three bins Peter had placed mid-way on three of the four rows, we picked plums and Gala apples from his laden fruit trees. Apples, in particular, are way ahead, with respect to ripening, due to such hot weather earlier this spring/fall. Repaired to house for a java before I helped Peter take their old bed frame to garage. (The new one had been put together while we were picking grapes.) Loaded Cora Lee's bike onto our spiffy bike rack. First time we've used it and I think it will be great for travel.
Need my old one or know anyone who would like it? Big Al rejected my offer!
Then, as payment for such arduous labour, he gave us a bottle of his home-made salsa and then he and Lynne treated us to have a wonderful lunch at Cafe Nevermatters, in the Village at Naramata. Wonderful tomatoe/basil soup, with home-made focaccia, with a side of Caesar salad. Rest of gang polished of a bottle of 2014 Red Rooster Pinot Gris, 12.5%, but since I plan to go for a ride later, I abstained. They introduced us to the owner, Angelo Albano, a terrifically friendly individual. Over the course of the meal he brought us a bottle of one of his Almost Famous Sauces, a hot sauce, to taste. I really liked the mango concoction as it had quite a bit of fire to it. Told him I'd be his distributor and sell out of stall at Saturday Market! Who knows. Picked up a bottle of the Hot Salsa and the Espresso BBQ Sauce so looking forward to trying them out.

At any rate, over the course of the meal we chatted about garage shelving and I might have to rethink my plans for an insulated wine storage closet there. Peter thinks that even if I insulate walls and doors the ambient temperature will be the same, or close to, the rest of the garage. I'm not at all concerned about the cold but rather the summer heat. Place was stifling at times. Will need to do a bit more research on the topic and decide. The point is is that there might well be more straightforward shelving under the window in question and I'll resort to the crawl space for wine storage. Not as convenient, obviously, but perhaps far better as far as maintaining a constant temperature is concerned. Not to worry as plenty to do whether that goes ahead or not. So let me know what you think, when you might travel here and we'll plan accordingly. 

Dropped The Narmatians back at their place, thanked them for lovely morning and terrific meal and once back at Burns Street, Cora Lee filled a number of holes that were made when I removed a number of drywall plugs that had been used for some of the inherited fixtures we removed. Now all that needs to be done is a bit of sanding and then painting. Previous owners left quite a bit of paint so we can touch up the spots. Eventually, I know Lady Mary has plans for wholesale redecorating but for now, this will be fine. Talk soon, I trust. Fondestos and Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Hi Goils and Giorgio! Trust everyone is well. Spumoni, do you know if Grog has any plans to head to BC? Al will be sending a garage kit. Not a big deal but I need to let him know as they'll send it by Greyhound unless Grog can bring it out, unless Uncle Giorgio plans to visit! Thanks. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hello to our Favourite Naramatians! Thanks very much for great grape picking experience! Loads of fun, although overseer was a tad haughty! As well, thanks for all the wonderful fruit and certainly for the marvellous meal! Really looking forward to trying out the Hot Salsa and the Espresso BBQ Sauce. I'll barter for more of your local fruit and vegetables once I'm Angelo's distributor, selling out of a stall at the Saturday Market! Cheers, Patrizzio!  

Didn't leave the house until about 5:30 pm. Although the day was lovely, it was certainly much cooler than it has been earlier, although there was still a goodly touch of warmth in the air. With wind out of the north I decided upon the Summerland Romp so followed my now, route regulare, first to Penticton Tennis Club and then along Lakeshore to 97. Lake looked quite angry, small whitecaps and all, as the breeze was reasonably stiff. 

After I rode the flats in first part of Summerland, took the new pedestrian/bike path along 97, just near the entrance to an RV park there. Great surface, fresh tarmac, so whizzed along. Once back on Lakeshore I made for Crescent Beach and then headed back. Instead of taking 97 where it intersects with Lakeshore, I decided I'd follow the new bike/ped path and then retraced my earlier route, returning to 97 via Wharf Road. Very little traffic by this time so I didn't have to worry about stopping and touching The Dreaded Burning Ground. Absolutely stunning cloud formations to the south, over and beyond Penticton so quite a spectacular reward. A few loops around Red Wing before back into Penticton and then a few, extended dipsy-doodles to give me the distance I'd  decided upon at the outset. Reasonably dark by 8:00 pm now so glad I had my LED lights. Stats for ride:

Hi Patrick, Thanks for the great photos of a very enjoyable morning. Thanks again to you both for your help. Sorry about the haughtiness of the overseer – I guess the success of the harvest went to my head.

I gave Jim and Jocelyn your number and expect they will call you, but just in case, here is Jocelyn’s cell number. Peter Great pics, Patrick. Thanks for passing them on… and thanks very much to you and Corinne for helping Dom Pedro with the St Laurent harvest. Much appreciated! We're having a good visit with Anne and looking forward to an outing today, which will include a short stop at the Penticton Art Gallery. Petey saw something in the Globe and Mail about the current exhibit. Who knew …? We're having lunch at Liquidity and then home for naps, I think. Cheers, Lynnie

Greg is not coming to BC anytime soon, so arrange with Al to get by bus. Pam

I won't be there, but this coming Monday you will be hiking on Cartwright Mountain, near Summerland. So meet everyone at 9am at the IGA parking lot in Summerland and Pentictonites can carpool at 8:40 at Home Hardware, the eastern parking lot.

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