Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fight for Life Blues: Saturday, May 9th!

We shall never cease from exploration \ And the end of all our exploring \ Will be to arrive where we started \ And know the place for the first time. -T.S. Eliot 

I have the following attendees at Chateau Français: David, David, Patrick, Clive and Winston. Please confirm. Cheers, R. Robert: Confirmazzzzzzzzzzzzzione! Looking forward to evening. Cheers, Patrizzio! Dear Robert I am girding my gypsy loins. All Best David

Thanks I have been asked to help with a diabetes fund raiser on the 21st so 19th is great Hi Polly and Mick! Looking forward to the 19th. What can we contribute?  Cheers, Patrizzio!
Hello Knackered Naavy and Whisk(e)y Jane! [Too bad you couldn't seem to forward malt info as I'd be keen to see newsletter. Nevertheless, we'll have to raise a dram, or more, on both the 16th and 23rd!]

Am always amazed by the synchronicity of thought which moves, seamlessly, through the ether between Freeloader Heaven and The Galiano Gulag. (Talk about forced labour and the hard rock pile! Adding insult to injury would be that the one cracking the bull-whip would be an overseer, selected and specially trained in excruciation, from the ranks of The Sisterhood!) As soon as I read the Word post this came to mind: "In the face of opposition from The Sisterhood one cannot be other than a Futilitarian!"
  At any rate, am mightily impressed with the latest results of your blood, sweat and tears! Looks grand! Onward!!!

What an incredible day for a ride, yesterday, while you were bashing your thumb with a sledge! Must away as I want to go for a short spin. This time I hope to stop at Westpoint as I do need to schedule a tune-up before we move. All the best with your back-breaking labour. Fondestos from Cruella to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Up at 7:00 am but busy with answering email and doing a number of packing related chores so didn't actu ally suit up for my ride util about 3:00 pm. Route Regulare, short version, around Olympic Village and then Kits Point to campus and home. Stats for ride:

Shower and change and lovely dinner, (steaks, sautéed fresh asparagus with red peppers, sliced tomatoe with Buffalo mozzarella, before we drove to Rio. As luck would have it, a parking space became available, literally right in front of entrance, just as we drove up. Then, when in line-up for tickets, woman ahead turned in a ticket she couldn't use and insisted cashier give it to next person who wanted to buy one, so that was us! Once inside we couldn't find two seats together, (place was almost completely full, so terrific for fund-raiser, of course), and just when we were resigned to sitting apart, young couple we happened to be standing bedside said that they had jus theard form their friends that they would not be able to attend so seats they were saving they now offered to us! Karma indeed!

Opening act, Sunday Service, improv group, were wonderful, as was the feature attraction, although I know I missed many of the references to various current TV shows, social media happenings and the like. $7,000 raised for Pat so very happy about that!

Hi Elaine: Just a quick note to thank you for such a wonderful evening. Lovely to have a chance to visit with Laura as well. Terrific to see Tony in action too. Please pass along some of the snaps to him. See you later this evening. Fondestos from Cruella, Harsh Packing Task Mistress, to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Thanks for the pics Patrick. I've forwarded them to Tony. See you tomorrow morning. Elaine

Hi Tip! How lovely to see you, if only briefly, earlier this evening! [Jo-Anne, we literally bumped into Tip on the sidewalk outside the Rio after the show was over!] Both Corinne and I were more than pleased, it goes without saying, that the venue was completely sold-out for the benefit for Pat. Are hearts are with you and your family in this very difficult time.

I do hope we will see you in Penticton, [Funnily enough, Jo-Anne, the place received a bit of flak during the evening when Graham Clark insisted that it declare itself either a city or a paddock! Apparently a reference to horses wandering around downtown, at some point!], whenever you can manage. All the very best for now, Tip. Fondest of fond regards, Corinne and Patrick! 

Hello Corinne and Patrick, Wonderful photos and what a jolly group! I don't think we are feeling very jolly about you leaving us--it has been so much fun dining with you two. And I'm sorry I'll be away and miss your goodbye bash but I promise to visit you in jail if things get out of control :-) Here's hoping to see you in the wine country. Please let me know if you ever need a place to stay. Best, Brenda


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