Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bogart Bye Bye Blues: Tuesday, July 7th!

Sin lies only in hurting others unnecessarily. All other "sins" are invented nonsense. -Robert A. Heinlein, science-fiction author (7 Jul 1907-1988) 

Up at 6:30 am to tip-toe into kitchen, (Didn't  wish to wake still slumbering Lady Mary or Little Yda and The Imperiales, in the spare bedroom.), and zap my Instanto Glorioso. While waiting for the microwave to do its duty I set up the percolator the better able to offer our North Van guests their first shot of the day when they finally surfaced. After all was set to go I repaired to my study, closing the door to try to attend to my much neglected messaging. Have CBC Radio 1 turned way down but couldn't be happier with the peace and quiet of my early morning solitude.  

Hi Pat, I sent you and Corrine an email with an attachment from the Vancouver Sun about a week ago which you probably never received. My great and deep technical skill obviously was not enough too get the job done. However, I am able to print stuff so will bring the hard copy for you and Corrine to read. The article is about a woman who has given birth to a child from donated sperm. Of course we were thinking about Chloe in this matter. We happen to know the mother and child in question, so will tell you more later.

Hoping you will be in Penticton after July 18 when we arrive in the OK Valley. We will be staying in the cabin at Deep Roots Winery near Naramata. You have to come down and watch the sunset from the front porch with us -so send along your phone number. Interesting to note that this coming Sunday Will Hardman, the winemaker, will be conducting a tasting at Marquis!

The photo is looking south toward Penticton from that front porch. The houses in the near distance are the Hardman residences. Hope we don’t have smoke there as we now have in Vancouver. Cheers, Bill.

Hi Wild Bill! Great to hear from you although I must apologize for not replying sooner, to your earlier message. In fact, you are not technologically inept and I did receive Vancovuer Sun attachment. Thank you for thinking of Chloë. Much appreciated. I did note that you knew mother and child in question. From my quick reading, Chloë's "situation" is legally different, if I interpret correctly, as she has purchased the sperm in question and donor has agreed to all sorts of other conditions, mediated via clinic. One of the most important facts, from Chloë's point of view, if fertilization is successful, is that child can contact father, at some future point in time, should this be desired. At any rate, we have been so busy, of late, what with trip to Winnipeg, (June 16th-July 1st), to celebrate Cora Lee's parent's 70th wedding anniversary, and all the seemingly un-ending, on-going un-packing/settling-in that my electronic correspondence is mightily in arrears, as I trust you can appreciate. Nevertheless, will be most interested to hear more about situation when we meet.

You mention Will Hardman will be at Marquis. Sounds like fun. Interestingly enough, we have a close friend, Andre McKenzie, who picked fruit for Will's Dad before land was planted with grapes. Long, fascinatiing back story but Andre now "bounces" between Vancouver/London/Chabeuil, tiny village two hours or so southeast of Lyon. He and his partner, Rosemary Thorne, (Google her!), were in Vancouver this past Jan/Feb and took a trip to the Okanagan as part of visit.  They brought back a bottle of very decent red from Deep Roots when they came for dinner! Loads to discuss, obviously, on many fronts, so we'll have plenty of jawing, and tippling, to do, on the porch and elsewhere!

As mentioned, I'll be in town on the 14th until the following Monday, attending Folk Fest that weekend, so perhaps we can connect at some point. Not quite sure, at this point, but I may well be staying with Elaine and Ted Keating, so, if so, I'll be just around the corner from you. Talk soon. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi We have slightly expanded our grouping to include Nicole along with Melanie . Let me know if you can still accommodate the four of us . If that is a problem let me know and we can meet up on Saturday . We are planning to go to the market and go tubing . Michele 

Hi Flamin' et al! What's new? (You'll do almost anything to have a DD along won't you!) Should we plan on seven more people by the time you arrive? All is well but you might have to sleep between Cora Lee and I although I'm sure Roland, (see below), won't mind! You can decide, when you arrive, (ETA for dinner purposes. Will you be wine-tasting beforehand? If coming up via Keremeos I really urge you to stop at Liquidity, en route to Blue Mountain and off Oliver Ranch Road, not far from Stag's Hollow and Wild Goose, as view from there is simply stunning. Also a fab looking restaurant where we plan to take Ayn and Chloë, for her birthday lunch, when they are both up in August.), where everyone wants to bunk down: spare room, Murphy bed in study and cabinet bed in Rumpus Room.

