Monday, 11 May 2015

Bridge Group Blues: Monday, May 11th!

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization. -Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882) 

Hi Goils: Wonderful evening, last night, so thanks again Chloë. Just transferred the salad dressing into a Tupperware container and the plating came off the spoon!

Must away as Nana is making threatening noises about remaining "on task!"! Ayn, before dinner at Chloë's last night, we popped into Flamin''s workplace, not far from where Chloë's lives, to pick up about ten more boxes, ideal for the remaining books yet to pack. No rest for those about to move! Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio! Pics: Dinner last night.

Love the black and white shot! Hi Ms Tinsel Town et al! Glad you liked the B/W snap, Ayn. Again, on the packing front, earlier yesterday morning we took over a car-load of boxes to Stephanie's/Will's new place in East Van, off 41st, between Main and Fraser, St George, right across from cemetery.

Now, just back from running a number of errands, with Grumpy Nana! First we dropped off the wooden king bed-frame and some other bits of lumber, at the Transfer Station on Kent, off south Cambie/Marine. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of the garbage. Then to Go Green to recycle bottles/cans. Lady Mary doesn't like to mix with the mean streets people so I dropped her off at Home Depot where she tried to find a replacement re-chargeable battery for Chloë's drill. She was not at all pleased when I collected her as HD doesn't sell Black & Decker products and she had to walk 20' across street to Canada Tire to discover it is probably cheaper to buy a whole new unit rather than order a battery! Anyway, maybe a good baby shower present for Chloë!

Few stray showers forecast for around 4:00 pm so I'm planning to head out for a shortish ride soon. Cruella announced that she finds it easier to pack without me anyway so I have a perfect excuse! Bridge with the Lads this evening so looking forward to that. Fondestos, Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio!

Pics:  Yesterday's brunch. On Saturday, Ted tripped over a root outside S'/W's place and snapped a tendon in his finger. Has to have splint on for six weeks, or more, and then he might need surgery if it hasn't re-attached itself! New sculpture near Science World, taken by roving reporter, Lens & Shutter Lee, on way to Chloë's place yesterday!

Just out for a quick ride yesterday as I wanted to take my Trek in for a servicing, having noticed that there was a bit of slippage on highest gear, on last ride. Made for Stanley Park after a few Olympic Village/Place de la Concorde dipsy-doodles. When I reached SP I thought I'd make for Canada Place as day was a bit gloomy so I figured Seawall wouldn't be clogged with pesky tourists. Just as I imagined so no difficulty negotiating the route and I was soon back at Ceperley Playground, ready for another Lost Lagooner. Once I'd accomplished this I made for home and just as I was climbing the short incline out of Ceperley Park, disaster struck!  My chain came off and try as I might I could not fix problem as something was terribly wrong with derailleur!  Nothing to be done, having touched the Dreaded Burning Ground, so after I used some moss to clean my oil begrimed hands, as best I could, I used my flip-phone to call Emergency Services, aka, Cora Lee, and told her I'd be waiting outside the Sylvia Hotel. She said she'd be en route immediately so I walked my injured steed the block or so I was away and when on the corner of Beach and Gilford, spent the next 10 minutes or so, reading a Georgia Strait taken from the dispenser box there. Such is the fate of those who ignore early warning signs of chain wear! Stats for aborted ride:

When Lady Mary arrived, I put my bike on the rack and we drove over Burrard Bridge. Since I was headed for West Point Cycles she asked me to drop her off, just over the bridge so she could stroll home. Did just that and after thanking her for the rescue mission, I made my way to WPC. Sara was there and she chastised me for waiting so long to have chain checked and/or replaced but said she thought repairs could be accomplished next day. I had planned to ask for a number of large bike boxes to use to pack our large, flat-screen TV's, as well as for pictures, and she very kindly gave me two, all that I could fit into my vehicle. Thanking her and staff, I made my way home.

Once back at The Heartbreak Hotel, more complications reared their ugly heads. The car keys in the ignition don't have a garage door clicker on the ring as they are the spare set. Corinne had taken her set with her when I dropped her off and ones I had for my bike ride only have a door fob on them. This being the case, I parked in the lot and then walked around to the patio, expecting Lady mary to be sitting outside, sipping on a glass of Chaaaaardonnnnnaaaay! However, she was not even at home and I was still locked out as no patio key on spare car key ring! No never mind, as I only had to return to car to take my bike set from my jacket and then return to apartmento to collect ring with garage door opener attached. 

Unfortunately, and disturbingly so, I couldn't find my bike keys in the riding jacket and I was quite worried that they might have slipped out of my pocket, in the park, when I was looking for a tissue to clean my hands after attempting to fix my chain or that I had left them in the storage unit after unlocking my bike there. Now, what to do about gaining ingress to The Heartbreak Terrace? Decided to see if any member of Clan Sutherland happened to be home so went around building to their patio. No luck on that front so returned to entrance on 2nd floor and called JT. Fortunately, for me, she was home and let me in to the building. We then proceeded to storage area but no keys where I thought I might have placed them!

