Wednesday, 27 May 2015

D-Day Minus One Blues: Wednesday, May 27th!

Compassion is not weakness and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism. -Hubert Humphrey, US Vice President (27 May 1911-1978) 

Amy Schumer Pokes Light-Hearted Fun at Obsessive Pet Parents: Ayn P Lol! I got this last week from someone too. I didn't want to tell you but Mom and Dad said they could care less if we come to Penticton in August as long as Winston is there with them!
Patrick James Dunn We have this on a loop on our one flat screen not yet packed as I am answering messages, while Nana and Chloë are out in the garden looking for where Sneaker's ashes were buried. They want to disinter her as they feel she will be quite lonely once we move, especially since the new owners keep rescue reptiles! If we make it to Penticton, she plans to put Pinot Grigio in Winston's water dish, selflessly sharing her prescription medication! Do you think his aggression issues have anything to do with his time as a dog soldier in one of the East LA gangs? Personally, I think he managed to escape from Athens, (When there in 2007 we noticed the incredible number of strays roaming the city's streets.), with refugees from North Africa. When the boat foundered, in rough seas, he was rescued by an American freighter bound, via the Panama Canal, for San Diego, and the rest is history!

Patrick and Corinne, All the best in your new venture. Best regards, Margaret and Ron

 Hi Margaret! Thanks for best wishes! Much appreciated! As part of moving strategy, on the Thursday before the Victoria Day weekend, we drove up to Naramata, with another full car-load, to leave with Lynne and Peter Lighthall. Continued on to Little Shuswap where we spent the rest of the long-weekend with friends, Ruth and Rick Toews, at their family cabin there. Latter is one who studied with Ron!

Pick up U-Haul truck this evening for loading all day tomorrow and then will leave for Penticton, early Friday morning. The new adventure begins! We will be in Vancouver quite a few times over the coming summer so  perhaps we can get together for a quick visit, everyone's busy schedules allowing. Fond regards to you both from Corinne. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pic: View from patio; Ruth and Rick at Little Shuswap; Librarian at work!

when is your day and time of travel.?both of us in bed with food poisoning.stay clear for now ;hope you are excited .take care ;matt 

Hi Glasgow! Sorry to hear about the food poisoning! Must have been last ham dinner at The Island Inn! Hope you both recover quickly. What with "D-Day" just around the corner, not sure how much time I'm going to have to send or reply to messages until we are ensconced in either The Burns Street Social House or Il Palazzo! Must away as the laundry room and the storage locker remain to be dealt with, another decree from on high! Actually under threat of flogging from Cruella! Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Jo-Anne and Colin! Thank you both, so much, for joining us at the Farewell Bash, Travel safely. Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Dear Patrick Thanks for your note--we are off. I think the name for new place should be Burns Street Bordello! Anyways will be in touch soon. LOL Jo-Anne

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