Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Miércoles Blues: Wednesday, May 6th!

The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization. -Sigmund Freud, neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis (6 May 1856-1939)

Hi Patrick, tks for the pictures, did you get your filing done?? Joanne. Hi JT! Yes, thanks, Stephen has my money now! Glad you enjoyed the snaps. On another mater, I gather you re-repatriated your cinnamon buns! I was sad to see. On the brighter side, trust you will be baking more of those scrumptious buns! Cheers, Patrizzio! Yes tks for giving back the buns.  Tried calling for u to share some but no answer. Mor buns to come. Great Baby-cakes, I love your buns! Cheers, Patrizzio!

[Karin sent me this and its pretty cute! J Like the Panda mattress!]

A truly fab day for a ride so I set off at just after 2:00 pm to log enough dipsy-doodles around Olympic Village and then Place Concorde so that I had 40 km on the clock by the time I reached Stanley Park. Did two Prospect Point Loops and then three Lost Lagooners before another two Prospect Point climbs. Followed this with two more LL, first one slightly more extended so that after the final loop I had the distance I needed to make for home. 

Legs felt pretty good, in spite of a tough workout, at least for me, on the elliptitron at FCCC yesterday, so pleased about that and the fact that the head wind, out of the West at 15 kph, wasn't too, too bad, although, in spite of sunshine, had a bit of a chill to it when in the shade, and even whipped up a few whitecaps on English Bay. Stats for ride:

Greetings from NDP land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woke to over 10 cm and still falling of wet heavy snow and 0C although no wind so actually aside from the wet & snow, quite beautiful! Fresh new start to the spring and to the political scene.

Huge wake up for the Tories. Need to get over their hatred and form an alliance with the Wild Rose if they are to get back in in 4 years! Will be interesting to see what happens to corporate tax. Big business is nervous but hopefully Premier Notley will be a conservative leader if she wants to keep the guys who hire & spend the $$ in the province. Still here so only looking on line. Will be on island the 12th. m                                           Hi Maggie! I watched a reasonable amount of election coverage after the results were in. I must say I am very impressed with Rachel Notley and also with the number of women elected! Her work is certainly cut out for her and I wish her nothing but well. Looking forward to general election in the UK now!

Buona Fortuna with on-line house-hunting. That is, basically, what Cora Lee did, initially, to get some idea of properties and prices. Once we discussed what she had found we set up viewings and went from there. As I probably need not tell you, it doesn't really take long to decide on places once you've actually seen them, as opposed to just pictures! Happy snowshoeing! Cheers, Patrizzio!                Hi Patrick, I was touched to receive your invitation. Where do you live? If it it not too far from me on 16th near Cambie I would like to come. I've just returned from Australia and I am drained for 2 reasons: my brother is dying in hospital there, and I've got jet lag. Maybe a party is just what I need. Best Bev 

Hi Bev! Terribly sorry to hear about your brother. You have been subjected to a huge amount of emotional trauma over last little while and my heart goes out to you.

We live about half a block from the entrance to Granville Island. Both Corinne and I would be delighted if you feel that you can pop by. It will probably be a rather noisy affair so perhaps it might take your mind off more difficult matters for a bit. Have attached directions.
Thanks Patrick. I will attend. (I'm up right now because I just got word that my brother has died.) Dear Bev. Sincere condolences on the death of your brother. Much sympathy, Corinne and Patrick.

As well, I don't normally forward many pictures/jokes sent to me but I thought that the following might bring a smile to your face, warm and fuzzy images that they are! Hope you manage to get over your jet-lag as quickly as possible. All the best. Cheers, Patrizzio!  

Hi all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, West 8th. Lynn 6:30 - right Lynn? We'll bring an asparagus salad. Cheers...Paul yup, perfect. Lynn Hi Lynn! Not sure if Cora Lee replied or not but we are on and will be bringing an appetizer. Look forward to seeing everyone. Cheers, Patrizzio! Excellent!

Hope you're having a great time and haven't forgotten me Wright's Coal Tar :-).

