Friday, 8 May 2015

Ed Miliband Nick Clegg Nigel Farage Election Blues: Friday, May 8th!

No two persons ever read the same book. -Edmund Wilson, critic (8 May 1895-1972)
Ms Sturgeon has arrived at the Glasgow count, where the SNP has won all seven seats
             UK Conservatives in shock election victory
David Cameron pledges a "greater Britain" after a surprise Conservative election victory, as rivals Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage resign.

A jubilant David Cameron has hailed the Conservatives' election performance as "the sweetest victory of all".

Who is Cameron able to do a coalition with? Even with predicted libDems he will be short of majority. Great coverage in NZ but has little effect here. Dear Clive:

Cameron will govern alone: does not need a coalition partner I'd say. 
Extraordinary!! Cameron uses the 2/1 system....All Best David And what of the Parisian Oracle???? Send your 5 Euro checks asap. Life is expensive here Until my next oraculum miraculum Byron Ne ces Pas?? 

As results came in exit polls were seen to be understated in favour of Cameron! Now within one of a majority! Are Harper-like omnibus bills in the future? Beagle, If you only your Bridge bidding was half as foretelling as your political predictions you would be a Grand Master. The socialist hoard are held back in the motherland; onward to the Dominion of Canada, let us sweep the rabble into shining sea and shining sea. Cheers, Roger Unfortunately I can’t make it, a busy month at the yacht club. John

Wondered if you both had the 19 still free instead of 21st. If not don't worry will keep it as is. Pauline Patrick and I are ok for the 19th. Corinne Ted & I are ok as well for the 19th. Elaine

Thanks for hosting a very enjoyable evening Lynn and thanks for the photos Patrick. Some good ones there I'd say. On May 28th the Whitney's are planning on attending a fundraising wine tasting for Van Dusen from 6 to 8:30 - tickets $46. I'll be there. Lynn C

Hi Paolo et al! Glad you enjoyed snaps. Unfortunately, packing must needs prevail on May 28th so we will be wrapping newspaper around bottles of malt on the evening of May 28th, while rest of you are swiggin' wine and noshin' on vittles in the Great Hall. Think of us, from time to time, whenever you pop another canapé  or slurp another glass of hootch! Cheers, Patrizzio! One More Dinner Snaps! PS: Thanks for the snap, Lynn!

P, Greetings from the Republic. You have obviously not seen the smoke signals so I thought I should utilize some old technology. I gather you have been sent packing by Ms C. I know how that feels.

I have concluded that the NRBC is a futilitarian pursuit. I have been waiting for someone in the group to put up their hand and ask what the f'in hay is going on. Nobody has asked, as one might expect. And with you moving to the bible belt -- we are down to only one book - the good book. I have read some of it and it is too racy for me.

To assuage my builders fatigue I have decided to simply build a dance floor - see pics. Build it and they will come, I am told. They have not said who for what. Is that answer in the good book?

Enjoyed your rant on the loss of the Kits Coast Guard stn. Look forward to seeing you and the crew on the 23rd. As a chronic freeloader my expectations are as always modest. Fond regards to you and C.., W

In the face of opposition from The Sisterhood one cannot be other than a Futilitarian!

Hello Lynn et al! Just a quick note to thank you for such a wonderful evening with wonderful friends, enjoying more than wonderful food and certainly wonderful wine, sharing wonderful stories wonderfully! (Anyone wondering about "wonderful" yet?) Anyway, it was great good fun so thanks again, to one and all. Have attached some snaps which capture the wondrous night! Cheers, Patrizzio! PS: Will send a number of messages as the files will probably be to large all at once. 

Hi again! Our Farewell Bash is on May 23rd, from 5:00 pm until the cops are called. Pot-Luck and BYOB as we are finally getting back at all The Freeloaders we have supported over lo these past 16 years! Hope you can make it! Cheers, Patrizzio!

What an incredible day for a ride! Started out at after 10:15 am with Robo Man who met met me at The Heartbreak Parkade. We set off around the Seawall to do one Prospect Point Loop. Know I am going to miss this particular ride once we leave Vancouver. It was such a delight to descend through the huge trees, dappled by the sunlight. Once back at Granville Island we made for 1st Ave and I waved goodbye to Raymondo who was heading for Cypress and home as he had tutoring for the rest of the day. I then made for Kits Point and ended up doing a fair bit of dipsy-doodling there to have 75 km on the clock before I made for Spanish Banks. Once at the UBC Foreshore Hill it didn't take but one dipsy-doodle of campus to have enough distance to easily achieve a 100 km ride by the time I was home. Initially, I thought I might pop by Westpoint to see about a tune-up but by the time I was at Highbury and 4th I felt so good that I decided I'd keep going and make the ride a 111 km outing. Did just that and couldn't be more pleased with almost perfect day, one of the warmest, and certainly just as pleasant, if not more so, than my outings in Palm Desert or LA this past February. Stats for ride:

Home to think about packing but best I could muster was to walk over to GIB and score five wine boxes with which to try to mitigate Cruella's wrath upon her return at my obvious lack of progress on that front! Quick shower and change and then we were off to have dinner with Elaine and Ted. Gorgeous evening so we sat on their deck to have hors d'oeuvres and play a few hands of bridge with magnetic cards, great for breezy situations, poifect, I might assume, for Galiano picnics. After a delicious meal we were about to repair inside when friend and neighbour, Tony Puddicombe, came over. He has been keeping bees for last number of years, at his own place, a few doors away, and last year he asked the Keatings if they would like a couple of hives. They readily agreed and have noticed the positive effect on both their flower and vegetable gardens.

