Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Big Apple Blues: Thursday, July 16th!

Every student needs someone who says, simply, "You mean something. You count." -Tony Kushner, playwright (b. 16 Jul 1956)

Hi Corinne and Patriccio, How is everything going?  How are you adjusting to small town life?  I hope that you guys are all settled in and enjoying Okanagan life to its fullest! I have been in touch with Ayn and am hoping to maybe coordinate a trip up to see you while she is here visiting. I understand she will be arriving on August 14 at your place. Do you have enough space for Al and I to join you that weekend? Please dont hesitate to let me know if you are already filled up...I can imagine that the waitlist is getting pretty long for a spot at the Inn.

I hope Patricks ride went well...we were thinking  bout him that day sending him ourgood vibes as well as as our good cash LOL Please pass along to him the my old high school friend Dave Keeler is managing the Burrowing Owl Winery near Oliver.  I am sure that he would love to meet Patrick and discuss wine and food with him...Dave is an expert on both. Be sure to tell Dave that you a friends of mine and say hello for me.

In the meantime hope you are having a fantastic summer. Let us know if you will be passing though Hope any time are welcome to stop in for a visit or a night....we would love to see you soon! Take care! Love Marilyn

Dear Colleen Happy birthday wishes. We are in town. I leave tonight for NY with friend Robyn Yes please come for the weekend you can have the cabinet bed in rumpus room. Thanks for the offer of a bed we will take you up on it. Patrick is staying for the folk fest and then back home on Monday See u in August Love Corinne

Hi Marilyn and Big Al! First of all, Congratulations on your latest birthday, Marilyn! Delighted to learn that you will be visiting us in Penticton so we will certainly celebrate when you are there, along with Ayn and ChloĆ«, from what your latest message indicated. Gather everyone is well. Thanks so much for your good wishes and support for my ride. Must have been all of your positive mental energy that spurred me on. 

This morning had a lazy sleep-in until 8:00 am. I was up first and went downstairs to have a java with Paolo on the deck. A short time later, Lady Mary presented herself and made a cup of tea. Paul enjoys Red River Cereal so he prepared bowls for the two of us and we garnished with fresh blueberries, sliced banana and wonderful raspberries from the canes in their back garden. I ate my nutritious breakfast while reading a Globe article on the Red River. Having just been riding along its banks a few weeks ago made the article even more interesting.

Joan left around 9:00 am for her volunteer shift at Van Dusen and while Lady Mary was completing her ablutions I packed and then loaded the car. After baggage was stowed and Cora Lee was looking radiant we thanked Paolo for his generous hospitality and dais goodbye. I will see both of them at the Folk Fest over the course of the weekend but Corinne probably won't see either of them until the VWF this October.

Quick run down into Kits to the Keatings, where I wil stay until Monday. Unloaded the car and Mme Coriandre had a quick visit with two of their daughters, Laura and Stephanie, before she left to have lunch with a friend at Heartwood. Won't see her until this evening when she'll be back to have dinner here before I drive her to the airport. Ted and Elaine were back a few minutes after she left. They had been at Tatlow Park, with their eldest grandchild, Hazel, so that is why they were not at home when we first knocked on their door. Soon as I post this I'm planning to suit up and head back out to UBC. Want to stretch my legs again as well as drop off a parking badge at UBC. Forgot to return it before we moved. Don't require them anymore as changing technology allows system to track eligible users via license plate. Not quite sure how I'm going to deliver badge without touching The Dreaded Burning Ground so I'll need to ponder this question on ride along Spanish Banks!