Thanks to Patrick for another great night in the land of Malt. The Conventionally Challenged pulled off another dubious victory, largely due to the fact that we were on defence most of the night, so didn't actually have to bid that much; and also to some fine declarer play by Mr. T when we did manage to find the right contract. I think I played two hands.

So, 24 hours to go and Ed's mob no closer to victory, mainly due to the fact that the Nasties are now predicted to win 52 seats, 35 of them from Labour. UKIP seem to be flagging a bit; down 3 points from their high of 16%, but still predicted to take 2 seats, and my beloved Libs finally showing a bit of life - albeit from doldrums they haven't seen since the sixties. I wonder if their troubles will dissuade other parties from becoming junior coalition partners?

My prediction: A "grand" Con-Lab coalition. It's the only thing that makes sense. The SNP have nothing to gain by joining either English party, and Ed's already said he wouldn't offer them a position - and no other combination provides a working majority. It's been done a few times in Germany, and seems to work.

The rest of Europe must be looking on with amusement, since most of them work just fine with coalitions. It's only in the UK where we seem to need outright majorities. I wonder if a few more "hung" parliaments like this will revive the call for PR? Winston

Wrights coal tar in my suitcase. How much am I bid for the 2 bars I bought in Brisbane?? Shame to break up the competitive partnerships with a fifth (and maybe 6th) player next Monday, but I intend to be there. Currently in NZ, awaiting today's UK results with bated breath! Southampton FC results causing some disappointment but European soccer still possible with only 3 games remaining! C u next week with updated bridge aggregates!!

Rachel Notley has shown the way and surely the UK will also "Bear Left" tomorrow? And as Rachel swept away the Prentice Tories in Alberta so should Ed sweep away the Cameron Tories in Britain? But we need the definitive oracle Lord Byron/Lady Anne from Paris to pronounce on the most exciting and important election in Britain since 1945. David

Hi All, Bridge in sunny Kitsilano at 6:00 on May 11. Who's there and who's square? Cheers, R. Hi, I'm "in"! Thanks Robert. Thanks Winston: we were simply remarkably lucky with the cards - against Fusion Fighters. And your 2/1 is now blossoming brightly. David Hi Robert et al: I'm keen to play so I'll be knocking on your door at 6:00 pm. Cheers, Patrizzio!
Sounds greet! Just to warn you all that I may not be able to make it on the 25th (not sure yet) as I'll be coming back from a weekend in Courtenay visiting my cousin. Winstonge Still aboard and waiting for HMS Pinafore to sail. Southampton? Ha! Just wait till next season with Bournemouth coming as the local derby. Les Yeah it seems Bournemouth will now be our local derby.  No longer Portsmouth!   Did you see the team and managers celebrations in the locker room? Craaaaaaazy!

Patrick James Dunn!!! Oh no!! Anyone else think this is funny?! Patrick James Dunn I think it's hilarious as I told your Nana not to wear my Crocs. She never listens and this is what happens! Stephanie Modder I think the crocodile is the fashion police taking justice into his own this case his own mouth. Patrick James Dunn No Stephanie, you are wrong! The Fashion Policeman is returning stolen property to the rightful, (living), owner! 

Chloe Alexis Dunn Go to bed both of you. Night Pooh Bear. Night D Patrick James Dunn You are the one who started this dialogue! I dream of going to bed and reading! Stephanie Modder Patrick James Dunn are you going to friend me or what? I've been waiting pensivley for your response! Patrick James Dunn I befriended you ages ago! I cannot help it if the right hand of the system does not know what the left hand is doing! Fair enough. We have known each other long before Facebook and friend status. Stephanie Modder But let it 've known I want to be Patrick James Dunn 's FB friend Patrick James Dunn I just, this moment, or at least a few nano seconds ago, made you my "Friend"! Stephanie Modder So happy. Oh sleepless nigh.....Patrick James Dunn Glad to make you so happy, Stephanie but I'm taking Chloë's sage advice and heading for the Land Of Nod! Cheers, FB Friend!

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