Saturday, 29 August 2015

Main Street Market Blues: Saturday, August 29th!

We can pay our debt to the past by putting the future in debt to ourselves. -John Buchan, poet, novelist, and politician (26 Aug 1875-1940)

Hi Patrick & Corrine I finally got around to selecting some photos for you! I’m still battling the sciatica bug by stepping up into the heavy-weight class of analgesics; hoping the end of the 15th round is imminent.

I am lucky, just heard that a friend of mine at 66ish is in cardiac arrest with an induced coma. Always considered that he would far outlive me because of his relative youth and very programmed fitness.

Heading to the airport later today on our way to Amsterdam! Maybe when I get back on Sept 17th I’ll get the chainsaw ready for you if you are still interested?

Enjoy the early harvest, although I’m not certain now as a major monsoon has arrived out here on the wet coast.

Hi Penny and Madcap! Understand completely your need to have time together. Just delighted that we will have a chance to see you here. I know Madcap will probably take you to places we probably have never heard of even though we lived in Vancouver for forty years. You are in even better hands! Anyway, I assume you will drive straight to our place once you start to make your way from Banff and environs. Let us know a day or so before you plan to arrive so that we know that Madcap's milk-fed body hasn't been gobbled up by bears!
You'll be fine, Penelope, as Canadian bears only like rye whiskey and your will reek of gin and tonic, I'm sure!

Anyway, trust all goes well with you and the Mill Hill Mob.Take care of each other. Fondestos from Cora Lee to you and Madcap. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Oh pat I'm so sorry to hear about Andrew - is it Andy keepsake or Andy henke? Will reply in more detail later xx Sorry pat I didn't read the whole of your email before asking which Andy - I was sitting in the garden with carol after a long boozy barbecue with the Italians , Lisa , Anna , Joan and joy so didn't read it in depth.

How very sad that he went the same way as his father but I can understand how having 2 strokes must be horrendous when you live alone . My lovely cousin Richard who you met in Sydney has just died - he had cancer and was given months to live but then had a stroke . His wife Pat felt relieved as he was in a very bad way . I am so glad that I phoned him recently and he sounded just the same - always playing down any problems and trying to stay positive.

Your eulogy to Andy was wonderful - his family must feel very heartened to read your kind words about your long friendship. Well let's hope he is at peace now and we can have a toast to long loving friendships when we meet Love to all Penny xx

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