Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Danes Depart Blues: Sunday, August 9th!

Lots of times you have to pretend to join a parade in which you're not really interested in order to get where you're going. -Christopher Morley, writer (1890-1957) 

I really didn't know that about the Chinese laundry sometime ago Judy and I toured the tunnels of Moose Jaw surprisingly they didn't mention that but they had opium dens so a brothel would only stand to reason. Corrine please forgive me my it intent was to bring laughter not to offend I also am a buffoon you may not have realized. Thanks very much for the lovely couple of days too bad you couldn't have been there Patrick enjoyed meeting your friends Kjell and Jane, thank Peter for the lovely peaches. Must go and wake the sleeping one as we only got as far as the Hat last night and would very much like to see T before she goes to work this evening. 

Greetings Mad Hatters! I wondered how far you might get. I didn't think you'd make it to Swift Current in time for lunch. At any rate, glad all went well as far as drive, to date, went. Your laundry has been done so let us know which address you'd like us to send it to. Since putting it on the Greyhound is probably the best way to send parcel, I wonder if Bill's address in Hamiota or your business address in Brandon are better than at Goldilock's' farm. You decide and we'll take it to bus depot tomorrow.

The Great Danes will spend the afternoon at the beach while we will play bridge until they return. We will then take a short ride to Lost Moose Lodge to give everyone a picturesque, panoramic view of Penticton and Okanagan Lake. Travel safely and let us know about address. Glad you enjoyed visiting without me Dallas! Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Peach Festival Parade; even the Cigar Store Indian Chief wants Dallas to stop using Skol! Moraine Winery; dinner on patio; java this morning.

Got it thank you the gotch can probably find its own way home maybe can send it cod otherwise will reimburse you when you come to mb. Just left Regina about three will be home by six so I can see my T off to her night shift of wiping arses Kimbo will be home then so we can catch up. had a lovely time at the old watering hole made even more enjoyable by your absence talk too you soon Dallas and Judithness  

As things turned out, Maggie and the lads had such a good time at the lake that they didn't want to go to Lost Moose Lodge. This being the case, we invited her to join us for a "sampler" at  Cannery Brewery, a few blocks away, but she said that she wanted to finish packing and have a quick shower before having a bite to eat, prior to me taking them to the airport. Understanding, we left a few minutes later and enjoyed the stroll along Penticton Creek. Had a blast at CB. R/R really liked the beer and the space, as we knew they probably would. Once we'd polished off or "samplers", [Cora Lee had to order a Radler, (grapefruit juice and beer of choice), since there was a shortage of cider, given all the extra tourists in town for The Peach Festival!], we were just about to leave when Patrizzia, the owner, came by with a large cider for Cora Lee. We'd met her last Monday, when we'd been in with Elinor, and she knew Lady Mary was gluten-intolerant! She was very apologetic when, initially, she couldn't serve any cider and it was extremely thoughtful of her to bring one over, on the house, when he shipment happened to be delivered. 

Another lovely stroll home to find The Danes almost ready to go. We munched on a few bits of sausage that were left from snack Maggie had prepared. When their bags were ready, I loaded them into the car and then we took some farewell snaps on the patio. Then more teary, at least on Cora Lee's and Maggie's parts, goodbyes, as we headed off for the airport. Only about ten minutes away so we were there at close to 5:45 pm. I unloaded all the bags and while they went to check-in, I put the back seat and head rests back into place and then went inside the building to see how they were faring. All was well so they had about half an hour to wait until they could board the plane. Suggested we go back outisde to take a few more pics. 

Did just that and walked across the parking lot to a fenced field so the hills beyond made an attractive backdrop. Noticed a family of quail perched on the bottom ring of the wooden fence enclosing the field. Never seen these birds doing such before. One even flew up into the low branches of a nearbye tree. Anyway, Maggie and I took pictures with each others' cameras and then it was time for me to say goodbye. I said I hoped that it wouldn't be another seven years before we met again and Peter said he would see us next year! Lovely, lovely visit but far too brief but know that is simply the way it had to be, given time constraints, etc. Waved goodbye and they disappeared back into the airport.