At any rate, Tony finished building a larger platform the day before and he was over to move the two hives to it, (the easier to collect honey, etc.), but needed to wait until the sun went down and the bees were fast asleep. He brought some bee-keeping garb and once he and Ted were protected they set about moving the hives while I documented the process. All went very well, no stings, although a few bees came out of one hive to see what was going on. After the hives were in place, Tony put a number of small fern branches, (Don't believe type of vegetation is critical but I might be wrong. Forgot to ask about that aspect.), over the entrance/exit openings. He explained that by so doing this would cause the bees, upon leaving the hive, to automatically recalibrate their internal Garmin GPS systems to tell them exactly where the hive had been moved relative to its original position, though but a few feet from former location. Simply fascinating when one thinks about this incredibly complex navigational ability and how the neighbouring trees, telephone poles, heavenly bodies, stars, etc., are all part of the Google map home.

Hives nicely settled, back inside to visit and have one of Elaine's wonderful desserts, a gluten-free raspberry cheesecake. Laura, their youngest daughter, has been back from Australia a month or so ago. Her husband, James, is still there, but will be joining her in a few weeks as he will be working for the same firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, here as in Melbourne. I knew Tony's brother, Bob, from squash. He was a very talented player. Played out of Hollyburn and was also a Davis Cup tennis player, so you can well imagine his skill on any court! Interestingly enough, we first met Tony back in the late '70's when Corinne and I were taking yoga lessons from a woman who rented a small church hall, off McDonald, on 17th or 18th, I think. Never bumped into him after we stopped attending until we met at some social event at the Keatings, ten or more years later.

After the lovely evening, we bade goodnight to one and all, thanking our hosts for their bounteous  hospitality. Forgot, as I imagined we might, the milk that we'd bought at Cheap Thrills, en route to dinner, and left in the fridge upstairs until ready to leave!
Dear Patrick & Corinne, Thank you for your lovely letter. Yes it will be an amazing weekend and I am having such fun Perhaps overwhelmed with all the media attention but after Sun. Life gets back to normal and I will be relieved.

Life is very exciting for you & I still can’t comprehend that you are really moving. But on to new and exciting things and I am sure looking forward to moving Into your new home.  As you have packed up everything where is your Party going to be?  I am sure you will have hundreds of your beloved friends Coming to say farewell and setting up dates to visit you in your new digs.

I think we look forward to visiting you in your new home so that we could
Spend some quality time together. But then again we will have to book
Ahead as your calendar will be full in no time will so many coming down
To visit.  Will keep in touch and would like to come out in the summer
Since John is retiring or so he says.  Mm-m life will be different.

Anyways, the Conservatory is coming in the morning to set up musical equipment For  the students and I am basically ready and don’t have to do anything on the Weekend. The Conservatory has volunteers taking tickets and Horticulturalists Looking after the questions.  I will indulge myself with greeting people, enjoy The entertainment and stroll through the gardens with friends. Tomorrow Evening a social event with the Conservatory

My gardening project is finally over, I cannot believe it has taken me 28 yrs. to complete. I don’t know what is next, I will indulge myself in the pleasure of  doing very little  for now. Love Jean & John

Hi everyone, Just resend Anique's update for some friends who missed the events on May 1st and May 2nd. I am going to the second event on Saturday May 9th event, please come and join me. Here is the detail information:

The second event is Stop Podcasting Yourself Live at the Rio Theatre on May 9th with doors opening at 7pm/show at 8:00. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, a live podcast is a rare treat that's not to be missed (especially when it's at the Rio Theatre!). The show will feature guests including author and comedian Charlie Demers (CBC's 'The Debaters') and comedian Alicia Tobin (Come Draw With Me). The Sunday Service will be performing as the opening act for this event. Tickets are $20 with all proceeds going towards Pat's treatment. For more informations go to:

If you can't make it out to one of these amazing events, please continue to spread the word about fundraising efforts for Pat. The site again is

Thank you so much for your support and generosity as always. Hope to see you there. Best, Tip

Soda Rock Club Members, This email is to remind you that you have an outstanding Club Shipment awaiting your pickup here at the winery. Please let us know if you’d prefer to ship your wine order to the address we have on file. No need to respond to this email if prior arrangements were made. We hope you are able to visit us soon. Thank you! Cheers, Diana 

Hi Diana! As far as I know, I was in contact with you a number of months ago, letting you know that I wished to withdraw from the Soda Rock Wine Club as we are moving to the Okanagan, BC's own wine producing region, at the end of May. Thanks and Cheers, Patrizzio!  

Yes, Thanks Pat. I had given you a credit but forgot to mark the original as a credit. Cheers and best to you both. Diana Hi again, Diana! Thanks for good wishes. Will certainly be popping by Soda Rock whenever we are heading to California, Berkeley and LA in particular, to see close friends, former, and our eldest daughter/grandchildren, latter. All the best. Cheers, Patrizzio!

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