Monday, 13 July 2015

Post-Ride Clear Blue Skies Blues: Monday, July 13th!

If life had a second edition, how I would correct the proofs. -John Clare, poet (13 Jul 1793-1864)  

Hi Zoe, Patrick and I are coming into Vancouver tomorrow and hoping to see Steve. I'm assuming that he is still there! Please let me know if he is around and how we can connect. Thanks Corinne
Hi Xavierino! Must be great to be an Account Executive, counting money all day! Cheers, Poppa-San!

Patrick, You were in our thoughts all day yesterday and we even looked up the route you were riding. We will call and get the details. The night we were at your home for dinner I gave Corinne $50 to put towards your ride for Aunt Lea's Place. Talk soon.

Hi Donna Maria and Herardo! Thanks so much for thinking of me during the course of my ride. Must have been all of your positive mental energy that spurred me on. (Thanks so much for your more than generous donation. Corinne thought that the $50 was for all the wine that you drank but I said it was for Aunt Leah's. She really tried to convince me that she needed it for her coming trip to New York! Anyway, thank you again. I plan to give cash to Chloë so she will make sure you receive a tax receipt.) Very  pleased to report that the GranFondo went extremely well. Managed to better my time by almost 45 minutes over last year so very happy with result. (If interested in a blow-by-blow account I've appended details to end of message! 

Thank you again for lovely visit. I guess we won't see you this week. We will be staying over with Joan and Paul Whitney on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have my Nexus interview, at the airport, on Wednesday afternoon, after having missed my first appointment, what with selling condo and buying place in Penticton, back in February. Cora Lee flies off to The Big Apple on Thursday and I have been invited to stay with our friends, Elaine and Ted Keating, for the rest of my stay. If they kick me out, finding me too, too insufferable without Cora Lee to temper my behaviour, I will probably send you an email, asking where you hide the key to your place in town!

Trust you are both well and trip home was fine. Fondestos from Lady Mary, busy packing her bag for New York, to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi again, Donna Maria!I don't think I sent you any of the snaps of the evening we had dinner here. As well, I forgot, with last message, to include shot of Matt trying to get into malt bottle last night! Others are of Friday's lunch at Liquidity, then tasting at Noble Ridge.  Before Hourglass, (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend), vertical, (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013), tasting at Black Widow, for Wine Club members, on Saturday. Cheers, Patrizzio! 
Hope the ride went well today xoxox Some pics from Resa's wedding today xoxo...Samantha gave a wonderful toast! Love to all...see you soon 

P, hope your ride was good lasterday. We were toasting you on Morita's 5th (month) birthday. Heat subsided here and we had some rain -- a big relief. Heard Michael Casehammer last night on CBC Hotair and he is going to be in your town for a few concerts. Dont miss him. Jane and I are away in the east from 20 July to the 21 August. Just going like crazy trying to get things in order here before I leave. Let us know your travel plans. Fond regards to all at The Reach, W & J

Hi Paolo! Sorry that I didn't reply yesterday but I was riding in the GranFondo.
Thank you again, very much, for putting us up. Certainly much appreciated. We plan to leave reasonably early, before 8:00 am, I hope! That being the case, we should be in Vancouver around 1:00 pm or so, give or take, depending on traffic, etc. We have to drop off some stuff at Aunt Leah's Thrift Store and then Cora Lee has made an appointment for us to have pedicures at 2:00 pm, at Modern Nails, on Burrard and 2nd. If it is convenient we'd probably come by your place after that. We are meeting friend, Stefano, visiting from Melbourne, at 5:00 pm, or so, back at our former building, at Clan Sutherland's place so we'll be out as well tomorrow evening.

Thanks as well, for more than generous offer to stay during Folk Fest. However,  I have been invited to stay with our friends, Elaine and Ted Keating, for the rest of my stay. If they kick me out, finding me too, too insufferable without Cora Lee to temper my behaviour, I will probably come knocking on your door!

Trust your trip to Portland went well. On Saturday, Lynne and Peter joined the four of us for dinner at The Dream Café where we enjoyed a wonderful, wonderful evening with Jim Byrnes, accompanied by Mike Kalanj on keyboard, held spell-bound by fabulous blues, stories and music. Picked up his latest CD, St Louis Times. Do you know/have it? Must admit I've not had time to listen to it yet with so much going on, (Piles of boxes yet to unpack here and still more in Lighthall's garage in Naramata!), but plan to do so on drive to Vancouver so will have it along when we stay.

Let me know what you think about connecting tomorrow afternoon. We can be reached at our home number, until we leave or else on our cell phones. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Drinks on the patio at The Burns Street Stopping Place/Watering Hole/OK Corral, (Three proffered monikers, name not yet decided upon!) before strolling to The Dream Café; Jim and Mike; Patrizzio at the finish of 160 km GranFondo!

Got it. I'll be at home from approx 2:00pm through 6:30pm tomorrow to receive you and get you settled. Coffee, orange juice, bananas and Red River Cereal 
provided for breakfast. Anything else you'll have to bring yourself. ‎Safe travels. Paul

Hello our Favourite Naramatians! Thanks for calling yesterday. Had another rowdy evening, much like one with you people and Dawn and Gerry. All bad influences!!! Anyway, very pleased, as mentioned, that the GranFondo went so well. Trust you are both well. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Will give you a call when back in Penticton as I'd like you to meet Denise and Bill Gross, friends from Vancouver, who will be staying at the cabin at Deep Roots for the week of the 20th. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pic: Matt malt diving!

Hello again, I wanted to give you adequate time to recover from your epic ride yesterday - nicely done - I was watching your split times as you rode. That was a long way. I look forward to hearing all about it later this month - which is why I’m writing - we would be delighted if you could find some floor space for us on the evening of the 25th. We were planning on leaving here at the crack of about 10am or so and being in Pentiction mid-afternoon. Then we could hopefully explore a bit and spend some time catching up. Then on the 26th we would head for the lake - the kids are already itching to get on the road, so I’m not sure how long we can hold them back. But it would be wonderful to see you again.

That said, we will be coming up with 2 cars this time (hot water heater for the cabin is rather large, with the 2 30lb propane tanks. We’re happy to mule up anything you need from the coast if that helps at all. And of course we would like to be good friends and bring some spectacular housewarming gift so I won’t feel so guilty heading straight for the whisky cabinet. We will touch base later on to confirm - talk soon. -A.

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