Monday, 17 August 2015

Hike the Hills Blues: Monday, August 17th!

The real secret is why love starts out with claws like a cat and then fades with time like a half-eaten mouse. -Herta Müller, novelist, poet, Nobel laureate (b. 17 Aug 1953) 

Hi Erika and Amy, and Chloe! Thanks so much, to everybody, for the wonderful lunch. It was a delight to see your lovely place and to visit. Sorry, once again, for having to dash. I'm off to hike, I hope, at 9:00 am. Let us know if you'll have time to pop by sometime before you are off to Winnipeg. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Lunch at Alpine Rose with pets and staff!

Hi Marilyn and Big Al! Thanks so much, to you both for being such an integral part of this past weekend. Only sorry we couldn't have packed even more into the time we had.

This morning I was off to hike at 9:00 am and The Goils were to be looking at cars as part of the new switcheroo that Lady Mary and Chloë have been hatching for some time now. I thought I'd let them visit a number of dealerships and then see what financing they are able to come up with before signing up for a car I really don't want to buy! My hike was simply a delight. Car pooled to West Bench, just outside Penticton, to the left of the lake as you head out of town. Once we parked, almost like yesterday's ride but on foot, as uphill for about an hour and 45 minutes, to the top of Jerry Mountain, properly called Mt. N'kwala. Logging/service road at times, rough trail at others. Number of cell towers at the top where one has spectacular views of Penticton and Okanagan Lake. Hike down was most difficult part as very steep in many places and so dry that earth is very loose in most places along the paths so very, very easy to slip. One of our party did but fortunately didn't injure herself, not even much of a scrape. I had hiking poles and they worked wonderfully.

Must away as I want to buy a pair of proper hiking shoes for Thursday's hike, near Apex, close to where I cycled yesterday. Dinner with Lynne and Peter, at their place, this evening. Lunch at Liquidity or Poplar Grove or Misconduct on Tuesday to celebrate Chloë's 39th as the Sisters want to be stay in the night before they return to Vancouver. Thanks again for marvellous time. Let us know if you'll have time to pop by sometime, Big Al, to supervise Ragin':

Patriçio, After reviewing your response to my generous offer of helping with your required shelving, I must retort.  A gopher who may at random times, go to luncheon, have a manicure/pedicure, take a nap, or ??? is not acceptable.  It will thus be necessary to forgo your daily ride for probably two days as half of day one will be at the lumber yard.  Fortunately, there are a couple within 5 minutes of your place.

My suggestion is that we plan for this after the labour day weekend, as everything will be less hectic.  Also, I need to assure care for my Dad, should be no problem, but Rob is currently Keji-sitting as Sandy and her mom are on the train, yes train, to Ottawa. In the interim, if you could provide me with the following:

* Floor plan of your garage showing dimensions

* Identify the wall the shelving will go on

* Some pics of the garage (inside!)

I will design the shelving and submit it for approval along, with the expected cost of materials.  I will bring what tools are necessary.  I would recommend 16” wide shelves, 

Optional: You may consider building a 6 - 8 foot long work table as well.  It would make building the shelving easier and you *will* find it useful in the long run. I will fill you in on my personal woes, not to mention excessive expenses over a followup wine-tasting tour celebrating the completion of the project. cheers//bjp

Hello from The Sisterhood. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Saturday market with Jake, friend I connected with, by accident, after 50 years! We went to United College, (now U of Wpg), in '65/'66. He invited me to join hiking group.  Last night at Naramata Heritage Inn; I can see you both tubing ! lunch at the top; Italian sodas at Opus after hike!

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