Saturday, 16 May 2015

Scotch Creek Boatyard Blues: Saturday, May 16th!

Growth in wisdom can be measured precisely by decline in bile. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900) 

Hello Partagas Pete, et al! Buona Fortuna with garage sale. Haven't used any of that stuff in 16 years so won't miss a thing! Thanks again, for wonderful stay, Lynne.

Off shortly to Scotch Creek to collect boat that has been wintered there. I'll come back on boat with Ricardo, The Sisterhood will drive back to be ready to help dock it once we arrive. Bit of a process as wind action is such that it is better to tie up to a buoy. Normally one swims in after tying up but water is still pretty icy so Ruth will take a kayak and pull another to boat to effect transfer, after I'm dropped off dockside. Fondestos from one and all. Cheers, DisAbled-Seaman, 1st Class, "Put him in the scuppers 'til he's sober", Patrizzio!

Pics: Chinese laundry; Burns Street; Little Shushwap;
Patio People; The Reader this morning. Wind is fairly brisk!

Left Pebble Beach B&B at close to 2:00 pm to make for Anglemont, almost at the end of the road, the Squilax Anglemonte Road, in fact. Since we had driven to Scotch Creek the day before, I had some idea of the route and the hills I would encounter, but I must admit that the hill out of Scotch Creek was more than a bruiser! Once I'd managed to scale it, more or less, smooth riding, until the hill out of Celista, not quite as punishing as the earlier ascent but still a good workout. Once over this obstacle I as bale to enjoy the lake, on my left, and motored along, quite easily to Magna Bay. Rest of the route wasn't anywhere as near punishing as earlier part of ride and once I'd reached Anglemont I kept going as St Ives was 5 km ahead, the actual end of the line. However, by the time i was at Melo Bay I had 52 km on the clock so I turned around, (Not wanting to climb the hill which presented itself but more specifically, not wanting to have to climb it again on the return from St Ives. I hope to ride here at some pont in the not to, to distand future!) Similar situation on return but head wind was a bit of a facor at times but I persevered and arrived home to the Gin and Tonic swilling swells at about 6:15 pm, beating the rain which soon poured down! Stats for ride:

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