Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hope Princeton Sunbeam Blues: Sunday, August 16th!

Who will consider that no dictionary of a living tongue ever can be perfect, since, while it is hastening to publication, some words are budding, and some falling away; that a whole life cannot be spent upon syntax and etymology, and that even a whole life would not be sufficient; that he, whose design includes whatever language can express, must often speak of what he does not understand. -Samuel Johnson, lexicographer (1709-1784) 

Because of the fires in Oliver, we are going to change things a bit. We are still going to meet at Home Hardware in Penticton at 9, but we are going to do something different. Exactly what will be decided tomorrow morning....

hi patrick, i hope you are safe with all this fire around you.just back from england and burying my brother. short but sharp trip. take care, matt 

Hi Glasgow!

Again, sincere condolences on the death of your brother. I'm pleased to learn that all went as well as could be expected, under the circumstances.

Thanks for your concern about the wildfire situation. Not a laughing matter as you can well imagine. Although threat and actual damage is around Rock Creek, somewhere between Oliver and Osoyoos, things are not good there, as you may have heard. For our part we have been slightly affected, in very insignificant ways, compared to individuals who may well lost homes, livestock, pets and other personal property. This past Wednesday, Cora Lee was having lunch with Lynne, at Hillside, and afterwards they did a bit of wine-tasting. Happened to be at Mocojo when the chap behind the counter, winemaker/owner, received a call, (He is a Volunteer Firefighter), and he had to close up shop and take off to help fight a small fire in the hills above Naramata Rd! Believe is was soon contained but doesn't take much to become a potential disaster with the continuing drought, high winds, etc.

Was up at 6:00 am Thursday morning, hoping to go for a hike with a group that I had been invited to join. Had made my lunch  on Wednesday night, before going to bed, so was ready to go, after I'd had a cup of java and a tasty bun, slathered with peanut butter and honey! Did a few tidy-up chores while Lady Mary continued to slumber and once I'd put on sun-screen I headed out. Unfortunately, meeting spot had been changed, (I later learned), unbeknownst to me, so I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. By chance, as I was vainly searching for group, in Summerland, I happened to ask a few people sitting on an outdoor patio in front of a local coffee spot if they knew anything about hiking party. They didn't but directed me around the corner to a small park.

Walked across the street and found a number of women sitting on a bench and another standing, chatting. They were part of a walking group but woman standing, Sharon, also belonged to hiking party and she told me about changed meeting location, (It was too late by then, for me to connect.), so at least I knew I was getting closer! On way back to my car, I mentioned to chap, still at his table on the patio, sipping his cappuccino, that I missed hooking up. He mentioned he'd like to join the hiking group as well. He is relatively new to area, (three years), and is interested in getting to know the surrounding hills and dales. I gave him my card so that he can email me and I will let him know more details when I do myself. Laurence is from Colorado Springs and married a Canadian, (Sound familiar?), at some point. Very pleasant chap so I trust we might meet again if I can track down the elusive hikers!

At any rate, I sent an email to one of the organizers and he explained, in greater detail, group's regular meeting places, times, etc. There is a hike tomorrow and I received the following message: "Because of the fires in Oliver, we are going to change things a bit. We are still going to meet at Home Hardware in Penticton at 9, but we are going to do something different. Exactly what will be decided tomorrow morning...."

So we are affected but very fortunate that only in such a minor way. Am looking forward to meeting the various members of the group as it seems like quite a mixed lot, from wonderful snaps taken on past hikes. Also want to become much more familiar with the surrounding countryside. Did just that today, by bike. [Bit annoyed as I took my Trek in for a tune-up on Thursday and I knew I needed a new rear tire as there was a large cut in it, probably the cause of a flat I had last Friday and had fixed at Freedom, on Monday, as Bike Barn, which sells Trek bikes, is closed, Sunday/Monday, and I wanted to ride as soon as possible. At any rate, with a houseful of visitors from Friday to this morning, I didn't have time to ride until last set of Freeloaders left around noon! When I went to take my Trek outside I discovered the rear tire was flat! Pumped it up and did a few chores and then went back to check it . Flat again! Anyway, my Brodie is fine, though heavier, so I took it.

On Saturday we'd done a spot of winetasting, La Frenz, first, then Quidni, a new place to us, then Poplar Grove. [Everything determined by closing times!] The winemaker, Todd, at Quidni, is quite an accomplished, elite cyclist so it was as interesting talking to him about riding as tasting his wines. Over the course of the various pours he described a ride one takes on Green Mountain Road through the Penticton Indian Reserve, towards Apex Mountain. Decided I'd take a look and, as you can imagine, with a ski slope as a destination, the climb was uphill from the get-go! That being said, the ascent is, for the most part, very, very gradual and really isn't all that punishing. Simply gorgeous road with a small creek/river alongside for much of the way. One passes through a number of small valleys with ranches/acreages of varying sizes, many with gorgeous horses in corrals, eating from their hay bales.

I cycled for 26 km, about 2 km past the turn-off to Apex, (I'll save that climb for when my Trek is roadworthy!), and then turned around to make my way back. I have never been on such a continuous downhill run before so that, in itself, was more than a blast. I was almost glad that I was riding into a fairly strong headwind as I'm not sure how fast I might have gone if it hadn't slowed me down! Anyway, pleased as punch to discover such a wonderful route, almost on my doorstep! Stats for ride:

Back home to shower and change as we were off to the Naramata Heritage Inn for dinner. Winston was a sad sack as we left him in the Rumpus Room with the radio on to keep him company while we were away having a grand time. And a grand time it was, indeed. Sat outside on the patio as it was a gorgeous evening. Lots of fun chatting about the weekend past, all the visitors and then just catching up with everyone's busy lives. Cora Lee and I shared an eggplant casserole, done according to an Turkish recipe, along with Pork Hocks. Both were delicious. Paired with a Lake Breeze Pinot Gris so no complaints from the parents! Back home by 10:30 pm and The Sisterhood was ready for bed so we said goodnight as soon as everyone had brushed and flossed. Busy last few days, (Ayn and Chloë arrived on Friday afternoon, followed by Big AL and Colleen later that evening and Chloe's close friend Robbie, arrived on Saturday afternoon with his sister, Saara, from Seattle. She works for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation there. Plenty of wine-tasting a large dinners/breakfasts so no time to become bored!), and busy next few days while the daughters are here, until Wednesday.

I'm off to hike, I hope, [Missed meeting point on Thursday due to some botched communication!], at 9:00 am tomorrow morning and The Goils will be looking at cars as part of the new switcheroo that Lady Mary and Chloë have been hatching for some time now. I thought I'd let them visit a number of dealerships and then see what financing they are able to come up with before signing up for a car I really don't want to buy! Dinner with Lynne and Peter, at their place, in the evening. Lunch at Liquidity or Poplar Grove or Misconduct on Tuesday to celebrate Chloë's 39th as the Goils want to be stay in the night before they return to Vancouver. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Saturday market with Jake, friend I connected with, by accident, after 50 years! We went to United College, (now U of Wpg), in '65/'66. He invited me to join hiking group. Kettle Valley Railroad trestle seen from Erika's home in Summerland. She and I went to high school in Wpg! Erika with her daughter Amy, beside Chloë and beside her, her friend Chloe! Robbie and Saara, Colleen and Al, Saturday evening; breakfast this morning; Get Smart Peoplel drive off this morning; This evening at Naramata Heritage Inn.

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