Saturday, 1 August 2015

Long Weekend Farmer's Market Blues: Saturday, August 1st!

Men make counterfeit money; in many more cases, money makes counterfeit men. -Sydney J. Harris, journalist and author (1917-1986) 

Chloe Alexis Dunn shared Samantha Seals's life event. My baby nephew got engaged congratulations to Alex Prince and Samantha Seals Ayn P Whee!!!Corinne Durston So happy for Alex and Sam, Patrick James Dunn Hearty Congratulations, Samantha and Alexander! For They are Jolly Good Fellows!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Much, much love, Poppa!Alex Prince Thank you so much for all the love guys. You all mean so much to us and I'm happy that I got to share this day with you.
Patrick, Thanks for floating us a loan once again. However, you should be grateful not to be in the clutches of all those women yourself. Cheers, Peter
Hi Life-Saver Man! Thanks, again, to you and Lovely Lynne, for "floating" us this past Wednesday! Wines and malt were spectaculare! However, where is a business trip when I really need you to be out of the country! I was looking forward to having the bevy of beauts, at Orofino, all to my gallant self, but once again, you've dashed my hopes!

Did you enjoy the Blue Moon yesterday evening? I'm sure it would have been magnificent from your stunning spot. I need Flash to give me a few lessons for shooting at night but I did manage to capture a few snaps of La Luna Azul from our back patio! Must away as we are off to the Market shortly. Give us a shout when you have a moment as we'd like to see you, if you've time before you jet-away. Jane and Kjell are here on Monday, along with Elinor. Are you still around? Cheers, Pneumatic Patrizzio!

The Eggocado

[Chloe Alexis Dunn Yum!!! Patrick James Dunn Breakfast, one morning, when Winston is in town!]
Hi Patrick, I'm around until Tuesday, flying to Bozeman, Montana via Kelowna and Seattle on Tuesday afternoon.  We could arrange a get-together.  Hot, eh? Peter

Under orders from The Australian Sisterhood, I am obliged to include some local colour in my reportage so will describe a bit of what transpired at the Penticton Farmer's Market this morning. First important purchase involved scoring a bottle of Noteworthy Gin, 43%, from Dubh Glas Distillery in Gallagher Lake. They were pouring very tasty G'n'T's and even gave me a neat snort. 

I shared it with Cora Lee and she poured it into her mixed drink! Needed to stop at Backyard Beans for a sample of their java and ended up buying a pound of their Wake Up Bomb! Great time chatting with various vendors and even bumped into Virginia, [Lady I met at the Museum a few weeks ago],, not long after we arrived on Main Street. I introduced her to Cora Lee. She was waiting for David/Jake, [I met him last Saturday and discovered we went to the University of Winnipeg together!], and said he would be at the BookShop until 1:00 pm so we planned to drop back.

At one point we popped in to say hello to Nell, owner of a gallery/picture framing business. Saw a number of large, vivid canvases that we were drawn to but guess we'll need to put them on their lay-away plan, (Nell mentioned this possibility to us!), as they range from $4,000-$6,000! Just as we were about to leave, her husband walked in the door and she introduced us to Alphonse. Seems like a lovely man.

On way back up Main, picked up beets, and spuds, tomatoes, bread, buns, local corn and a peanut butter cookie, for me! Needed to stock up for round of visitors we will be entertaining over the coming few days. Saw Jake and made introductions. He already likes Mme Coriandre more than me! Back home I put the beet greens in the steamer and then we set about hanging pictures. Lady Mary has had enough time, since being back from NY, to decide what should go where. After we managed to put up about a dozen, without undue domestic discord, she collapsed on the living room couch to read and snooze! Needs to regain her strength to head out to Rona, sometime later this afternoon, to buy a number of curtain rods, or the like, for the curtains she purchased yesterday, to go in the guest bedroom, in part to hide the view of the garage!

Since it had been boiling since early this morning we sequestered ourselves inside ever since returning from the Market. For my part, I was biding my time to let some of the scorching rays lose a bit of their fiery heat before I headed out on my ride. Initially I thought that I would head to OK Falls and do the Blue Mountain/Stag's Hollow loop before returning home. However, when I set off I decided Summerland was a better option as I knew I would be in shadow for most of the ride. Did just that and it was lovely and cool along the lake as well as near the just recently watered cherry orchards along Victoria Road, Hilborn Street and Happy Valley Road. Few dipsy-doodles in our neighbourhood to give me the distance I wanted and I was home free by 8:45 pm or thereabouts! Stats for ride:

Hi Dom Pedro! I agree, it's boiling! We've been inside ever since returning from the Market. At one point we popped in to say hello to Nell at her gallery. Just as we were about to leave, her husband walked in the door and she introduced us to Alphonse. Seems like a lovely man and I was pleased to see that he seemed in pretty fine fettle, as I gathered, from what Nell had said when I first met her and what Lynne had mentioned on Wednesday, that he had not been in particularly good health for some time. Wondering what might best work for you two. Let us know and we'll plan accordingly. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Flowers at this morning's Market, Jenny and loot! Note Lady Mary in background, as well as picture hanging tools! Love the Wake Up Bomb, bombshell!

Marvin Angelo Mercado Early round at furry creek]
Hi Nancy and David! Trust you are both well. I gather you had a lovely visit with Cora Lee. I'm sorry I missed Robin and Joel but pleased to learn that they are settling in nicely.  Am really enjoying riding here, as might be obvious. Thanks again, Nancy and David, for your support. Hope we'll see you in Penticton soon. Best wishes from Cora Lee to you. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

You've settled in ?  Glasgow! Just thought that you might enjoy hearing where Mike and Marilyn are off to next. As well, Ben and Ellen Cartwright are here, for a wedding this weekend. Hope to see them. Cheers, Your Ball!
[Marvin Angelo Mercado Beauty hole 14 at Furry creek Patrick James Dunn Have cycled by Furry Creek a number of times but never had a chance to see this view! Great snapola, Marvinator!]

Is the new Vallaint novel from burns street? how are you doing and did you survive as a bachelor? Hope you are well, Matthew

From the best-selling author of The Tiger and The Golden Spruce, this debut novel is a gripping survival story of an Oaxacan trapped, perhaps fatally, during a border crossing.

Hector is trapped. The water truck, sealed to hide its human cargo, has broken down. The coyotes have taken all the passengers' money for a mechanic and have not returned. Those left behind have no choice but to wait.

Hector finds a name in his friend Cesar's phone. AnniMac. A name with an American number. He must reach her, both for rescue and to pass along the message Cesar has come so far to deliver. But are his messages going through?

Over four days, as water and food run low, Hector tells how he came to this desperate place. His story takes us from Oaxaca — its rich culture, its rapid change — to the dangers of the border. It exposes the tangled ties between Mexico and El Norte — land of promise and opportunity, homewrecker and unreliable friend. And it reminds us of the power of storytelling and the power of hope, as Hector fights to ensure his message makes it out of the truck and into the world.

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