Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hit The Wall Blues: Tuesday, September 29th!

There's no sauce in the world like hunger. -Miguel de Cervantes, novelist (29 Sep 1547-1616) 

Lazy sleep-in until 8:30 am as I had been up pretty late, last two nights in a row. Woke to sunshine streaming in through the bedroom window and heard on the radio that another terrific day was in store. Looking forward to coming ride with The Phantom!

Hi Barb and Lynne! Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed seeing you. Great visit if too, too brief. Do hope that now we are here we'll have more opportunities to visit back and forth. As is obvious, that will not be possible until we both return from our separate trips/holidays. Part of me longs to return to Guyabitos as it is such a wonderful, wonderful spot so please send along fond regards and greetings to all the terrific folks we met while there. Take care of yourselves. Travel safely. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Penticton visit Hi again, Enderby! Forgot to include album for hike! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Left Burns Street Base Camp at just after 10:00 am as I had arranged to meet the Phantom at his place at about 10:30 am. The wind was at my back so I sailed along and managed an AVG of 25.5 kph by the time I was near Blasted Church. John was actually at the bottom of the hill, atop which his house sits, and he suggested we take McLean Creek Road. I had thought to suggest this, when we chatted on the phone earlier, but decided I had enough hills waiting for me, given the route we were planning to take, but in for a penny, in for a pound, and we set off to conquer the first hill of the day!

From there were rode through OK Falls to take the road to See Ya Later. Cyclists here call this route, The Wall, as it is a pretty steep climb up to the winery. Still, we had the wind at our backs and the route is relatively flat on this part of Green Lake Road until one starts to corkscrew up. Pleased that I was able to keep up with The Phantom although I was huffing and puffing, unlike John, like the Little Engine that Could, by the time we'd crested this demanding ascent. That being said, it wasn't quite as daunting as I had thought it might be.

Once past Nighthawk, road flattens out, more or less, and we whizzed along, passing Mahoney Lake which I'd seen, from above, on yesterday's hike. On through Willowbrook and then right onto Fairview/White Lake Road to follow it north, eventually passing the parking area where we left our vehicles, yesterday, just south of the Dominion Observatory, to begin the hike mentioned above. At White Lake Road we turned left and followed it all thew way to 3A. I'd ridden this route before but never in reverse so the climbs were not quite as easy as the descents. Once at 3A we whizzed downhill, (I was quite surprised at the distance one travels on this stretch as coming from the other direction, uphill all the time, it had never seemed quite as far.), at exhilarating speed to rejoin Green Mountain Road. Again, I knew we had about 14 km of uphill to negotiate but the road ascends in a series of stages and the climbs between the level parts are not overly punishing.

I caught glimpses of The Phantom, at times, but once the road started to twist I didn't see him again until we reached the turnoff to Apex. He was waiting there, putting on more sunscreen, so I kept going, knowing that he would soon be flying by me on the long downhill stretches to come. We'd certainly paid our dues on the hills we'd already climbed, so we enjoyed this last stretch, roughly 10 km, even though the head wind was quite strong and acted as a considerable brake when we really didn't want it!

The Phantom was waiting for me, just across 97, on Fairview, and I invited him to our place for java. However, I wanted to return via Lakefront, to give me the 7 km I "needed' for the day's distance. Since he wasn't interested in any dipsy-doodles, I thanked him for introducing me to The Wall and we said goodbye. He headed back to OK Falls and I threaded my way to Lakeshore and was back at Base Camp just before 3:00 pm. What a ride! What a day!! Simply delighted about becoming reasonably familiar with these truly incredible cycling routes right on my doorstep.  Stats for ride:


Legless at the Legacy i recently “won” a Whisky Tasting for the Legacy Liquor Store for 6. it would be on Jan 13. please let me know if you are interested; take care; matt That would be great Matt, Could this be a repeat of a few years ago? Richard

Hi Glasgow! Trust you are well. Did you see Cora Lee this weekend? I know she was meeting with Catherine. She is busing back today.

Thanks for great invitation! At this point, I don't know what our "winter" plans might be. Back from India on December 10th and I know Ayn would like us to come for Christmas. However, I'm not all that keen to hit the road again, so soon after being back. If we don't go south, we might well be able to make tasting but perhaps you should try to find other lucky people if you need to firm things up in next little while. Let me know what you think and we can try to plan accordingly.

Enjoyed a magnificent outing today. Have included album from yesterday's glorious hike. Must away as I need to have everything ready for Lady Mary's return. Need to vacuum the red carpet and chill the Champagne! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Ragin' putting finishing touches to first phase of garage shelving and standing beside work-bench we, (really He), built, in front of window we replaced. It opens so guest bedroom will be cooler and you can stay for weeks! Lady Mary is there in a strictly supervisory capacity! Had it not been for CB we could have finished all the shelving! Latest "muleage" from London, brought by Penny and Madcap, friends we stay with in Mill Hill Broadway, North London.

Patric..Thanks for em & attached photoes..Im in a rush packing so will get in touch when I rtn on Tuesday.  Thanks for a great ride on such a beautiful day..  I was to tired to punch out more miles today, just needed a coffee & food, Cheers  John

Hi John! Thank you for the more than terrific outing. I certainly appreciate all the new routes that you have introduced me to since we first met. Do apologize for the exceedingly annoying racket made by my bike. Will certainly have problem addressed, whatever it happens to be. Enjoy your trip to the coast. Chat when you are back. Cheers, Patrizzio!

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