Thursday, 14 May 2015

Naramata, (39th Anniversary!), or Bust Blues: Thursday, May 14th!

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence. -Hal Borland, author and journalist (14 May 1900-1978) 

Colleen Teahan Waldron That is PRICELESS....cant decide what I like the better the red track suit or the red hair :0 Ayn P We were all pretty awesome right? Carol Riera When I met Corinne, I was so impressed with her millions of pairs of glasses and watches that went with every possible outfit she put together! Style, baby!

Dear, dear friends and family, thank you all for the wonderful wishes and expressions of affection! How extremely fortunate we feel to be surrounded by such loving, caring people. 
[Married since 14 May 1976] Happy Anniversary to my partner Patrick!

Sylvie Roy Bon anniversaire de mariage mes amis! Mes meilleurs souvenirs d'un séjour avec des gens d'une extrême gentillesse xox Good wedding anniversary my friends! My best memories of a stay with people of extreme kindness xox Rebecca Ann Happy Anniversary you crazy cats!!!

Carol Riera Love you both! Happy Anniversary! The last one in the Island Inn! xoxo Carol Riera But not the last one! Ginette Bertrand Happy Anniversary...many "miles and smiles" on your life as a couple and you many more! Sylvia Sutherland Happy Anniversary!!! Heather MacIver Aucoin Meikle Happy Anniversary! 

Chloe Alexis Dunn Congrats to my Parent's!!! 39 years is an incredible milestone!!! And just think how cool for them that Ayn was with them on their honeymoon!! And me too for that matter! Colleen Teahan Waldron Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple of kids 

Ruth Chang How many years did you put up with him Corinne? You deserve an award! Is the pic from your new nest? Love you both!

Sorry that I've been a tad slow in replying but we were on the road, on Thursday, the actual anniversary date, en route to Naramata with a full, full car load to store with friends there. Celebrated our anniversary that evening with Lynne who had prepared a veritable feast. Stayed the night and then made for Little Shuswap, the next afternoon, to spend Victoria Day weekend with friends, Ruthless and Ricardo. They left to golf an hour or so ago and since it is our turn to cook this evening I will be pressed into scullion service shortly. The democratic domestic bliss of the anniversary moment has been shelved by 'er Ladyship and the power structure is back in its rightful place! Once again, thank you all for your on-going friendship, support and love from the very bottom of our hearts! Snap: Lady Mary at the bridge table, waiting for a Long Table Cucumber Gin and T!

Joanna Rood Hello Patrick and Corinne! I just moved into my new house- courtesy of my wonderful daughter and son in law! Reveling in it! If you ever want to come down to Oregon wine country, give me a shout! Best regards, Joanna

Patrick James Dunn Hi Joanna! Congratulations on your new home! Will definitely be in touch when next down in Oregon. Where are you? Funnily enough, we are moving to Penticton at the end of this month so we are moving to wine country ourselves. Loads to tell so trust we will be able to arrange a visit in the not too, too, distant future. Must away as were are off to Naramata this morning, taking up a load to leave with friends there, en route to Little Shushwap where we will spend the Victoria Day long weekend with friends. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Patrick and Corinne - if only we could visit on May 23rd how wonderful that would be! And I love the part about the neighbors calling the cops - didn't that almost happen last time when we were there - hilarious!
Anyway, hope you guys have a grand going away bash and of course we wish you all the best in your new abode. Can't wait to see pix of everything.
Take care. Our best, Pat and Dave

Hi Pat and David! How lovely to hear from you! Glad you liked the invitation. Trust you are both well. Sorry you can't make the party although probably a good thing, for us at least, as many of our friends would certainly have been more interested in you two than "the traitors", turning our backs on them, so to speak!

Fondestos from Cruella, Harsh Packing Task Mistress, aka Lady Mary, (from Downton Abby), who insisted she had to have her royal toes and nails painted, yesterday, given the damage packing had done to them, of late, to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Ayn and Chloë posted these two snaps for Mother's Day. First one was taken in my last year of Library School, 1975, (Corinne's first), second on Chloë's 1st birthday, year Corinne graduated from LS, 1977.   

Hi Pat! I inadvertently sent this message to myself, instead of you, when I clicked on name/address which pops up! Packing Fatigue, I assume! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hi Brenda! Sorry you can't make the party although pleased that you will visit us in jail! Probably a good thing as many of our other friends may well not as we are considered "traitors" now, turning our backs on them, so to speak!

Fond regards from Corinne to you. Thanks ever so much for kind words and offer of accommodation. Certainly much appreciated and we do hope you'll visit Burns B & B, (working title, to date!), in Penticton. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Lynne: Just to let you know that we will be pulling out of the Islay Inn, (fully loaded, let me tell you!), in about 45 minutes. All going well, on the drive, Hope-Princeton, we should be at your place between 4:00 pm-5:00 pm. Looking forward to visit. Regards from Cruella to you and Dom Cubana, hobnobbing with Fidel! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Patricio, I found Fidel quite subdued, but Raoul is providing inspired leadership, at least according to the many billboards with his photo and exhortations throughout the country. He is sure that a dollar a day is keeping the people enthusiastic about the revolution. Nice tropical weather, but the cuisine is tiresome. Pork, chicken or fish with fried bananas and rice. On to Inja! Peter

We arrived at The Naramata Storage Company at close to 5:00 pm, with another, full to the gunnels, load. Stopped at Orofino to whet our whistles and signed up with their wine club. Start of our Okanagan cellar! Cora Lee had to get in the car first and then I packed the bottles around her! Once at your place, needed to park your Kubota, after a wonderful joy-ride to Upper Bench Road and back, near the compost bins as there wasn't enough room in garage with latest muleage!

After I had de-canted Titanium Green, we sat on patio and visited, enjoying wonderful nibbles, (Upper Bench Cheeses, Baby Grey and Farmer's, olivettis stuffed with garlic, and pistachios), with two whites, a Poplar Grove Blanc de Noirs and an Orofino Pinot Gris), before I took a quick shower and changed. Wonderful anniversary dinner, (stuffed salmon, asparagus, tomatoe and potatoe salad, latter, unfortunately not made with your spuds, but certainly delish nonetheless!), all courtesy of Lynne, washed down with a Blue Mountain Chardonnay and an Orofino Red Bridge Red, Merlot. Gave Cora Lee a Garmin vívofit2 so she said she was planning to jog into town, and back, to test it out! 

For dessert Lynne produced dates, almonds and a wonderful chocolate bar. I added to the mix with a few snorts of malt. In an email, before hitting the sack, told Jugos to make sure he hit Duty Free as I managed to polish off quite a bit of his liquor cabinet after dinner feast! 

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