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Happy Birthday Seismic Mama Blues: Wednesday, May 13th!

How simple life becomes when things like mirrors are forgotten. -Daphne du Maurier, novelist (13 May 1907-1989) 

Inge Lehmann ForMemRS (May 13, 1888 – February 21, 1993) was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered the Earth's inner core. In 1936, she postulated from existing seismic data the existence of an inner core with physical properties distinct from the outer core's and that Earth's core is not a single molten sphere. Seismologists, who had not been able to propose a workable hypothesis for the observation that the P-wave created by earthquakes slowed down when it reached certain areas of the inner Earth, quickly accepted her conclusion.



1. A comedian, social director, or entertainer who encourages an audience or guests to participate in entertainment activities.
2. One who incites others to action.
3. A lively, mischievous man.


From Yiddish tumler (one who makes a racket), from tumlen (to make a racket), from German tummeln (to stir). Earliest documented use: 1930s.


Catskill resorts in the Catskill Mountains in New York State were a popular vacation destination for Jews during the last century. They were known as the Borscht Belt, after borscht, a type of beet soup popular with Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants. Tummlers were a standard fixture in these resorts. 
Sid Caesar, with fiancée Florence Levy, during his Catskills prime
Hi everyone! Please come and help celebrate Julia's birthday on May 23rd. Come any time after 4:30pm. It would be wonderful to see you!  RSVP No gifts please :) Ciao! Elinor

[Hi Goils! Last time I heard from Elinor was on my birthday!] Hi Aquitaine! How lovely to hear from you, especially since it is Julia's birthday, once again! Where does time go? Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend the gathering. Big news for us is that we are moving to Penticton, at the end of this month! (Loads to tell but probably best when next we meet, I trust, in the not too, too distant future.) Having the last party at the Island Inn on the very same day as Julia's party.

Give us a shout as it would be wonderful to see you before we leave the city. If not, you are more than welcome to visit in Penticton as we'll have plenty of room. Take care of yourself and fond regards to Julia and rest of your family. Buona Fortuna with party. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Tummler, with all due respect, sir. This is you. The Conductor is retired. W
Dear Whirlygaggster! Thanks for the new moniker! I'm more than honoured. You think along the same lines as a friend in Sydney, Ania, a Polish Jewess, who often called me a "Stirrer", etymologically related, I now know! I'm glad to see that you are taking time off from the hard-rock pile to put up your feet, sip a java and surf the Net. Life is too short not to smell wet dog! How is Morita-San?

Had some very sad news from Richard Martin yesterday. I think you knew Les Jamieson, from Evergreen. He died quite suddenly last Friday As I need not tell you, Les was an incredible individual on so many fronts. Feel quite badly but don't think I'll be able to attend the wake, in part due to just receiving the news. Corinne is away for most of the day at a number of meetings across the city and I have much packing to do to ready what we will be taking up to Naramata tomorrow.

Collected my Trek from West Point yesterday and took the opportunity to ask for another bike box. Makes three in total and we will pack two flat-screen TVs, three stained glass windows and as many pictures as remaining space in the various boxes allow. These containers are absolutely ideal for items in question, right height, width, etc. Last night I put all three empties in the back of Titanium Green to ensure everything will fit. For needed, extra room I took out the  bottom cushions of each passenger seat, (These flip forward against the back of front captain's seats but can also be removed, quite easily, with the flick of a tab.), there-bye allowing the rear door to close without having to bash it with a sledge! Pleased to say that I can fill the "alley-way" down the middle of the "cargo bay" with smaller boxes.

Take care of yourself and Buona Fortuna with nail-gun. Fondestos from Cruella, threatening me with scissors and packing tape, as I scribe, to you both. Cheers, Tummler Patrizzio!

Up reasonably early at 6:30 am to get a jump on what I knew was going to be a busy day. Worked in ether-land until Lady Mary stumbled out of bed and after she had her first cup of tea she helped me set in the largest of our three flat-screen TVs into one of the bike boxes I'd brought home from West Point Cycles. Using patio chair cushions We padded the set in place and filled up the remaining available space with a number of small pictures. Using newspaper, we wrapped a few other ornaments, candle-stick holders and the like to fill some of the other, smaller spaces, topping everything off with a number of long rolls of Christmas wrapping Quite pleased with results.

