Friday, 17 July 2015

Pokey LaFarge Missouri Blues: Friday, July 17th!

Language is as real, as tangible, in our lives as streets, pipelines, telephone switchboards, microwaves, radioactivity, cloning laboratories, nuclear power stations. -Adrienne Rich, writer (1929-2012)

Met Robo Man on Point Grey Road, near MacDonald, at 9:00 am and we headed out to UBC, via Spanish Banks, making, eventually for Iona, via Marine. Was really a delight to have a chance to catch up on each others lives as we'd not seen one another since late May. Talking as we did, distance seemed to evaporate and before we knew it we were past the new Designer Mall, recently opened, I gather, off Grauer Road, very popular indeed if the busy, attractively designed children's playground and almost full parking lot are any indication of interest and spending. Bit of a fight against the strong headwind but enjoyed having it push us along on return leg.

Climb up Heather seemed almost easy compared to some of the grades I'm used to in and around Penticton so quite enjoyed every aspect of the ride. Left Raymondo at his place, near Arbutus and 25th, and then made my way back to Point Grey Road as I was headed to Terminal Avenue where I was to collect my car. Bit of dipsy-doodling before pulling into Coastal Ford to give me a decent distance. Must say I did enjoy the slightly cooler weather than what I might have had to contend with in the Okanagan and, moreover, it was great good fun to be riding with a close friend. Stats for ride:

Dear Patrick Great to see you in the Education Library! Please send me the link for your bike ride etc. Enjoy the folk festival and if you have a moment drop by. Cheers for now Jo-Anne 

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