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Full Moon 'Harvest Moon' Lunar Eclipse Blues: Sunday, Sepember 27th!

Never cut what you can untie. -Joubert (1754-1824)
To know another language is to have a second soul. -Charlemagne, King of the Franks (742-814) 

Hi Lurch and Grogg! Trust trip to Vancouver went well. Had a call from Cora Lee this morning and she is enjoying being back in if city! Just wanted to thank you both for the lovely visit and the more than generous housewarming presents! Very thoughtful, indeed, and will certainly be put to good use, so thanks again!
Must away as I've a few things to do for breakfast. Lynne just called. Tristan's team won 7/3 this morning and they will be arriving shortly. Thanks again for completely unexpected, In spite of what I said about envelope!), but wonderful gifts! Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

 Pics: Madroña Manor comes to Burns Street Watering Hole! Self-portrait with Specialized! Jake with Seghesio hat I gave him after one he had loaned me last weekend blew off my head into pig-pen at Rock Creek Fall Fair and ended up being used for tug-of-war by piglets!

 Hello Indefatigable Survivors of Bhutan Trek! I was gong to say, "Trust 5 day trek went well!", before I read your tale of rain, mud, chattering teeth and altitude dizziness! Can only say that I am only surprised that you were not medi-vaced out of your misery by helicopter. However, should have known that Winnipeggers can survive most anything! Hip Hip Hooray to you both, as well as all your fellow trekkers! Have you sent in your resumés to Survivor yet?

On a pretty tame note, had a call from Cora Lee this morning and she is enjoying being back in if city! Lurch and Grogg were here overnight, on Thursday, and dropped her in town en route to Parksville. Had a lovely visit and Greg's surgery is now to take place on October 19th.

Must away as I need to wash my Trek before riding as after Friday's rain lots of grit on chain. Gorgeous day so looking forward to heading to OK Falls. Will go a few kms beyond there to take road to Blue Mountain Winery. View from there, of Vaseux Lake, with carpets of vineyards on intervening slopes and surrounding hillsides, is simply stunning. Thanks again for the riveting reading and snaps. (Not complaining but no pictures with latest message. I assume mud had something to do with this!) Enjoy India. Take care of each other. Travel safely. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Kate, at the stand where she helps out; Lynne and Barb just before they left this morning.

By the time I'd given my Trek a good rinse, scrub and oiling it was just before 4:00 pm. Afternoon couldn't have been more lovely so I thought that I'd take in the view of Vaseux Lake, from the more than pleasant  road, snaking along the bottom of gorgeous rock bluffs, which leads to Blue Mountain Winery. View afforded from here, of Vaseux Lake, cradled by more massive craggy bluffs/cliffs, with carpets of vineyards on intervening slopes and surrounding hillsides, is simply stunning. Zipped along out, pushed by wind all the way to McLean Creek Road so I was literally laughing to myself at my great good fortune to be here. Once out of OK Falls I was soon rewarded by the view mentioned above and then by the vista of Peach Cliff on way back.

Head-wInd was almost as strong as on Friday but with no rain pelting me I was just fine. Lost the sun behind the hills to the west about 6:00 pm, just as I passed Phantom's abode, before the crest of the last hill before McLean Creek Road. I waved but I was moving as fast as the speed of light by then so he probably won't actually see me for a year or so! Needed 7 km more by the time I was back in town and past Eckhardt so did my fall-back loop: Penticton Tennis Club/Lakeshore/Riverside and then back home via Ellis. So quiet and peaceful that, once again, I gave thanks for being fortunate enough to live here. Stats for ride:

Back inside I'd heard the phone ringing as I was taking off my riding shoes and when I listened to the message it was from close friend, Jamie, in Chesham. Really sorry to have missed his call. Although he stays up very late it was 2:00 am, by his own admission and I didn't want to risk waking him up by the time I'd finished chatting to Lady Mary. Cora Lee had called shortly thereafter, from Queen E Park, where she and Chloë were watching the lunar eclipse as the so-called "Blood moon" and  "Super moon" combined! I couldn't even find it in our sky at suggested time so I must have been looking during the total eclipse. Just stepped outside and saw it, faintly, so will take another gander after my shower.  When I did go outside again all I could see was a tiny bite out of the top right of the circumference. Chloë managed to get a wonderful shot of the "Blood Moon" from someone beside her, at park, with a great set of lenses!

Hi Tree-stump Tinka! Thanks for more wonderful shots. Noticed quite a few similar Aspens on last Monday's hike but didn't know what they were so thanks for filling in my tree vocabulary. See you tomorrow? Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hi John! Not sure if you received the phone message I left on voice mail but I cannot ride as I forgot I had arranged to hike! Will be in touch after I return from hiking. Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hello Lady Patrizzia and Sir James! Lovely to hear from you and know things are going so well. I was out riding when you called and just back home when I heard the phone ringing. I was in the garage, taking off my riding shoes, and dashed to answer it but by the time I was in the house caller had hung up. I presume it wasn't you as when I listened to the messages you mentioned it was around 2:00 am, your time, and I didn't want to risk waking you up by the time I'd finished chatting to Lady Mary who called shortly thereafter.

She had planned to go into Vancouver this past weekend as she had a number of events she wanted to take in: talk by Chris Hedges on Friday night and her Book Club on Monday. She will take bus back on Tuesday. Sorry that I've not been in touch sooner but, as you can well imagine, we have had a stream of visitors ever since we moved! Pleased as punch with living here and seeing good friends, etc., but it means that I'm terribly behind in my correspondence.

We leave for India, for six weeks, on October 27th but will be driving into Vancouver on October 16th as Chloë has a fund raiser on the 17th. Then from 20th -25th we are volunteering at the Vancovuer Writers Festival. Back on December 10th so not sure what our plans for Christmas will be. Ayn wants us to come to Tinsel Town but I'm inclined, at the moment, to stay here, and see what a winter is like in the Okanagan. Yet to be decided, as of this writing. How time flies!

On a much sadder note, I regret to inform you that Ginette, Andrew's first wife, phoned, over a month ago now, to inform us that Andrew had had taken his own life, on August 20th. Passage below is what I wrote and sent to Lori. She called a few days after the memorial service, (Which was very well attended, I'm happy to say.), and mentioned that it was most helpful for Tess and Alexander so pleased about that as I wanted them to have as positive a memory of their father as possible. Anyway, take care of yourselves. Chat soon, I trust. Fondestos from Lady Mary, in absentia, to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Cora Lee stepping out of new patio door. Note stair. A round of firewood from next door. A new duplex will be built on lot and owner had two trees taken down. I scored all the wood! Mid-August, when Chloë and Ayn visited, along with Robbie and his sister, Zara, former was a fellow manager at Urban Barn
, and our close friends, Colleen and Big Al. The Sisterhood around fire-pit, under pergola. Ragin' Bull standing beside work-bench we built, in front of window we replaced and some of the planned new shelving. Lady Mary is there in a strictly supervisory capacity!

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