Friday, 22 May 2015

Patrizzia Greg Bush Carménère, (Carmenère or Carmenere), Blues: Friday, May 22nd!

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. -Arthur Conan Doyle, physician and writer (22 May 1859-1930) 

When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues. -Honore de Balzac, novelist (20 May 1799-1850) 

Up at 4:11 am as Lady Mary's gentle snores were a bit too, too much for my delicate ears! Managed to pack all but a handful of my LP's so pleased that that collection has pretty much been dealt with. Still quite a few CD's to go but we have enough smaller boxes to accommodate that particular medium. Banana boxes, from Cheap Thrills, are perfect containers for former. Large enough to take a large clutch without making the box overly heavy and unwieldy. Now to try and catch up on my enormous backlog of messages! 

Hello Cora Lee and Patrizzio! ( I can Hear you ! ) Many thanks for replying and updating us with news of Grog and your move. Also many thanks for your invitation to your farewell party. Unfortunately Anne and I have a prior commitment which , whilst we would love to change , is set in stone. We'll drink a toast to you both and see you in Penticton .

Could you please let me have your address up there and any tel. No. When you get it ? Also Grog's e-mail address? Thanks for sending his explanatory write up. Most enlightening! We hope the move continues to go smoothly, well oiled by the looks of it by "hooch" ! Best wishes, Anne and Baldrick 

Hello "No Need for a Hearing Aid" Baldric! Sorry you and Anne will not be able to make Farewell Bash but look forward to a visit in Penticton. Here is our new address. Have not yet acquired new mobile numbers but will do that this coming week, before we leave. Grogg underwent his first chemotherapy session yesterday and all went well.

Must away as I have to roll up the rug in the living room and put plywood sheets on all the windows! Cheers, Il Conduttore! Pics: A few snaps from this evening's dinner party with neighbours upstairs.

Hi Patrick, Nice art pics. Re your moving day, do I understand that you have hired professional help for unloading?  I wasn’t sure whether you were counting on me for this role.  Glad to help in any way. Cheers, Peter

Hello Peon Partagás! As you inferred, we have hired two small men with strong backs to unload all the heavy furniture, mattresses, etc. However, there will be many, many boxes and tubs, (akin to the muleage you have already sold!), the bulk of which, I expect we will be able to handle ourselves while the "heavy lifting" is taking place. Not that the hired hands won't be "allowed" to move the smaller pieces but with the two dollies we own I want to try to empty truck as quickly as possible, obviously, since outside help is only engaged for four hours. If you want to drop by I am sure there will be plenty of "easy" tasks to discharge, holding doors open, directing movers to specific rooms, etc., but we certainly don't expect you to be a beast of burden!

At this end, I will meet Big Al at U-Haul on Marine, around 5:00 pm, on Wednesday, May 27th, to collect truck itself. He'll drive it to our place where we plan to have a car parked in one of the outdoor spots to ensure we can park there for loading purposes. Sarge and I might well start de-canting the Islay Inn that evening, lining up some of the aforementioned boxes and tubs against one wall, so that they can be packed when larger items are loaded on Thursday morning, again by two hired guns. Won't take too, too much to the truck as don't want to make it difficult for chaps we've engaged. In fact, I will call supervisor to make sure it will be fine to do what I've outlined. If he suggests no loading beforehand, we'll certainly have as much of the smaller stuff in position to begin "stockpiling" procedure as soon as possible.

With any luck we'll have much of the 28th to add all the bits and pieces that I'm sure will surface as move progresses. Might have to have Lady Mary sleep in the back of the truck, with a shotgun, to prevent theft overnight! Have lost too, too much through pilferage in The Naramata to entertain losing more any more possessions! Anyway, that is the basic plan so now all that we need to do is translate it into praxis!

Mme Coriandre surfaced around 7:15 am so I finished taping the boxes I'd packed earlier and moved them into the guest room, in the main to make room for tomorrow's party. After packing all the CD's, spent the next hour or so taking down the eight CD racks I had mounted at the window end of the living room book shelves, then vacuuming shelves, etc. Around 10:0 am Agneta came by to help Cora Lee with packing up much of the kitchen. I had to make a run for more boxes shortly thereafter and since I wanted to pick up a decent bottle of Carménère I stopped at the BC Liquor Store on Cambie and 8th first. Took advantage of the 30 minutes worht of free parking to dash across the street to Best Buy. No luck there as empty boxes are apparently flattened and recycled immediately. At Canada Tire, Carl pointed at a full pallette and said "take as many as you want!" Thanking him I carried away as many as I could. Next to Cheap Thrills for more packing tape and scored another four boxes there, perfect for heavy kitchen appliances, pots, etc.

