Sunday, 19 July 2015

Final Folk Fest Blues: Sunday, July 19th!

All wholesome food is caught without a net or trap. -William Blake, poet, engraver, and painter (1757-1827) 

Hi Jane and Kjell, Patrick will be going home on Monday. I will not be home until the 27th. You are welcome to stay, sorry that I will miss you. Have included Patrick's cell, mine and our home number. Maybe you could delay your trip for a few days or reverse the order of visits?? Love to you both, corinne

Happy 68th Birthday, Jet-Setter! Trust your celebration in New York is more than wonderful. Will be thinking of you when listening to The Once, a fabulously rollicking band from, Newfoundland, on at Stage 4 at 11:00 am! Hip Hip Hooray! For She's a Jolly Good Fellow! Much Warm Love from Oh Lonesome Me!

Hello Whirlygig, Calamity and Carlos! Trust everyone is well. I'm planning to crash The Jackal's Lair today so I would like the exact street address as Chloë will be popping by as well. I borrowed her camera, (I forgot my charger in Penticton, of course!), and she said she would collect it this evening. 
I plan to leave the Folk Fest around 5:00 pm, perhaps slightly earlier, walk back to The Bayswater Bee Hive Palace, have a quick shower and then stroll to the arid grasslands of West 2nd. Would appreciate coordinates as well as confirmation that the rendezvous with the Sisters Brothers is still happening as outlined in Memo 76459 from the Galiano Goon Squad. Been a busy, full, full weekend so loads to tell. Look forward to seeing everyone and catching up.
Have appended "briefing notes" so I expect everyone to do their homework!
Cora Lee seems to be doing well, extremely well, it seems, in The Big Apple! What follows is a "short" recap of events so that Lady Mary, in particulare, can read about her Lonesome Lover Man, while whiling away her time on the Staten Island Ferry, or such! Grand sleep-in until 8:00 am this gorgeous morn and then managed to send a few messages. Must away as my double espresso has just been made by Theodorakis and then it will be time to head back to Jericho for more, much, much more music! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Carlos The Hospitable! Very kind of you to allow Two Freeloaders! I'm not sure but I think Chloë has dinner plans with friends in the area so it will probably only be me, elbowing my way to the table. However, do appreciate you including her in the invitation. If she reads this message I'll let her answer to confirm one way or another. Just strolled back from Jericho so I plan to jump in the shower shortly and will then walk over to your place, nekkid! Too, too hot for clothes!!! I gather the Galiano Kid doesn't know when he and Calamity will appear but who needs them anyway! Morita, okay! Thanks again, muchly. See you soon. Cheers, Il Conduttore!

Pics: Some of today's Folk Fest, Lurrie Bell and his harmonica player. I thought I'd run out of breath listening to him on Stormy Monday, so long did his solo go on and on and on and on for. What a harp man! The Once from The Rock; Homeland Security surveillance drone over site, taking pictures of subversives! Geraldine, of The Once, signing my CD's; Bayswater Bee Hive Heaven!

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