At least I was in the building and set of keys I did have had a door key to our place on them so at least I could retrieve garage door opener. Once inside, who should be sitting at the dining room table but Mme Coriandre! She wasn't home earlier as she happened to bump into a friend at Starbucks so she stopped to have a Chai Latte and a natter! Naturally, she had her phone off when I called, in great distress, from our patio! JT was completely flummoxed as she had been at our place when I called from Stanley Park and couldn't understand how I could have been locked out when she knew Cora Lee had gone to pick me up! 

After I drove car inside and brought boxes into our place, I realized where my "missing" keys were. I had placed them in an upper zippered pocket on my riding jacket! Since I had not been wearing it lately, for almost two weeks or so, due to marvellous sunny, warm weather, I forgot that I had placed them there! All's well that ends well!

By the time all this kerfuffle had unfolded, I barely had time to peel the carrots and prepare the red peppers, along with the dip from Cheap Thrills, (I'd stopped there after leaving WPC to pick up even more packing boxes!), I was taking to bridge that evening. Quick shower and change and then I was off to Robert's place, just of Arbutus, on 8th. Six of us this evening and I was paired with Mr T. Glad that it was so as we had suffered the ignominy of losing a Hat Trick to Robert and Winston over last three weeks and we were both hoping to redeem ourselves. Grand evening even if we only won Silver, R/W prevailing, while Clive, just back from The Antipodes, and Big Mac, just back from Palm Desert, claimed jet-lag as their excuse! Mr T and I might well have come out on top but Winstonge, once again, made his quick getaway, while ahead, to preempt any hope we entertained of overcoming their lead. Clive and David Mac played  four hands more than the rest of us so there certainly was every possibility that the standing could have changed had we played on. Another weasel win for Winston! 

After 32 hands there was a stunning victory: Winston/Rob, 3,690; Clive/BigM,  1,930; Patrick/Mr.T, 1,980. Note: Clive/Big Mac played 24 hands the rest played 20. Cheers, Robert.

Hi Robert, at al! Thanks once again for the marvellous hospitality. The meal was scrumptious beyond imagining! However, I must take odds with "stunning victory"! Although it was certainly another grand evening, even if my stalwart, ever-supportive partner and I only won Silver, while Clive, just back from The Antipodes, and Big Mac, just back from Palm Desert, had to deal with jet-lag, we two might well have come out on top but for Winstonge, once again, making his quick getaway, while ahead, to preempt any hope we harboured of overcoming your lead.

As you note, The Jet -Laggards played four hands more than the rest of us so there certainly was every possibility that the standing could have changed had we played on. Another weasel win for Wily Winston! I'm planning on bringing handcuffs next week, to chain him to the table. If he can deal with one hand, he most certainly should be able to do as well as our inestimable host, Knife-Wound Robert! Cheers, Sour Naramata Grapes Patrizzio!

Pics: The Blackguard, uncharacteristically dealing with two hands, the better to palm all the aces, in first Goulash of the evening; sun-tanned Desert Storm golfer; Big Mac depressed and disconsolate with recurring small point count; Winston chortling, knowing his exit, stage left, is about to be cued, while Mr T looks on, laughing at the unfairness of it all as Clive shows his delight at the six point hand, the best he's had all evening! Note the crumpled napkin, in last two snaps, used by the The Blackguard to wipe the crocodile tears from his Janus visage!

Dear Robert Another Grand Evening - much appreciations! Dave & Clive were moral victors - when all parameters are integrated? Good to see North-Shorers back in BC's Paradise - Wright's Coal-Tar odoriferously bearing. All Best David

Thanks for your kind comments. It was stunning in that I was stunned to be on the winning team for once. Thanks WFG!! WFG? Winning French Guy? Winning For Girvan? Winston F Gutkowski. Not sure what the F stands for butt I have my suspicions. Suspected as much but was too polite to say so! Cheers!

It has to be said that we really picked up the cards though; especially late on. Beneficiaries of Clive "I haven't had a bleedin' hand all night" Sanders' ill-fortune. Great night though; cheers everybody. Stonking food too. Ou est le next one? Winston

Hola Pat, how are you guys doing? Thought I'd send along another ride Perry's leading even though I know you probably can't go. I am looking forward to your party and to meeting more of your family and friends. Hello to Corrine. Good luck with all the last details. Cheers, Jane

Hi Calamity Gunsel and Giggenheimer! Really pleased that you will be attending the farewell party. Come early as we need to toast with the bottle of Prosecco you left ages ago! Thanks for notice of Sumas Ramble but we'll be rambling ourselves, on the shores of Little Shushwap, with friends, Ruthless and Ricardo, (Whirlygig knows them for last September's GranFondo to Whistler.), where we'll spend much of Victoria Day weekend. I assume you both might be Galiano bound, in both senses of the word! Take care of each other and Morita. Buona Fortuna to Broke-Back Builder! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Elaine, Cora Lee and Violet, Hazel's younger sister; Will, Stephanie, Violet and neighbour.

Hi Patrick Thanks for the pics. It was a fun day! Turns out Bill & Susan are friends with the people whose house you bought. Small world. Cheers Elaine

Hi again, Elaine! Sunday certainly was loads of fun. Thanks again for everything. With respect to Susan and Bill, "Big small town", as my friend Whirlygig is fond of saying! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Wily Winston uncharacteristically dealing with two hands, (He usually deals with his left only!), in the first Goulash, (With four passes hands are placed atop each other, not shuffled but deck is cut and then dealt!), of the evening.

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