Sunday, 24 May 2015

Post-Farewell Bash Empty Malt Cupboard and Arrivederci Heartwood Blues: Sunday, May 24th!

 The finest words in the world are only vain sounds if you cannot understand them. -Anatole France, novelist, essayist, Nobel laureate (1844-1924)

Hola de Lima! Bad news, I'm afraid. Susan and Mark will not be attending esta noche. Susan managed to fracture her lower leg quite badly on what was to be our last full day in Peru. Our travel insurance/insurer has been very good, and Susan is in the excellent Clinica INCA in Lima. Initial plans to have the breaks set surgically here were thwarted by a bladder infection which would delay surgery by 4 days, so we opted to come home in the interim. Insurer has flights arranged for this evening and we arrive at YVR noon tomorrow. 

An ambulance will take us directly to Royal Columbian (closest hospital to home, and has an orthopaedic surgeon on staff. We hope surgery will proceed forthwith...Apart from this trauma, we have had excellent adventures in both Ecuador and Peru! Sorry we won't be there to share tips and tales with Colleen and the Stanchion Man. I would be happy to take a rain check for that conversation once the lay of the land is clearer.

Lest you think Susan a malingerer just trying to extend her holiday in SA, I attach a phone-cam photo of the CAT-scan display of the aforementioned fracture. [Viewing suitable only for the non-squeamish]. I have avoided showing it to Susan...

Hi Marcus!Terribly sorry to hear about Susan's nasty, nasty accident! She really didn't want to attend the Farewell Bash did she! Nevertheless, please pass along our best wishes to her for a full and speedy recovery. Trust all goes well with return flight and then hospital visit/surgery. As you can tell, I've included The Once Great Peleton in message in case you didn't have time to send other messages, given your circumstances.

Had a wonderful, wonderful time with a host of wonderful, wonderful  friends last night so sorry that you could not have joined gathering. Of course, you are always welcome in Penticton so once Susan is ready to travel again, come on up! Until then, take care of yourselves, particularly Fracture Woman! Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio

Do we have (a) a quorum and (b) a host. I can play but not host. Cheers, R.Ditto – Clive Can’t make tomorrow. I have surgery very early Tuesday morning. Les I'm in San Francisco. David Hi Robert: I may be available but Cynthia is having a book club dinner our home so I also cannot host. Regards: David McCleery Seems we have neither a quorum nor a domum. Next week perhaps. Cheers, R. Gentlemen, I am just back today, fatigued of both mind and body. I cannot do tomorrow, but I will host on Wednesday if we can raise a four for that day? Roger

Hello Lads! Still in the final throes of packing so Monday evening wasn't going to be possible even though I'd dearly wanted to play! Wednesday evening is night before actually moving day and I'm sure we'll be dashing around with scads of last minute chores. However, I do hope you can drum up a quorum.

Finally, another thank you to everyone in the group for making me feel so welcome. I have enjoyed each and every night and the generous wealth of bridge craft shared so helpfully and positively. The opportunity to get to know individuals in the group has been more than a delight. Of course, I trust that our paths may well cross again, in the not too, too distant future. With both Peter and I in the Okanagan, perhaps we'll be able to tempt some to visit for a weekend of golf, bridge and wine-tasting! Once more, thanks to one and all for the wonderful meals, spirited camaraderie and most enjoyable bridge. All the best to one and all. Cheers, Patrizzio!

PS: We will be in Vancouver quite a few times, over the course of the summer/fall, so if you might need someone when dates fit, I'd be delighted to play. To this end, I'll send a message, well in advance, when I know an exact date and if things work, terrific.

Dear Patrick Its been a real delight playing with you these very many weeks and you've surely added hugely to our evenings, appreciated by one and all. Very Best David 

Hello David! Thank you for your kind words! I trust that we might, at some point, again be partners to "avenge" ourselves against the Quick Getaway Artist, Sly WInston! All the very best, Patrizzio! Pic: Once proud malt cabinet, awaiting transportation to Penticton!
Dear Roger Welcome back. Robert can often only arrange Mondays and I rely on a lift but I'm seemingly back from San Francisco and free. I'm not able to get to Brisbane for Wednesday morning when my friend's funeral is rather suddenly arranged and I'll go to a later Memorial event. All Best

Greetings yet again, and tears at missing last evening's farewell frivolities ! We would love to have joined you and no doubt lots of familiar faces we haven't seen in a while! Many thanks for your new Penticton address and Grog's e- mail. Hope all goes swimmingly with the final move without breakage! Please advise mobile numbers when instated. We'll keep in touch. All the best, Anne & Baldrick.

Pat and Corinne, Thanks for your hospitality last evening. I enjoyed meeting up with George and Jane and chatting with Al for a while. Sorry to hear about Susan's accident and it does look like a nasty break. It sounds as though she is well taken care of by the insurance company as was our friend Margaret who suffered a similar fate in Peru. Best wishes for the future. Hope Penticton proves to be an ideal spot for you both. Ray  

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