Spent next couple of hours helping to tape full boxes and mule them to bedroom warehouse while The Sisterhood emptied cupboards and drawers.  Agneta left about 1:30 pm so we thanked her for all her effort and help. Made a big difference as kitchen is basically done, except for what we will need until the last day or so, of course. I was planning to go for a ride around 2:00 pm, after Lady Mary went to Costco to buy some fixings for tomorrow's diner: sausages for bbq and meat for large pot of chili she will concoct tomorrow. However, by the time I'd tidied up kitchen and living room it was close to 3:00 pm and I felt really drowsy. Decided I'd lay down on couch and read a few chapters of Leaving Berlin to catch my breath, before heading out but didn't wake up until Super Shopper returned from Costco, just after 4:00 pm. Felt much revived so glad I took a cat nap as I'm sure I'll enjoy dinner tonight without having to put toothpicks under my eyelids!

Must away as I need to clean-up before we head upstairs, and wake up Mme Coriandre. Once she's unloaded groceries, she lay down to have a quick nap herself. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Very disappointed I won't be able to see the Dunnstons' new place before they sell it. As I understand it, there is a chance we will all be staying with the Whitneys by the end of June (I arrive on the 30th). I suppose we could do what Jane is doing right now, that is sleep on the patio. Kjell

Hello Sweden, et al! Just in case the sale of Burns Street does not go through before you arrive, Stockholm Skeptic, please find our new address below. The Dunnstons' patio is open to the stars so should be just like camping! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Patriçio, It has come to my attention that we have not touched bases for a while. You don’t call, you don’t write, I worry. Have you become a Pentictonoid? Forgot your Vancouver bridge nemesis?

I have had a few tough weeks lately, my Dad is in the hospital having suffered a small stroke, well maybe a couple. He will be going to a short term rehab facility before coming (hopefully) home. On the plus side, I have been biking almost every day to the hospital and a longer route back. The result being some fluid on the left knee and a reminder of how bad my cardio is. On the plus side, the new arthritis drug I am on seems to be working, so I have not nixed the possibility of going to the NBA try out camps …

So how are you? Give me a shout. Looking forward to a stay in the Penticton Inn! //bjp Branko [*] Todos mueren. No todos viven [*]
Everybody dies. Not everyone lives

Hello Ragin'! Very sorry to hear about your Dad but trust rehab will help.  Glad your new medication seems to be working. No, we are not yet Pentictonoids but it has been pretty busy, over last few weeks, as you might imagine. I assumed I had sent you an invitation to our Farewell Bash this evening but perhaps I didn't. In any event, do hope you might be able to pop by. If not then perhaps we'll be able to touch bases next week. Just in case, here is our new address. Cheers, Il Conduttore!


Those are some really great pieces! Will be thinking of you all tomorrow during your party!! Xoxo

Hi Winston and Co! Glad you enjoyed the latest snaps. Here are a few more from this evening's dinner party with neighbours upstairs. Patrizzia is from Chile and Greg Bush, her husband, knows our close friend Peter, in Naramata, as both are engineers in the mining industry. (Greg is actually flying to Chile at noon today, on business.) They have two daughters, Stephanie, oldest, a senior at Oklahoma State, and Vittoria, youngest, graduating from Kits shortly. Latter has a friend, Corinna, living with them for five months. Her Mom is Patrizzia's friend.

Had a lovely evening on patio with Clan Sutherland along with Jo-Anne, another neighbour, and her daughter, Deanna, with baby Juliette, (almost as cute as Winston!), in town from Phoenix, for a week or so. Wonderful wine and appetizers on patio and then inside for delicious steaks, done to perfection by Greg, on bbq, a true Texan, though not related to presidential Bush family! Fondestos, Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio! 

Hello Wonderful Neighbours! Just a brief note to thank you both, Patrizzia and Gregg, for the simply marvellous evening! The delicious appetizers and fabulous dinner were more than delicious so hats off to the kitchen and the grill staff! It was more than a delight to visit with the Young Set, your charming daughters Stephanie and Vittoria, as well as lively Tic-Tac-Toe visitor, Corinna! The rest of the company, unfortunately, was somewhat questionable and I offer a piece of advice. Since we are leaving the other neighbours are already looking for another overly generous family to sink their Freeloader hooks into. Don't say that you have not been warned!

Travel safely, Gregg, and both Cora Lee and I hope we will see the 7th Floor Sisterhood at the Farewell Bash this evening. Of course, we trust that we will see Famiglia Bush in Penticton in the not too, too distant future. [Please do not share our new address/phone number with above-mentioned Freeloaders!]

Once again, thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality and warm friendship. Fondestos from Cora Lee. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Snaps taken last night. PS: I'll be sending more messages as files are so large.


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