Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bye Bye Beehive Blues: Monday, July 20th!

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. Ask the infantry and ask the dead. -Ernest Hemingway, author and journalist, Nobel laureate (21 Jul 1899-1961)

Hi Patrick, We are already into hot air, wines and friendly people. Our front deck is scorching (until sunset) with a awesome view; we are ready to receive you.
We want to plan an evening dinner here for you this week. How does either Wed or Thur work for you?

We are also looking forward to seeing you at 611 Burns St. When can we drop in? It is best to reach us via email (we have your phone no.). Have a good day,
Bill & DD. 

Hi Denise Dangereux and Wild Bill! Welcome to the hot air of the South Okanagan! Have you visited any/many friendly wineries so far? I arrived at Burns Street around 7:00 pm this evening. Had a wonderful time in Vancouver. Folk Fest was a delight and I discovered quite a few new voices, (to me at least), as well as being rewarded with groups I knew from past Fests. Had a great visit with Flamin'/Sarge on Tuesday, along with friend, Stefano, from Melbourne, who came to their place for dinner. He flew home next day so we had to see him when we did or not at all. Spent two nights Joan and Paul Whitney, (Former City Librarian and colleague of Cora Lee's, while I worked with Joan at UBC.), at their very comfortable home in Dunbar. Lady Mary flew off on Thursday night and from all reports, to date, seems to be having a blast! Rest of time with Elaine and Ted. Had hoped to pop by to say hello, before you left but simply ran out of time!

Lovely dinner with Carlos the Jackal, and his wife, Kate, and Whirligig and Jane, his amore, last night, at former's newly renovated home, (House was raised and concrete foundation replaced original stone one, and new basement suite added.), on 2nd, near MacDonald. Latter flew east, for a month or so, today, as Jane has family in, or near, London, I believe, and Giorgio has good friends in New Hampshire.

Did a Costco run before taking Hope-Princeton. Enjoy this drive and was rewarded with seeing a moose, just before Princeton. Am watching recorded Stages of the The Tour as I scribe. Puts my GranFondo effort in perspective! Looking forward to connecting with you. You are welcome to pop by anytime so let me know when might work for you so that I won't be out riding, pretending I'm in France!. Thank you for the lovely invitation. At the moment either Wednesday of Thursday would be fine. I'm hoping to drop by The Lighthalls, just past Naramata Village, before visiting you as I need to collect more boxes from their garage!

Anyway, give me a shout or send along a message and we'll plan accordingly. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Last night's dinner, Whirlygig and Il Conduttore; Jane, Kate, Carlos and Giggster; Theodorakis eating one of Elaine's freshly baked biscuits with home-made raspberry jam, canes in their garden, this morning; moose, cow I think, about 20 km from Princeton. 

Hello CD Carlos and Jet Settters! Thanks again, Carlos and Kate, for such a lovely evening. Wish I could remember more! As well, thanks for taking the time to let me collect my CDs. Enjoyed them on the drive home.

Looking forward to connecting with Denise and Bill Gross this week as they are renting a place at Deep Roots  winery, in Naramata, for a week or so. Anyway, trust all goes well with everyone. Great gathering! I'll send along more snapolas once I have a bit more time. Take care of each other and those travelling, travel safely. Carlos, you are welcome here at the Burns Street Stopping Place/Watering Hole/ Tummler's Reach if your work schedule allows. Give me a shout or send along a message and we'll plan accordingly. Cheers, Patrizzio!


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