Yda and Arni, and Bogart, their lovely pooch, left around 10:30 am this morning. They were in Castlegar with friends for a number of days and were originally planning to stay overnight on Sunday but were having such a good time they asked to delay visit until last night. Had a lovely time catching up. On Sunday, Dawn and Gerry Martin came for dinner. They were en route from Salmo where they had attended Dawn's high-school reunion. We'd invited Lynne and Peter as well so it was a great evening. Funnily enough, Peter and Dawn know quite a few people in common as Dawn's father was a mine manager and Peter knew of him and others who worked with him as he had done a fair bit of engineering work, earlier in his career, at some of the same mines. Loads of wine, fab food on the bbq so, as you can imagine, a great time was had by all.

At the moment, Mme Coriandre is having lunch, here, with Marianna Harris, person who took over Presbytery responsibility for Heartwood. She is here visiting/staying with other friends.  At any rate, I've made a reservation for 18 for Wednesday. Matt and Catherine arrive on Friday so we'll see you at the market, I'm sure. I have to register for the GranFondo at some point that day but otherwise I'm not sure what else we have on. I might be the designated driver if the others want to go wine-tasting later in the day. I need to cut back alcohol intake, if only slightly, for next day's 160 km ride!

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Let us know when you expect to pull up outside the Burns Street Stopping Place/Watering Hole and we'll plan accordingly! Fondestos to one and all. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Sunday evening; Tuesday morning; Sunday morning before heading off to Summerland and climb up Peach Orchard Road! 

Patrick a simple yes would have sufficed!! we are picking Wayne up from work around noon and then heading to Chilliwack to drop Molly off at Heather and Joe's . We are going over the via Merritt but may get in a couple of wineries enroute. Should be at your place around 6 M
Dearest Grumpy/Pushy Freeloader Flamin'! A simple NO would have been even better! Around 6:00 pm is just fine. I'll either be riding or in the shower!! You can start using Windex on our granite counter until I'm back or dressed!!!

Lucky for you, in terms of a longer message, as I must away as I want to take my Trek into town to see about getting a tune-up as close to Sunday, so as to dovetail/allow my graduated training rides to taper off. Not particularly scientific, kinesiologically speaking, I'm sure, but I figure if I put enough malt in my camel packs I can do almost anything! 
Aaahoo! Werewolves of Penticton! Aaahoo! Aaahoo! Werewolves of Penticton! Aaahoo!  

Haha omy goodness... Looking forward to seeing you :) since my back and shoulder are sore I call best bed in the house ;) thanks !!! 

Hi Nicolina! Sorry to hear about your sore back and shoulder! This being the case you best sleep in Cora Lee's new zero-gravity patio chair, under the gazebo and stars, tonight. (Where is Marvinator in all this? Best wishes to Bella Bellisima and Albertino!) You'll probably be cooler outside anyway and that way you won't hear me vacuuming early in the morning! Travel safely today and we'll see you and the magic bus-load of Lower Mainland Freeloaders around 6:00 pm tomorrow! Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pic: Local cherries! 

Sara Jane McGillivray Hi Pat, It's nice to see your ride routes and stats on FB. Nice also that you can describe your route using wineries as route markers!! Brief message as I am at work (and expected to do some). You guessed already that I will not be doing the Penticton Fondo. Thanks anyway for your encouragement and invitation to stay at your Fondo Headquarters. I am riding but just not ready for that distance!! I didn't end up doing the Canada Day Populaire (148kms) although I really wanted to - I just knew that I would struggle to the point of misery. I did, however, do a really nice 75kms ride which was good (tried out the new mulit-use path over the Port Mann Bridge. Nice view from up there!). All for now - big Hello and Hug to Corinne from me. Sara.

Hi Sara Jane! Great to hear from you although I am a tad saddened that I won't have your wonderful company for both training, wine-tasting and then GF itself. Next year! Onward! Fight!

Let us know when you expect to pull up outside the Burns Street Stopping Place/Watering Hole, in the not too, too distant future, and we'll plan accordingly! Will be  driving to Vancouver a week today, the 14th, as Lady Mary is jet-setting off, on the 16th, to The Big Apple, for ten days with close friend, Robyn. I'll be in town until the following Monday, attending Folk Fest that weekend so perhaps we can connect at some point. Fondestos to one and all. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hi Pat, I really do want to visit you and Corrinne!! Thanks so much for inviting us every time you write. One of these days......

My goodness, you folks are busy!! So many guests and parties and wine tastings and holidays and bike rides. I envy you.

By the way, did any of your lovely ladies notice that you were wearing pink shorts on your red bike? Just saying, but you might get busted by the Fashionista Polistas if you're not careful (and more colour coordinated!!).

Have a wonderful ride this weekend!! I'm sure that all of your training and touring will pay off. I look forward to seeing your stats for that day. Here's hoping for a little less heat and smoke for your ride. Thanks, Sara

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