Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Perseid Meteor Shower/Arrivederci Danish Dynamite Scorcher Blues: Wednesday, August 12th!

I hate with a murderous hatred those men who, having lived their youth, would send into war other youth, not lived, unfulfilled, to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men, making their wars that boys must die. -Mary Roberts Rinehart, novelist (12 Aug 1876-1958)

Perseid Meteor Shower

Hello Musical Underwear Man! Glad to hear that you are doing your best to help out with the country-wide drought by recycling your dirty laundry! Must away as I have a number of errands to run before I go for a ride. Supposed to be a real scorcher today so need to hit the road before the tarmac starts to melt.

I'd ask Judithness to open the parcel, once it arrives, as I think Lady Mary booby-trapped package. (She's still fuming about your church comments and the fact that you didn't mention that Chloƫ had called. Apparently she wanted to pay us for all the back-rent she owes but when she couldn't reach us she spent all the cash on craft beer!! At the very least, have one of your fire-extinguishers at the ready.) Fondestos from a still sleeping Sleeping Beauty to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Patti, et al! Terribly sorry to learn of your very nasty fall! Trust, by now, that you are doing as best as can be imagined, under such painful circumstances. Perhaps you should fly out to Penticton to convalesce! Can you hammer from a wheel-chair? Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Lady Mary poses for a photo shoot! Note elegant wooden step! One of the many "rounds" I scored for nothing when two trees were taken down, next door, in preparation for new duplex. In the process of having the electric fireplace in living room replaced with an air-tight, wood-burning unit. Estimate, $3,330, includes installation, stove, stainless steel chimney sleeve and a bit of work on hearth. 

Hello Ragin' Bull, (aka, self-titled King of Shelving!), et al! Wonderful to hear from you! Perhaps you should drive up to Penticton immediately and begin work on garage storage units. Lady Mary will be your "gopher" whenever she is not at luncheon or having a manicure/pedicure. I'll leave a list of instructions for tasks to be done while I'm cycling, and then will inspect work once back. If high standards are met, perhaps a thimbleful of malt might be dispensed! Where is Alastair when you really need him and Big Al is full of excuses?

I'm off to ride as soon as I make out a work list for PeriƧ Construction and Restoration, a subsidiary of Four-No-Donald-Trump Developments Ltd! My considered advice to you, Ragin', is forget about 10 acres in Pemberton. Life is too, too short to spend it building houses, at your age, anyway, when the wines and cheeses, soft summer breezes of the Okanagan lure and then lull one's every care away. Must go as I've a bottle of Moraine Pinot Gris calling! Cheers, Il Conduttore/Patrizzio!

What with a few errands I had to run and messages I had to send, didn't actually leave Double D B&B, (Cora Lee's latest suggestion for Burns Street!), until about 2:15 pm. Quite a bit of high cloud cover and hazy to boot so not what I had expected. In fact, it was downright cool when I did the Lakeshore, Upper bench loop and even cooler along Skaha. By the time I hit OK Falls I felt a few drops and it started to rain reasonably heavily all the way to the turn-off to Blue Mountain. Not that I really minded as the clouds were light grey, rather than an angry black, so I assumed I wouldn't be caught in a thunderstorm, although I saw a number of lightening flashes and had to duck my head when Thor threw his hammer at me! My top was quite wet but not unpleasantly so. 

Shower was quite localized, however, as I could see the demarcation on the road, just up and around the corner from Liquidity, wet before the bend and dry a few metres on. By the time I was back on Oliver Ranch Road I was completely dry.  Up McLean Creek Road and when I rejoined Eastside Road wing was helping me along so not even a struggle on this part of homeward leg. However, when I reached Government the wind had changed direction and it was howling, literally howling in my face, throwing up dust and small bits of debris, almost mini-twisters. Quite exciting really and since I was close to home I wasn't worried even if the heavens opened. Back to Burns Street to find Mme Coriandre had just finished bringing in all the patio cushions in anticipation of a downpour. However, doesn't appear as if rain will materialize and it is as calm as calm can be at the moment. Wondering if we'll be able to catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteor Shower later tonight. Hope so! Stas for ride:

Ahoy there Capitano!! Yes, it is true I shall be flying through the fine valley district this very month!!! I'll be in Penticton on Thursday night next week (20th) and was wondering if you fine folks would be about for dinner and drinks and a lodger. I'll be there for work, so can get a hotel if needs be. I'll be driving in from Kamloops around 6.p.m and will be leaving around 9:30 the next morning..I hope all is well Mark

Hi Marcus Aurelius! Wonderful to hear from you! You are more than welcome to stay. Too, too bad that you will miss Ms Tinsel Town and Ms Wall Street as they will be returning to Vancouver next Wednesday. No never mind, just more hootch for us.
Fondestos to Krissy. Look forward to catching up, a week tomorrow. Don't worry about your arrival time, (Here is our home number if you need to call), as we'll be here, probably working on a bottle of wine, reclining on the patio, Lady mary gazing lovingly at our new sliding door, me gazing longingly into her enchanting eyes! Cheers, Patrizzio in Love!

PS: Your room charge, for Thursday night, will be $2,500 but that includes all the malt you can dink! I hope your expense account is elastic plastic!

Dear Corinne & Patrick, Thinking of you and hope all is well, promised Corinne that we would call tonight. Since it is fifty years since when John & I met here are a few pictures of us when we Were 28 in Australia.  Oh to be forever young! Love, Jean & John

Dear Patrick & Corinne, Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts, milestones are good, Life is wonderful having a friend or two or three. Thanks for being are friend. Love Jean & John  

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