Friday, 28 August 2015

Double-Barreled Rain Barrel Blues: Friday, August 28th!

If only the sun-drenched celebrities are being noticed and worshiped, then our children are going to have a tough time seeing the value in the shadows, where the thinkers, probers and scientists are keeping society together. -Rita Dove, poet (b. 28 Aug 1952) 

WIN 2 tickets to 'The Whiskey Experience' on Thurs, Sept 3. The whiskey dinner includes 4 cocktails matched with a 4 course dinner. SHARE this post & TAG a friend to win. Good luck! *T&Cs Apply- competition closes Friday, Aug 28 Patrick James Dunn I'll be there!
Kurt Traugott Was there, [Adelaide], spent a great time in a batch in Glenelg, friends in the old town, been all around and love ur city and all it has to offer, great memories, thanks Patrick James Dunn In a batch of what, Kurt? Rum?

Hi Ginette: Trust all is going as well as can be expected under circumstances. You seem to have quite a bit on your plate, given the sale of your condo and your sister. Sorry to hear about her hospitalization, etc. Very worrying and difficult, I'm sure, under any circumstances. Do hope we can arrange to see you and Bruce at the winery. Cora Lee was curious to know if you will be moving to the Okanagan or somewhere else in Vancouver. Again, heartfelt sympathy. Fond regards, Patrick.

Hi again, Maret: Would be wonderful if you could visit. Nicaragua sounds exciting. We are off to India, for six weeks, on October 27th, with close friends, Lynne and Peter, from Naramata. Back on December 10th. [Last payment for trip, Corinne] Not sure what our travel plans, after that will be. I'm leaning towards staying here for a variety of reasons, not the least financial! Our now emptier and emptier pockets, (Loads done and to do around house to make it as comfortable as Lady Mary would like!), and almost "worthless" Canadian dollar makes travel in US almost prohibitive unless Ms Tinsel Town wants to underwrite the next trip south for her pauper parents! However, as all our federal political parties proclaim, next government will fix all this so we'll soon be back swinging the world by its tail! Until then, I'm forced to drown my considerable sorrows with malt from an ever so rapidly dwindling collection! Fond regards to you and David from Mme Coriandre, buffing her nails and sipping rather expensive white wine! Cheers, Patrizzio.

Dad, that was a very warm and loving remembrance of Andy. I think his children will appreciate hearing of his earlier days with you and having these reminders of his very best qualities. I'm so sorry he felt life had become too much to endure any longer. Love ayn

Hi Ayn! Thanks for such a sensitive reading and reply. I'm pleased, if one can be pleased under such a circumstance, that you mentioned what you mentioned as I was hoping for the very effect you discerned. I did want to be truthful but more importantly wished to try to leave Alexander and Tessa with as positive, as possible, an image/memory of their father. As you say, without judgement, I do believe that Andrew's life had simply reached a point well beyond his capacity to endure it any longer. Love, Dad!   
Dear Patrick Thank you so much for Elaine's kind offer re accommodation and yours re chauffeuring in Vancouver - so lovely of you both to be so hospitable.
However we have had a very full on summer with loads of weddings plus visitors staying here and really need a little time to ourselves during this trip. With the wonders of the internet Mike has planned lots of places to visit and eat in and around Vancouver, so I do hope you won't mind if we do our own thing once we have left Penticton.

That's not to take away from the fact that we are really looking forward to seeing you and Corinne and tasting some of western Canada's best vino! Lots of love Penny and madcap


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