Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Guest Bedroom Blues: Tuesday, September 15th!

It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them. -Agatha Christie, author (15 Sep 1890-1976)

Striving to get our steps in for the day (and raise some $ for a worthwhile cause), Joan and I are participating in the Ismaili Walk on Sept 20 as part of the VPL Foundation Team. If you are so inclined, you can donate here:

Thanks in advance to those able to support us. Cheers....Paul & Joan

Hi Joan and Paul! Trust you are both well. Buona Fortuna on your walk! Look forward to seeing you both over the course of the VWF. We have our regular "gig" back, barkeeps at Studio 1398. Apparently we are being "shadowed" by Julia Spaulding in case we are not be able to be around, now that we are confirmed Pentictonites, for coming festivals.
Friends, Penny and Mike, from London, arriving on Thursday, via Banff. They flew into Calgary on the 12th and have been exploring The Rockies since then. Will stay until Sunday and then continue on to Vancouver. Must away as we need to have window in guest bedroom finished before the Brits knock on our front door!  Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Cannings' rally; Tailgate Bash; DIY home improvements; Skaha Bluffs hike yesterday!

Hi D, emailed your guy, he never responded? maybe he's away, anyway I called them and have an appointment Thursday at 8am so I can wait and go once its done but its not $40 it will be $80!! xx Oh he just called me back, admitted he is terrible at returning emails, does he smoke? he sounds like a 2 pack a day smoker, very nice though!! I told him to give me a discount for not calling me back sooner but sadly he thought it was a joke!!
Hi Chloë! Great that you contacted Slammin' Steve! Give him a hard time! He doesn't smoke, I don' think. Just his voice. Be nice, when all is said and done as he found us a doctor! I'll spring for the $150 for the Lotto Hat so let me know how you'd like to handle it.

Very busy day today as we finished the installation of the window which opens into the spare bedroom wall. Once  nail holes are filled and trim is painted, etc., it should look pretty good. Tomorrow we hope to put in the first section of shelving, under the window and towards the patio door. Also bought  a new printer today and Ragin' just managed to get it to work so now we can print out out visas for India. Must away as I'm beat and we've loads to do tomorrow. Hope to put up the cabinet in our bathroom, as well, since your Mother has almost finished painting it white. Will be much easier to install with the three of us here. Love, Dad!

Surgery postponed, new date TBA.  F

Hi Corinne & Patrick, how are you? My Dad told me that you now found a permanent name for your new abode. Which one is it again? Burn Street Boarding House? So glad you saw Henning now too. He was quite excited about it as well, and really likes the new place. Heard Chloe and Ayn went to visit you as well? Hope you had a great time? Did you just have a full house every weekend? When are you off to India?

I'm still happily working away- same place, however I'm mourning the summer
already. I did keep busy on summer weekends with seeing friends, beach a few
times, Hotel staycation downtown, trips to Abbotsford & North Van, Abby
airshow, lunch in Point Roberts, birthday parties, some downtown & Olympic
Village dinners, walks with ice cream or dog, - but feel like I could have
done so much more (if I hadn't been at work all week) like paddle boarding,
boating, BBQ, bike riding, trip to Seattle, sitting on patios...Gotta put it
on my list for next year...Please send some photos of your visit w Yda & Henning please :) Hugs & Kisses, Laura 

Hi Laura! Lovely to hear from you and know things go well. Sorry that I've not replied sooner but, as you know, we have had a stream of visitors ever since we moved here! Pleased as punch with living here and seeing good friends, etc., but it means that I'm terribly behind in my correspondence.

Well, guess we won't have much of a chance to see you before we leave for India on October 27th. Back on December 10th so perhaps sometime before Christmas or in 2016! How time flies! Take care of yourself. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Yda/Arni/Bogart; Henning under Pergola with Cora Lee; farewell next morning

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