Did much the same with the other two bike boxes, putting the smallest flat-screen in one and then filling the remaining space with more pictures and ornaments, topped off with almost two large baskets of gift bags of all sorts. Wanted the latter as they were light and were good padding around the pictures. Last box contained pictures only. This time I used three bundles of my shirts, still in the plastic wrap from the dry-cleaners, to pad spaces between picture frames and fill space at the top of the container. Was quite surprised at how heavy all three boxes ended up being. Will load them all into Titanium Green tonight so that we are ready to roll by 9:00 am tomorrow.

Meeting Woman left for a busy schedule just before 11:00 am and after I had a tasty brunch of overlefts I suited up and took my Brodie to MEC as I wanted to buy a box of NuuN electrolyte replacement tablets. Down to my last tube so I knew I'd probably need more for the long weekend as I'm hoping to ride, both in Naramata and at Little Shushwap. As well, I wanted to look at the Garmin Vivofit Activity Tracker since Mme Coriandre had expressed a desire, not too, too subtly, I might add, to have one. Thought it might make an appropriate 39th wedding anniversary present. Who know, perhaps she'll even start cycling in Penticton and join me on the GranFondo. Now that would be wonderful! Go Cruella!!!

Stats for errando ride:

Once back home I activated the device, on her laptop, (I'm sure I'll be raked over the coals for the weight I entered!), so that once she receives the device she'll be able to start tracking her activity. Will be curious to learn how many calories she burns each time she takes a sip of wine! Had thought about going for an abbreviated ride, (basic 51 km outing), but forecast called for showers so I opted for the Elliptitron and felt pretty good to be back on this particular machina. Have not used it for at least a week or more, if I remeber correctly. Stats for ellipticon at FCCC: 3.50 milos over 70 minuten to burn 1,133 calorifics and climb 15,383' verticales.  

Must away as my next packing task is to fill more wine boxes, ones from the "wine cellar" we had in our storage locker, with bottles of malt. Did three yesterday and I estimate that I'll have room for at least another four. Also, would like to take a number of other "fragile" items, (a lamp or two, some large vases), and am not sure, just yet, how much room they will require. Will know better once I've loaded the three large bike boxes and hootch. Also have to be concerned, to a certain extent, about weight of load itself. Nevertheless, think everything should be fine, at least I certainly hope so!

Departing comments last Monday indicated 4 at least are free for bridge at the end of the long royal weekend. We will start the evening with a resounding chorus of God Save 1. The Queen, 2. the NDP government in Alberta and 3. David Cameron (I just had to swear an affidavit that I was still alive to the UK pension people!) Bring your passports to cross the bridge to the North Shore. Who’s available at 6pm on Monday May 18th? Clive

PS: For those travelling, or domiciled in Paris, and who may be short of Maple Leaf news, I was astounded to return to beaver-land and find the lefties now rule with majority in the oil-rich rat-free province. Also I discovered that RRIF’s and TFSA’s are sweeter thanks to the recent federal budget.
Dear Clive So long as I can very kindly get a lift via Robert (please) it looks as though I am in fact now available on Monday - but away from May 20. In California and then maybe Brisbane. Very Best David I shall be able to make it. Pinafore previews tomorrow and opens Friday so Monday rehearsals are no more. Les
Hi Clive, et al: Thanks for hosting. I'm keen to play. Is there a Nexus Lane on the Lions Gate? Robert: I will have a vehicle on Monday evening so I'm happy to act as chauffeur. Lads, let me know what might work best for everyone, Robert, Old Tar Coal-Tar and WFG, aka Weasel From Girvan, polite interpretation of acronym! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Loaded Titanium Green last night: Three bike boxes, three boxes of books and nine cases of malt: four un-opened, one with only 9 bottles, due to size; one almost full; two, half to two-thirds full; one half-full

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