Friday, 14 August 2015

Tinsel Town Wall Street Blues: Friday, August 14th!

By the age of six the average child will have completed the basic American education. ... From television, the child will have learned how to pick a lock, commit a fairly elaborate bank holdup, prevent wetness all day long, get the laundry twice as white, and kill people with a variety of sophisticated armaments. -Russell Baker, columnist and author (b. 14 Aug 1925) 

Had a grand sleep-in until 7:30 am when I tip-toed out of the bedroom to leave Mme Coriandre to her beauty rest. Closed the door and zapped my overleft java before siting down to correspond with the wider world. Once Cora Lee was up and about we both ate breakfast then took off to run a few errands. First stop at Accent Living to begin the process of having the wood burning insert installed in the living room fireplace. Ordered the smallest unit available and once it arrives store will call to set-up installation. Probably within a week or two.
Then to Lloyd Gallery, on Front Street, to have two posters framed. They will be done in a week or so. Cora Lee left from there to do a bit of banking while I drove to Okanoggin Barbershop Mens Grooming Room, (nothing but upscale, here, up-country!), where I made a 4:00 pm appointment with Peter, (He performed my last shearing!), to be shorn. Lady Mary is beside herself with my wild and wooly look! Then to Cannery Brewery to become a Growler member. Decided I'd take a "Grunt", one litre, half the size of a "Growler", as it will be easier to store in fridge until we buy another for the garage.

Home to find Cora Lee working in front yard, pulling up quite a few large mushrooms, a large bag full. SInce they are deadly we plan to serve them to our first batch of Freeloaders tonight!. Off shortly to take one of our printers in to see if it can be fixed. Small job but not sure if it is worth it, given cost of a new printer. Will also take a run to recycling depot as I want to clean up area behind our neighbour's garage. He has had cans of paint, cardboard boxes and metal grill work sitting there ever since we moved in. Gary is a very friendly, helpful chap, [He brought over a pipe wrench last night as I still can't find my own!], but his yard and deck are filled with junk! Not sure why he hasn't found the time to recycle so much of what is littering their lot as it is, otherwise, very attractive. 

Hello Gwendolyn and Rock Lobster! Great to reconnect! I missed your call yesterday, David! Was waiting by the phone until midnight. Had to drink most of a bottle of malt to drown my sorrow at not hearing from you! Congratulations, again, on your retirement. Must away as I've a number of errands to run before gang arrives. Fondestos to you both from Cora Lee, out shopping for groceries for coming hordes. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Peter's peaches and hootch from Cannery Brewing. Peter's vegetables.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! What was left behind has found its way home. Really appreciate all the work that you went to to return our clothes. Once again thanks for the lovely visit. Really enjoyed see you guys and your lovely house. Talk soon. Love the Gray's.  

Hi Judy and Skol Man! Great that your dirty laundry finally made it home! Not really any trouble at all, other than the fact that Cora Lee had to spend a night in quarantine after she did the first load. She seemed to be glowing in the dark so I took her to Emergency and after they hooked her up to a few diagnostic machines Pentincton Power called to say that our rates were going down as she put so much juice back into the grid that we probably won't have to pay until 2020! Glad you forgot Dallas' underwear!!! Fondestos to you both from Cora Lee. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pic: More of Peter's peaches and hootch from Cannery Brewing. Stopped there this morning to become a Growler member. Decided I'd take a Grunt, one litre, half the size of a Growler, as it will be easier to store in fridge until we buy another for the garage, or until Dallas visits again as it won't last long enough to cause any storage problems!

Colleen Teahan Waldron Just passed Hope conditions SUCK thunder lightening storm we will touch base again in merritt smile emoticon
I just heard that there is/was either snow or hail on the Coquihalla! Drive carefully! Ayn, Winston and Chloë arrived about half an hour ago, via Hope-Princeton. I was coming back from having a haircut and then collecting my Trek, (tune-up, etc.), and saw them crossing Ellis, one of the main streets near our place. They were walking to have pedicures so I picked them up and dropped them off as it was just starting to rain. Gave them an umbrella as thunderstorms are predicted! Back home I brought in all of the patio cushions and brought in a few other things that were literally blowing around. Hard to say what will happen but we've plenty of hootch of all sorts so I think we can survive! Look forward to seeing you whenever you manage to get here. Don't worry about when, just be careful! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Colleen Teahan Waldron We are in merritt we stopped to rent an arc we shud come splashing in hopefully around 7 if all goes well. hope you are aerating a LOT of hooch we will need it smile emoticon Msg u from kelowna xo Patrick James Dunn We are currently splashing wine into our large glasses. You should buy a number of life-preservers rather than an ark, although we could use it on the lakes around here. We spit on houseboats at the Burns Street Watering Hole!

Hi Patrick, This is just a test run to see if you can still be reached at this e-mail.
Agneta just told me you moved to Penticton! Give my regards to Corrine. Would be good to keep in touch. I have been remiss. Well, still working and sandwiched with troubled "teen" and oldies, so my life is full. Hope this reaches you. thinking of you, Donna

Hello Dearest Donna! How simply wonderful to reconnect! Congratulations, again, on the fact that you are still working, helping to help us enjoy our retirement! Much, much to tell but suffice it to say that we sold our place in Vancouver, (Chloë is still living in the loft on Wall Street and we will keep it as "hedge" in case we decide to return to Vancouver, at some point.), bought a place in Penticton and moved May 29th. Since then we have been to Falcon Lake for two weeks at end of June, to celebrate Cora Lee's parent's 70th wedding anniversary and once back Mme Coriandre flew to New York on July 16th, for ten days, leaving me to unpack! 

If we moved to the Okanagan to escape, mission has failed miserably! Look forward to seeing you and Glen whenever you manage to get here. Don't worry about when, we have plenty of room! Fondestos from Ayn, Chloë and Cora Lee. They just walked in the door. Keep in touch. We are off to India, for six weeks, on October 27th, but will be in Vancouver for almost ten days beforehand, volunteering at VWF again. Perhaps we can orchestrate a visit if you don't make it up to Penticton before then. Cheers, Patrizzio!

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