Anyway, take care of each other and I hope we'll chat as we will call this evening to say hello and wish Marilyn Happy Birthday, in person, unless you are out celebrating, of course! One way or another, I can be reached at the Keatings, or on my cell. Fondestos and Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Hi Biker Chick! First of all, wonderful to have confirmation of your pending trip to Paradise! Delighted to learn that you will be visiting us in Penticton so we will certainly celebrate many things when you are here. Depending on your schedule, you are more than welcome to stay overnight, or longer, if that suits. We can chat before then but you decide and we'll plan accordingly.
Anyway, Aquitaine, take care of yourself. How is Julia? Fond regards to your parents. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Left Bayswater Bee Hive at 4:30 pm to go straight up 7th as I was making for UBC. Not all that far and once I'd climbed the 8th Ave hill I was on University Blvd. Much to my surprise the Administrative Building which used to sit on the corner of University and Wesbrook Mall was gone! My back-up plan was to leave the parking badge at the Education Library, hoping Jo-Anne Naslund would still be there and be able to put it in an envelope and send it to Traffic & Security via campus mail. 

A few minute later I walked into the Nevile Scarfe Building and found Chris Ball, the Head Librarian. I've known him ever since he took the position about 13 years ago so we had a friendly chat. He thought that Jo-Anne was teaching a class and that she planned to go home from there. At any rate, we continued to chat while I wrote a note to Parking. Just as he was putting everything in an envelope, Jo-Anne walked into the library so we were able to catch up and make some tentative plans for seeing each other over the weekend. Waving goodbye, I made for Chancellor and once at Blanca, took 7th and then 8th back home. Just a short ride but accomplished what I'd set out to do so was pleased. Stats for Errando ride:

Must away as I need to help with dinner preparations. Patrick James Dunn Fabulous dinner, (salmon on the bbq, fresh green beans, some from their garden, Japanese rice and yellow zucchini, brushed with Teriyaki sauce, (your Nana's recipe), again, done on bbq, all by Theodore. For dessert a wonderful chocolate cake, gluten-free, from Sweet Obsessions!

Pat, Point Grey Road at about 9 Friday morning would work for me. Pity we couldn't team up with George also. Walked with Mike this morning. He's a very good walker for someone with 2 knee replacements. We might Denise (Bill Gross's wife) and another lady on the trail.

Staining the deck at the moment. Didn't last too long as it was so hot but I'll finish tonight once it cools off. Haven't heard Sylvia mention the Folk Festival this year, so she's probably not going. Ray 

Hi Raymond! Sounds great! Hello from Ted. Just back from a quick ride. See you tomorrow at 9:00 am. Cheers, Patrizzio!
Hi Goils! Just back, half an hour or so ago, from delivering Lady Mary to YVR. Phoned Ted from there so that he could leave house in time to meet me at Coastal Ford, off Terminal. Having an oil change tomorrow and I'll ride there to pick it up when work is done, by noon, I trust as Folk Fest starts at 2:00 pm this year.

Stopped at Cambie/49th, Signature Liquor Store, en route, for some red wine for weekend and a bottle of single malt, Caol Ila, (Islay), Stitchell Reserve, Cask Strength, 59.6%, to help me drown my sorrows over the weekend now that I have been abandoned by Nana! Theodorakis and James, Laura's husband, are also joining me, weeping over the fact that I have nobody to tell me what to do while they remain en-shackled!!!

Will ride with Ray Banks, tomorrow at 9:00 am, so looking forward to catching up with him over the course of our outing. As well, will meet with Whirlygig and Calamity on Sunday evening so wondering if you are free on Saturday, Chloƫ? Let me know. AS well I was wondering if I could borrow your camera. I forgot to bring my battery charger and I know I won't be able to take many, if any pictures of Folk Fest with it. Elaine will let me use one of their cameras but I'd prefer your Canaon as I'm reasonably familair with the model you have, although mine is the latest! Anyway, let me know about getting together and camera and we'll plan accordingly.

Time to have a quick shower and then I'm off to bed to read. Elaine said construction on school site across the street starts at 7:00 am so I'll be up reasonably early, one way or another! Trust all goes/went well with your flight, Duhlink! Fondestos, Love and Cheers, Dad/Patrizzio!

Pics: Leaving Paul this morning; Nana with Hazel, Stephanie and Laura; Elaine's home-made hummus; zucchini; Arrivederci Nana! birthday cake and sadness inhibitor!

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