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Bye Bye Winston Blues: Wednesday, August 19th!

The door of a bigoted mind opens outwards so that the only result of the pressure of facts upon it is to close it more snugly. -Ogden Nash, poet (19 Aug 1902-1971) 

Hi Patrice, Thanks again for you wonderful hospitality! It was a pleasure to spend some time with You guys as well as Ayn and Chloe and of course Sada and Rob who were so nice as well. I was quite impressed with the settling in and organization as you know , especially as your social and recreational life has continued unabated if not increased in it’s intensity! .

We had a pleasant drive back as we took the connector between Penticton and Oliver and headed south to emerge at Keremeos I grabbed a big box of peaches at one of the stands there for $4.99 as they were “seconds” but barely noticeable. I spent considerable time once home blanching and slicing them in preparation for freezing which I finished last night by bagging the frozen slices.
One unfortunate problem on the way home as my overdrive started to act up on the Sunbeam and had me worried. It may be the electronic solenoid having gotten wet under the car but as of our arrival home it was still stuck in overdrive which made it a bit difficult to drive but made it home. Hoping it is a simple thing but also bracing for something major as i remembered the mechanic saying to me that if you reverse in overdrive it can rip some gear apart in the back which of course would be a major overhaul. I did reverse at one point not realizing at the time that it was stuck in overdrive. will hopefully get it into the shop early next week and cross my fingers.

On another front colleen almost immediately deserted me when we got back as she had planned on heading to Tofino with her sister to have a visit with Jeremy and his girlfriend who have been living and working there for 5 months. All goes well for them as Jeremy has done very well and is working as a chef at the top restaurant in the area. I was a little depressed as I was alone Tuesday night as the kids were up at Sakinaw visiting friends as well and it was just me and my sick cat whom I had to force feed yesterday morning which we both found quite disconcerting and then take him yet again to the vet yesterday afternoon. I summoned the boys home last night so they arrived around 6:30 so now I have some help and company for which I am relieved. Colleen gets back on Thursday evening so we can regropup and catch up as we have been a bit scattered this summer with our trip to Peru, my trip to Sturgis and Colleens various trips. looking forward to just spending some time together and we will all be together this weekend so it will be nice.

Very glad to hear about your hiking adventures as well as new found wonderful bike routes which I hope to explore with you sometime soon. Give my love to the rest of the Clan and we’ll talk soon. xo Al 

Hi Dick! Just a quick note to apologize for not showing up for the tasting this past Sunday. We had so many visitors/aka freeloaders), over the course of the weekend that in all the coming and going, dinners and beach outings, we simply forgot about your event. I trust it went well and that not letting you know, beforehand, didn't unduly inconvenience you. Again, sorry for the oversight. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: One of the many breakfasts that caused the missed tasting!

Hi Patrick – no worries, we were hugely busy. Sorry you missed out on the special discounts and prize draws. Next event is our Port tasting Sept. 12th if you are interested. Cheers. Dick.

Hi again, Dick! Sounded like loads of fun so glad everything went well. I am sorry to have missed special discounts and prize draws too. Have noted Port Tasting on September 12th so certainly won't forget this event! Will be a busy day as Tailgate Party is on later, as I need not remind you, of course. Will have to start training today!  Thanks. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hi Dino and Simon! Sorry that it has taken me a bit to send along the attached pictures. I had a brief chat with Simon, a day or so ago, as he was at one of the GE buses outside your house, Dino, when I drove by. Anyway, wanted to send along a few of the snaps I took over the course of the dinner evening at Orofino. Drop by 611 Burns Street Base Camp, (Name suggested, by Ayn, our eldest, in LA, for our new home here!),  if you are out for a stroll and say hello and have a drink as you won't be driving! Same goes for you, Sieur de St Laurent! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Dinner at Orofino, Friday, August 7th: Lynne, Corinne, Margareta, Peter; Grape Escapes Twins! Cheers! Taken just before our two daughters, (Chloƫ, youngest, lives in Vancouver.), left to drive back to Vancouver this morning, so you can remember who I am!

Didn't start out until about 6:15 pm as we had a quick visit form friend, Erika, from Summerland. She had dropped off her daughter, Amy,and her two friends, Gabbi and Chloe, at the Canal as the teenagers wanted to go tubing. Had a lovely hour or so under the pergola, sipping Lady Mary's wonderful home-made iced-tea. After Erika said goodbye I suited up and headed out. Decided I'd make for The Naramata as then I'd have the wind at my back on return leg. What a stupendously gorgeous evening with sun moving to set behind the western hills, Okanagan Lake, unruffled burnished metal in the sun's glow. Went as far as the first cattle guard on the way towards Chute Lake and then retraced earlier route. Whistled along, enjoying the wonderfully cool evening air, the crickets keeping me company, but not much else. Few dipsy -doodles once back in Penticton, along Lakeshore as well as two loops of the marina/tennis court complex. Even managed to find the Loonie I thought I'd seen on Ellis, near some new house/duplex construction at the start of my ride. Of course, couldn't stop at the time but once I'd made my 51 km I didn't mind risking the Dreaded Burning Ground! Now to watch Season 4 of Homeland! Stats for ride:

Hello Patrick and Corinne it was lovely to see you in your new home, it is quite a lovely little place lots of potentials and with your talent to make things beautiful and different it will be a beaut.

Lore and i had a marvellous time with our friends in Oliver, the fire luckily was far away from them. We meandered to Salmon Arm had a great stay at the Comfort Inn and explored the little city. One night we had terrific frightening thunderstorm. I found if beautiful but Hoffmann was scared to death. it cleared the air.

Clinton was beautiful I love that little forlorn place. We stayed at the Lodge which has gorgeous rooms. I have a friend there a COWBOY and he has done many other work in his live. written 6 books,well it is another story how I met him. It makes it easier when you know some body in a place you like to explore.
For me the history of Clinton the gold rush the cattle and ranch life, Chris knows a lot about. As he has-been a cowboy at the famous GANG RANCH and the EMPIRE VALLEY RANCH. It is fascinating. The romance of the life of a cowboy goes out of the window. it is a very hard life in the days around when Chris
was cowpoking 1962-

On our return to the city it showed itself from a very ugly side. It took us 4 hours to get home from WV to Kitsilano. A gigantic traffic jam due to an accident on Lions and the Second narrow. It stinks....You lucky you live a smaller and beautiful place. take care and keep in touch always Gisela

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