At home, everyone was in the kitchen so we sat in the living room and chatted, enjoying cheese and crackers for appetizers along with two bottles of white, a Viognier from Poplar Grove and a Pinot Gris from Moraine. Latter is a fantastic drop and the former is delish as well. Around 7:00 pm we repaired to the patio to play bridge and Ricardo and I really had all the cards, biding and making a number of small slams as well as a couple that went unbid. Mme Coriandre started grilling steaks and brochettes around 8:30 pm as she had wrapped the large zucchini, topped with cheese, which Peter had given us earlier in the week, in tinfoil, and had been baking on the bbq since 7:30 pm. Along with the overleft kartofellage salad we did very well. 

Ruth had opened a 2009 Old Ghost, Lodi, Old Vine Zinfandel, 15.9 %, and socked it. I was able to identify the varietal but could only narrow year to around 2011-2012, from Sonoma, perhaps. Very, very jammy so a great treat indeed! I had also opened a 2012 Noble Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.8 %, I'd picked up when we tasted there, with Glasgow and Catherine, earlier in July,and both Squamoids were simply overwhelmed with the wine. Pretty pleased myself! We had ice-cream cones for dessert, around fire-pit, as well as some wonderfully delish 2014 Poplar Grove Late Harvest, 50% Riesling/50% Chardonnay, 11.2%, not cloyingly sweet so marvellously refreshing, adding to the enjoyment of the lingering taste of the last bite of cone. Continued to chat until The Sisterhood's eyelids became too, too heavy and then we knew it was time to say goodnight. A pretty busy, full day but what a glorious way to spend time with such good, close friends, whether from Denmark or Squamish!

Hi you Okanaganers, Here I am back in my old stomping grounds in Santiago. Went for a walk after arrival on Sunday to photograph what my taxi driver told me is, "el mas alto edificio en Sud America", the Centro Costanero. I had seen it being constructed in previous visits but hadn't seen its final erection (pun intended). See attached photo.

Spent the morning today in presentations at the office of my client, then went out for lunch with their grey-haired eminence Luis Valenzuela. He is a fellow Imperial College DIC graduate, a few years before me.

I got in touch with my former AMEC colleague Caius Priscu today. He now works for Anglo American as their worldwide mining residue director. We made a plan for dinner Thursday evening with him and his wife, which should be fun. Tomorrow evening 3 of us are driving to a coastal town where we'll spend the night then drive to the project site on Wednesday morning. The project is a massive sand dam that the owner wants to raise above its currently planned level to store another 2 billion tonnes of tailings. The objective of the current exercise is to figure out the best way to do it. Home to Santiago Wednesday evening.

Great to hear of all your construction plans at Burns St., Patrick and Corinne. It's going to be a great home. Lynnie, keep up the good work on harvesting the bounty. Cheers, Peter

Hi I slipped on some rocks and fractured my ankle on Thursday,
I have 2 avulsion fractures so I tore bone off with the ligaments and will be in an air cast 4-6 weeks Currently on crutches and non-weight bearing till I get the aircast on tomorrow or Tuesday. Unfortunately will effect the rest of my summer!!! No more motorcycle trips. We had just got back from Grand Bend
Yikes that is nasty!! Get better soon! Pam

Patri├žio, Muchos apologies for the late response. I read your chronicle of your latest adventures and biking marathons with great interest. Riveting! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I found it the most impressive literary work I have read in ages. Well, I don’t read all that much lately …

On to more Earthly matters … you lamented in a previous email the lack of skilled labour as you require shelving of various sorts. I am pleased to announce that I am The King of Shelving. I can do everything from the garage variety storage shelves to reasonably presentable book shelves.

So, if you have a couple of days of minimal social activity, no cycling passions, (hmm how likely is that?) before winter sets in, I offer my skills for the measly retribution of accommodation and access to the malt cabinet. The only caveat is, if the CRA declares this as a taxable benefit ...

Sounds like you are enjoying the OK … good for you. I am contemplating a similar stunt for my actual retirement (still on duty for mi padre). Rebecca has suggested we buy 10 acres in Pemberton, and build houses … as far apart as possible. Un otro dia sobre la tierra //bjp

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